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Why Is My Credit Card Not Working Online

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How Can You Check Whether Or Not Your Credit Card Is Working

Why Visa Gift Card Does Not Work For Online Purchases

You don’t have to take a chance at the register to find out whether your card works or not. The easiest way to check if your card is working is to call customer service. They can tell you whether your account is in good standing and if the card has been activated. Once you know that, you can try the card, and if it gets declined, then you know it isn’t due to issues with your account. Instead, there may be an issue with your physical card or with the store’s card reader.

Are You Using The Visa Gift Card Online

If you have a problem using your gift card for online or telephone purchases, the most likely reason is that the merchants fraud screening process is matching the billing information entered at checkout with the billing information on your gift card account. If the addresses dont match, the card may decline. This is often the case when the Visa gift card is purchased at a grocery store or some place that doesnt require you to put a name and address on the physical card.

To solve this problem, register your card with the issuing bank making sure the name and address linked to the account are current. If youre not sure how to do that, look at the back of your gift card. You should find a website address or a telephone number to call for customer service. At, for example, you can enter a name and address when you activate your gift card. Other companies require you call the telephone number on the back of the card to do the same thing.

Please Note: Sometimes consumers mistakenly think that they can register Visa gift cards on any Visa gift card site. This is not the case. You must register your Visa gift card with the company that issued the card. Check the back of the gift card to find out what company issued your gift card.

Things To Try If Your Visa Gift Card Is Not Working

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Visa® gift card not working? There are a number of reasons why a gift card may be declined. The most common reasons are that the card hasnt been activated, the cashier is running the wrong type of transaction, the dollar amount being charged is greater than the cards balance or the credit card processing machine is bumping up the charge amount to either place a hold on the card or to allow for a gratuity.

Below are the top reasons why your Visa gift card doesnt work and six things you can check before calling customer service:

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Youve Reached Your Transaction Limit

How to avoid it:

Be familiar with the daily withdrawal limits on your accounts. If you know youll need to exceed them, inform the bank ahead of time. In most cases they will extend the daily limit. If your purchase has already been declined, try contacting your bank now to see if they can go ahead and raise the limit. Then, you can try your purchase again.

Merchant Or Payment Processor Issues

MasterCard Not Working Online? Discover These Possible ...

This happens with processed electronically. The information passes through a few different layers before the transaction is approved. Technical difficulties at any stage can cause issues with your payment processing. The merchant may be able to hold your credit card information and run the transaction once the technical issues have been resolved.

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You’ve Reached Your Credit Limit

If you’ve made several purchases on your credit card recently, you might have inadvertently maxed out your card. Some credit card companies give you a little leeway and will approve an over-the-limit charge so you’re not declined in the store. However, they may charge a fee for the overage.

The risk of exceeding your credit limit is higher if you have a low credit card limitsay, a few hundred dollars. If that’s the case, you may want to use the card for smaller purchases, such as your morning Starbucks fix or a streaming service subscription. That way, it’ll be easier for you to pay off the balance each month and avoid hitting your credit limit.

There’s another important reason to avoid maxing out your credit card: It’ll help your credit scores. how much of your available credit you’re usingplays a significant role in your credit scores. Keeping your individual credit card balances, and your total credit card usage, under 30% of your available limit will keep your utilization low, which can help your credit. Once your balances push your utilization over 30%, your credit scores can suffer.

Can I Change My Billing Address

Your billing address is the registered address that your credit card company holds. Please ensure that your billing address is correct at the time of placing your order. Once your order has been accepted by Apple your billing address cannot be changed as it would have already been authorised by your credit card company.

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What Is A Credit Card Decline Code

A credit card decline code is the code that appears on a credit card processor when a transaction, or payment, has been declined.

If youre in a store and cant get your credit card to work, you and the vendor will get an error that can direct you to what went wrong.

You can also get error codes when trying to make online purchases.

Example of a declined online credit card purchase

This can happen whenever a transaction is stopped by the vendor, bank, or card issuer.

When you have this issue, youll get a short error message of one to three numbers .

This error message is whats known as a credit decline code. The code can explain what the actual issue is as long as you know what it means.

First, well cover some of the most common reasons a card is declined and the relevant codes associated with them before doing a deep dive into all potential credit card decline codes.

Fraud On Your Account

XBOX ONE How to FIX Credit/Debit Card failed.

According the Federal Trade Commission , credit card fraud tops the list of identity theft reports in 2019. The FTC received more than 271,000 reports from people who said their information was misused on an existing account or to open a new credit card account. Your credit card may stop working if your credit card issuer suspects fraud on your account. For example, someone may be using your credit card number to make purchases in another state.

Your credit card issuer may suspect fraud if you spend significantly more than you usually do in a day or make a large purchase.

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How To Help Prevent Your Card From Getting Declined

You can take a few simple steps to help manage your credit card accounts and avoid getting declined when trying to make a purchase.

There are no guarantees against your card being turned down. Even if you manage your account perfectly, your issuer might make a mistake or block legitimate purchases in an attempt to prevent fraud. But by proactively monitoring your account and your credit, you can reduce your chances of being declined.

Youve Reached Your Credit Limit

The Issue

Every credit card has a . Once you reach it, you wont be able to purchase anything else until your is paid down. This shouldnt usually be an issue for experienced credit card users.

Its worth noting that a portion of your credit limit may be occupied by temporary holds, such as those placed by hotels and rental car companies. These can be fairly hefty, but theyll generally disappear after a few days, leaving a bit more available credit in their wake.

The Solution

Monitor your card account regularly so you always know how much credit youre working with when youre about to make a purchase. You can log in to your account online or download a mobile app to check your account on the fly.

Consider making credit card payments throughout the month to help keep your balances low and increase the amount of available credit you have waiting. This could also help improve your credit scores by lowering your .

If youre dealing with a temporary hold, you could try contacting the business, whether its a hotel or car rental agency, to request the hold be lifted. Youll usually just have to wait in these cases, though.

Insider tip

Another option is to request a credit limit increase, which will give you more available credit to work with. This may or may not result in a hard inquiry on your credit reports, depending on the issuer.

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Check Granular Card Controls

Most banks offer granular card controls, allowing you to turn them on or off for a particular transaction type. For instance, ICICI Bank lets you control transactions individually for Merchant outlets, ATM withdrawal, Online payments, Tap and Pay, and International usage.

Your card could be enabled for international use but not for online payments or merchants. This could cause transaction failure while making these types of payments. So, head to your mobile app or net banking, go to the Manage Card section, and check per transaction status and also the limit.

How To Fix Your Debit Card Declined


So, along with the above mention reasons, there can be many more reasons: why your card is declined. Now you know the reasons, your next step is what will you do in such situations and what is advisable to do immediately when your card is denied at POS.

Here are some solutions or to do things for you to fix your card:

  • Kindly check your funds immediatelyCheck whether you have enough funds in your account or not for transactions. Enable Overdraft services if you want to save yourself from this kind of situation.Download the mobile app on your phone to get the notification and update about anything related to your account.
  • Recheck your pinVerify your pin after entering it.Memorize your four-digit pin to avoid such problems for the future and never write your pin at the back of your card or anywhere, which is public.
  • Is your information up to date?In case of manual filling of info, check whether your complete information is matching with the bank or not.Always update your small to the significant change of information as soon as possible to the bank.
  • Check your card type is acceptable or not at POSCheck whether your card type is matching with the vendors card reader technology or not. The vendor is accepting your card brand or not.Always choose globally accepted cards to avoid future mishappenings.
  • You reach your withdrawal limitCheck your exceeding limit. If its necessary to exceed, call your bank to exceed the limit for the day. Generally, they do it.
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    What Do Flagged And Declined Mean In The World Of Credit

    A declined credit card transaction means that something went wrong while your purchase was being processed and that the purchase couldnt be completed. You might be able to circumvent the issue by simply ensuring that you entered the correct information, such as your billing ZIP. If that doesnt work, there may be something else at the root of the problem, and you might not be able to use your credit card until its addressed.

    Theres good news, though. In many cases, declined transactions are for your own protection, and thats where flagging comes into play. Credit cards are often flagged automatically when used in a way that suggests the charges might be fraudulent.

    Once a card is flagged, itll generally be declined indefinitely in order to prevent unauthorized purchases, though fixing the issue is often as simple as contacting your issuer to confirm that whatever behavior caused your card to be flagged was your own action.

    Reasons Why Your Debit Card Was Declined

    The most irritating and embarrassing situation is when you are waiting in line for payment or going to make online transactions for the awaited product, and your card declines on the spot.

    That time you feel like the Greatest Boon of this era became your greatest curse, and its more confusing when you dont get any reason for its failure.

    Here we are discussing some major reasons which can decline your card. Have a look:

  • When you dont have sufficient fundsIts possible that you didnt keep track of your account, spent all the funds already and forgot about it, and again went shopping.This is a widespread problem around the world, and most of the time, we forgot to keep track of our account in time and ended up with payment decline because of insufficient funds.Always remember, if your Debit card is linked with your bank account, then your bank has the authority to deny the payment when you dont have sufficient funds for that. But if you have overdraft protection, then the bank will give you credit
  • When you enter the wrong PINPIN is very personal and not for share. Bank generates individual pin for individual customers for adding an extra layer of security to the corresponding account.Its a unique four-digit number , which the customer has to remember because he has to use it again and again. But if you failed to remember and entered the wrong pin in the card reader, your card will get declined.So better, memorize it, and verify it before every use.
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    Troubleshooting Failed Payments On Worldremit

    Most of our money transfers are paid for and sent without a hitch. If you encounter any problems with your payment, its likely for the following reasons.

    Poor internet connection

    If your internet connection is weak or keeps disconnecting, it can cause the payment for your money transfer to timeout or fail.

    Try making the payment when connected to a different wi-fi connection or using your mobile data. We always recommend our customers to use a secure wi-fi connection.

    Card used on multiple accounts

    If you have registered with WorldRemit more than once and have duplicate accounts using the same card, this can cause problems. The payment gateway we use will automatically block the card for security reasons, causing payments to fail.

    Our customer service team can help you to resolve this problem by disabling the duplicate account and unblocking your card. You will then need to login to your original account to put your payment through and complete your transfer.

    Tip: You may also encounter this problem after changing your email address on your WorldRemit account. If your relative has tried to use your card on their accounts, ensure they havent saved your card on their account as a preferred payment method.

    Wondering how to send money abroad fast? You can find out in our helpful guide.

    Sometimes a transaction may trigger your banks security and anti-fraud system to reject it. You will need to contact your bank or credit card issuer to have this problem resolved.

    Using Old Or Rarely Used Cards

    Debit Card Declined? 9 Reasons Why (And How to Avoid)

    Another reason why many people find their cards declined, even for small purchases, is if the card in question has been unused, gathering dust for a while, before being brought out to make a purchase.

    As with the above, if a credit card issuer suddenly sees a card used for an attempted purchase that has not been used in a long time, they may well flag it up and put the purchase on hold.

    This in fact happened to the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama. His card was declined when he tried to buy a not overly expensive meal.

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    Your Account Was Closed

    If your credit score has dramatically decreased since you opened your account, your card provider can close your account if you are now deemed a credit risk. Your card may also be declined if you were an authorized user on a credit card and the primary card holder has now removed your authorization.

    Does A Declined Credit Card Affect Credit

    Being denied for a credit card doesnt hurt your credit score. But the hard inquiry from submitting an application can cause your score to decrease. Submitting a credit card application and receiving notice that youre denied is a disappointment, especially if your credit score drops after applying.

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    You Have Been Issued A New Card

    In some cases, your card issuer may send you a brand new card long before your previous one is expired. For instance, this may happen if there was a major data breach that compromised your banking account number. When this occurs, the card company will issue you a new credit card and cancel the old one, so the latter will no longer be working.

    If thats the case, just call your bank for confirmation and wait for your new card. You may even be sent a more secure credit card with EMV chips. They prevent your cards from being duplicated or cloned. Once you receive it, dont forget to call the card issues and activate your new credit card, as it will still get declined until then.

    Your Credit Card Is Expired

    Mrbeast Credit Card Number

    Your credit card company will likely send you a new credit card before your current one expires. However, if you moved and forgot to update your address or accidentally continued using your old card, you may get declined.

    The card may also have been lost in the mail or stolen, so if the expiration date passes and you haven’t received a new card, contact your issuer. They can tell you when the card was sent and whether you should wait a little longer, or they can send out another one.

    To help avoid being declined over an expired card, always update your contact information with your card issuer when you move.

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