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What Stores Accept Visa Debit Cards

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What You Can Learn About Visa Gift Cards Here

Smiths grocery stores will no longer accept Visa credit cards

In the post below, Ill talk to you about the following three things.

  • How to use a Visa gift card online.
  • Possible reasons why your Visa gift card doesnt work online.
  • What you need to know about Virtual Visa egift cards.
  • Though Visa, Mastercard and other bank-issued gift cards work online quite well, there are certainly a few things to know that can make for a more positive experience.

    Green Dot Visa Debit Cards

    Your banking. Your choice. Green Dot has an account for you.

    Green Dot Visa® Debit cards have smart everyday banking features to help you better access, budget and manage your moneyanytime, anywhere you need it.

    • No monthly fees with qualifying direct deposit
    • Get your pay up to 2 days early
    • Overdraft protection up to $200 with opt-in & eligible direct deposit

    Personalized card required. Fees and limits apply. Learn more

    See account agreement for terms and conditions. When you direct deposit $500 or more in the previous monthly period, otherwise $7.95 per month. Direct deposit early availability depends on timing of payor’s payment instructions and fraud prevention restrictions may apply. As such, the availability or timing of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period. $15 fee may apply for each purchase transaction not repaid withing 24 hours of authorization of first transaction that overdraws account. Overdrafts paid at our discretion.

  • No monthly fees, just pay per transaction.
  • Shop online and in stores, plus pay bills
  • Overdraft protection up to $200 with opt-in & eligible direct deposit
  • Personalized card required. Fees and limits apply. Learn more

    See account agreement for terms and conditions. $15 fee may apply for each purchase transaction not repaid withing 24 hours of authorization of first transaction that overdraws account. Overdrafts paid at our discretion.

  • 2% Cash Back online and mobile purchases
  • 2% APY on savings up to $10,000 balance
  • Why Some Stores Dont Take Credit Cards

    You might love paying with plastic, but many business owners wish youd use cash, a debit card, or even a check instead. If youve ever faced resistance when using a credit or debit card, you might wonder why some stores and restaurants dont take plastic.

    Some of the most likely reasons are cost, certainty, and complexity.

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    Does Walmart Sell Visa Or Mastercard Gift Cards

    Yes, Walmart sells various prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards loaded with $25, $50, $60, $100, and $200.

    Alternatively, you can purchase an eGift card loaded with a chosen amount between $25-$200. You may be charged an activation fee of $3.44-$6.88, depending on value.

    To learn more, you can see our related posts on if you can reload a Walmart gift card, if you can get cashback from a Walmart gift card, the Walmart gift card return policy, and whether or not .

    Do The Differences Matter

    Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa® Card

    A common question about credit cards is: “Which is better, Visa or Mastercard?” The answer, really, is neither. What matters most are the card features determined by the issuer fees, interest rates, rewards, sign-up bonuses, perks and more.

    For some people, choosing Visa or Mastercard may provide a minor feature or two that acts as an added convenience. But most people would be better off spending time comparing what issuers offer. This is where you’ll find the most value per dollar.

    Also, keep in mind that which cards you can qualify for will depend on your credit. The best credit card rewards and perks are generally available to people with excellent credit. But there are decent . Even those working to build or rebuild their credit history have good options among .

    What’s next?

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    Make Sure Your Visa Gift Card Is Activated And Ready

    First, make sure the gift card has been activated . You might have received a gift receipt or a card holder confirming its activated status, but you can also just call the phone number on the back of the card.

    Next, check the card’s balance. This is especially important if you have already used it, but as gift cards often have activation fees, that $50 card may actually have a $49 balance. You’ll need to know the exact dollar and cent number, so don’t skip this step.

    Grocery Stores And The Accepted Payment Methods

    Over the past few years, there have been changes in the payment industry. Contactless payments, such as mobile wallets, gained popularity, and more grocery stores started adopting this technology.

    In this article, well cover the top 21 grocery stores and the payment methods they accept. Well also review the most popular grocery delivery services and their accepted payment methods.

    In addition to the traditional payment methods like cash, checks, or credit/debit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay are now commonly accepted at grocery stores.

    To compile a comprehensive list for you, I reviewed the top 21 grocery stores payment policies on their website, and heres what I found:

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    How Do I Use Contactless Payment At Target Stores

    Target now accepts contactless payment, also known as NFC, at our stores. Simply hold your contactless card, mobile device or wearable over the card reader screen to initiate payment until the confirmation that the payment was successful displays on the screen, and then follow the prompts on your device or card reader screen. You can do this at any time while you check out, when the card reader is ready for payment, including while the cashier is still scanning items.Any contactless payment type can be accepted. Some examples of contactless payment types are:

    • Contactless credit/debit cards printed with this symbol:
    • Mobile phone digital wallets
    • Wearables with payment enabled

    On your receipt, you may notice that that last 4 digits printed on the receipt are different from your card number. For digital wallets the device will tokenize your real card number to protect the card data, so the last 4 digits may look different.

    Was this information helpful?

    Information You Must Receive When Getting A Debit Card

    21 Kroger stores in California to stop accepting Visa credit cards

    Organizations that sign on to the Debit Card Code, such as banks, agree to give you the following information before you get a debit card:

    • your responsibility in protecting your PIN and debit card
    • the possible effects of not protecting your card and PIN
    • who to contact if you have a problem
    • a copy of the cardholder agreement

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    Visa Gift Card Should Be Registered

    Registration usually involves linking a name and billing address to the prepaid card. Though you generally are not required to register a gift card in order to use it in stores or restaurants, the process is fairly important if you intend to use the gift card online.

    To make it harder to use a stolen credit card online, many websites use a procedure called Address Verification System to ensure the card number being used for payment matches the billing address on file with the bank. Since the Visa gift card number is entered into the same field used for a Visa credit card, the website will look for an AVS match even though it is less applicable to a gift card payment.

    Registering the gift card allows you to update the address linked to the card. If the system will not let you update the information, you may at least be able to see what generic name and address has been associated with the card already.

    If you have a Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card from, activate your card and then look for a second step to register the card as well.

    Problem #: Not Always Easy To Use

    Clarks second problem with Visa gift cards is that a lot of people say its difficult to use up the entire balance on the card, especially when theres only $5 or $10 left.

    Although the cards can be used at millions of retailers where Visa debit cards are accepted, both online and offline, there are times when purchases are declined.

    For example, a member of Team Clark received a Visa gift card that was disabled at gas pumps and had to go inside the station to use it.

    Restaurants can also be tricky. Some of them authorize an additional temporary 20% gratuity charge to your bill, but the actual charge is the price of the meal plus any gratuity you add.

    If your bill is $50 before tip, your $50 gift card may be declined due to the preauthorization hold.

    Hotels and car rental companies also place preauthorization holds. You must always make sure you have enough money on the card to cover the purchase amount and the hold.

    Explanation of pre-authorization holds from the terms and conditions:

    When making a purchase at a merchant that provides certain services or accepts tips, a preauthorization hold may be placed on your card for the estimated total price of your transaction.

    This estimated total price will be for an amount greater than the initial purchase, 20% or more, to allow for tips, incidentals or additional services and will reduce your available balance.

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    Can You Use Visa Gift Cards At Restaurants

    Yes, you can use Visa gift cards at restaurants. If the restaurant accepts a Visa debit card, it will take and Visa gift card. However, try to balance more than $5 or $10 on the card because of the high pre-authorization amount.

    The visa debit gift cards do not come with a personal identification number like the visa ATM cards. If, however, for some reason, the retailers ask for a PIN at checkout, then it is probably due to entering the wrong type of card. The card needs to be run as a credit card, eliminating the need for a PIN. If your card is stolen or reported lost, call 18779443822 and disclose the information necessary for retrieving the card. If you have not exhausted the entire limit of the card, then the whole amount can be transferred to a new card that can be issued to you. However, you need to pay $5 to avail of the service.

    Major questions:

    How To Use A Visa Gift Card Online In 4 Easy Steps

    ReliaCard ® Visa ® (Debit Card)
  • Add the items you want to your cart.
  • When you are ready to check out, you’ll be taken to the payment methods screen. Typical options include credit or debit card, gift card, or PayPal.
  • Enter in your Visa gift card information under ‘Credit or Debit card’. This is because your Visa gift card is a pre-paid card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, not a gift card specific to that retailer.
  • Check out!
  • While you can shop online with a Visa gift card, you should be aware of common problems that may occur. Heres what you should do before attempting to make an online purchase with a Visa gift card.

    Activate Your Card

    Your Visa gift card must be activated in order to be used for purchases either online or in-store. Depending on where the gift card was purchased, you will have to activate your card on the issuing bank or provider’s website or call the toll free number listed on the back of your card.

    Register Your Card

    Card recipients should go online to register the card. Why? This ensures a name and address is linked to the card. When an order is placed, stores often use an Address Verification System to verify the card matches the billing address. This process helps restrict fraudulent activity associated with a lost or stolen card.

    Not Enough Funds On The Gift Card
    Store Restrictions

    Sometimes there are stores that restrict the use of pre-paid gift cards. This can often be found with any sort of monthly subscription charge.

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    Pending Transactions Are Affecting The Balance

    Every time you swipe or enter your Visa gift card number into a payment system , the system checks to see if the card has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. During this authorization check, the system will place a hold on the funds needed for the purchase. If the transaction is cancelled or later declined, then the pending amount is released. If the transaction is completed, then the pending amount is finalized and the card balance is reduced by the dollar amount of the final purchase.

    Sometimes holds are not released immediatelyit can take several hours or several days to remove a pending charge depending on how each merchant system works. During that time, your gift card may decline if pending charges are tying up a portion of the gift card balance that you know should be available.

    If your card is not working and pending charges are still affecting the card balance, wait a few days and try again. If you want to understand the process more, heres an article on why it takes so long for charges to clear.

    Special Rules For Surcharges At Gas Stations

    Beginning July 2017, Michigan law requires gas stations whose advertised motor fuel price is subject to one or more conditions to post those conditions on road signs next to the advertised fuel price, with equal illumination, in lettering of the same style and of at least ½ the size used to post the sale price.

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    Where Visa And Mastercard Differ

    Although there isn’t a lot of difference between Visa and Mastercard, they aren’t completely identical. Each payment network makes a suite of benefits available to cardholders. But a couple of caveats apply:

    • It’s often up to the issuer whether a particular card will carry a network benefit. In other words, Visa might offer a rental car coverage benefit, but that doesn’t mean every Visa card will have it.

    • Issuers may offer benefits that the network does not. For example, Mastercard doesn’t provide rental car coverage itself, but some Mastercard cards have such coverage because it’s provided by the issuer.

    VISA: Traditional, Signature, Infinite

    Visa offers three levels of benefits: Traditional, Signature and Infinite:

    • Traditional benefits include auto rental collision damage coverage zero fraud liability emergency card replacement emergency roadside assistance Shipt delivery services and Sofar Sounds exclusive presale tickets.

    • Signature benefits include all the Traditional benefits, as well as extended warranty protection, worldwide travel and emergency assistance services and a Skillshare membership.

    • Infinite status provides all Signature benefits plus return protection purchase protection travel accident insurance trip cancellation and interruption insurance and lost luggage reimbursement.

    MASTERCARD: Standard, World, World Elite

    Mastercard’s three levels of benefits are Standard, World and World Elite:

    Shop Online With Visa Debit

    Kroger Grocery Stores Ban Use Of Visa Cards At Some Locations

    If your bank card says Visa Debit, you can use your debit card to shop online at millions of websites and apps, with funds directly from your bank account.

    With Visa Debit, you can use your debit card to shop online, in mobile apps , for recurring bill payments , subscription services and pay your taxes online through the Canada Revenue Agency.

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    How Debit Cards Work

    The money on your debit card is linked directly to your bank account which is why this type of plastic doubles as an ATM card for cash withdrawals.

    Because of this link, you cant really spend more than whats in your bank account. However, some financial institutions provide overdraft protection, allowing transactions that exceed your account balance to be approved without the risk of hefty overdraft fees.

    Authorizing a purchase at the point of sale involves swiping, tapping, or dipping your debit card before entering a personal identification number .

    Most debit cards come branded with logos from the major card issuers, making this payment option usable anywhere that major credit cards are accepted. However, because debit and credit cards carry sensitive financial information and require a more secure connection with a payment processor, merchants who accept these cards must comply with and adhere to the PCI compliance standards on an ongoing basis.

    Benefits Of Accepting Visa Debit

    With Visa Debit, you give your customers more payment options and potentially increase sales, and serve a wider customer base.

    To-date, more than 44,000 Canadian retailers accept Visa Debit, a group that is rapidly growing as merchants recognize the benefits of Visa Debit acceptance, including the ability to:

    • Increased Sales PotentialVisa Debit offers your business the opportunity to access an underserved customer base that prefers to use debit for payment.
    • Provide More ChoiceCustomers want more payment options and Visa Debit gives them control over how they pay, helping you improve purchasing convenience and customer service.
    • Guarantee ReliabilityWith Visa Debit you can provide better service to new and existing customers. Visa Debit is a proven form of payment. Visa Debit is the most widely used payment card in the world, and Visa operates the worlds largest retail electronic payments network.

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    Insufficient Funds On The Card

    At, the most common reason online transactions decline is that the card does not have enough money on it to cover the purchase. Though people generally understand this concept, online shopping is a little different than in-store shopping. If you handed a Visa gift card to a cashier and knew it did not cover the full amount of the purchase, you could expect the system to use the card balance and then have the cashier ask you for a second form of payment. Since most websites cannot handle a split tender transaction as described above, the gift card is simply declined.

    Ill show you my trick for getting a gift card to work in this situation. Read my post on gift card hacks.

    If you have a Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card from, you can check the balance of your Visa gift card and review previous transactions as well.

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