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Where To Pay My Home Depot Credit Card

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Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot Offers A Separate Card For Bigger Projects

Home Depot also offers the Home Depot Project Loan Card, which allows cardholders to borrow up to $55,000 for big improvement projects at a relatively low APR for up to 84 months .

It’s designed to finance major projects such as kitchen or bathroom remodels and could appeal to consumers who don’t have access to lower-APR loans elsewhere, such as a home equity loan.

Clarks First Suggestion: Home Equity Line Of Credit

If the project is large enough, you may want to visit your local bank or credit union first. If there is equity in your home, applying for a home equity line of credit may be the most prudent financial decision.

Clark says youre likely better off securing a lower APR rate via traditional lending if you know you cant pay off the full balance of your purchase before the introductory offer expires.

Even though theyre going to pay interest right away, theyre going to pay a much lower effective interest rate than even with 6, 12, or 18 months at 0% but then goes to a 25% or higher interest rate later, Clark says.

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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you want to take advantage of a 0% APR introductory period and the opportunity to earn some cash back over time, the Capital One Quicksilver Card could be a good option. Youll have 15 months of 0% APR on new purchases and balance transfers, then a regular variable APR of 14.99%-24.99%. Plus, youll get unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase and can earn a $200 welcome bonus when you spend $500 within three months of account opening.

*All information about the The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard® and Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card has been collected independently by NextAdvisor and has not been reviewed by the issuer.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

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What Can I Buy With Home Depot Financing

Home Depot Credit Card Login

Home Depots branded financing options can only be used to pay for purchases made at Home Depot. Unlike general-use credit cards, store-branded credit cards can typically only be used at the issuing retailer. So of course, you could not use a Home Depot credit card to make a purchase at Lowes. If you think youll need to finance purchases from other stores, it could be worth considering alternative financing options, such as a 0% interest credit card or a personal loan.

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Cardholders Enjoy A Longer Return Period And Exclusive Offers

Frequent Home Depot shoppers might benefit from the fact that hassle-free returns are offered for one year with the card, which is four times longer than you’d normally get on Home Depot purchases. That could come in handy, especially on large purchases that you end up regretting later.

Cardholders also enjoy rotating exclusive offers, such as 10% off a certain brand for a limited time, or 24-month financing offers during special promotions.

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Home Depot: How To Pay Your Credit Card Bill

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Privacy Overview

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Can You Use Home Depot Gift Card To Pay Credit Card

4.8/5Gift CardcardGift CardhomeHome Depot

Just so, can you pay a Home Depot credit card with a gift card?

We can accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Neither The Home Depot Consumer nor The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card can be accepted as payment for a Gift Card purchase because this site is operated by The Home Depot’s third-party partner, CashStar.

Similarly, how do I pay with a Home Depot gift card online? eGift Cards can be used in store by printing out the eGift Card and presenting it to the cashier, and online by visiting and entering your 23-digit Card number and 4-digit PIN. Enter the 23-digit Gift Card number, the 4-digit PIN and the alphanumeric security code to get your balance.

Thereof, can I pay my Home Depot credit card bill with a Home Depot gift card?

No, gift cards can only be used to purchase merchandise that is sold in store or online. However, you also cannot use a gift card to purchase another gift card

Where else can you use Home Depot gift cards?

The Home Depot Gift Card may be used to make purchases online at You can also use your The Home Depot Store Credit for online purchases provided the Store Credit has a PIN and was issued by a U.S. The Home Depot store.

What Could Be Improved

How to Pay Bill Online

Despite its perks, The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card also has a few big flaws that hurt its value.

No rewards

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card doesn’t earn rewards points, cash back, or any other type of rewards on your purchases. This is a significant disadvantage compared to the best credit cards, and even compared to other store credit cards.

Some store cards earn cash back on purchases. Many others earn rewards points that can be redeemed for a gift card. Rewards like these are a nice way to get something of value on your spending and can help make store credit cards worth it. Because this Home Depot credit card doesn’t offer rewards, the only reason to use it is for its financing offers.

Can only be used at The Home Depot

This is a closed-loop store credit card, which is one of the major differences between most store cards and traditional credit cards. “Closed loop” means a card can only be used with the retailer that issued it — in this case, at The Home Depot stores and on The Home Depot website.

Quite a few store credit cards are like this, but it’s still a notable drawback. You’re very limited in terms of where you can use a Home Depot card, and it’s usually better to have a credit card you can use anywhere you want.

Deferred interest financing

As explained earlier, the financing you get from The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is deferred interest. While that can help you avoid interest, it’s important to fully understand how deferred interest works.

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Here’s How You Can Pay Your Home Depot Credit Card:

When you pay your Home Depot® Credit Card by mail, be mindful of your cards payment due date. Mail payments take 5-7 days to process. So, make sure you allow enough time for the payment to post to your Home Depot® Credit Card account to avoid interest charges and a late fee.

Home Depot Credit Card Vs Lowes Advantage Credit Card

The Lowes credit card is very similar to the Home Depot credit card, and both appeal to home DIYers. Like the Home Depot card, the Lowes Advantage card has a $0 annual fee and offers 6-month special financing for purchases $299 and up.

However, the Lowes credit card offers a rewards rate of 5% back on purchases. As the Home Depot card doesnt offer any rewards, the Lowes credit card is a better deal.

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Which Card Is Right For You

If you have a preference for Home Depot or Lowe’s, the decision on a store card is easy. But if you don’t, finding the right store credit card for you can be a challenge. When comparing the Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Credit Cards, first decide what is most important to you.

If you need to make a large purchase, one of the special financing offers available through each store credit card could help you save big on your home improvement or repair. Both store credit cards require good or better credit to qualify for these special offers, so you may want to check your credit score if you don’t know what yours is before you apply.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers up to a year to return purchases made with the card. If you aren’t sure about something you bought or tend to take longer to return things, this might be the better choice for you. However, the Lowe’s Advantage Card gives you access to cardholder event promotions, like a certain percentage off your purchase.

Extended Returns And In ApplyNow

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card doesnt offer any ongoing rewards, but you will get a few added benefits. You can make returns up to one year after your purchase, which is four times longer than the normal Home Depot returns window.

The card also offers a one-time discount for new cardholders through July 28, 2021, which varies based on how much you spend:

  • $25 off a single purchase of $25 to $299
  • $50 off a single purchase of $300 to $999
  • Or $100 off a single purchase of $1,000 or more

Otherwise, you wont receive ongoing rewards from Home Depot. The main benefit of this card is special financing on purchases of $299 or more, ideal if youre buying an appliance, or need to stock up on supplies for your project.

For larger renovations which may cost significantly more , the Home Depot Project Loan might make more sense.

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What To Do If Your Home Depot Credit Card Payment Is Late

Once the billing cycle has ended, Citibank will give customers 25 days to pay their balances before interest or late fees will incur. If you make a late credit card payment, you will have to pay a fee of up to $35. Returned payments will also incur a penalty of up to $35.

Cardholders can make late payments through mail, over the phone, or through the online portal.

Home Depot Project Loan Terms*

  • 66 monthly payments at 7.42% APR
  • 78 monthly payments at 12.86% APR
  • 90 monthly payments at 16.24% APR or
  • 114 monthly payments at 19.96% APR
Monthly payment requirements Maximum $20 per $1,000 spent
Annual fee

Up to 114 months to pay back your debt

Relatively low APR when you choose a shorter repayment period

Few special offers

Can only be used for Home Depot purchases

If you have a large home improvement project and relatively good credit, and you plan to make the majority of your purchases at Home Depot, the Home Depot Project Loan can be a great financing option. With a high borrowing limit and a relatively low maximum APR, the Project Loan could be quite affordable, especially compared to the Consumer Credit Card.

Unlike your typical personal line of credit, however, the Home Depot Project Loan only allows you to finance purchases from the retailer. The six-month spending term can also hinder you if the project takes longer than expected to complete.

Make sure that Home Depot has everything you need before starting work on the project, and look to pay off the loan as quickly as possible to avoid hefty interest charges.

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Faqs About The Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot Credit Center –

If you are a Home Depot Credit Card holder you may have some questions about your card or your account. Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions from consumers. Home Depot provides these on their website to provide fast answers for customer concerns.

Q: How can I protect my account while traveling?

A: Always retrieve your card when using it to purchase services or goods from Home Depot. Put your card away when youre done using it and dont leave it lying around in hotel rooms or on restaurant tables to avoid having your card number copied. Keep all copies of your receipts and report a missing card immediately if your card is stolen or lost.

Q: How do I add an Authorized User to my account?

A: You must be eligible to add an authorized user. To add an authorized user, access your account online through the Citi process by logging into your account, going to the account profile menu and then select the Add Authorized Users options. Follow the prompts to enter the necessary information to add authorized users to your account.

Q: How do I remove an Authorized User from my account?

A: You may use the Citi online system to remove an authorized user from your account. Log into your Citi online account. Go to the Account Profile menu then choose Manage Authorized Users. This will take you to an area that will allow you to remove authorized users from your account. Follow the process by entering in the necessary information.

Q: What can an Authorized user do with my account?

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Skip The Home Depot Credit Card For A Major Credit Card

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The Home Depot is one of the most famous home improvement stores in the country, and they offer a to shoppers thats designed to make shopping and paying for your purchases easier. Anyone interested in a little home improvement project, remodel or even the purchase of a new home might be interested in applying for the Home Depot credit card because they want to earn points, receive discounts and be able to afford improvements on their home.

The vast majority of consumers assume that all credit cards offer rewards, but its not the truth. The Home Depot card does not offer rewards, and it does come with some features that many cardholders wont find as appealing as other cards. Sometimes its not better to apply for a store card in lieu of a major credit card on which you can earn points and rewards for every purchase. If youre in the middle of a construction or remodel project and wondering whether or not it would be more beneficial to apply for a Home Depot credit card than it would a major credit card to finance your project, we have some information to help you make an informed and educated decision that will benefit you financially.

It Offers Deferred Interest

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card can help you finance a big home project in fact, that’s its primary selling point. It offers six months of deferred interest on purchases of $299 or more.

Be aware, however, that there’s a difference between deferred interest and a true 0% intro APR offer. The former merely “sets aside” interest, while the latter waives it for a period of time.

With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, if you fail to completely pay off the balance at the six-month mark, youll be responsible for interest accruing from the day you made the purchase. That could end up being an expensive mistake.

If you can qualify for a card with a true 0% introductory APR offer that lasts 12 months or longer, youd be better off. The Chase Freedom Unlimited®, for example, offers an intro 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, and then the ongoing APR of 14.99%-23.74% Variable APR. Plus, it earns rewards: at least 1.5% on everything.

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