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Which Credit Card Processing Is Cheapest For Small Business

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Cdgcommerce Best For Non

7 Tips On How To Get The Cheapest Credit Card Processing Rates For Your Business
  • Industry specific services
  • Ecommerce
  • Nonprofit

Clearly, all of these different business types will have varying needs. But overall, CDGcommerce is the best choice for nonprofit organizations.

Thats because CDGcommerce doesnt charge any monthly fees or require monthly minimums for nonprofits. You can get an integrated mobile card reader, set up recurring billing, and benefit from special nonprofit rates.

The rates will vary based on volume and specific needs, but nonprofit processing typically starts 0.20% + $0.10 per transaction, plus interchange costs.

If you fall into one of the other categories, CDGcommerce has flexible pricing options based on your monthly volume.

One Rate Pricing: $1,000 $10,000 monthly volume

  • Flat rate and fixed monthly fee
  • Customer tracking
  • Invoicing, virtual terminal, ecommerce solutions
  • Fully integrated credit card terminal
  • Nonprofit campaign and donation management

Interchange Plus Pricing: $10,000 $200,000 monthly volume

  • Full transparency
  • $100,000 data breach protection plan
  • PCI security tools and solutions

Wholesale Membership: $200,000+ monthly volume

  • Discounted pricing based on annual membership
  • All benefits of the other plans

Again, the specific rates will vary for each business based on a number of factors. You need to contact the CDGcommerce sales team to request a quote.

National Processing Best One

National Processing has been in business since 2007, and it has a huge and happy client base. Its a great option for all kinds of business owners, as some monthly plans cost less than $10, and some cost about $200. You can compare the available packages and choose the one that suits your business. They stay transparent to clients, and they mention all applicable charges and taxes clearly to help people make the right decision.

Their website is also easy to navigate, and you are unlikely to face any issues while setting up your merchant account. They offer fast services, and you will receive the funds in your account in one to three business days. Another benefit of working with them is that they offer good customer support, and you can find their contact number on the homepage of the official site.

National Processing prioritizes client safety and doesnt work with any unreliable third-party service providers. The team uses the required security tools to ensure a safe environment for business owners.


  • Affordable services

As mentioned above, National Processing offers multiple monthly plans, and most of them are affordable. Additionally, they offer free gateway setup, mobile reader, terminal, and pin pad. Such offers make the company even more appealing to business owners.

  • Free informative articles


  • Multiple packages to choose from


Average Credit Card Assessment Fees: Around 014%


The assessment fee is the payment network’s cut, and it’s a much smaller portion of each transaction.

American Express is once again the most expensive payment network, but this time around, Discover has the lowest rate, at least for transactions under $1,000. For transactions of $1,000 and over, Mastercard is the clear winner. That being said, the differences in assessment fees between each payment network are minuscule.

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Credit Card Processors With The Lowest Fees & The Cheapest Ways To Accept Credit Card Payments

When it comes to finding the cheapest way to accept credit card payments, we recommend taking into consideration the rate, monthly fees, included features, ease of use, and how much time it saves you.

  • Chris MotolaAn expert in personal and business loans and financial health, Chris Motola has been writing about small business finance and payments for over 5 years. He has been cited in various industry publications, including Forbes Advisor, GoBankingRates, and Medium. Chris is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

    Expert Analyst & Reviewer

First Access Best Payment Processor For High

Find The Cheapest Credit Card Processing ISO For Small ...

First Access is a popular company, and its a great option for both small and large business owners. If you want the transactions to be safe and quick, its a great option to go with. The company has an amazing uptime record, which means you can choose it without having any second thoughts.

You wont have to worry about payment processor outages while working with them however, if you face any issues, you can reach out to their support staff. They do an amazing job in the field of pricing and offer fairly-priced packages to clients.

The company also pays importance to fraud prevention and doesnt leave any room for error in the field of security. All in all, First Access is a reliable company, and you can choose it without thinking twice.


  • Straightforward application process

A lengthy application process can be frustrating however, you wont have to worry about such issues while working with First Access. The company offers a straightforward application process to save clients time and effort.

  • No hidden charges

You can check all applicable charges while signing the agreement. Once you become partners, you wont have to worry about any hidden charges.


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Choosing The Best Services

Next, we created a comprehensive list of more than 100 credit card processors suitable for small businesses. Our list included those mentioned by the small business owners we spoke to, the processors we were familiar with and those that contacted us asking to be considered. In addition to these providers, we looked at credit card processing companies that appeared on reputable online sources, such as merchant services review sites and business websites.

What Costs Should You Expect For Credit Card Processing

There are usually three sets of costs involved when choosing a credit card processor. These include:

  • Rates. These are the processing fees that you pay for each transaction. Rates are typically a percentage of the total sale amount. In addition to the rate, card processors charge you a few cents on top of the per-transaction rate.
  • Fees. Processors charge account service fees. Most processors charge these fees monthly, which are reflected on your statement others, though, may be levied quarterly or annually.

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Ways To Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

For many businesses, credit card processing fees are a huge recurring expense. To some degree, they are unavoidable and only increase in volume as your business grows. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce your fees.

Learn more: Read our full guide on Level 2 and Level 3 payment processing and our top picks for the best B2B payment processors.

Once your business grows to a place where you are consistently processing over $20,000 per month, you can likely negotiate lower rates with different processors. Actively shop around and request quotes to see if you could be saving several hundred dollars per month by switching credit card processing companies.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Time A Merchant Can Keep An Authorization

Three simple tricks to lower your credit card processing rates

The authorization duration depends on the transactions status and the card issuers self-imposed time constraints. A merchant can clear an authorization hold for most transactions within 30 days, while some credit card providers, such as Visa and Discover, have much lower time restrictions before such authorizations fall off the account.

You risk being charged a misuse fee by the credit card processing firm if you do not finish a transaction hold.

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Benefits Of Using Credit Card Processing

The main benefit of credit card processing is that it allows you to accept credit and debit cards and, in many instances, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Acceptance of these types of payments is increasingly important for nearly every type of business, as many customers don’t carry cash anymore.

Cheapest Credit Card Processing Companies For 2021

Meaghan has provided content and guidance for indie retailers as the editor for a number of retail publications and a speaker at trade shows. She is Fit Small Businesss authority on retail and ecommerce.

This article is part of a larger series on Payments.

  • 13Bottom Line
  • Based on our evaluation, the cheapest credit card processing for small businesses is:

    • Payment Depot: Cheapest credit card processing for most businesses
    • Stax by Fattmerchant: Best overall value for small businesses
    • Square: Cheapest for individuals and new small businesses, including no monthly fee
    • Helcim: Cheapest interchange plus processing with no monthly fee
    • PayPal: Cheapest credit card processing for occasional sales
    • Stripe: Cheapest online credit card processing
    • Dharma Merchant Services: Cheapest credit card processing for storefronts and restaurants

    If you have a high-risk business , youll need to apply for a specialized high-risk merchant account. We recommend PaymentCloud for low processing fees. Otherwise, see our choices for the best merchant accounts for small businesses.

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    Not All Credit Card Companies Are The Same

    In Canada, the largest credit card companies include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. In return for allowing cardholders, banks, and businesses to use the card network, these companies charge fees. Cardholders pay annual fees and interest, and businesses pay processing fees.

    Here are the processing fees charged by each credit card network:

    • American Express:2.5% to 3.5%
    • Mastercard: 1.55% to 2.6%
    • Visa:1.43% to 2.4%

    As you can see, American Express charges more than the other major companies. For this reason, small businesses that want the cheapest credit card processing rates typically do not accept Amex cards.

    While you can certainly follow this model, it is not always the best choice. Unless your customer has another form of payment, declining to accept Amex could cut off a revenue stream.

    Lets look at the other factors that affect credit card processing fees.

    Why You Should Use A Credit Card Payment Processing Service For Your Business

    Cheapest Credit Card Processing for Small Business ...

    Here are key reasons why you should use a credit card payment processing service for your small business:

    • Accepting credit cards is convenient for your customers
    • You eliminate the risk of bad checks when you accept credit card payments

    Now a question comes should you charge credit card fees if customers decide to pay via credit cards? Well, it depends. In some states, it is illegal to charge card processing. So, you should check local guidelines in this regard.

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    How To Start Working With A Credit Card Processing Company

    To start working with a credit card processor, you will need to visit the official site and create an account. You will become a member after signing up, and you will get the option to choose a suitable package for your business. After picking an option and checking all details, you can sign the agreement.

    You can order card readers and other required equipment on the official site. The process is simple and straightforward however, the steps can vary a little depending upon the company you choose.

    What Is The Pricing Structure

    You should be on the lookout for different pricing models and credit card processing fees. Each company will have its own approach to charging business owners for payment processing services. Keep an eye out for monthly fees, transaction fees, different tiered pricing plans, and variable processing rates.

    The pricing structure of your payment processor can greatly affect your bottom line. Finding the cheapest option is more nuanced than a single price tag.

    For example, if your business has a low volume of sales, then you may want to avoid a hefty monthly fee and opt for a credit card processor that charges a flat-rate for each transaction. Low-volume sellers might not be able to justify paying for a high monthly subscription fee when the flat rate is more affordable.

    However, if your business has a high volume of sales, it might not make sense for you to use a flat-rate pricing structure because it will likely cost you more. Instead, you could pay a monthly fee and a small percentage fee and several cent markup on each transaction. This structure could be more profitable for your business in the long run.

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    The Cost Of Accepting Credit Card Payments

    When your business processes credit card payments, there will be multiple fees taken out of the total transaction amount. The non-negotiable credit card network fees can vary:

    • From 1.15% + $0.05 to 2.50% + $0.10 in interchange fees, although this could be as high as 3.30% + $0.10 if the client uses an American Express card.
    • From 0.13% to 0.15% in assessment fees.

    The most important factors in what your business pays will be its MCC and the type of credit card the customer uses.

    Next, your payment processor will take its cut, unless you’ve chosen a processor that charges one flat rate to cover all the fees in the transaction.

    With credit cards growing more and more popular, the typical merchant doesn’t have much of a choice but to pay these fees to the card issuer and payment processor. By knowing how much you’ll pay on each transaction, you can price your products appropriately and ensure you’re making enough money on each sale.

    Some businesses also charge a credit card convenience fee to cover the cost of the processing fees above.

    Which Credit Card Processing Is The Cheapest For Small Business

    Small Business Credit Card Processing best small business credit card processing

    Lower credit card processing rates

    There are certain ways to lower your credit card processors in small businesses-

    • Start availing the Visa/MasterCard for transactions
    • Make use of different transaction methods
    • Use the latest processing technology

    The price structuring of credit card processing is very complicated. So before choosing a credit card processor you need to focus on the fees that they are charger. At times these fees are negotiable and there are many companies from which you can compare and identify the difference.

    Role of credit card processing company

    A credit card processing company manages the interface between your credit card terminal and the Visa or MasterCard network. Their businesses have to pay a portion of each credit card transaction to the Credit Card processing to provide a fee. It is important for you to understand the services that a provider offers and how much you are going to pay for it.

    The rate

    The rate depends on different factors which include the type of product or service you sell, the amount of average sales transaction. You need to keep certain things in mind before you choose a credit card processing provider that offers you the best value for your money. Especially for small businesses, it is important for you to choose the credit card provider with the least transaction fee.

    Easy to operate

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    It’s Time To Shift Your Perspective

    With Shift, you no longer have to wonder if you can afford to have your small business accept credit cards. Other credit card merchants may offer cheap merchant services and low rate credit card processing while locking you into a long-term contract & costly equipment, sticking you with tons of merchant account fees.

    You may think that this is just part of the cost of small business credit card processing. It doesnt have to be.

    With Shifts credit cards processing solution, youll truly get the cheapest merchant credit card processing services. Credit card processing for small business with no monthly fee really is possible. Click the orange “I’m ready for ZERO FEE processing!” button and let us show you how.

    Best Credit Card Processors For Small Businesses:

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    How To Limit Credit Card Processing Fees:

    Cheapest Credit Card Processing for Small Business 2021
    • Compare all processing, interchange, and membership fees and not just the per-card fee.
    • If you already have a merchant account, try to negotiate for a lower rate.
    • If the credit card processing company charges per credit card batch, see if they can process batched transactions only once per day.
    • Implement strong credit card security.
    • Check state and federal laws to see if you can pass some of the processing fees on to your clients, either through raised prices, point-of-sale fees, or minimum dollar amount limits on credit card purchases.

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    How Has The Pandemic Changed Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

    The pandemic changed the way consumers conduct business. An IQ code went from a convivence to a life-saving tool. As a result, consumers across the globe are trading cash and physical transactions for contactless and mobile payments. They are ordering and paying for food via kiosks and are increasing their online purchases. What used to be reserved for the early adopters is now used by the masses. That requires small business merchants to adapt, which means contactless payment terminals, mobile and digital payments, and buy now pay later schemes.

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