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Where Can I Use My Zales Credit Card

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Apply For Zales Credit Card

Can I use my credit cards everywhere?

If you dont have this credit card yet, you can submit an application online. But before doing so, make sure that you match the following criteria:

  • 18 years old or more.
  • Being a U.S. citizen.
  • Have a credit score of at least 660.

If all that is in place, then you can try submitting an application online. This part of our Zales credit card review will show you how to do it. Just follow these guidelines:

  • You can start the application process by clicking on the following button:
  • In the center of that webpage, you will notice this credit card. There, you must click on the Apply Now button.
  • Right after doing so, you will get to see the website of Zales. There, you must scroll down till the bottom of the page and click on the APPLY NOW button.
  • Following it, you will get to see the page with the application form. At the top of it, you will notice the terms and conditions of that credit card. Please, read them carefully and proceed further only if you agree with them.
  • Next, you should start filling out the application form. At first, you must provide your personal and contact information.
  • Once you have filled out that form, you can proceed further. For that, you should scroll down till the very bottom and click on the Continue button.
  • After submitting your application, you are likely to see the result right away. But if you havent got to see any result, this means that the bank might need from a few days to a few months in order to consider your application.

What Bank Does Kay Jewelers Use

KAY Jewelers Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Bank or other lenders as applicable.

What jewelry sites use Affirm? Zales offers easy and affordable payments online and in stores with Affirm, a loan service provider, at a pace you choose from the available options. You can purchase immediately and pay over time. During checkout at, you can choose Affirm as a payment method and apply for a loan to pay for your items.

Can you buy jewelry with credit?

Thankfully, even if you dont have much credit history, or are in the process of rebuilding your credit, you may be approved for affordable monthly payments with a credit jeweler. Once youre qualified, you can start making monthly payments and get the ring or other jewelry you want right away.

Can I finance jewelry online? Enjoy the convenience of online financing with our Online Financing Program with BREAD FINANCE. Experience the easy and fast application process to purchase your jewelry online today. Get a decision in seconds with no obligation to buy and checking your rate wont impact your credit score.

Bogdan Roberts Credit Cards Moderator

The only store cards that can be used anywhere are known as co-branded or open-loop cards and belong to a major that grants them worldwide acceptance.

Zales Credit Card is designed as a financing option for Zales purchases. You get different payment plans depending on how much you spend. Bear in mind that the rates you get are deferred interest rates, so if you don’t pay in full by the end of your introductory term, an APR of 29.99% applies to your entire purchase. With regular 0% APR credit cards, your remaining balance starts accruing interest at the end of your introductory period.

Can you use store credit cards anywhere?

No, you cant use store credit cards anywhere. They only work at the merchants theyre connected with. For example, the Target Credit Card, is solely for Target purchases. Its not always one retailer, though. If multiple brands are owned by the same parent company, you should be able to use any one of their store cards for purchases from all of the brands. For instance, you can use the store version of the read full answerOld Navy Credit Card at Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta in addition to Old Navy. And you can use the at,, along with other Amazon products and services.

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Zales Credit Card Payment Dates

When you open a Zales Credit Card, Comenity Capital Bank assigns you a payment due date. Youre allowed to change the due date once every 12 months. However, you cant pick any date youll have to choose from the available dates that Zales provides. Note that it can take up to two months for your new due date to be reflected on your card statements.

How Much Can You Owe In Deferred Interest

zales outlet Credit Card

The amount owed will obviously vary based on the purchase price of the jewelry but because were dealing with diamonds, gold, and other expensive materials, the potential for paying a lot in interest is huge.

Men spend an average of $5,978 on engagement rings. If you assume that much on a purchase and interest at 29.99% for 18 months, the total spent on interest would be $2689.20!

And thats with the average cost.

So in many cases, this can result in owing thousands of dollars.

If the balance is not paid in full in 36 months or if you fail to make any payment when due, regular credit terms will apply and interest will be imposed from the end of the promotional period at the standard, variable Purchase APR of 29.99%, based on the Prime Rate.

So not only will you owe interest, but youll owe interest at a very high rate.

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Some More Instructions About Finding A Zales Account Number

  • You can also request a fresh information update or a lost information update, which will be mailed to you via ordinary mail with a store card attached.
  • Assume you have a history of complaints or purchases. In that scenario, you can quickly check through the receipt or complaint messages given by the organization to obtain your customer id or customer account number.
  • Finding an account number is simple because it is the serial number that identifies a customer as unique to this store. Its also crucial to maintain track of the loyalty programs and points associated with ones account. Losing your account number is the same as losing your identity as a regular client at the store.

No Down Payment Everyday Promotional Plans

Being able to walk out of a jewelry store with no down payment is pretty special but youll only be able to do that if you sign-up for a special promotional plan.

There are two promotional plans available to cardholders.

  • No Interest if paid in full within 6, 12 or 18 months.
  • 9.99% APR if paid in full in 36 months

So if you can pay off your balance within 6 to 18 months you can get an interest free plan but if you extend it out to 36 months you youll have to pay 9.99% for your APR.

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period or if you make a late payment.

Ill talk more about the deferred interest below, but one major factor to consider here is that youll be charged interest even if you make a late payment. Some report that theyre not able to set up auto-pay which could mean they are at a bigger risk to miss a payment.

So if you struggle to pay your bills on time, this could be a very bad thing because failing to pay your bill on time could amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of interest fees.

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How To Create A Zales Account Online

  • Creating an online sales account is simple since you must pass the same exam as you would on a regular website and register yourself for shopping. By visiting the official website and registering your location, you will gain access to the website and all of the permissions it requires.
  • After completing all of the steps, one can quickly access their account through the internet. An official welcome letter will be delivered to your email address in an instant, as well as a card in the mail.
  • It is fairly simple to create an account online, and one must also provide their registered mobile number. As a result, any transaction made with a suitable track record and invoice is automatically updated to their phone for constant tracking, and an email ID is also required for the same purpose.

Zales Credit Card Reviews

Can I pay my mortgage with a credit card?

This is Awesome card was very easy to use and also the notification on the app for the card also very useful and also easy to use …

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Zales Credit Card Payment Plans

Jewelry is expensive, which puts it out of range for most budgets. But with a Zales credit card, you can pay off bigger purchases over time with no interest. To qualify for no-interest purchases, you have to meet the minimum spending thresholds:

Payback Period


9.99% APR for 36 Months

*If you dont pay off your purchase within the allotted months, interest will be charged from your purchase date.

I Cant Make A Payment

Zales is a high-interest store credit card. The company is not as flexible as utility companies and other billers. We did find out from customer service that Zales is willing to work with customers to resolve past due balances, but details were not available unless we were Zales credit customers. Credit card payments are typically smaller than the total, so customers are essentially already on a payment plan. There is a good chance Zales will charge late payment fees if a customer misses a payment. In addition, the Zales account may be closed to future purchases.

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Zales Credit Card Review

The first Zales Jewelers was founded by Morris Zale, William Zale, and Ben Lipshy in 1924. The trio built Zales into a viable chain with its remarkable credit plan that allowed customers to put a penny down and make weekly payments of $1. The company changed hands in 2014, when Signet Jewelers purchased the Zale Corporation. Although Zales currently operates over 700 stores in the US, they began shuttering doors in early 2017.

Given the success of its initial credit plan, it makes sense that Zales has continued the financing tradition through its Zales Credit Card. But while the card’s special financing can be handy to those who make the most of it, the deferred interest model and sky-high APR that come with the card can easily ruin any potential savings.

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Zales Credit Card Login

Zales Card / Zales Secure Log In Official Login Page 100 Verified ...

Once you have got this credit card, you may sign up for online access. That will allow you to do many things online, including paying your credit card or checking the balance. But for that, you will have to log in to your credit card account each time. In this Zales credit card review, we will show you how to log in to your credit card account.

  • In order to sign in to your Zales card account online, please click on the following button:
  • On the webpage of Comenity and Zales, you will notice the online banking form on the left thats the place where you can make a Zales credit card login.
  • Start accessing your credit card account online by entering your username in the first field.
  • Then, you should type your password in the second field of that form.
  • You are also able to save your username for future sessions you should just check the box near Remember Me.
  • In the end, you can finalize the process by clicking on the Sign In button.
  • If you have done everything correctly, then you will access your credit card account in a moment.

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What Is The Location Of My Zales Account Number

One can easily follow the procedures to find a sales account using either an online or offline method. These stages are simple to follow, and anyone can simply keep track of them.

  • Also, where can I get a Zales account number? If the process is not working smoothly, you can walk into the store or call customer service and ask for it. They will search into their database and send you the details for the most current bi email of your customer id over your registered mobile number or email id.

Travel And Shopping Benefits

The benefit that Zales touts is that its Diamond card allows consumers to skip on paying interest for any purchase of $300 or more for six months. Consumers wont be charged interest as long as they pay off their purchase in full during this time. Because jewelry purchases tend to be pricey, this offer may entice some consumers. The card also offers $0 liability on unauthorized purchases.

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Q: What Happens If You Dont Pay Your Zales Credit Card

There are a few things that may happen to you. First and foremost, you are likely to be charged a late fee. Secondly, you may have to pay the full interest rate if you have taken advantage of the free financing period and havent paid it back on time. That may result in an enormous increase of the final sum, considering that the interest rate of this credit card currently stands at 29.99%.

Here Are Some Comenity Bank Credit Cards That Are Easy To Get:

How To Use Contactless Credit Cards | Capital One
  • Zales Credit Card. Requires fair credit. $0 annual fee. 10% off all repair services. $50 off a $149+ purchase on your birthday. Deferred interest of 0% – 16.99% for 6 – 36 months. 29.99% regular APR. Free shipping and exclusive coupons.
  • Ann Taylor Store Card. Requires fair credit. $0 annual fee. 5 points per $1 spent at Ann Taylor family brands.
  • Jessica London Credit Card. Requires fair credit. Annual fee: $0. 1 point per $1 spent at any of the fullbeauty brands.
  • Torrid Credit Card. Requires fair credit. $0 annual fee. 1 point for every dollar spent at Torrid. 27.74% regular APR.
  • Petland Credit Card. Requires fair credit. Annual fee: $0. 1 point per $1 spent, up to 2,000 points per billing cycle . Exclusive discounts and promotional financing.

As you can see, these cards charge $0 annual fees, and all of them provide nice perks at their respective retailers. Comenity Bank also has quite a few store cards that require good credit for approval. They include cards tied to Orbitz, Williams Sonoma, Loft and Westgate Resorts. But if your score is below 700, its best to just stick with the cards for fair credit.

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Easiest Jewelry Credit Cards To Get:

  • Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card: $100 in store reward when your card arrives in the mail. $50 off $249+ purchase during the first year, on your birthday. 0% – 9.99% for 6 – 36 months deferred interest. 28.49% regular APR. Up to $25 discount on purchases made during the holidays. $0 annual fee. Fair credit needed.
  • Zales Credit Card: 10% off repairs. $50 off $149+ purchase on your birthday. Free shipping. 0% – 16.99% for 6 – 36 months deferred interest. 29.99% regular APR. Exclusive coupons by email. $0 annual fee. Fair credit needed.
  • Iddeal Jewelry Credit Card: Flexible payment plans to help pay off your jewelry purchases. $0 annual fee. Fair credit needed.
  • Maui Divers Jewelry Credit Card: $0 annual fee. 0% for 12 – 36 months deferred interest on purchases. 28.99% regular APR. Fair credit needed.
  • Gordon’s Jewelers Credit Card: $50 off a purchase on your birthday. Free shipping. 10% off repair. 0% – 9.99% for 6 – 36 months deferred interest. 29.99% regular APR. Exclusive coupons by email. $0 annual fee. Fair credit needed.
  • The Jewelry Exchange Credit Card: 0% for 6 months deferred interest. 29.99% regular APR. Annual fee: $0. Fair credit needed.
  • Riddle’s Jewelry Credit Card: 0% – 9.9% for 6 – 36 months deferred interest. 28.99% regular APR. Promotional offers at certain stores. $0 annual fee. Fair credit needed.

What Comenity Bank credit cards are easy to get?

Can You Use Jared Credit At Kay

Jared credit cards can only be used at Jared The Galleria Of Jewelrys 274 stores, located in 41 states. Thats because Genesis Financial Services recently bought $1.7 billion in nonprime credit accounts from Signet Jeweler, the parent company of Jared, Kay, and Zales.

Also Can I use my Kays card at Zales? Despite the name, the Kay Jewelers credit card isnt really a credit card: its actually a retail card. You can use it only at Kay Jewelers locations or online at The card lets you carry a balance up to a preset limit for purchases made at the jeweler. Kay calls its card the LONG LIVE LOVE credit card.

What credit company does Kay Jewelers use?

KAY Jewelers Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Bank or other lenders as applicable.

Is Zales credit easy to get? The easiest jewelry credit card to get is pretty much any jewelry credit card, including the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card, the Iddeal Jewelry Credit Card, and the Zales Credit Card. You have about the same chance of getting all of them because they all are store cards that require fair credit for approval.

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