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Where To Get Visa Photos Taken

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Automatic And Human Expert Photo Verification

Get Cheap Digital Passport Photos Online with App | Visa Photos Too

Our passport photo app prides itself in a super high acceptance rate thanks to its two-step photo verification process. Our main photo validator is AI-based, and it automatically adjusts all ID and passport pictures to the correct size required by passport authorities, including the Canadian government. Our photo app also features a background removal tool to make sure all photos have the correct background suitable for a passport photo. The AI system carefully scans each photo, and if there are any errors in terms of lighting, position of the head, visibility of facial features, or shadows, you will receive an email asking you to take another photo until you get it right. Bottom line is, we wont let you leave with an incorrect photo.

Our AI passport photo verification is very accurate, and usually enough for your image to make the cut. However, on top of that, we also offer a passport photo verification by a human expert who will thoroughly examine your photo to give you double assurance that the picture gets approved by the appropriate government agencies.

Where Can I Take Chinese Visa Photos In The Usa


I’m applying for a Chinese visa. Requirements Photo size: 48mmx33mm, width of head: 15mm to 22mm, height of head: 28mm to 33mm.

I live in Missouri. It sucks. I tried CVS, Walgreens, Walmart. Nobody can do it. All these shops offer standard US passport 2″ by 2″ photos.

What should I do?

  • 5Hmm. It should work to crop a 2×2 photo to 33x48mm. The rest of the measurements are about the same. Of course you can just do a digital photo as well.Jul 10 ’18 at 18:57
  • 16Jul 10 ’18 at 19:31
  • 7

Passport And Visa Photos

We can take passport and visa photos at our office. Visa photo requirements are country-specific.* Please come prepared with photo size requirements of the country to which you are traveling.

We only offer physical copies we do not provide digital photos.

*We no longer provide Canadian passport photo services.

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What Makes London Drugs Passport Photo Services Unique

Getting passport photos that meet government requirements no longer needs to be complex, not when you use the services at any London Drugs photo counter. LD Photo Experts make the process quick and easy, using advanced biometric software that automatically checks pictures against passport office guidelines to streamline the acceptance process.

The reliable imaging technology ensures your passport photo always passes the appropriate requirements, and the London Drugs photo specialist will give you a quality checklist to illustrate exactly that. You can also request a Biometric Passport/ID Check Print certificate to show the photo meets government criteria.

In addition to providing photos that meet the expectations of Passport Canada, London Drugs experts are also happy to take passport, visa and other identification photos for more than 100 governments, with the criteria readily available in the system.

Quick, reliable service makes London Drugs your best choice for passport and other government photos. You neednt book an appointment with the photo counter just drop by your nearest London Drugs during regular operating hours.

If you have questions about the process or want to make sure the specific guidelines you need are available, give the LD Photo Experts a call.

Passport And Visa Photos For Any Country While You Wait

How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card?  Visa Help

Snappy Snaps are now a recommended supplier of a number of international passport photos, including US, Australia, India and Canada.

We have been taking passport photos for nearly 30 years so our professional passport photographers know the regulations regarding passport photos and visa application photos for any country in the world. If you don’t want your visa photo rejected by an embassy or passport photo rejected for having the wrong dimensions or background, visit our Snappy Snaps Uxbridge store at The Chimes Shopping Centre, High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex and we can take your passport photo while you wait.

We do all types of passport photos we do baby passport photos and passport photos for toddlers. Our professional passport photographers have the experience and patience to make the process as stress free as possible.

Snappy Snaps passport photos are also Snappy Snaps’ approved for biometric so you’ll have no hassles with image regulations. We make sure that whatever the nationality of passport or visa photo you require, they conform to the new internationally agreed biometric standards.

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Benefits Of The Online Passport Photo Editor

No. 1. You can save money

The digital passport photo booth is cheaper than relying on other options.

No. 2. You can save time

It is faster to use your smartphone compared to looking for other options, such as a photo booth or photo studio.

No. 3. You can choose your passport photo

Take as many as you like and choose from unlimited quantities of photos.

No. 4. Built-in validator

The online passport photo service compares the photo with the given requirements, for example those for a US passport photo or any visa photo and checks if it needs to be adjusted.

No. 5. 100% guarantee that your photo will be accepted

So stay safe and dont worry about your US passport/visa/ID card photo. Weve got it covered.

Travel Advice: A Guide To Passport Photos And Visa Photos

Recently weve been needing to apply for several international visas for travel in Asia and Africa, which means weve been filling out application paperwork for each country and obtaining a lot of visa photos.

Even though biometric passport and visa photos are just simple digital photos, most people have them taken professionally because they need to meet the country-specific requirements of the destination and in the case of passport photos, may be accompanying a person for a full 10 years.

Ethan and I have each needed almost a dozen visa photos over the past several months, and we became very frustrated with the cost of passport and visa photos at our local drugstores. After paying almost $50 for 8 photos , we started researching the various places where we could get visa photos taken and exploring the do-it-yourself options where you can take and print your own photos. After our research, we have vowed to never pay $11.99 for two passport photos again!

In this guide, well give you a list of places where you can have your photos taken, give advice on the cheapest options, tell you about how you can print your own passport or visa photos for free or little cost, share some tips of how to ensure you get the best passport or visa photos possible, and provide some additional visa photo advice aimed at long-term and frequent international travelers.


  • More Tips for Passport Photos and Visa Photos
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    Take Your Own Id Photos With Our Passport Photo App is a website/app that allows you to quickly and easily take pictures for any official document, such as the Canadian passport or Canadian visa. We also provide you with all the up-to-date passport photo requirements and useful tips on how to easily take various document photos.

    In this article, you will learn:

    • the criteria for passport photos in Canada,
    • how to take a perfect passport or visa photo at home,
    • what to wear for your passport photo,
    • the most common mistakes in passport photos.

    With, you no longer have to look for a photographer, or try to edit a photo yourself in Photoshop. Have you been Googling visa or passport photo near me? Now you can take a photo for your ID, passport, or visa from home – online!

    International Passport And Visa Photos

    Taking a visa photo

    Timpson’s are recommended by the as a 50mm x 50mm photo specialist. Please click in our store finder for your local store. We are also recommended by The Travel Visa Company. If there are any problems we guarantee to take your photo again free of charge. Check out our full list of passport photo requirements here:

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    With Many Happy & Satisfied Customers From Uk Us Ireland Canada Australia & Others

    London, Birmingham, Manchester, Solihull,Aberdeen, Chester, Cheshire, Northampton, Nottingham, Nuneaton,Daventry, Bath,Kenilworth, Plymouth, Glasgow,Preston, Leeds,Leicester,Liverpool, Bristol, Rugby, Lincoln, Bedworth, Luton, Surrey, Salford, Gloucester, Cambridge, Bradford,Warwick, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, York,& Kent United Kingdom. New Jersey, Texas, Delaware, New York, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, Iowa, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, California & Alabama United States. Cork, Belfast, Dublin Ireland. Ontario, Calgary, Nisku, Ottawa, Toronto & Montreal Canada. Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney Australia.

    Id Photos For Students Bus Passes Age Verification

    Our passport photos are also ideal for Bus Passes, Rail Cards, Baby Passports, Driving Licences, Student Cards, Leisure Sports Passes, School/University Cards, Hospital & Health Care, US Visa plus many more.

    Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to drop into your local Timpson store.

    Useful links:


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    Canadian Visa Photos & Passport Photos

    We can deliver both the 35x45mm or 50x70mm Canadian Visa Photo& Passport Photos that meet Canadian Visa Photo requirements. Just take a photo with your mobile phone, send it over to us for processing, validation and printing. Receive professionally printed and endorsed photos Next Day in the post! Making us a perfect answer to your Canadian Visa Photo Near Me online search.

    Submitting the wrong size of photographs to High Commission of Canada in the UK can make your application get rejected. ThePhotoApp.Co.UK is the right place to make Canadian Visa and Passport Photos that are perfect for your travel document. At ThePhotoApp.Co.Uk, our ID experts understand the right Canadian passport photo requirements. Click the button below.

    We produce better photos than what any Canadian Visa Photo App can generate. Top quality prints and well trimmed to the right size.

    More Than 200000 Photos Successfully Accepted By Authorities Broad Experience

    Cheapest Places To Get Passport Photos + Visa Photos Taken

    Unlike pharmacies or small studios we deal with lots of exotic visa, passport and ID photos on a daily basis, let alone the most popular ones like US visa, US passport or Canadian visa. Rest assured, we have already got enough experience with your type of photo.

    • These are direct links to some of the popular photos:

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    What Are The Canada Visa Photo Requirements For Permanent Residents And Citizenship Applications

    If you are applying for an Immigration visa to become a Canadian Permanent Resident or you are applying for a Canadian citizenship, then you must also submit photos. The requirements for these photos are similar to the ones for the Temporary Resident Visas, but there are a few differences.

    The additional photo requirements for Permanent Canada visas are as follows:

    • Submit two identical photos if you are applying for a Permanent Visa or Citizenship.
    • You must submit one photo if you are applying for Renunciation.
    • In terms of the size of the Permanent Canada visa photo, the frame must be at least 55 mm with 7- mm .
    • The size of your head in the photo must be between 31 mm and 36 mm from the top of your head to your chin.
    • On the back of the photo you must provide your own name.
    • The back of the photo must also have the name and address of the photo studio as a stamp or in handwriting.
    • The photographer must write I certify this to be a true likeness of and sign it with their name and surname.

    If the photographs do not completely meet these requirements, then you will be asked to provide new ones or you application will be rejected.

    Order Your Passport Or Visa Photos Online

    Planning to travel somewhere. Its time to get those travel documents ready passports and visas are your tickets to open doors in other countries. Get them online now Select Passport and Visa Photo option, upload photos, select country specification, and place your order and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Passport or Visa Photos are one of our most popular products online. GK Vale offers you the best products at the best prices guaranteed.

    Order your Passport and Visa Photos today!

    Dont have a photo to upload?


    Printed and Dispatched in 2 Days

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    Passport Photo Online Mission Statement

    The mission of our company is to make sure that every person, regardless of where they are at a given time and place, can take a professional and legally compliant photo. In contrast to the traditional photographer, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you wait for the photo, not for 5 minutes, but just a few seconds.

    So whether you need a photo for yourself, a baby or a small child – save time, money and energy by using!

    What To Wear For A Passport Photo

    How To Take A Passport Photo for Chinese Visa

    You will travel with your new passport for the next ten years and this is a long time. Therefore, it is best to choose an ageless outfit. A classic button down shirt, a collared shirt, a V-neck dress or even your favorite T-shirt will be fine. In a passport photo, only your face and area around the collarbone will be visible, so its not recommended to wear a tank top or a shirt with a wide neckline if you dont want to look naked.

    When applying for a U.S. document, and documents of many other countries, you are not allowed to wear any kind of uniform or clothes resembling a uniform. This also means that camouflage patterns on clothes are not acceptable.

    There are no rules about the coloring of your clothes but we recommend that you wear a color other than white, just because it will look better with the light background.

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    Passport Photo App For Android

    We also have an online photo application available for smartphones with an Android system. You can install it on phones from any of the following brands: Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi etc. Go to Google Play and download our passport photo online app for Android, which will help you to prepare and adjust your US identity photo.

    Driving Licence Photo Online

    All identity documents have biometric photos, so a UK driving licence photo looks the same as a passport photo and, just like a passport photo, you can now get a driving licence photo online by using our service! Our driving licence photo software is ready to prepare and adjust pictures to all UK specifications. Ask someone to take a picture of you and upload the image to the apps online driving licence photo booth. In mere minutes, your photo will be ready and delivered to your email address.

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    Why Choose Passport Photo Online

    Every day we process thousands of photos for Canadian ID cards, passports, drivers licenses, and student IDs. We know the exact requirements for all types of photos. Each image taken with the help of our service is guaranteed to be accepted by the office that issues the documents – regardless of whether you apply for a given document traditionally in the office or online. Let yourself be surprised and check us out free of charge!

    Online Free Services To Consider

    How long does it take to get a visa to visit Vietnam?

    You can just take your own photo, use your own editing software, and print them off in the specified size on your own, but for those who want a bit more guidance or who would like the use of professional printing services, there are actually several free or very cheap services online that will help you take a passport or visa photo and edit it online to meet requirements.

    Depending on the service, you have the option to use the photo free digitally , print it yourself, have it printed at a local drugstore for a fee, or mailed to your home for a fee. Two of these services are and Make Passport For some countries , you can also order passport photos from Snapfish.

    We specifically used which allows you to upload a photo youve taken with either your phone or camera. I like that they offer the free do-it-yourself option where you can print the photos yourself, although you do have to look around a bit on their webpage for the link but it is there. The photos were actually printed by Snapfish.

    Otherwise you can have it printed at a local drugstore or mailed to your home for a low rate, and you get additional discounts if you order more than one set of photos.

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    Our Passport Photo App Input

    We will frame your image so that it meets the ID, passport, or visa photo requirements of national law, as well as the international standards . As weve mentioned before, well also automatically adjust the background to make it uniform and of the right colour.

    Once your passport picture has been properly adjusted and verified, our passport photo app will send you the digital files to your email – ready to be printed and attached to your passport or visa application. You can also request printouts to be shipped to your preferred address.

    Order Passport Photos Online

    Taking your passport photo online as part of our services, which is dedicated to creating a simple, easy experience for you, is easier than taking one at a photo booth or store. Our passport photo service is 100% compliant with government regulations. If for any reason your photo is not accepted, we offer a retake at no extra charge. In addition to this, we offer great savings compared to stores, which is awesome if you want a passport photo for cheap. Our quick and convenient setup, allows you to print your passport photo at home, without going to a pharmacy or photo booth. For individuals with babies, this is a very convent alternative.

    Take your Passport Photo online with – Formerly known as, our virtual passport photo booth is both unique and time-saving, whether you are preparing to travel abroad or are applying for a visa. Everything is completed online and there is no need to have your pictures taken outside your home or office. Getting started takes only a few minutes. Here is what you need to know about getting started:

    Cheap Passport Photo Services for 60+ Countries

    Our virtual photo booth is cheap, convenient, and guaranteed to give you a compliant photo before you venture off to your next international trip. Our service is a reliable and affordable service let us take care of your needs wherever you may be. Dont hesitate, order your passport photos online Now!

    Types of photo served by

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