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Which Credit Card Is Best For Me With No Credit

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Discover It Secured Credit Card

Top 5 NO CREDIT CHECK Credit Cards | Instant Approval With No Credit

Our pick for: Secured card rewards and upgrading

Like other secured credit cards for people building or rebuilding credit, the Discover it® Secured Credit Card requires a cash security deposit. Unlike most others, it offers rewards. But what really makes it stand out from the competition is its upgrade possibilities. The issuer has a process in place for automatically reviewing accounts for possible transition to an unsecured card. Read our review.

» STUDENT CREDIT CARDS Student credit cards are ideal for working college students. Unlike secured cards, they don’t require upfront deposits. If you’re under 21, however, you have to have an independent income to qualify.

What Can I Do If My Credit Card Application Has Been Declined

You should avoid immediately applying for another credit card if you’re recently had a credit card application rejected.

Every time you apply for a credit card, the provider will run a credit check. Frequent checks over a short period of time will look bad to providers, and could negatively affect your credit rating.

But there are some things you can do now to help improve your chances of getting a credit card in the future.

Should I Just Use A Debit Card

Debit cards have evolved to the point where they function very much like credit cards. You can generally use them anywhere credit cards are accepted.

But there are some factors you need to be aware of

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A debit card cant help you build credit

A debit card doesnt involve monthly payments. For that reason, the issuer doesnt report your account information to the credit bureaus. That removes any possibility the debit card will help you to rebuild your credit.

But in addition to a credit card, a debit card can help you control spending

One of the big advantages of a debit card is that you cant spend any more money than you have in the account its connected to. The account balance serves the same function as a credit limit on a credit card.

But it doesnt actually provide you with credit you wont be able to spend money you dont have. Thats a major positive if youve had trouble managing your finances in the past, and ended up spending more than you actually had.

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Petal 2 Cash Back No Fees Visa Credit Card: Key Features

Card type: Starter and alternative.

Annual fee: $0

Rewards: Up to 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Details:

  • You start by earning 1% cash back on all purchases.

  • Make six monthly payments on time, and your rewards rate rises to 1.25% cash back.

  • Make 12 monthly payments on time, and the rate rises to 1.5% cash back.

Plus, up to 10% cash back when you use the card to make purchases with select merchants.

Penalty APR: None.

Foreign transaction fee: None.

Other perks:

  • Payments reported to three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

  • Account management and budgeting tools via the app or mobile-optimized website. For instance, before making your monthly payment, you can see exactly how much it will cost in interest to carry a balance if you dont pay in full.

  • Certain Visa partnership benefits, like auto rental collision insurance, theft coverage and roadside dispatch. Petal also supports Visa Local Offers, a way to earn Uber credits.

Open Sky Overall Best Company For Credit Card With Bad Credit

Best Debit Cards: সà§à¦°à¦¾ ১০à¦à¦¿ ডà§à¦¬à¦¿à¦ à¦à¦¾à¦°à§?ড à¦à§à¦¨à¦à§?লি ? থাà¦à¦à§ ...

To start things off, we wanted to draw your attention to a way for you to get guaranteed credit. So, Open Sky will offer you a secured credit card without any need to perform a credit check.

In other words, you do not need to provide the financial history you usually would to get access. That can be invaluable if your credit is not where it needs to be right now to get an unsecured card.

So, how do you get started? Well, you will need to put down a deposit. That can range from anywhere between $200 and $3.000.

You will want to think carefully about how much you plan to put down because, in this case, your initial deposit will also start to count as your monthly limit. So put down $500, and you have a monthly limit of $500.

That means that you need to have some finances available to get started, but you do have plenty of methods to make the deposit. You can use debit cards, money orders, checks, and even Western Union money wiring services.

A great thing about this particular card is that it is accepted everywhere and normally accepts Visa. Therefore, you should not have any problems with the lack of places to use this card.

The company is also great for helping you get out of a financial hole. The company makes sure to report all on time payments made to the three major credit bureaus. As long as you make sure that you do not spend more than 30% of your monthly limit and have everything paid on time, your credit score is sure to start rising.




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Factors To Look For In Your First Credit Card

If youve made up your mind to get your first credit card in 2022, youve come to the right place. However, with hundreds of credit cards in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which card you should get first. We can help with that. For example, youll need to look at which type of card you want whether there are fees and what rewards are offered. Well walk you through the different types of cards and what you should pay attention to.

  • Qualification requirements. Check that you have a high likelihood of landing the card before applying, because every time you apply for a card, it impacts your credit score by about 5 points. Using tools like our CardMatch feature can help sort it out beforehand.
  • Annual fee. While this isnt necessarily a deal-breaker, youll want to pay attention to make sure its something you can afford and that its worth your while.
  • Interest rate. While its usually a bad idea to carry a balance on your credit card, because youll pay interest charges if you do, youll want to pay attention to the APR, just in case.
  • People with no credit may not be able to qualify for a top-tier product right away, but, after they demonstrate responsible use, they can look into an upgrade.

    Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card: Best For No Credit Check

    Why we picked it: The card doesnt require a credit check, so you wont risk your score in applying. You dont even need a bank account: You can pay your security deposit via check, Western Union or money order.

    Pros: If you need to carry a balance, the cards 17.39% APR is relatively low. If you have extra funds to put down, you could secure a credit limit as high as $3,000, which can be helpful in building your credit score as a high limit can improve your credit utilization rate.

    Cons: The card does charge a $35 annual fee and lacks any rewards-earning capabilities.

    Who should apply? The card is a good option for people with bad credit who anticipate carrying a balance from time to time, as its APR is one the lower side for this card category.

    Who should skip? If youre looking to earn rewards, look into other options, like the Discover it® Secured Credit Card.

    Read our full OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card review or jump back to this cards offer details.

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    What Does It Mean To Have No Credit History

    Having no credit history is different than having a bad credit score. A bad credit score means youve misused credit in the past, while a lack of credit history means youve never had access to credit at all, so there are no credit movements on your credit report. Without any information on your credit reports, lenders dont know enough about you to make a judgment on your creditworthiness.

    Also, having no credit history doesnt mean you have a zero credit score. This is an important distinction, since a credit score of zero isnt even possible based on the most popular credit scoring systems. If you have no credit history, then you simply have no credit score either.

    However, once you do begin using credit, the credit bureaus will have information they can use to calculate a credit score for you. The most widely used type of credit score is the FICO score, and it ranges between 300 and 850, with higher scores being far superior:

    • Exceptional: 800 and higher
    • Fair: 580 to 669
    • Poor: 579 and lower

    If youre not sure whether you have a credit history or a credit score, you can find out for free by using the website, which provides a free report from each of the three major credit bureaus once each year. This is the only official site that provides free credit reports, so make sure youre using the correct link when you request a report.

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    Top Credit Cards For Fair Or Average Credit

    5 BEST SECURED CREDIT CARDS for BAD CREDIT 2021 (No Credit Check?)

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    Sbi Advantage Plus Credit Card

    Key features of SBI advantage plus

    • Enjoy cash withdrawal from several ATMs across the globe.
    • Apply for add on cards for spouse, siblings, children or parents.
    • Convert your SBI Advantage Plus Credit Card spends into EMIs with Flexipay.

    Fees and charges

    • Interest charges: 2.25% per month or 27% p.a.
    • Late payment charges: Up to Rs.750 depending on the spend amount

    Pros Of Credit Cards For People With No Credit History

    • Grow your score. Most cards designed for those with limited or no credit history come with perks built to help increase your credit score. Be sure that your card reports payment habits to the three major credit bureaus, a must-have benefit found with the majority of cards here.
    • Control when you spend. With several of the cards here, you can work with your provider to negotiate a payment schedule that works for you. Setting your calendar to work smoothly around when you get paid and when your bills are due can be a flexible solution for some hectic schedules.
    • Establish good habits. Because these cards are a fresh slate for so many cardholders, you have the opportunity to start on a high note. If youre an exemplary cardholder and commit to a routine of good habits while keeping the demerits away, your score could grow expeditiously.

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    Avoid Actions That Will Hurt Your Progress

    Be aware as youre building credit and improving your score that there are actions you can take that will result in a decrease:

  • Missing any payment. A payment is missed when you go one billing cycle without paying the bill. Late payments will result in late fees, but they wont damage your score. Its only when a payment is completely missed that your score will take a hit. One missed payment can decrease a consumer score by more than 100 points in some cases.
  • Carrying a balance greater than 30% of your available credit limit. If a card has a limit of $600 and youre carrying a balance of $200 or more, it will damage your score.
  • Closing a credit card. Closing a credit card account decreases your credit age and the total number of accounts that you have, which can hurt your score. This is particularly true if you close your oldest account, which is why you want to keep it open.
  • Keep in mind that since you are new to credit, any negative will have a much bigger impact because you dont have much other credit history to offset it.

    If at any point you see that youre starting to have trouble managing your bills or keeping your balances low, call to speak with a certified credit counselor.

    Do you have a question about credit? Ask our certified counselors now!

    We Analyzed Dozens Credit Cards That Are Marketed Toward Consumers With No Or Poor Credit To Determine The Best Cards For Building Or Rebuilding Your Credit

    10 Expert Picks: Best Credit Cards for " Bad Credit"  (2020)

    Selects editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles we think our readers will find useful. We may receive a commission when you click on links for products from our affiliate partners.

    If you lack a credit history or have poor credit, opening a credit card can be a smart way to build or rebuild credit as long as you practice responsible financial behavior.

    While there are thousands of credit cards available, most require some sort of credit history in order to qualify. This can make it hard for people with less than stellar credit , or no credit at all, to qualify for a card.

    Secured credit cards are one of your best chances at qualifying for credit. They’re similar to traditional cards but require you to make a deposit in order to access a credit limit. Whatever amount of money you deposit becomes your credit limit. If you want a higher credit limit, you’ll need to deposit more money.

    Your security deposit acts as collateral if you fail to make payments. But don’t worry about losing that money your deposit is refundable if you pay your balance in full and close your account.

    Select analyzed 29 credit cards that are marketed toward consumers with no or poor credit to determine the best cards for building or rebuilding your credit. We considered a number of factors, including security deposit minimums, fees, rewards programs and APR.

    Here are Select’s picks for the top credit cards for building or rebuilding your credit:

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    How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Credit Card

    You can apply for a credit card once you turn 18, but you will need proof of income or a willing co-signer in order to get approved. Issuer requirements get a little less stringent once you turn 21, though they will still consider your income and credit history during the application process. Evaluating the following can help you when trying to get a credit card as a young adult:

    The Most Important Features Of Credit Cards If Your Fico Score Is Below 599

    Searching for a credit card when your credit score is below 599 is different than shopping for credit cards for good credit. The emphasis is far less on more typical factors, like the size of the credit limit, rewards points or cash back, travel perks, or a 0% introductory balance transfer offer.

    With a score below 599, your objective is entirely to get a credit card with the most basic features. The primary purpose is to enable you to either establish or improve your credit score. Only when you can do that will the more attractive credit cards be available to you.

    When shopping for a credit card when your FICO score is below 599, the following features are more relevant:

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    Customer Satisfaction Ratings Methodology

    In December 2020, we ran a customer satisfaction survey on credit cards. 1,861 people responded and gave us their opinion on their current credit card provider.

    The survey asked respondents how satisfied they are with their credit card and whether they would recommend the brand to a friend. We converted the responses into star ratings and produced a shortlist of the top-performing companies based on customer satisfaction. When there was a draw, we used the recommendation score as a tie-breaker.

    You can get a full breakdown of our ratings methodology for credit cards here.

    Starter Credit Cards Faq

    Best Credit Cards For Beginners with NO CREDIT

    Comparing can be tough. But youve got the knowledgeable WalletHub community on your side. We encourage everyone to share their knowledge while respecting our content guidelines. Please keep in mind that editorial and user-generated content on this page is not reviewed or otherwise endorsed by any financial institution. In addition, it is not the financial institutions responsibility to ensure all posts and questions are answered….show moreshow less

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    Pros Of A Credit Card For Bad Credit

    • Easier approval process. If youre just starting out or rebuilding your credit after financial setbacks, many credit cards can be out of reach. Credit cards for bad credit are designed with a low barrier of entry to help consumers build their credit from the ground up.
    • . Credit cards in this category frequently offer a host of financial education resources, free access to your credit score and auto-pay. Some issuers will even review your account for a credit line increase after several months of good financial behavior.

    Best Rewards Card For Everyday Spending

    The American Express Cobalt retains its spot as one of the best credit cards in Canada for four years running thanks to its wide variety of bonus categories. Youâll earn five times the Membership Rewards points on groceries, restaurants, bars, cafés, and food deliveries, double the points per dollar on flights, hotel stays, public transportation, taxis and rideshares, 3 times the points on eligible streaming subscriptions in Canada, and one point per dollar on everything else.

    The cardâs annual fee is $155.88, but charged at a more manageable $12.99 a month. As a new cardholder, you can also get 2,500 bonus points each month you spend at least $500 for your entire first year – up to a total of 30,000 points. Plus, you can earn a Welcome Bonus of 20,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend a total of $3,000 in purchases on your Card in your first 3 months of Cardmembership.

    Why we like it:

    Along with the cardâs strong everyday earn rate and welcome bonus, the American Express Cobalt stands out for its flexible travel redemption options.

    Another great feature: it doesnât cost extra to add authorized users, so you wonât have to shell out an additional $30 to $50 in annual fees just to share the account with a loved one.

    Travel insurance benefits:

    Additional perks:

    Through American Express Invites, cardholders get access to ticket presales and reserved seats for concerts, movie screenings, and culinary events, along with other special offers.

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