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Where To Buy Prepaid Visa Cards Online

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Visa Gift Cards Are Sold In Some Banks

(2021) American Express Serve Prepaid Card

Another place to buy Visa gift cards is from your bank. Not all banks sell them, but those that do typically sell cards to existing customers at a competitive ratearound $4 for any load value.

The primary benefit of buying gift cards from a bank is that you may be granted additional security features such as the same protection that comes with the banks credit or debit cards. The downside is that you typically have to be an account holder with the bank in order to buy a gift card. Check your bank to see if you can buy gift cards and what additional benefits are given to existing customers.

Send a gift in seconds with a Visa eGift card or a Top Merchant eGift card.

Where To Buy Prepaid Visa Cards

Where to Buy Prepaid Visa Cards

You can buy prepaid Visa cards online and in some physical stores. You may even find that you can buy one over the telephone. Some credit unions and banks also sell them. Prepaid Visa cards come in two formats physical cards and virtual cards. To get a virtual prepaid Visa card, you need to purchase it from an online retailer. You can buy a physical prepaid Visa card either online or in a physical store.

How Does a Prepaid Visa Card Work?

When you buy your prepaid Visa card, you need to load it that is, put a certain amount of money on it. You may also need to pay a fee to the card supplier. Usually, the supplier adds the fee amount to the initial loaded amount on the card.

Once you have loaded the Visa card, you can then use it. You can shop online or in brick-and-mortar stores if you have a physical card. If you have a virtual prepaid Visa card, you can shop online. You may also shop in some physical retail stores if you have Google Pay or Apple Pay on your smartphone.

How Does a Virtual Prepaid Visa Card Work?

If you receive a virtual prepaid Visa card, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the email with the link to claim your card and register it.
  • Complete the registration process. You can then use your card immediately.
  • You can create a digital wallet where you can access your card number easily and securely.

How to Choose a Prepaid Visa Card

What Are the Benefits of Prepaid Visa Cards?

Do Virtual Prepaid Visa Cards Expire?

What Are Prepaid Debit Cards

A prepaid debit card can serve as a budgeting tool or an all-out replacement for a bank account and the best prepaid cards offer convenience while charging few fees.

Prepaid cards are easy to get. Theres no credit check, and theyre often available even if you cant get a bank account because of a bad banking history. Unlike with a credit card, you load funds onto prepaid cards before use.

Some companies also offer mobile-optimized banking accounts that dont require a squeaky-clean banking or credit history and they often cost less than prepaid cards. Skip ahead to read about these low-fee alternatives.

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Lost And Stolen Cards

If your prepaid Visa card is lost or stolen, reach out to our customer service team by completing our contact form. A customer service representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please note that in some cases, prepaid Visa cards with remaining balances may be suspended and reissued with a minor service fee.

The 3 Best Prepaid Cards Of 2022

Buy Visa Prepaid Card Online 2021

In a Nutshell

We think it’s important for you to understand how we make money. It’s pretty simple, actually. The offers for financial products you see on our platform come from companies who pay us. The money we make helps us give you access to free credit scores and reports and helps us create our other great tools and educational materials.

Compensation may factor into how and where products appear on our platform . But since we generally make money when you find an offer you like and get, we try to show you offers we think are a good match for you. That’s why we provide features like your Approval Odds and savings estimates.

Of course, the offers on our platform don’t represent all financial products out there, but our goal is to show you as many great options as we can.

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Visa Gift Card Security

At Gift Card Granny, not only do we make it our mission to save you money, but we understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance.

When you buy a Visa gift card online from our site, rest assured that youll receive the correct gift card with the promised balance through a secure order. We will also protect your personal information during the transaction. This includes any sensitive details and data.

For inquiries about the security of your personal information, contact our customer service team. For more information on why and how we collect and store personal data, please see our privacy policy.

How We Picked These Cards

The best prepaid cards are not only great budgeting tools, but they also provide a lot of other features and are relatively affordable. We considered several factors as we compiled our list, including fees, extra benefits, free reload options and ways to get money back.

We also wanted to highlight cards that go above and beyond the norm. The cards we chose have special features, like a high-rate savings account, compatibility with popular digital wallets or maybe a huge free ATM network.

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    Prepaid Cards Are A Type Of Card That Let You Access Money Youve Loaded To The Prepaid Card Account

    They may sometimes be called prepaid credit cards or prepaid debit cards, but unlike credit cards, prepaid cards dont involve borrowing any money, which means theres no credit check required. And unlike debit cards, prepaid cards arent linked to your bank accounts.

    Instead, you load money directly to the prepaid card account. When you make purchases with the card, you use the money you loaded.

    A prepaid card can be a good alternative to a credit card if you want to avoid the temptation of racking up debt. It can also provide the convenience of plastic if you dont qualify for or have a checking account.

    Heres our take on the best prepaid cards of 2022, plus some alternatives to consider.

    Cash back rewards

    Spending With Your Card

    Can you use a Visa gift card for online purchases?

    Yes. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay allow you to add your prepaid card onto your wallet via the Mobile Wallet app. This allows you to pay for purchases in-store straight from your smartphone device via the Mobile Wallet app.

    You can withdraw money using your prepaid card from ATMs worldwide. Just look for the Visa or Plus symbol.

    If you are withdrawing funds from a country with a different currency than your prepaid card, your funds will be converted to local currency and a foreign conversion fee will apply.

    You can only withdraw Canadian funds from CIBC ATMs in Canada. Even if a CIBC ATM in Canada dispenses USD, the prepaid card can only withdraw Canadian funds from the ATM.

    You cant use your Smart Prepaid Travel Visa card to withdraw funds from CIBC multi-currency ATMs in Canada.

    Note: You cant get cash back from a merchant or ask for cash advances.

    No. Even with the U.S. dollar CIBC Smart Prepaid Travel Visa card, you can only withdraw Canadian funds from ATMs in Canada.

    There is no additional conversion fee charged when funds are being withdrawn in a country with the same currency as your prepaid card.

    Yes, but some merchants may advise you to use a credit card instead.

    You will need to present your prepaid card and the merchant receipt for a refund. The merchant can return funds to the same prepaid card that was used to make the purchase.

    Refunds to your card will be processed within 10 business days.

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    Do You Want More Information

    You can use your prepaid card all over the world for whatever you want to buy 24/7. You can also make:

    • Additional transactions, like booking a hotel, renting a car, paying taxes, setting up standing orders, placing phone and mail orders.
    • Online purchases at any store accepting VISA.
    • Transactions at any ATM in Greece and abroad.

    You should contact our Call Center immediately, which is available 24/7 at 210 48 48 484. If you’re an Internet and Mobile Banking user, you can log on to our website and:

    • Request immediate cancelation of the card
    • Notify us of loss/theft

    Do Prepaid Cards Hurt Your Credit

    Prepaid cards dont hurt your credit. Unlike credit cards, you arent borrowing any money from the card issuer youre accessing your own money that youve uploaded to the card account.

    Because of this, prepaid cards dont require a hard credit inquiry, which can have a slightly negative effect on your credit scores.

    But prepaid cards also dont have any positive effect on your credit. With a credit card that reports to the three major consumer credit bureaus, making payments on-time and in full and keeping your overall balance low can help you build credit history. Prepaid cards dont report any of your activity to the bureaus, so they wont help you build credit.

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    More Visa Prepaid Cards For International Use

    Theres another excellent option I can suggest. Visit the Visa International website and look for their prepaid cards. Youll find a lot of information and a list of issuers. Some of these would be in America while others would generally be abroad.

    However, its also possible to order a prepaid Visa card from foreign issues in some cases. As I mention earlier, look for terms, conditions, fees, other charges as well as benefits before applying for a prepaid Visa card for international use.

    Closing Thoughts

    If youre a plasma donor or have been gifted a prepaid Visa card by someone, there may be no need to buy another. Check with the issuer if the card is valid for international use. It can save you some money on buying a new one. Also find charges on international use to ensure you dont spend more.

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    Buy Visa Gift Card Online


    As one of the worlds most recognizable and trusted brands, Visa Gift Cards are the ideal gifts to give friends or loved ones. With an original photo and text, each gift card is personally designed for the recipient. You can add your own photo or select one of our custom designs to get started. Then customize the gift card further with a message embossed right on the card. Choose any dollar amount between $10-$250.

    Visa Gift Cards can be used online, over the phone and in your favorite stores and restaurants across the countrylike Target, Walmart, Olive Garden and more. Basically, this card can be used in the U.S. everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. So gift it with confidence!

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    We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesnt feature every company or financial product available on the market, were proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward and free.

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    Are There Any Restrictions When Paying With An Instant Visa Gift Card

    Your card should be accepted on any U.S. website that accepts Discover® Cards as a payment method or Visa Debit Cards internationally. It cannot be used for recurring bill payments, memberships, subscriptions, hotel and/or car rental reservations, or getting cash at ATMs. Depending on the merchant, split tender payments may be declined, extra fees or restrictions may apply. Be sure the prepaid balance of your card can cover the total amount of your order.

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    Can The Balance On A Giftcardscom Visa Virtual Account Be Negative

    Any purchase for an amount greater than the available balance on a Visa Virtual Account should be declined. However, if a merchant submits a compromised authorization, its possible for the combination of pending approvals to result in a negative balance.

    To learn more about non-Visa Virtual Accounts, refer to Merchant eGift Card questions.

    Activate Your Visa Gift Card

    (2021) PayPal Prepaid Card Review // Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard

    To activate a Gift Card Granny Visa gift card, visit our Activate Visa page and enter in the 16-digit gift card number and 3-digit security code.

    If you obtained a Visa gift card from another provider, there should be a phone number you can call or a website you can visit to activate your card. Make sure the gift card information is handy when you make the call or visit the website.

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    How Do I Shop For And Buy A Prepaid Card

    When youre shopping for a prepaid card, compare differentcards to see which ones have the features you want and the associated fees. Consider how you will use the card and look atthe fees that you will pay for those uses. When you buy the card, you pay theinitial amount that you want to load onto the card, often termed the initialload, plus the cost of the card.

    Shop to find the best card for you

    There are many types of prepaid cards.When youre shopping, check to see that the card has the features you need andthe fees associated with various features. Fees and fee structures forprepaid cards can be very different. Asking a few questions can help you choose the right cardfor your situation.

    Decide where you will want to use the card, and make surethe card you pick can be used at those locations. Prepaid cards that feature anetwork brand can beused at any location that accepts that network brand. Other types of cards aregood only at a specific store or group of stores, or on your publictransportation system. Remember, prepaid cards may look like debit cards, credit cards, or gift cards, but they areoften quite different.

    When you buy

    You can buy prepaid cards at retail locations , online, over the phone, or from some banks andcredit unions. If you buy the card online,you may then be issued a virtual card, or you may receive a physical card inthe mail at a later time.

    Registering your card

    • Full name
    • Street address
    • Date of birth

    How Do I Get A Prepaid Card

    Depending on which card you want, there are a few different ways you can apply.

    • In-store Some retailers, like Walmart, allow you to purchase and load money onto a new prepaid card.
    • Online Many prepaid cards allow you to apply through their websites.
    • At a branch Some banks, like Chase, offer prepaid cards that you can apply for at your local branch.

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    How Are Giftcardscom Visa Virtual Accounts Delivered And How Long Does Delivery Take Visa Virtual Accounts are delivered via e-mail. The greeting includes instructions on how to activate and check the balance of the gift card on The Virtual Account can be used for online and telephone purchases anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted in the US.

    It can sometimes take up to 24 hours from the time of purchase for the email to be delivered unless you specify a future delivery date.

    To learn more about non-Visa Virtual Accounts, refer to Merchant eGift Card questions.

    Buy A Visa Gift Card Online Within Seconds

    $500 Visa Prepaid Card Sweepstakes

    Need a fast and secure way to pay all across the internet? Buy your Visa Gift Card online and receive your code straight to your inbox. Shop online with added security in seconds, anywhere where Visa Debit Cards are accepted or at any U.S. merchant that accepts Discover® Cards. Simply redeem it immediately, or within 6 months at MyPrepaidCenter to receive the card number, security code and expiration date of your virtual Visa Gift Card instantly. Start shopping safely and conveniently in seconds.

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    Are Prepaid Cards A Bad Idea

    Prepaid cards can make sense in certain situations for example, if you dont have a checking account or you just dont want the temptation of using credit.

    But there can be downsides to prepaid cards. One major downside? The relatively high fees just for holding, loading, or even withdrawing money from the card. And you wont build credit by using a prepaid card. If youve already got a bank account, or think you might be interested in opening one, consider your alternatives instead.

    Best Overall Best For No Monthly Fee: Bluebird By American Express

    Bluebird by American Express

    • No fee for monthly maintenance, activation, online card purchases, and more

    • Provides several perks, including purchase protection, roadside assistance, and Amex Offers

    • Access to more than 30,000 fee-free ATMs

    • Cash reloads at Walmart locations are free, as are direct deposit, debit card transfers, and mobile check deposits

    • Cash reloads at other retailers may incur a fee

    • Mobile check deposits take 10 days unless you pay a fee

    Bluebird charges fewer fees than most prepaid debit cards, making it a solid choice if youre on a tight budget or you simply dont want to pay for debit card access. You can create sub-accounts for family memberstheyll get their own card tied to the main account.

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