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Where Is Synchrony Credit Card Accepted

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Is Synchrony A Credit Card

Synchrony Home Credit Card up to 60 month Finance,2% Cashback on items under $299,Retailers & Stores

Its likely that you already have a Synchrony card in your walletwe have credit card partnerships with many wellknown national retailers. The Synchrony® Mastercard® is one of many credit cards we offer. We think its a great value with 2% cash back rewards on all purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Obtaining A Synchrony Bank Credit Card

If you apply for a Synchrony Bank credit card, your credit score will play a role in whether or not you are approved. Synchronys shop cards often have a lower credit score requirement than its Dual Cards, however this is not always the case.

That being said, its ideal to keep your credit score as high as possible so that you can get the greatest deals at the stores you shop at.

That Depends Entirely On What Synchrony Financial Credit Card You Own

Synchrony mattress firm card. Make a payment View your balance Update your account information. Click here to manage your account and make payments online. Synchrony and Mattress Firm Renew Consumer Financing Strategic Partnership.

40 5 from 12 reviews. Advanced searches left. Additionally for Synchrony HOME participating locations you will be eligible to take advantage of longer term promotional financing offers ranging from 12 to 60 months on qualifying purchases.

3 years with a minimum purchase of 1999 on your Mattress Firm or Synchrony HOME credit card. The Mattress Firm Credit Card is a good option since it doesnt have an annual fee and it allows you to finance your mattress purchase at 0 APR for up to 5 years. Launched in April 2016 Synchronys consumer financing options are available for online and in-store purchases at 2400 Mattress Firm stores in the United States.

5 years with a minimum purchase of 2799 4 years with a minimum purchase of 1999 3 years with a minimum purchase of 1299 2 years with a minimum purchase of 999 on your Mattress Firm credit card. Synchrony Financial and Mattress Firm Inc the nations largest specialty bedding retailer announced a new private label credit card program for customers of Mattress Firm for April 2016. Almost paid off the power adjustable mattress w tech base.

Home Blog Pro Plans B2B solution Login. 0 APR. Most Synchrony credit cards are linked to a store and can be used for purchases in that store only.

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Promotional Financing On Larger Purchases

In place of cash back rewards, the Synchrony HOME card automatically gets you 6 months of deferred interest financing on purchases of $299 or more. Your purchases may also qualify for a deferred interest financing period of 12 to 60 months, depending on the promotions the retailer is currently offering.

While having the ability to pay off large purchases over time is more than welcome especially given the high cost of home goods and services deferred interest plans are rife with financial risk. If you cant pay off your financed purchases in full by the end of the promotional period, youll be charged interest retroactively, going all the way back to the date of purchase.

A less risky approach may be to open a new credit card that offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases. These introductory offers do not use deferred interest, so you are only be charged interest on your remaining balance if you arent able to pay it off your charges in full by the end of the promotional period.

That said, most credit cards only offer an intro APR period of around 12 to 18 months, which starts when you open your card account not when you make a purchase. One advantage of a financing tool like the Synchrony HOME card and other installment payment tools is that you may get much more time to chip away at your balance without paying interest.

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Can I Use My Synchrony Home Card Anywhere

Furniture Stores That Accept Synchrony Home Credit Card

One of Synchronys credit cards, the Synchrony HOME Credit Card, launched in early 2019 as a solution for homeowners and renters spending money on their homes and looking for discounts and special offers. The HOME Credit Card cant be used just anywhere, but it is accepted at over one million locations nationwide.

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How To Apply For A Synchrony Bank Card

The easiest way to apply for Synchrony Bank credit cards is online. Go to, then click Where to Shop at the top of the page. You can search for a specific retailer, browse through the banks partnering stores or filter cards by shopping category, such as home furnishings or sporting goods. If you find a card youre interested in, click Apply and supply the requested information.

Many of Synchronys partner stores also let you apply online or through their own websites. Alternatively, you can visit a merchant in person and request an application from an employee. Some cards offer one-time, same-day discounts upon credit approval, so you may want to wait until youre ready to make a big purchase in order to maximize your savings.

Getting Approved For A Card From Synchrony Bank

With any credit card, the higher your credit score, the better your chances for approval and Synchrony Bank cards are no different. But generally speaking, the minimum credit score for Synchronys store cards is going to be lower than whats needed for its Dual Cards.

That being said, the credit score required will vary from store to store, so its best to always try to maintain as best a credit score as possible.

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Synchrony Home Credit Card Launches Offers 2% Cash Back And Promotional Financing On Home

– Synchrony HOME Credit Card Accepted at More Than a Million Locations Nationwide

– Offers 2% Cash Back on Purchases Under $299 6 Months Promotional Financing For Purchases of $299 or More

– Plus 12-60 Months Promotional Financing on Qualifying Purchases at Thousands of Participating Synchrony HOME Locations

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Solid Cash Back Rate On Select Purchases

Business Credit Tradelines | Synchrony Bank, Amazon, Lowes, Sams Club Business Mastercard & More

The Synchrony HOME card comes with a relatively straightforward cash back earning scheme: When you shop with participating retailers and service providers, youll earn 2% cash back in the form of a statement credit on all purchases under $299. Cash back is automatically redeemed within one to two billing cycles.

At a glance, this is a solid cash back program, rivaling the rate youll find on some of the best flat-rate cash back cards on the market. Plus, the Synchrony HOME card should offer better approval odds than many of those cards. which typically require you to have an excellent credit history to qualify.

The catch is that you wont earn any cash back on purchases over $299. Instead, larger purchases are eligible for promotional financing. This means that unless you frequently make smaller purchases with the Synchrony HOME cards partner retailers, the card is unlikely to offer much rewards value in the long run.

Traditional cash back cards dont usually limit on the amount of cash back you can earn in this way. The Citi® Double Cash Card, for example, offers up to 2% cash back on every purchase , no matter where you buy or how much you spend. And while the Synchrony HOME card does not require you to redeem your cash back with a specific retailer , you wont be able to claim true cash back in the form of a check or direct deposit to your bank account.

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Where To Use The Synchrony Home Card

Most store credit cards are closed-loop cards, meaning they can only be used for purchases at a specific store or family of brands. The Synchrony HOME card, on the other hand, can offer a wide range of options thanks to a partnership with the Discover card network.

You can use your card at thousands of retailers in home-related categories such as art and décor, electronics and appliances, flooring, furniture and mattresses, home improvement, and outdoor, patio and garden goods. You can also use the card with participating service providers like carpet installers and home repair specialists.

Try out Synchronys store locator to see the online and brick-and-mortar stores and providers near you that accept the card.

Heres a small selection of places that accept the Synchrony HOME card:

  • Big Sandy
  • Mattress Warehouse
  • Relax the Back
Tip: When youre sorting through stores, be sure to note which benefits they offer for Synchrony HOME cardholders. While all participating retailers offer 2% cash back on purchases under $299 and 6-month promotional financing on purchases $299 and over, retailers that are designated Synchrony HOME locations may also offer 12- to 60-month promotional financing on qualifying purchases over $299.

What Is Synchrony Financial And Synchrony Bank

Synchrony is a financial service company that provides different financial programs to retailers, manufacturers, and healthcare practitioners to build up a relationship between its business partners and their buyers.

This company is the parent of synchrony bank. It is also the latest provider of personal credit cards, including master cards, visa cards, amazon prime store cards, lowes advantages, sams club master cards, Verizon visa cards, and Home cards in the USA. By providing this facility to retailers, it supports its credit card issuing the policy.

Synchrony is affiliated with many companies in the USA, including Amazon, Chevron, and Lowes, and many small-scale retailers.

Besides providing store credit cards, it also provides other credit products and financial loans to support retailers.

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What Companies Use Synchrony Bank

By David Krug10 minute read

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Maybe Synchrony Bank is unfamiliar to you, but its possible that youve previously done business with them. If youve ever been offered a retail credit card, chances are it was a Synchrony product.

What Companies Use Synchrony Bank? Synchrony Banks effect on the consumer financial services market has not gone ignored, despite the fact that it is not as well-known as other well-known banks.

Synchrony Bank is the bank behind many of the retail credit cards we use on a daily basis, including numerous well-known merchants, healthcare providers, and manufacturers.

Alternatives To Synchrony Cards

Who Accepts Synchrony Home Design Credit Card

Synchrony Bank credit cards probably arent going to provide you with the best terms and rewards when compared to other credit cards, but they can come in handy. In fact, since they generally have lower credit score requirements, a store card might be a good option as a first credit card if youre looking to build your credit history. With such high APRs, though, youll want to always make sure to pay your balances in full each month.

The promotional financing options offered by many of the Synchrony credit cards can also be useful, allowing you to pay off the charge over time without racking up any interest. But again, be careful because if you dont pay off the balance within the promotional period, the deferred interest will kick in, and this could cost you a lot.

If you’re interested in a credit card that offers more flexible rewards and a promotional APR, the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express and Citi Double Cash may be worth considering. With the Amex Blue Cash Everyday, you get 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets up to $6,000 a year, 2% cash back at U.S. gas stations and select U.S. department stores, and 1% cash back on other purchases. Cash back is in the form of a statement credit. Cardholders also get a 0% intro APR on new purchases for 15 months, then 13.99% to 23.99% .

A Simple Cashback Card for Day-to-Day

  • Rewards dollars cant be used toward the minimum payment due

Card Details

Earn Cash Back Twice

Card Details

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Can I Use My Synchrony Credit Card At Any Store

Is it possible for me to use my synchrony credit card at Walmart?

Your Synchrony credit card may be accepted at Walmart, but only if it is Walmart-branded. You can use your Walmart Credit Card at Walmart and online at If your card bears the Mastercard/Visa logo, you can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard/Visa, including Walmart.

List Of Stores Where You Can Use Your Synchrony Credit Card

Synchrony is a financial services company that streamlines financial stability for millions of people through more flexible payments. The companys credit cards offer a wide range of partnerships that allow users to finance the familys essential items.

Synchronys customers credit card can be used in essential sectors such as automotive, healthcare, construction, home, travel and much more. No matter if it is about changing your car or remodeling your home, with Synchrony credit cards, you have the opportunity to make it happen.

If you are a new beneficiary and still dont know which stores accept the Synchrony credit card, well tell you briefly.

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How Do Mattress Payment Plans Work At Mattress Warehouse

  • Apply For Credit

    Synchrony aims to make your credit card application fast and hassle-free. Apply here to enjoy special financing when buying at any of our conveniently located showrooms.

  • Explore OffersTake advantage of our special financing offers so you get more purchasing power and more time to pay.
  • Pay Your WayWith Mattress Warehouse mattress payment plans, pay your bill online, over the phone, via check, or bank transfer.
  • The Apr Once Charged Is Sky

    Building Business Credit | NO PG Mastercard | Synchrony Bank

    The catch with deferred interest financing promotions, such as the Synchrony Car Care credit card offer, is that if you dont pay your balance in full by the end of the no-interest period, youll owe interest not just on the remaining balance but on the entire original amount spent. As of this writing, the APR is a whopping 29.99%. If youre unable to pay off your balance within six months, those interest payments will rack up fast.

    If you know that expensive car repairs are on the horizon, a might be a more forgiving option. Youll have a more extended no-interest period, typically 12 to 18 months, and if you still have a balance when that promotion ends, youll owe interest on only what you have left to pay, not on the original amount you spent.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Credit Card From Synchrony Bank

    Whether you choose a rewards card that you can use anywhere or a store-specific credit card, you can benefit in multiple ways by getting a credit card from Synchrony. First and foremost, you get to take advantage of the benefits and rewards programs.

    Maybe you earn rebates to be used at your favorite store, maybe you get a discount on qualifying purchases, or maybe you get to rake in cash back offers.

    Whatever the reason, many people prefer to have a diverse range of credit cards in their wallets to ensure they have access to the best opportunities of the moment.

    If you tend to shop a lot, you could potentially get some major use out of these credit cards. But they can also be helpful in repairing poor credit when used correctly.

    If youve been hit by derogatory items resulting in a low credit score, it can be hard to get a credit card, even as you pay down debt and turn things around.

    Although Synchrony usually performs a credit check, store cards rarely have lending guidelines as strict as a normal credit card. Its a great option to start building your credit, whether youre starting over or just beginning.

    What Merchants Accept Synchrony Bank Credit Cards

    Is there a Discover Card for synchrony home?

    Synchrony Bank is the issuer and servicer of the Synchrony HOME Credit Card. Discover® Global Network is collaborating with the company to expand merchant acceptance in the home category. Visit the Synchrony HOME finder to find a participating merchant that accepts the card.

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    Synchrony Bank Credit Cards

    • MasterCard from American Eagle Outfitters
    • Athleta Mastercard and Visa at Home
    • Banana Republic is a well-known clothing retailer. Vouchers from Wal-Mart Mastercard
    • BP a credit card issued by Visa
    • Cathode ray Texaco Techron Advantage Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage
    • Visa Signature Extras for eBay with a Visa Card Mastercard
    • Mastercard for use on eBay
    • GAP Nissan Visa Card Infiniti Credit Card Old Navy Visa Card Credit card issued by OneTravel Visa
    • Extras offered through PayPal Mastercard
    • PayPal Rewards Mastercard
    • Rakutens Cash Back credit card issued by Visa
    • The Sams Club Mastercard is a credit card issued by Sams Club Mastercard for Sams Club Business
    • ScoreRewards Golf Galaxy, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Field & Stream all accept Mastercard as payment.
    • TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard Stein Mart Mastercard
    • Mastercard from Walmart
    • Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage Credit Card
    • CITGO Rewards Card
    • Drive Savvy Rewards Credit Card
    • Electronic Express
    • ScoreRewards Credit Card
    • Sewing & More
    • Zulily

    Building Credit With Synchrony Bank Cards

    Where To Use Synchrony Home Credit Card

    As with any other credit card issuers, Synchrony Bank and their retail partners want you to both utilize the credit card, and to make your minimum monthly payments on time.

    Doing these key things will have various effects. Your credit limits will likely see an increase over time, and your credit report will start to improve. A Synchrony Bank credit card account in positive standing can be a great way to establish credit, or even to rebuild credit over time.

    Utilizing one of Synchronys credit cards or one of the many Synchrony store cards available in a responsbile way can be a smart personal finance decision. A strong credit report can even help you to increase your credit limit with another financial institution, or to open a new credit line with a different credit card issuer.

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