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Where To Buy Visa Or Mastercard Gift Cards

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You Can Sign Up For Prepaid Visa Cards Online

MasterCard, Visa gift card secret

The cards below are different from a Visa gift card, and despite having the popular network logo, these arent prepaid credit card products. These work like a Visa debit card that you get from a bank or credit union.

You can sign up for these cards through the financial institution that issues them by following the links to each card below. You then deposit money into your new card account to make purchases at any location that accepts Visa.

N/A Not applicable

Your credit history wont affect your eligibility for the ACE Elite Visa® Prepaid Debit Card. This card makes it easy to conduct everyday purchases or pay bills using your linked card account that you can reload at any of the more than 900 Ace Cash Express locations throughout the U.S.

You can also withdraw up to $100 per day from your account with no transaction fee at any ACE location. And with Payback Rewards, you can earn valuable offers that save you money on the items you purchase the most.

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DoNotPay can help you overturn your parking tickets, apply for a college fee waiver, lower your property taxes, and get free raffle tickets. We can also show you the best way to discover your unclaimed money and obtain different types of refunds and compensation involving airlines, gift cards, and late deliveries.

Visa Gift Cards Are Sold Online

An easy place to is online because you can order them right from your phone while youre out and about or you can buy one straight from your laptop or tablet when youre watching TV with your kids.

The best thing about ordering a gift card online is that you often have the ability to with a name, greeting and possibly even a photo or video. The downside to ordering a Visa gift card online is that you might have to pay shipping charges and, unless you order an electronic gift card, youll have to wait for the plastic card to be delivered. If time is your friend, then this is the gift card I recommend.

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Visa Gift Cards Are Sold In Stores

Walk into any major grocery store, drug store or gas station and you will likely find a rack of gift cards. Among the cards for stores and restaurants, youll also see general purpose gift cards powered by major credit card companies.

Though you cant personalize these gift cards, you can buy them off the rack in various denominations. Activation rates Ive seen for a $100 Visa gift card range right around $6.

Find The Best Visa Prepaid Card Offers Online

Visa $100 Gift Card

If youve made it this far, you no longer have to ask, Where can I get a prepaid Visa card? Instead, youre now armed with the information you need to make an informed decision on which card to sign up for online. Always read the cardholder agreement so youre fully aware of any fees youll be charged.

Just remember that a prepaid Visa card may not be your best option if youre looking to build credit. While this card is a good choice to have in your financial tool belt if you need a place to store your money or receive direct deposits, it wont improve your credit score.

Once youve established a good routine with your prepaid card, you can consider adding a secured credit card to your wallet to help you build credit. Youll be well on your way to a better financial future with these two cards.

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What Gift Cards Can Be Used Internationally

What Gift Cards Can Be Used Internationally?

Most gift cards can be used only in the country where they were issued. If you need to send a gift card to someone abroad, there are several options. You can buy a gift card from a retailer in their country. You can also opt for a virtual Visa or Mastercard prepaid card, which are accepted in many different countries internationally.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used Internationally?

Amazon is a multinational company with a presence all over the globe. Many people believe that they can use an Amazon gift card internationally, but this may not be the case. Amazon has different websites for every country where it operates, and each site accepts gift cards only for that specific website. For example, you cant use an gift card from the U.S. to buy make a purchase on the Canadian Amazon site. The buyer would need to use a gift card for

Can I Buy a Gift Card for Someone Overseas?

It is possible to buy a gift card for a recipient overseas. You just need to choose a gift card that is accepted in the region where that person lives. If, for example, the recipient is in the United Kingdom, you need to buy a U.K. gift card. You can do this by shopping online. There are many options for international gift cards, so youll have plenty of choices.

Can I Buy a Gift Card in Different Currencies?

Its possible to buy gift cards in different currencies, including:

How Do Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards Work Internationally?

Mastercard Vs Visa Gift Cards


5 minute read

A Mastercard or Visa gift card can be a great gift idea for the friend, family member or colleague whos tricky to buy for. That way, they can choose where to spend the gift card, from their favorite restaurant to their local store.

We look at the benefits, similarities and differences between the two types of gift cards in this guide.

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What Are The Fees For Prepaid Visa And Mastercard Gift Cards

Neither Visa nor Mastercard gift cards come with usage fees, but there are a few expenses you can anticipate. Besides the initial purchase, youll also have to cover the card activation cost.

The price can vary depending on the cards value, but Visa and Mastercard charge the same fees:

Type of Fee

Youll also get a chance to earn rewards by completing booster activities and taking advantage of exclusive offers. Each live deal will be based on your preferences, so it wont feel like extra work.

The rewards list isnt final. If you check for updates regularly, you can catch other amazing redemption items, including cryptocurrency, stocks, gaming tokens, physical products, and real cash.

and improve your financial situation with a steady supplemental income. Our app has earned a stellar 4.4-star rating from over 2.6 million users and is currently being used in over 185 countries around the globe.

Why Buy A Mastercard Gift Card

MasterCard, Visa gift cards have a frustrating secret
  • Great alternative to cash as it can be redeemed in most places in the US, a Mastercard gift card can be a safer choice than carrying cash.
  • Choose where to spend it your recipient can spend your gift card anywhere, so theres no worry that itll get left unused or unwanted.
  • Use it to pay your bills you can use a Mastercard gift card yourself to make everyday purchases or pay your bills.

Things to remember

  • While your balance wont expire, the card can. If yours is about to expire, youll need a replacement card.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, youll need to order a replacement, but it can cost as little as $5.95.
  • On top of the gift card balance, youll also pay an initial purchase fee of $3.95.

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Why Do Visa And Mastercard Gift Cards Have To Be Registered

You need to verify your personal data, i.e., name, billing address, and email, to be able to make an online purchase and place a phone or mail order. Apart from the fact that unregistered Visa or Mastercard gift cards will be declined by most merchants, registration can also help you if your gift card is ever lost or stolen.

In case you notice your gift card is gone, report the incident to the respective card company immediately. Follow these steps to complete the process:

Gift Card

In case you lose your Visa gift card, you have three options:

  • Report the stolen or lost card to Visa Global Customer Care Services at 1-800-847-2911 or one of the toll-free numbers
  • Reach out to Visas customer support team via email
  • Digital Mastercard Gift Cards

    Panicking because you forgot a loved ones birthday? Ran out of time to buy a special anniversary gift? It happens to the best of us! Let your loved ones, friends and colleagues know theyre appreciated by sending them a Digital Gift Card.

    Avoid sending unwanted gifts. Easy and quick to order online, Digital Gift Cards are sent same day to recipients phones via SMS. Recipients can add the card to their card wallet and activate it the moment they receive it, setting them up to buy whatever, whenever, from wherever they want. Sending a Digital Mastercard gives the recipient immediate access to endless choice for shopping.

    Digital Gift Cards are safe and securely stored on their mobile phone, providing a simple contactless payment as well as the choice to use online.

    The best part? Recipients can use it the moment its activated. Easy, done!

    Why give a Digital Gift Card?

    When it comes to finding the perfect last-minute gift, Digital Gift Cards will help you dodge the doghouse.

    Digital Gift Cards are sent straight to your recipients mobile, where it stays safe and secure in their Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay wallet. As we increasingly rely on our phones these days, a digital gift card in a phone wallet is always in reach and is useful for both online and instore purchases.

    Ordering and sending a Digital Gift Card is super easy and takes no time with same day* delivery. All you have to do is:

    Worried about a Digital Gift Card being too generic or impersonal?

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    Mastercard And Visa Gift Cards

    Whats your occasion? Gift Card Store has the perfect prepaid gift card for every life event with more than 150 designs. Youll find the card thats just right for you when you browse the range of Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts,anniversary gifts, new baby gifts, Mothers Day giftsor Fathers Day gifts. Gift Card Store makes gift giving easy choose from a prepaid Visa gift cardor prepaid Mastercard gift card.

    A prepaid gift card from Gift Card Store gives the gift of choice. You know theyll love to choose just what they want with a gift card designed for every life event from newborn giftsto thank you gifts, from engagement gifts to housewarming gifts and all the happy experiences you love to celebrate with a prepaid gift card.Gift cards are time saving and convenient. Nine out of 10 people say theyre Australias most popular gift! Secure and easy to use online or in store, a prepaid Mastercard or prepaid Visa card can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard or Visa are accepted.

    Check out the range and filter the results according to your preferred event to find the card that is right for you. Prefer to go DIY? At Gift Card Store, custom gift cards are easy. Design your own gift cardwith your own photo and personalised message for the ultimate in prepaid cards.

    Visa Egift Cards Are Also Sold Online

    [EXPIRED] $10 instant rebate on Mastercard Gift Cards at Office Depot ...

    If you need to send a Visa gift card quickly, the fastest way to do it is to send an electronic Visa gift card.

    In most cases, the activation fee structure is similar to plastic so you wont necessarily save money in the purchase price of the gift, but you will likely get customization and shipping for free.

    For example, If you want to personalize a plastic gift card and send it quickly, then you would have to pay extra for the customization and for rush delivery. But with digital gift cards, the customization is free and so is the shippingwhether you ask for the gift card to be sent immediately or schedule future delivery.

    Ordering digital Visa gift cards is fast, convenient and cost-effective.

    One thing to be aware of in sending a digital Visa gift card is that the cards are typically not usable in stores. Plan to use Visa egift cards online, over the phone, and anywhere else that a card not present transaction is allowed.

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    Can I Use A Visa Gift Card To Buy Eth

    Prepaid cards that have the MasterCard or Visa logo on them can be used anywhere that accepts these card scheme networks. Why use a prepaid card to buy crypto? A bank transfer is generally considered the best way to buy crypto because the fees are cheaper and it carries less risk than paying by card.

    Where Are Visa Gift Cards Sold

    With gift cards widely available online, in third-party stores, at banks and in a variety of other places, it would almost be easier for me to explain where you cant buy Visa® gift cards. But there are differences in the cards themselves and especially in the purchase price of each.

    If you want a personalized Visa gift card, for example, youll have to order it online. If you want a Visa gift card quickly, youll need to buy it at a grocery store or send an electronic gift card instead. If you want to pay a low activation fee, then the gift cards at are some of the lowest Ive found.

    Of course, Im not a lawyer so I cant give legal advice, but I can speak from my own experiences. Below, Ill share the most common places Visa gift cards are sold and the benefits of each.

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    Why Buy A Visa Gift Card

    • Convenient spending Visa is widely accepted across the US, so theres no limit to where you or a loved one can spend a gift card.
    • Practical payments a Visa gift card can also be used to pay bills, groceries or medicine, so your recipient can use it where its needed most.
    • Easy budgeting use a gift card yourself to limit your spending by only topping it up with the amount youre willing to spend.

    Things to remember

    • Apply for a replacement card if yours has expired, is lost or stolen and keep your funds.
    • It costs just $5.95 to activate your card. Youll pay this again if the card is unused for 12 months.
    • Youll also need to pay an initial purchase fee for $3.95.

    Current Visa And Mastercard Promotions

    MasterCard, Visa gift card frustrating secret

    There are often promotions to save on purchase or activation fees, or instant rebates on gift card purchases. Current promos are listed here:

    : Amazon

    BJs Wholesale Club

    Notes Details
    The image of the $200 Vanilla Visa on the BJs website shows an activation fee of $6.95, but they actually only charge $5.45. Thats still a high fee, but might be worth it if youre looking to max out wholesale club spending when its a 5% category on cards like the Chase Freedom and Discover It. Max value: $200Max order size: Seemingly no limits, but unlikely that BJs will fulfill a $10,272.50 order for 50 of these cards.Per card fee: $5.45Can include your name on gift card? NoPortal rebate available? Possibly. Gift card purchases from BJs sometimes track online even though theyre excluded.PIN enabled? Yes
    : None

    Simon Gift Cards Bulk program

    Notes Details
    If you wish to purchase Simon Visa Gift Cards that can be loaded with up to $1,000 per card, you need to first register and be approved for the Simon bulk ordering program . You will then re-enter the verification process each time you add a new payment method to your account. Note that you should avoid using an Amex because Amex doesnt award points for Simon Mall purchases. Max value: $1,000

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    Use Donotpay To Redeem Cash From Your Gift Cards

    Besides helping you save money on gift cards, DoNotPay can also assist you in redeeming the remaining balance on them. Do you have a gift card you no longer want to use? Dont let the leftover money go to waste! Use DoNotPay to get the cash back in three steps!

  • Choose the Gift Card Cash Back tool
  • Enter a few details about your cardnumber, remaining balance, and the companys name
  • How Do I Invest In Gift Cards

    Sell or exchange it, and will give you about 85% to 92% of the value of your card that it resells. PlasticJungle and GiftCardRescue also have a partnership with Amazon that gives you an extra 5% on the value of the card if you swap it for an gift card.

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    Contest Rules November 2022 Gift Card Giveaway


    Elderly Instruments November 2022 Gift Card Giveaway is open to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen years old at the time of entry. Employees of Elderly Instruments and other companies associated with the promotion of the Contest, and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and advertising and promotion agencies as well as the immediate family and household members of each such employee are not eligible. The Contest is subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 2. Sponsor

    The Contest is sponsored by Elderly Instruments, located at 1100 North Washington Ave, Lansing, Michigan 48910. 3. Agreement to Official Rules

    Participation in the Contest constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, which are final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon being compliant with these Official Rules and fulfilling all other requirements set forth herein. 4. Contest Period

    Information collected from entrants is subject to sponsor’s privacy policy.

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