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Which Credit Card Has Car Rental Insurance

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The Platinum Card From American Express

Major credit card companies provide free rental car insurance

Amex Platinum matches the Sapphire Reserves $75,000 in collision and theft coverage but adds even more rental car coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, personal injury and personal property damage.

While the coverage is secondary worldwide , a monthly subscription to Amexs Premium Car Rental Protection Plan can easily make it primary.

Just by being an Amex Platinum cardholder, youll also get membership in various premium car rental company programs, including Hertz Gold Rewards and National Emerald Club.

At $695 per year, the Platinum now has an annual fee higher than the Chase Sapphire Reserve but its travel benefits are extensive. It also has a higher 100,000 point welcome bonus, up from 75,000 points, when you spend $6,000 in the first six months.

If youre renting a car with your Platinum card, youll earn 2X points on prepaid car rentals through American Express Travel.

Cardholders also get 5X points on up to $500,000 spent on directly booked airfare and flights and prepaid hotels booked through American Express Travel and access to more than 1,300 airport lounges in over 140 countries through the American Express Global Lounge Collection.

My favorite credit card for renting a car is the Amex Platinum. Between the built-in insurance policy coverage and the complimentary roadside assistance, its helped me so much when Ive needed it most, said Christopher Grozdon of Dash-SEO.

How To Claim Car Rental Insurance On A Credit Card

Check your card for specifics, but these are the general steps you take to file a credit card car rental claim:

  • Fill out the form and attach any required proof and documents
  • Submit the form and documentation within the required time frame.
  • It may take some time to gather all the documentation required, so get started as quickly as possible to get the claim submitted in time.


    Is There A Difference Between Cdw And Ldw

    Yes, there is an important difference between Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver . These are two different insurance policies that cover different things.

    Collision Damage Waiver covers damage to the rental car through an accident during the rental period. Loss Damage Waiver provides liability insurance if your rental car is stolen during the time you are renting the car.

    In some countries, LDW and CDW are packaged together, and in many cases, the credit cards mentioned in this article cover both LDW and CDW. You should understand the difference between the two, and which is covered by your credit card.

    Its also important to understand that neither LDW nor CDW provides liability coverage if you damage another car or injure someone else while driving your rental car.

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    What Type Of Coverage Do Rental Car Companies Provide

    Typically, rental car companies provide four types of car insurance that they offer to you before you rent a vehicle. They include the following:

    Supplemental Liability Insurance: This increases your liability up to $1 million. Can cost anywhere between $7-$15 per day.

    Collision Damage Waiver or Loss Damage Waiver : Waives your burden for theft or damages. The cost can range from $9-$19 per day.

    Personal Accident Insurance : This coverage provides medical and accidental death benefits should you or your passengers become injured or killed as a result of an accident. Coverage can cost $1-$7 per day.

    Personal Effects Coverage: Receive compensation for any personal property that is stolen from your rental vehicle. Can cost anywhere between $1-$5 per day.

    If youre someone who drives regularly and owns a car, then its possible you already carry an auto insurance policy with some sort of protection when you drive a rental car, therefore you can decline most rental insurance offered to you.

    However, its always a good idea to brush up on your auto insurance policy to see whats covered and whats not, so you know where your gaps in coverage are. If youre unsure of whats in your auto policy, contact one of our agents at TGS insurance! Our team will be happy to help you better understand your policy, offer solutions to any gaps, and best of all, save you a ton of money!

    How Does Coverage Vary For International Rentals

    Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Coverage

    Rentals in some countries may be excluded. For example, standard Visa and Mastercard coverage excludes rentals in Israel, Jamaica and Ireland. American Express wont cover in Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Aside from excluded countries, the good news is that if your personal auto policy doesnt cover you outside the United States, your secondary credit card coverage could become primary coverage automatically.

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    What Your Car Insurance Covers

    Generally speaking, if you have car insurance, it extends to rental cars, too. This isnt a rule, though, so its worth checking with your insurer before renting a car.

    Its also important to think about which types of car insurance coverage you have. Just because you have car insurance, for example, doesnt mean everything car-related will be covered. Generally, car insurance encompasses four main types of coverage:

    • Liability: Covers damage you cause to other people and their property
    • Personal injury protection : Covers you and your passengers’ medical bills in an accident
    • Collision: Covers damage from an accident
    • Comprehensive: Covers your non-collision costs, like hail damage or theft

    When youre thinking about renting a car, its a good idea to make sure you have coverage for all of these areas.

    If you get into a car accident, your medical bills can also be covered by your health insurance. If your personal belongingssuch as laptops or camerasare stolen from your car, that could be covered by your renters or homeowners insurance.

    Primary Vs Secondary Car Rental Insurance

    There are two main types of credit card rental insurance: primary and secondary. With primary rental car insurance, you can file a claim first with your credit card car rental insurance. With secondary car rental insurance, you must first file a claim with your own auto, home or renter’s insurer, and the credit card insurance may pick up extra costs not covered by your policy. For example, it may pay your deductible on the other policy.

    Benefits of using a credit card with primary car rental insurance:

  • You don’t need to file a claim with your own auto insurance first.
  • That means you may not have to pay a deductible on your policy.
  • You may not get dinged with an auto insurance rate hike.
  • You save yourself lots of hassle in dealing with multiple claims.
  • But even primary coverage isn’t a substitute for a good auto insurance policy.

    That’s because credit card rental car insurance often doesn’t cover medical expenses for you and your passengers if you get into a crash, or your personal property that gets ruined or stolen while in a rental car.

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    Do I Have To Do Anything Else

    Usually there is nothing else you need to do. Typically, claims will be finalized within fifteen days after the Auto Rental CDW Benefit Administrator has received all documentation necessary to fully substantiate your claim.

    After the Benefit Administrator has paid your claim, all your rights and remedies against any party in respect of this theft or damage will be transferred to the Benefit Administrator to the extent of the cost of payment made to you. You must give the Benefit Administrator all assistance as may reasonably be required to secure all rights and remedies.

    * Not applicable to residents of certain states.

    You must make every effort that would be made by a reasonable and prudent person to protect the rental vehicle from theft or damage. This provision will not be unreasonably applied to avoid claims.

    If you make any claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in any respect including, but not limited to, the cost of repair services, no coverage shall exist for such claim and your benefits may be canceled. Each cardholder agrees that representations regarding claims will be accurate and complete. Any and all relevant provisions shall be void in any case of fraud, intentional concealment, or misrepresentation of material fact.

    How Do I Claim Rental Car Insurance On My Credit Card

    Rental Car Insurance: What your credit card does and doesn’t cover

    If youve paid for your rental car with a credit card that offers car rental insurance, then you may be wondering how to make an insurance claim in case of an accident. The way you file a claim will depend on the card issuer and the particular credit card that you have.

    The easiest thing to do is to on the back of your credit card. The customer service agents can let you know how to proceed when filing an insurance claim.

    Usually, there will be an online portal of some sort, and you will be asked to upload a series of forms and other documentation. This will include your rental agreement, any pictures you may have, or other information that is relevant to the insurance claim.

    Remember too that, if your card only provides secondary insurance, then you will have to first contact your primary insurance carrier. In this case, the car rental coverage that comes with your credit card will only kick in for anything that is not covered by your primary insurance coverage.

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    What Happens If You Damage A Rental Car Without Insurance

    As we mentioned in the last section, in many cases you can rent a car without any insurance. But its generally a risk that most people are not willing to take.

    If your personal auto insurance does not cover car rentals , then the car rental company will charge you for any damage to the rental car, according to your rental agreement.

    So if you dont have your own insurance or a credit card with car rental insurance, consider purchasing car rental insurance coverage from the car rental agency.

    Do All Credit Cards Have Car Rental Insurance

    Not all credit cards have car rental insurance. In fact, most Citi cards and Discover cards do not include car rental insurance on their list of benefits. Renting a car with a credit card that offers primary car rental insurance can save you hundreds of dollars by allowing you to decline the car rental agency’s collision damage waiver offer.

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    What Type Of Coverage Does My Credit Card Cover For Rentals

    When you go to pick up your rental car, youll need to decide on whether or not you want to pay for the rental companys collision damage waiver . The waiver takes the responsibility off your hands if any damages may incur while in your possession. If your credit card provides free CDW protection as a part of its rewards, you can save some money and avoid having to pay for the protection you already have.

    Triangle World Elite Mastercard

    Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

    The Triangle World Elite Mastercard is managed by Canadian Tire Corporation and is included on my list of the best no-fee credit cards in Canada.

    Rental Car Insurance

    This card offers car rental collision and loss damage waiver insurance when you rent most passenger vehicles for a period not exceeding 31 consecutive days. You must rent out the car in your name, pay for it using your card, and decline the rental agencys CDW.

    The maximum MSRP value of the vehicle covered is $65,000 and you must report a claim within 48 hours. A minimum personal income of $80,000 is required to apply for this card.

    Other Benefits of this Card

    • No annual fee

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    Visa Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

    If you have a Visa credit card, youre in luck! All Visa Standard Credit, Rewards Credit, Signature®, Signature Preferred®, Premium Rewards cards offer secondary rental car insurance. This means that it comes into effect after your personal insurance coverage. If youre renting overseas, your Visa coverage will act as your primary coverage. In order to use Visas rental car insurance, youll need to waive the rental companys insurance and use your Visa card for the rental.

    Visa covers up to 15 consecutive days of an auto rental in the U.S. and 31 consecutive days outside of the U.S. Visa does not cover rentals in Israel, Jamaica, Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Most passenger cars, minivans and sports utility vehicles are covered but trucks, some luxury cars and certain vans are not. Any vehicles valued above $50,000 arent covered.

    Without personal auto insurance, Visas auto rental collision damage waiver can help reimburse you for the covered theft and damage to the rental car. Any valid administrative, loss-of-use and reasonable towing charges related to damage can be covered, too. If you do have personal auto insurance, Visas rental car coverage will pay for the deductible portion of your insurance, plus the above administrative and towing costs.

    The Best Credit Cards For Car Rental Insurance Coverage

    Last Updated on November 13, 2021 by Elizabeth

    Many credit cards provide car rental insurance among its travel benefits, but which are the best of the best? In a study from WalletHub, credit cards from Chase and Wells Fargo top the list.

    While many cards offer coverage up to the cash value of your rental vehicle, the best credit card rental car insurance policies up the ante to as much as $75,000.

    Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental

    Amazingly, the WalletHub study found that less than half of consumers even know that credit cards often provide car insurance coverage. This is a big deal, since having protectioneither from your personal auto insurance or from a credit cardcan mean that you dont have to opt for expensive over-the-counter insurance offered by the rental car company.

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    What Credit Card Rental Insurance Wont Cover

    While credit card insurance will provide collision, damage, and loss coverage for the rental car itself, it wonât provide third party or personal injury insurance.

    That means your credit card wonât cover you for any damage caused to someone elseâs property or medical costs associated with an accident . Outside of a few exceptions , most credit cards also wonât provide personal effects insurance. Personal effects is just a fancy word for valuables. So, if your rental car is stolen and your expensive laptop along with it, you wonât get any money back for your laptop.

    Generally, though, if you own a car and already have an auto insurance policy, youâre probably covered for all the above and wonât need to pay out of pocket. But, if you donât and youâre just relying on your credit card, youâll only be covered for the cost of the rental car and youâll need to purchase liability and personal injury insurance.

    Take Advantage Of Added Protection

    Credit Card Benefits Deep Dive Part 3: Rental Car Insurance

    Car rental insurance is one of the many valuable perks travel rewards credit cards can offer. Not only can it provide peace of mind in case something goes wrong during a trip, but it can also save you the hassle of having to contact your own personal car insurance and risk a premium hike.

    When deciding which credit card to use for rental car bookings, go over its car rental insurance, ensure that it will apply to your booking, and understand any limitations or requirements you will need to meet in order to take advantage of it. Once you do, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be held responsible for damage or theft to a vehicle that you rent.

    All information about the Capital One Spark Miles card has been collected independently by Experian and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer of the card.

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    Citi Card Car Rental Insurance

    Citi no longer offers car rental insurance or other travel insurance on most of its credit cards, but you may still be covered on a Citi card through the credit card network. The major credit card networks, including Mastercard and Visa, typically offer car rental insurance as a benefit. Check with your card network to see if you’re covered, or use a different card that explicitly offers this benefit.

    If Your Credit Card Doesnt Include Coverage

    Full coverage travel insurance may cost less than products sold by the rental companies that only cover the car and it includes the cost of missed flights, cancelled hotels and tours and medical emergencies as well. One week CDW at $22 per day = $154, one week full coverage travel insurance $130 for 10x more.

    Yonder provides a convenient way to compare coverage and cost from multiple insurance companies and includes a checkbox to filter for plans that include coverage for damage to rental cars.

    Instant quotes with no e-mail, phone or sign-up required. If you choose one of the plans from the price comparisons using this link we will receive a referral fee.

    Ray & Sue

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    Ink Business Preferred: Best Business Card

    The Ink Business PreferredVisa card has one of the most generous sign-up bonuses among business credit cards in the industry. And, if you travel for business, your auto rental will have primary rental car protection. Youll also earn 3x points on travel and select business categories, and thats why many savvy business professionals say the Ink Business cashback rocks.

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