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Where To Get Free Visa Gift Cards

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Become A Branded Elite Member

  • Earning Potential: 4.0/5.0 stars
  • Minimum to Cash Out: 1,000 points

With Branded Surveys, you can earn 100 bonus points toward a free gift card for signing up. You need 1,000 points to cash out through PayPal, direct deposit, or for gift cards to Amazon, Airbnb, Lowes, Chipotle, and many more. Users earn points by taking surveys through the platform. So while its not entirely free in the sense that it costs some of your time, if you take surveys consistently, you can earn free gift cards as a Branded Elite member.

On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, Branded Elite members are chosen to receive up to 1,000 bonus points, equal to a free $10 gift card. The 50 top-earning members of each day receive an additional 50 points and the top 20 earners of each month earn 300 bonus points. Thats a possible $20 or more in free gift cards each month.

Apps That Give You Visa Gift Cards For Free In 2020

In this post, you will learn about 6 apps that give you Visa gift cards for free.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

With Swagbucks, you can get paid to do lots of things:

  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Complete offers

You’ll just need $25 in your account to cash out and you can do so via Visa gift card, PayPal, other gift cards, etc.

Plus, you can earn $10 just for signing up and trying it out.

Definition Of Visa Gift Card

Letâs start by defining visa gift card. Well, visa gift card is very famous of being âa giftâ. It functions a lot in peopleâs life. The useable visa gift card is suitable for a type of a person who wants anything directly comes onto his/her hands just like a gift falling from the sky. And if you meet such kind of a person and you want to give him/her a birthday gift, Free Visa Gift Card Numbers with CVV 2021 is the right one to choose.

Designed as a card of payment, a free Visa gift card is considered as good as other online payment card. However, visa gift card has a unique role in which the usage is for buying gift. There will be special feeling and intention. How great and attentive this kind of invention!

Already got a visa gift card? You must have been familiar that visa gift card is used to make payment over the gifts which are bought for family or friends. You can bring the visa gift card to any store with Visa logo.

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Search The Web & Watch Videos With Swagbucks

You probably already search the web and watch videos every week, if not everyday. Why not get paid in gift cards for it?

Swagbucks allows you to do just that. Its pretty simple, and they have even more ways to earn points which you can redeem for gift cards, such as:

  • Search the web
  • Shop online
  • Give your opinions

Swagbucks, by far, has the largest variety of ways to earn gift cards. They do all of this to get data on behavior, and reward you to be a part of it. Plus, you can certainly earn free gift cards with no surveys on Swagbucks which I know is of popular request for many people.

Right now theyre giving out a $10 bonus when you sign up, which can be redeem for a gift card from popular brands like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Sephora, a Visa gift card, or PayPal cash!

Alternatively, you can use

InboxDollars InboxDollars is very similar to Swagbucks in many ways. You can earn gift cards by searching the web, watching TV, shopping, taking surveys, reading emails, and playing games. Oh, and theyre also giving out a $5 signup bonus right now too.

Shop To Earn Free Visa Gift Cards

Visa $50 Gift Card

Wouldnt you love it if you could get cashback from your purchases? Well, Fetch Rewards offers something similar.

After shopping in your favorite stores, scan the receipt and send it to Fetch Rewards website. Theyll analyze the items and reward you for every item produced by their partners.

I know what youre thinking they mustve featured some bizarre and rubbish brands. Youll get rewarded for buying products from Pepsi, Dove, Axe, Huggies, Lays, and many more.

To make the service better, they divide daily special offers on their participating brands. For example, if a pack of Pepsi bottles is worth 100 points, youll get an extra 100 points on days with offers.

Furthermore, if someone uses your referral code, you both get 2,000 points after they scan their first receipt. Such an awesome way to benefit your loved ones!

As for redeeming your points, Fetch Rewards offers Visa gift cards between $5 and $50 besides a bunch of other rewards.

You can also donate points to charities like Clean Water Fund, American Cancer Society, or the Special Olympics.

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Watch For Gift Card Deals

Almost every week, I update a blog post on Top Gift Card Deals. In this post, I share all the gift card deals Im aware of including discounts on gift cards, gift card promos, gift card buy one, get ones and more. Often popular store and restaurant gift cards are advertised, but occasionally, bank-issued gift cards are part of the offers as well.

As we near the holiday season, I expect to see many more gift card deals available, both online and in stores. When you see a bank-issued gift card for sale, do the math on how much youll pay to purchase it, minus how much you can save with the offer.

During early October of this year, Office Depot had a sale save $15 when you buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards. The Five Back Visa card was included in the offer. So lets see. $300 minus $15 is $285. Add the $6.95 purchase fee and youll pay $292.95 for a $300 Visa that will give you $15 back. When I do the math, thats a $315 value for $292.95 if you redeem the gift card at participating merchants.

Enter Blogger Giveaway Contests

Another way to win free gift cards is through giveaways.

There are a few kinds of contests bloggers run.

  • One is a sponsored one where a company sponsors a contest in order to promote their service or product, and they give away prizes.
  • The second kind of contest is the one where bloggers themselves give away free prizes that include gift cards in order to get more likes, tweets, follows, etc.
  • How do you find these contests?

    Again, there are a few ways.

    Search for em

    This is as simple as doing the following:

  • Go to Google and type in blogger gift card giveaway .
  • Google will then display the result which contains sites that have gift card giveaway contests.
  • Pick one from the list and click the link to visit the site.
  • One you are on the site find out what the requirements are and participate.
  • Use Giveaway Directories

    Another much better way is to use giveaway directories.

    And the beauty of these directories is that you can search by type of prize you like, in our case, free gift cards.

    Here are a few:

    Why would they give away free gift cards just for just a Like or Tweet?

    Promoting themselves for much cheaper than traditional advertising.

    Its much cheaper to have a contest where you have hundreds of thousands of real consumers promoting your business and you give away 10, 20 gift cards, each worth $50, $100, $500 than paying thousands of dollars to advertise on Websites, TV, Radio or Newspapers.

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    Free Gift Card Codes Generators

    Speaking of scams, Im sure you have heard or come across sites that claim to have software that can automatically generate free gift cards for you.

    The most famous ones are the Amazon gift code generators that claim to get you values from $50 and $100 to $200 and even $500.

    As you might imagine, they are all bogus.

    I mean, if it were that easy to just click a button and create gift codes on demand, dont you think everybody would be doing it?

    Not to mention that Amazon and other companies would be out of business by now if anyone could print out $1000 gift certificates whenever they please.

    So please, dont waste your time with them!

    Gift Card Giveaways And Contests

    How To Get A “FREE” Virtual Credit Card (Free Visa Gift Card)

    Companies love to offer giveaways to attract attention to their brand. You can enter these contests to win free gift cards.

    The rules will vary for each contest, but expect to have to follow the brand, like a post, and share it with friends. If you save searches for popular giveaway hashtags, they should show up in your Instagram and Twitter feeds automatically.

    The most popular hashtages are:

    • #contest
    • #freebiefriday

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    Free Gift Cards For Uploading Your Grocery Receipts

    Grocery shopping is something we all have to do. I mean we have to eat, right?

    But maybe coupons, sales, and managing all of that is a pain for you. I can relate.

    Thankfully, they have an app for that! Actually, multiple apps. In this case, they are free gift card apps.

    Ibotta Ibotta has hundreds of rebate offers on almost any category of items you can find in a grocery store. That includes anything from fruit to milk to shampoo . Sometimes they even have free after rebate offers, which is just amazing to me. How it works is pretty simple:

    • Find offers on the app for things you are going to buy
    • Buy those items in the store
    • Scan your receipt
    • Get cash back into your account, which you can then redeem for gift cards

    Checkout 51 this app is basically the same as Ibotta. However, using them both is a good idea because each app has their own partners and special deals, so something on Checkout 51 might not be on Ibotta . Plus, sometimes they do have the same deal and you can use them both to get even more cash back. Thats a win-win! Unlike Ibotta, though, they only pay via check by mail. So you wont get gift cards per-se, but you could certainly use it to buy some.

    Leverage A Rewards Credit Card

    • Earning Potential: 4.5/5.0 stars
    • Minimum to Cash Out: Varies

    Credit cards arent for everyone. If you have a history of overspending or are trying to get out of debt, then this probably isnt your best option.

    However, if you dont have credit card debt and trust yourself to only spend what you can pay off every month, then consider getting a rewards credit card. These cards typically pay 1-3% in cash back or travel points, depending on the card.

    Some offer higher rewards for certain categories, such as groceries or travel, and there are many rewards credit cards with no annual fees. Youll need to do some research to figure out which card makes the most sense for you.

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    Perform Tasks To Earn Free Visa Gift Cards

    Prize Rebel is one of the most famous survey sites. After signing up you have access to daily tasks such as online surveys, watching videos, or signing up for sites.

    After completing each task, Prize Rebel rewards you with points. These tasks are completely free without any hidden regulations.

    Once you collect enough points, you can redeem $5 Visa reward cards from their shop. Best of all, they also offer gift cards from a dozen of stores like Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Steam, and more!

    On the downside, the Prize Rebel service may not be available in your region. If you have this issue, you can still enjoy their benefits via a secure VPN connection.

    Are Warehouse Store Memberships Worth The Fees

    Get Free Visa $1000 Gift Card!

    Warehouse stores charge a much lower markup ââ¬â about 14% ââ¬â and make up for the lost profits by charging a fixed yearly fee to each customer. Thatââ¬â¢s why these stores sometimes refer to themselves as buying clubs: You pay upfront to become a member, and in return, you get to purchase products at rock-bottom prices. You gain access to various other exclusive deals on everything from healthcare to travel. Based on our experience, a warehouse store is more likely to be a good deal for you if you buy in bulk, and the warehouse store local to you.

    • Costco Wholesale has the most locations of these warehouse stores, the store also has the highest yearly membership cost. The most basic annual membership cost is $60.
    • Sam’s Club has the lowest annual fee of $45. Samââ¬â¢s Club locations can be found coast-to-coast in the United States.
    • BJs Wholesale falls right in the middle with their membership fee of $55. According to one comparison, BJââ¬â¢s just barely topped Costco for the best pricing.

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    Great Ways To Get Free Visa Gift Cards

    Getting gift cards can be very useful. You are able to buy what you want without having to spend your own money. This is especially much better if the gift card you will use is a universal cash gift card.

    Thats because you will be able to use the gift card in any store compared to a store-specific gift card. One such gift card is a Visa gift card.

    But how do you obtain such gift cards? Fortunately, there are some great ways for you to get free Visa gift cards.

    And the good news is, its fairly easy to get free Visa gift cards today. You just have to join a site that offers this as a reward and do certain tasks or offers in exchange.

    The thing though is, there are many sites that offer Visa gift cards as a form of reward. So, it can be a bit troublesome to figure which site you should join not to waste your time.

    So, to help you out, I made a list of sites you can join to earn Visa gift cards.

    This article will show you how and provide you a list of the 16 best and legit sites where you can get these gift cards completely for free.

    Disclosure: Some articles on this website contain affiliate/sponsored links. .

    What Are The Best Casino Rewards Programs

    If you frequent casino resorts, it might be worth considering a casino membership program. Smaller brands will offer free buffet dinner passes, play vouchers, and free nights. Larger brands will have a chain of casinos and resorts to earn rewards from.

    • Winstar is a stand-alone casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma is the worlds largest casino in the world. With a rewards program that lets you earn points for concierge treatment and free nights.
    • M Life – This program encompasses every property under MGM Resorts Internationalââ¬â¢s umbrella. Meaning: It offers rewards at more properties than any other program in Las Vegas. M Life has a partnership with Hyatt to earn credit toward World of Hyatt elite status and receive a matched M life Rewards tier level.
    • Ceasers Reward has a portfolio of properties that also offers several low-cost options for those who may want to stretch their vacation budget over several trips to Vegas.

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    Looking For An Instant Virtual Visa Gift Card

    If youd like to receive a virtual Visa gift card instantly, PrizeRebel is worth considering. Its a site where you can earn points for doing surveys, completing micro-tasks, watching videos and inputting free codes posted on social media. You can earn virtual Visa cards on their site in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

    Gold members receive their rewards instantly after requesting them. Processing times for other users is still very fast, and is typically within 24 hours.

    Earn Free Gift Cards Without Spending Money


    Get paid to websites are platforms that pay you to complete simple tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, browsing websites, and answering surveys.

    In return for completing tasks on these sites, youre rewarded with GCs and other prizes.

    Below, weve outlined some of the best rewards/GPT websites that offer gift vouchers.

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    Benefits Of Free Visa Gift Card Numbers With Cvv 2021

    Benefit of free visa gift card numbers with cvv 2021 comes in many parts of peopleâs life. It touches not only in the economic site but also in the modernity, IT development and life encouragement. From economy point of view, free visa gift code plays the role in simplifying the way of online payment, specifically to buy some unique gifts for friends or family. This card specification wonât make you get confused of what kind of gift you are going to buy for your partner, friends, relatives, and family. You need only search the online store with the sign of gift card.

    In the modernity point of view, free visa gift card numbers provide great ease for all the users. Modern people tends to do simple life, reachable access, and fast way of payment. In the modern life, people also tend to use modern way in every part of their life. It is so since most of them think that using modern way means modern life.

    How To Stack Your Rewards For Maximum Value

    Ultimately rewards programs, whether it be in points, cashback, or gift cards, all have value. Make sure the view program terms because they’re always subject to change throughout the calendar year and make sure to use them if they expire. Many of these programs like MyPoints are free to use, so what are you waiting for? Start earning reward points today.

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