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Why Does Usps Need Credit Card To Change Address

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Usps Change Of Address For Temporary Moves

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Are you going to be visiting family for a short period of time? Maybe you will be traveling for a business trip and wont be at your final destination for a while? If these circumstances or others like them match your situation, you can get the USPS to hold your mail for three to thirty days.

If you need to get your mail forwarded with the USPS for longer, you can sign up for the USPS premium forwarding service, which we will discuss. The USPS will hold your mail for a maximum of up to one year.

How To Get An Online Change

Heres the catch: while these websites severely overcharge, many of them do actually submit your change-of-address form for you its how they justify their business model, and why you cant submit the charges as fraudulent to your bank. What you can do is re-visit the website at which you originally entered your information and contact them regarding your refund, as well as any recurring charges you might have accidentally signed up for. Continue to monitor your credit card for additional fees, just in case.

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Completing A Postal Change Of Address Be Aware Of Fraud

We maybe should have included this as part of the online change of address. However, if you do a simple search online, you will see a small number of websites that advertise themselves as a change of address partner. They do not claim to be from the USPS but rather they claim to help you save time by visiting the post office.

At the time of writing this article, we have not concluded on whether these websites are outright fraudulent, or whether there is a way for them to actually get your form sent to the USPS. In an effort to âcrackâ the mystery, we reached out to the USPS and asked whether they have authorized third party websites that they work with, in order to complete changes of address on behalf of people. Their answer was similar to the one we listed a moment ago: there is no clear authorization for anyone else to process change of address applications, and all changes of addresses need to run through the USPS with a verified signature or through the use of a credit card during the online process.

Whether these websites, that will charge north of $20 for something that is virtually free, do indeed cheat people or not, is a mystery of its own. If you ever do become a victim of this sort of fraud however, make sure to reach out to your bank and do a charge back. These websites have no legal standing nor are they authorized by the USPS to complete changes of address on your behalf.

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The Changing Change Of Address System

Did you know that one in seven people in the United States change their address each year? Naturally, this creates a tremendous challenge for the Postal Service, which strives to maintain a high-quality repository of current addresses.

Change-of-address requests can be made in person at local Post Offices using a hardcopy form , or electronically using the Internet. They can even be made over the telephone. By far, the most popular way to change ones official address is still using the hardcopy form, but those contemplating a move should consider their options carefully.

While the Postal Services change-of-address process generally works properly, our audit found that improvements are needed in the way hard copy requests are processed, authorized, and validated. Although Postal Service employees should reject and return orders with no signature, in some cases change-of-address orders without a proper signature slipped through. We also saw signature mismatches and occasions when Postal Service employees rather than customers signed or initialed the forms.

There has to be a catch, you say. Well, there is. This service costs $1. We think its a bargain! To change your address online, go to moversguide.usps.com. To change your address by telephone, call 1-800-275-8777.

What do you think about the Postal Services change-of-address process? How can it be improved?

This topic is hosted by the OIG’s Information Technology audit directorate.

Does Usps Scan All Mail

How To Change Your Mailing Address

The digital mail tracking programs had raised concerns about their sweeping nature because the post office and law enforcement agencies are allowed to monitor all mail, not just the mail of those suspected of a crime. The scanning machines at the mail processing centers only keeps images of the letters they scan.

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What Mail Is Forwarded

  • First-Class mail and periodicals are forwarded for free.
  • Premium shipping services are forwarded for free.
  • Media Mail® and USPS Retail Ground® are forwarded, but you must pay the cost for shipping from your local Post Office to your temporary address.
  • USPS Marketing Mail® is not forwarded.
  • Please note that your change-of-address order does not automatically update any state or personal records. Youre responsible for updating your Department of Motor Vehicles , voter registration, and banking information.

Get more details on how long a change-of-address order lasts, how to extend your request, and restrictions.

Completing A Change Of Address Online

To complete a change of address online, you will need to visit the USPS in the mover guide section of their website. There you will be asked to fill out basic information, such as your name, date of birth etc. The most important piece of information that you need to add, is your old address, the new address you are moving to as well as the calendar date when you intend to move.

You will be asked on that same page, to pick between a permanent or temporary change of address. That page has several frequently asked questions that have been answered by the USPS, so make sure to reference that page if all your questions are not covered in this blog.

You will also be asked to provide a valid credit card to which $1.05 will be charged, as a form of verification. Due to the amount of mail fraud that exists, they want to make sure they are able to match the name you listed when filling out their form with your name on the card.

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Change Of Address Online

The fastest way to start the change of address process is by going to USPS.com/move. There, youll give the USPS some information about your move. Youll let them know whos moving, and when.;

Youll also provide your old address and the new address, and the date from which you want mail forwarding to begin.;

The USPS charges a flat rate of $1.05 for the online change of address service. This fee covers a quick identity verification to make sure you are who you say you are.;

To complete the online change of address process, youll need:;

  • Your current address
  • Your future address;
  • The date you want to begin mail forwarding;
  • A credit or debit card
  • A valid email address

As soon as you finish the change of address process online, USPS will send you an email verification to confirm the change.;

Easily Change Your Address At The Post Office Or Online At Uspscom


Whether you are moving or simply changing your shipping address, youll want to make sure that the USPS receives your updated information on time. The USPS recommends that you provide your new address at least 7 to 10 days before you need your mail to be forwarded to your new address.

You can easily make the update online or visit your local Post Office to fill out a USPS change-of-address form. Follow these simple steps to change your address and avoid letters or packages being sent to your old address after you move.

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Faqs: Usps Change Of Address

Changing your address with USPS is relatively easy. However, you might still be wondering about some of these frequently asked questions.;

How long does it take for your change of address to go into effect?

Your USPS Change of Address can go into effect immediately if you so choose. If you complete the process online, youll enter the date when you want forwarding to begin.;

If you complete a Change of Address in person with a PS Form 3575, though, forwarding may take a couple of days to begin.;

How long does the USPS forward mail after a change of address?

USPS will only forward your mail for up to 12 months after you complete a Change of Address. Some maillike periodicals and magazineswill only be forwarded for up to 60 days.;

When youre changing your address or helping a loved one change their address, make sure to update the address with each individual sender as soon as you can.;

Why does the USPS charge for a change of address?

If you complete the Change of Address process with USPS online, youll have to pay a fee of $1.05. The fee covers an identity verification to prevent fraud and make sure you have the authority to forward mail.

Alternatively, you can pick up a Movers Packet at your local post office for free. Fill out the PS Form 3575 inside the packet and return it to a postal worker.;

Can you cancel a change of address with the USPS?

With that number in hand, you can view, update, and cancel your request online with USPS.;

How Do I Know My Usps Mail Forwarding Request Was Received

As long as youve completely filled out and submitted your request, the post office will promptly mail a Move Validation Letter to your current address. Once the postal service finishes processing your Change of Address Form, theyll then send an official USPS Customer Notification Letter or Welcome Kit to your new address, including a Confirmation Code. You can use this code to edit or cancel your forwarding request in the future, so be sure to file the number away somewhere safe.

If you submitted your USPS Change of Address request online, keep an eye on your inbox. In addition to the Move Validation Letter and Customer Notification Letter youll receive in the mail, the postal service will also email you a Change of Address Confirmation with your Confirmation Code. Again, be sure to keep this code safe in case you need to make changes to your request later.

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How To Change Your Address With The Postal Service

To let the post office know you are going to change your address and want your mail forwarded to your new location, you have two options:

  • Go to USPS.com/move to change your address online.

  • This is the fastest and easiest way, and you immediately get an email confirming the change.

  • There is a $1.05 charge to change your address online. You will need a credit or debit card and a valid email address. The $1.05 charge to your card is an identity verification fee to prevent fraud and make sure you’re the one making the change.

  • Warning: You don’t need to pay a separate company to change your address. Scammers may charge $40 or more to do what you can do for just $1.05 using the moving section of the official USPS.com website.

  • Go to your local post office and request the Movers Guide packet.

  • Inside the packet is PS Form 3575. Fill out this change of address form and give it to a postal worker behind the counter. Or, drop it into the letter mail slot inside the post office.

  • You should receive a confirmation letter at your new address in five business days.

  • How Can You Change Your Address Without A Credit Card


    So youre all moved and getting settled in, theres one more thing that you need to do and that is to change your address. While you can do this online, youre going to find that it requires a $1 service fee that is used to verify your identity. This fee can be paid with a credit or debit card. However, youre a busy person and you also dont want to put any of your banking information on the Internet. What can you do?

    You could call the post office, but theyre still going to require this $1 verification which still means that your personal banking information is going to be compromised. Your best course of action is to go into the post office and fill out the form 3575 at your local post office.

    If youre in between your locations, but know what your new address is going to be, you can still fill this out at any post office. keep in mind that you may need to show them proof of your new address such as a utility bill or documentation of your rental contract or mortgage to verify where youre new address is going to be.

    This form is the same as the form that youre filling out online and you can fill it out right there at the post office when you go to pick it up. When you go in person to the post office, they will waive the verification fee and youre not going to have to compromise your personal information.

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    Is Usps Address Change Free

    Lots of people ask if the USPS change of address is free.

    The only downside to using the online method instead of going into the post office for the form is that the online option charges you $1 to access the form. So, no, you wont be going broke.

    If you get the document from the post office, you dont have to pay anything however, you have to complete the address change form and return it to the post office, but you can do that by dropping it in your mailbox after you have filled it out.

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    How To File A Change Of Address With Usps

    Once you sign up for a VirtualPostMail mailbox, you may begin forwarding your mail to it. You will need to update your mailing address information with those who send you mail or;file a Change of Address form with USPS so you can;transition your mail over to us smoothly and easily while you slowly work towards updating all your mailers.

    Sick and tired of updating your address every time you move?

    Your mailbox address with us solves this problem for you.; Submit your Change of Address once and never worry about doing it again.; Your VPM mailbox address always stays the same and goes wherever you go.

    Don’t Forget The Less Obvious

    When To Pay Your Credit Card Bill And Increase Your Credit Score!!!

    When you think of changing your address, your mail is the first thing that comes to mind. There are also a few less obvious places where you’ll need to update your address:

    • If you use an address stamp for your mail return, you’ll want to update it. Printed return address labels should also be reprinted.
    • Don’t lose your luggage or your dog. Be sure to put your new address on tags and collars. Also, keep in touch with your child’s school by changing your address in their directory.
    • If you have your own home-based business, you won’t want to miss a sale. Have your stationery, business cards, bank checks, your Web site and any professional directories updated as soon as you move.

    Moving can be stressful and time-consuming. If it starts to get the best of you, just think about your new home, smile and remember it will all be over soon.

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    Usps Warns Against Change Of Address Scam

    Youve probably made a move at least once in your life. Remember filling out the Change of Address form with the U.S Postal Service and how easy it was? Most of the time, identity thieves will go to great lengths to steal your identity. But sometimes, scammers find a relatively easy way to do it like through the post offices change of address system. As you most likely recall, all thats needed to submit a change of address with the United States Postal Service is your name, your address and your signature on the form. Thats right no identification is required. Instead you will be mailed a notice confirming the chance of address. But, thats easy to miss or ignore. And, if you do nothing, the change is finalized.

    And if youre making the necessary changes online, USPS requires a valid credit or debit card as an identity check for online changes of address, charging a nominal $1 fee. The agency also requires a valid e-mail address for confirmation purposes. In theory, this SHOULD stop most fraudulent applications, but if an identity thief already has a fraudulent card in your name or access to your accounts, it easy to bypass this preventative measure.

    So how can you protect yourself? Heres how:

    Dont throw away USPS notices

    After a change of address is processed, USPS sends a confirmation notification letter to both your address and the forwarding address. Be careful not to mistake it for junk mail.

    Put it under lock and key

    Note missing mail

    Be watchful

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