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Why Credit Card Application Declined

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Check Your Payment Details

Credit Card Application Declined: Why Capital One Said No

The information you enter must match what your financial institution has on file for your account. Check your account statement to make sure that you are entering your payment details the same way.

Sometimes, when your payment details do not match, your financial institution will hold the amount of the transaction for a few days. Delays vary depending on your financial institution. Contact your financial institution for more information on holds.

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Take Steps To Improve Your Credit Rating

If you just have a fair or good credit score as opposed to a great credit score you can take steps to improve your credit rating.

Avoid ever maxing out your credit card. Diligently monitor your credit card statements and always pay your bills on time each and every month . If youre carrying a balance, create a repayment plan to decrease your overall debt load. If you already have a credit card, check with your bank if youve been pre-approved for a credit limit increase . Also, if youve spotted errors on your credit report or taken steps to settle debts with a creditor or collections agency, contact the credit bureaus directly to check whether you can get the delinquency corrected or stricken from your file.

Possible Reasons Why You May Be Denied A Credit Card

Once youve started the application process with your financial provider, a process called underwriting starts. This is basically a procedure that all credit card companies follow to comply with government rules and regulations regarding lending money. Its to ensure that the borrower is trustworthy and likely to repay.

When your application is unsuccessful during the underwriting process it might be because you arent seen as someone who has enough creditworthiness, or that you arent seen as profitable to the lending company. However, credit card companies all have different underwriting criteria for their various types of credit cards.

Here are a few possible reasons why your credit card application may be rejected:

Total Loan Amount Too High

If you currently have too much debt on a variety of cards and accounts, then credit card companies will see you as a liability. When your existing debt isnt being paid off and you apply for even more credit, then you lose creditworthiness.

Income Doesnt Meet Requirements

Most credit card companies require applicants to meet their income requirements. This means that applicants should have an income equal to, or above, a certain amount. The income requirements differ between credit card issuers. Most of them dont publicly announce what their minimum requirements are.

If your income is too low, this might be the reason why your application has been denied.

Number of Credit Cards on Your Name

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Youve Made A Purchase While Traveling

The Issue

Purchases processed in an unusual location may lead to a flagged card. Whether youve driven to another state for the weekend or youre looking to charge a luxurious meal in the heart of Paris, you run the risk of a declined transaction if youre not normally associated with that location.

The Solution

Most major issuers make it simple to set travel notices online, but you can set a notice by phone, too. Informing your issuer of your plans before taking off should prevent security measures from interfering with interstate and international purchases, although it can still happen.

You Didn’t Completely Fill Out The Application

How Not to Get Declined for CITI Credit Cards

If your application is missing vital information, like a physical address or date of birth, you risk being denied. The good thing about most online credit card applications is that they often wont let you submit the application until its complete. That way, you eliminate the risk of having your credit card application denied because it wasnt complete.

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Choose The Best Credit Card For You

When youre ready to apply for your next credit card, take some time to compare credit cards so you understand your options and can choose the best credit card for you.

  • Look for a credit card thats a good fit for someone with your credit score.
  • If you have bad credit, consider a secured credit card or a card designed for people with poor credit.
  • If youve built your way up to good or excellent credit, check to see whether the credit card issuer has any application restrictions that might affect you.
  • If you have taken out more than five credit cards in the past 24 months, for example, Chases 5/24 rule means you probably wont get accepted for a Chase credit card.

You Have A Limited Credit History

To be accepted for credit, you have to show you can effectively manage it, which is harder to prove if you have a limited credit history. You need at least one account that requires credit, open for six months, to generate a credit score.

You can show credit lenders that you can effectively manage credit by managing your payments on your utility bills, an overdraft or even a phone contract. Once youve built up your credit file, youre more likely to be accepted for a credit card in the future. A might be something to help you build your credit file.

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Why Are Credit Card Applications Denied

When your credit card issuer receives your application, it goes through a set of internal credit policies and procedures known as underwriting.

Underwriting is the internal process lenders use to check your creditworthiness and decide whether you are a good risk to receive credit from them. Of course, lenders want your business, but they also want it with as little risk as possible.

As this underwriting process isnt standardized across lenders, some may have stricter criteria than others. Thats why your credit card application may be declined even if you have good credit and even if in the past other lenders have extended credit to you.

The economy also plays a role. When unemployment is high, lenders may raise their credit standards in anticipation of higher defaults.

Your Credit Card Expired

Why Was My Credit Card Application Rejected? – 10 Reasons Your Application Was Declined

The Issue

Its easy to forget that your credit cards expiration date is more than just a piece of information to type into online forms. Credit cards actually expire, and if you dont take the time to renew your account, youll no longer be able to use your card.

The Solution

This is another issue thats easy to avoid with a watchful eye. Issuers will generally send you a replacement card before your current card expires. All you have to do is activate the new card per the instructions that come with it. Or, just contact your issuer to request a new card .

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Contact The Card Issuer To Learn Why You Were Denied

Once youve been notified of your rejection, consider contacting the bank directly and asking why you were denied. You likely wont get specifics but a broad explanation like whether it was relating to your credit report, a delinquent payment, or your income. Depending on the bank and the reason for your rejection, you could also make a case for them to reconsider your application.

You’re Not Old Enough To Get A Credit Card

If youre under age 18, your application is likely to be denied because you’re under the legal age to get a credit card. There are some exceptions. For example, you may be able to get approved for a credit card if you have your own income and youve already been added as an to your parents credit card.

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Consider Your Options Before Applying For A Credit Card

Remember: A credit card application might be rejected for a variety of reasons. But a rejection doesnât directly hurt your credit scores. However, applying may lower your credit scores by just a few points since it will trigger a hard inquiry.

The good news? You might be able to avoid rejections and unnecessary hard inquiries by checking to see whether youâre pre-approved or pre-qualified before you even apply. And if you need to improve your credit before applying, there are a number of different options worth considering

Learn more about Capital Oneâs response to COVID-19 and resources available to customers. For information about COVID-19, head over to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Government and private relief efforts vary by location and may have changed since this article was published. Consult a financial adviser or the relevant government agencies and private lenders for the most current information.

We hope you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment or financial advice or to indicate that a particular Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.

Read Your Adverse Action Letter

Credit Card Application Declined: Why &  How You Can Fix It

The credit card company has up to 30 days to respond to your application, but you’ll usually hear from them within a few weeks. Youll receive a letter from the credit card issuer stating the specific reason or reasons your credit card application was denied. It could be related to something on your credit report, recent late payments, or high credit card balances, for example. In that case, youre entitled to a free copy of your credit report to make sure the information in it is accurate.

If you were denied because of your credit score, the credit card issuer would send a copy of the credit score and the top factors contributing to your credit score.

You could also be denied for a reason unrelated to your credit, like your income, employment history, or if you’re under 18, as long as these reasons are not considered discriminatory.

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Why Was My Credit Card Declined Possible Reasons And Solutions

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Your credit card may be declined for many reasons, including atypical activity, incorrectly entered information, or because youve reached your credit limit. You can usually call the issuer to find out what happened.

At some point in all of our credit card-using lives weve probably heard the words, Im sorry, but your credit card has been declined.

Insider tip

Youve Made A Purchase Thats Out Of The Ordinary

The Issue

If you typically rely on your credit card only for routine expenses, dropping $2,000 on a high-end laptop might trigger your issuers fraud-detection system. Pricey items that are commonly purchased fraudulently, like expensive electronics or jewelry, are more likely to result in your card being flagged.

Other transaction that might cause trouble can include odd online purchases, recurring services, and certain kinds of automatic payments.

The Solution

Your best move is to call your issuer to find out whats going on. Its not entirely uncommon for credit card users to brush the dust off long-unused credit cards for large purchases, so simply confirming that the transaction was valid should do the trick.

Some issuers also offer real-time fraud monitoring, which can help you avoid having to reach out to them. For example, you might get a phone call or a text message requesting that you reply a certain way based on whether the transaction was valid or fraudulent. It might send you a text that says, Reply with 1 if this was a valid transaction reply with 2 if you dont recognize it.

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Request Your Free Credit Report

When your credit card application is denied because of information on your credit report, youll have 60 days to request a free copy of the credit report used in the decision. If you’d like to view your credit reports from the other bureaus, you’ll have to order them separately.

Once you order your credit report, you can dispute any errors that may have caused your credit card application to be denied. After your credit report has been updated, consider asking the credit card issuer to review your credit card application again. You can ask the credit bureau to automatically resend your credit report to anyone whos reviewed it recently.

You Have A Large Pending Transaction

American Express DENIED My Credit Card Application! Heres Why!

Companies such as rental car providers and hotels may put a hold on your card to ensure you have enough available credit to pay your final bill. While the hold is in place, your card issuer might decline other purchases until it’s cleared. Merchants will tell you when they’re placing a hold for things like incidentals or security deposits, so you can ask them how long it typically takes to release the hold.

If you have an idea of the hold window, you can use alternate payment methods during that time to avoid embarrassing or stressful situations. Or, if you need access to the credit line sooner, you can call the credit card issuer or the merchant to request that they lift the hold. There’s no guarantee that they’ll do it, but it’s worth a try.

Your best bet is to build transaction holds into your budget. If you know you’ll be renting a car or checking into a hotel for a week, you can set aside some extra savings in your checking account or make sure another card has plenty of credit so you’re not worried about getting declined.

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Its Important To Build Credit Early

One thing I did do right thanks to my mom was building credit early. Looking back, Im grateful that my mom helped me get that joint credit card before I saw the need for one. Having an existing credit history made it possible for me to choose a high-value rewards cards for my first independent credit card.

For any parents out there, I recommend adding your teenager as an on your credit card or opening a joint credit card together. Teach them how to use it properly as soon as theyre old enough to handle the responsibility. College students and young adults who want a card independent of their parents can consider applying for secured cards and student cards specifically designed to help people with no credit history build credit.

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How Do I Appeal Against A Credit Card Denial

Application for a credit card declined? Whats next?

You can appeal against a credit card denial through a credit rating bureau, either online, by mail or over the phone. If your credit card application is denied, you have 60 days to request a free copy of the credit report used in the decision, to see if there are any errors on your credit file that can be disputed. Credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate and respond to your credit report dispute, or 45 days if you send additional proof during the investigation period.

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Your Purchase Was Flagged As Fraud

Because is the most common type of identity theft, card issuers are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity. While a legitimate purchase being flagged as potential fraud can be annoying in the moment, it can ultimately protect you. If identity theft goes undetected, someone could steal and sell your personal information and run up significant charges on your card.

When your card is declined and you know you have plenty of available credit, call the phone number on the back of the card. A representative should be able to lift any freezes the issuer put in place.

If you’re planning to travel abroad, call your card issuer ahead of time and let them know. They can add a note to your account so you’re less likely to get declined while you’re away. However, it’s smart to carry backup cards or other forms of payment when you travel internationally.

When possible, consider using a card with an EMV chip, a contactless card or a mobile wallet for payments. EMV chips tend to be more secure than magnetic swiping strips, though they can still be copied by fraudsters. Contactless and mobile payments lower the risk that the card data will be copied or that the card itself will be stolen.

Still, it’s helpful to review your transaction history every few days to check for unauthorized purchases. You also may be able to set up text alerts or smartphone notifications for every purchase, or purchases over a certain amount, charged to your card.

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