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What Is Walmart Credit Card Limit

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Is The Walmart Credit Card Good

Whats the limit on Walmart credit card?

The target audience is frequent Walmart shoppers with limited or poor credit scores. It’s great that Walmart offers approval to those with low scores so you have a way to build credit. With that in mind, this card isn’t a bad option.

The rewards are not the best, but they’re decent for an no-annual-fee card for low credit. It’s just too bad that shopping at physical Walmart stores only get you 1% cash back. So it’s best if you do most of your shopping online.

It’s also pretty cool that grocery pick-up and delivery get 3% cashback too . So if you live near a Walmart with groceries, you can effectively get 3% back on groceries .

However, beware of the high APR. This is NOT a card that you’ll want to carry a balance on if you can avoid it.

If you have better credit and are considering the Mastercard version, look into other cash back cards instead, as many offer better rewards.

Key Things To Know About Walmart Credit Card Limits

  • You’ll learn your credit limit when you’re notified about account approval, either on the application website or by email.
  • The credit score requirement for Walmart Credit Card is 640, at a minimum. That means applicants need fair credit or better to be approved. The higher your score is, the higher you can expect your credit limit to be.
  • If you’re unhappy with your initial Walmart Credit Card credit limit, you can request an increase online. Capital One uses soft pulls for these credit inquiries, so requesting an increase won’t affect your credit score.

If you don’t know what your score is, you can check it for free right here on WalletHub.

Why You Might Want The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard

High ongoing rewards

Walmart sells almost anything you can think of, so if you don’t mind doing most of your shopping online, you could earn 5% on almost everything you buy, including groceries via pickup or delivery. Even if browsing a brick-and-mortar Walmart is more your speed, you’ll still get double rewards when you shop there. Bonus rewards are also possible on gas if you fill up at a Walmart fuel station, which includes Murphy USA stations. Outside of the Walmart umbrella, dining and travel snag you elevated rewards, too. In short, it’s a solid everyday credit card.

Redemption flexibility

The only thing better than earning rewards is redeeming them, and the Capital One® Walmart Rewards Mastercard® makes it easy to put your earnings to good use. There’s no minimum redemption amount, and you have a plethora of choices for using your points. Options include applying them as a statement credit or to “erase” a purchase booking for travel through Capital One’s travel portal or buying select gift cards available through the Capital One rewards redemption center. No matter how you use your points, they’ll always be worth a penny each, and they’ll never expire as long as your account is open and in good standing.

Travels well

Since it’s a Mastercard, you’ll enjoy wide acceptance both at home and abroad. The card’s lack of foreign transaction fees combined with the aforementioned travel protections and benefits make it a worthy traveling companion.

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Walmart Rewards Card Vs Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom Flex also has a $0 annual fee and can earn rewards as cash back. With the Chase Freedom Flex, you’ll Earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases in rotating categories, 5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3% on dining and drugstores, and 1% on all other purchases. You’ll need to enroll each quarter to earn the 5% bonus, and the bonus is limited to $1,500 in purchases per quarter.

There are two other big factors that weigh in favor of the Chase Freedom Flex. It comes with an initial upfront bonus offer and you can also combine the Chase Ultimate Rewards® points you earn with your Chase Freedom Flex with points earned on other Chase cards to maximize their value. It will depend on how much you shop at Walmart, but most people will get more value with the Chase Freedom Flex card.

How To Use Capital One Walmart Rewards

Walmart Credit Card Review [Apply, Login, Limit]

With the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®, you’ll have several options for redeeming points, and rewards don’t expire as long as your account is open. Redemption options include:

  • Cash back as an account credit, during online checkout, to erase a previous purchase, or in the form of a check
  • Gift cards

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More On Walmart Financial

Walmart Financial is a division of Walmart Canada Corp., owned by Walmart Stores, Inc., which was established in 1994. Walmart has over 9,000 discount retail stores in 28 countries, employs 2.2 million associates worldwide and serves more than 245 million customers each week. It is Canadaâs largest retailers, next to Costco, Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and Home Depot.

Bottom Line: Walmart Moneycard Review

The Walmart MoneyCard is a decent option for frequent Walmart shoppers who want to enjoy cashback benefits on everyday Walmart purchases.

However, its free reload options are somewhat limited, and you have to have a smartphone with the MoneyCard app to enjoy the full perks.

But if you do your shopping or fueling up at Walmart and wouldnt mind the $75 per year cashback, this may make a decent addition to your prepaid card repertoire.

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Bad Customer Care Click Bait Application Process On Transunion Website

I have autism and the customer services are rude and disrespectful to me. They cancelled my credit card with no warning. Have to talk with 10 different people and no one has a clue whatâs going on. Then they hang up on you. Security people are just as rude. Cannot talk to a supervisor have asked many times no response how can you be so disrespectful to your customers? I donât understand it. Poor company donât ever apply for a Walmart Mastercard worst customer service ever.

Walmart Credit Cards Backstory

Why you NEED to get the Walmart Credit Card!

Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest retailer in the world, operating more than 11,000 stores in more than 25 countries.

The company launched the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Store Card to help customers pay for and finance the purchases they make at Walmart stores.

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Walmart Mastercard Cc Limit Increase


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Walmart Rewards Card Vs Citi Double Cash Card 18 Month Bt Offer

The Citi® Double Cash Card lets you Earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. It also comes with $0 annual fee.

If you make a majority of your purchases online at Walmart, the Walmart Rewards Card may make sense for you. Otherwise, it may be wise to pick up a card like the Citi® Double Cash Card that gets 2% everywhere. Similar to the Walmart Rewards Card, the Citi® Double Cash Card does not come with an initial welcome offer or higher rewards amount. For the first 12 months, earning 5% in-store with the Walmart Rewards Card might be more attractive if you make a lot of Walmart purchases.

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Easy Application Instant Use

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard takes a unique digital-first approach to card application and use. Not only can you apply online through Walmart or Capital One, you can also text to apply and complete your application right from your mobile device.

Once youre approved, your Capital One Walmart Mastercard is instantly issued and ready to be used in the Walmart App. This is an especially great feature since the card is geared toward everyday purchases, as you wont miss out on any cash back while waiting for the card to come in the mail.

What Is Walgreens Cash Back Limit

walmart credit card increase request mishkanet com MISHKANET.COM” alt=”Walmart credit card increase request > MISHKANET.COM”>

Walgreens provides cash back of up to $20 on debit cards only. This means you can only get a maximum of $20 cash back on each transaction. Also note that Walgreens doesnt give cash back on personal checks, credit card transactions, or credit card advances. You must have your debit card on you to be able to get cash back. Though you can always get more cash back by making multiple purchases. The minimum purchase amount to be eligible for a cash back is only 1 cent which is very little.

Walgreens is a pharmaceutical retail store company in the US with around 9277 chains spread across the states.

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What Credit Score Do You Need For A Walmart Credit Card

For the Walmart Mastercard, your credit needs to be in the good range, meaning you should have a score of at least 650. If you only have fair credit or poor credit, you may still be able to qualify for the Walmart Credit Card. Users report getting approved with FICO scores as low as 550. Still, you may want to think about getting a copy of your credit report and looking at how to improve your credit score before applying.

Where You Can Use Walmart Credit Cards

Most credit cards can be used anywhere the card network is accepted, but some cards have limitations. Credit cards with restricted use are known as private-label cards or store cards and can only be used at the namesake brand’s properties.

Since the Walmart Rewards Card is a private-label card, you can only use the card at Walmart properties, which include, the Walmart app, Walmart stores and Murphy USA gas stations.

On the other hand, the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

If you’re looking for a credit card that can be used anywhere, the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card provides more flexibility than the Walmart Rewards Card.

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Will My Stimulus Check Go On My Walmart Money Card

The IRS completed direct deposits of second stimulus payments as of January 5th, 2021. For many of our customers, if the IRS has your Walmart MoneyCard account information on file and you are eligible for the second stimulus payment, the IRS automatically deposited it to your Walmart MoneyCard account.

Earn 5% Cash Back In Walmart Stores For The First 12 Months


The Walmart Rewards Card does not have an upfront sign-up bonus like many other cards. Instead, you will 5% back for the first 12 months when you use your card with Walmart Pay for in-store purchases, upon approval.

Walmart Pay allows you to store payment information securely in the Walmart app. Then when you check out, you simply scan the QR code from the register on your phone.

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Does Walmart Still Do Cash Back

Walmart customers can purchase $20 to $100 worth of goods and services with their debit cards, and then receive up to three times that amount back as cash back. Additionally, Discover and Wells Fargo credit cards have a $20 maximum cash back amount and $12 maximum on checks. In Walmart stores, you can buy 20 cents, 40 cents, 60 cents, and 100 cents in cash back coupons.

What Credit Limit Can I Get Approved For With A Walmart Credit Card

Your credit limit is dependent on your creditworthiness, meaning the company will check with the credit bureaus to review your credit score, credit history, current debt, and income. Some reports show your credit limit could be as low as $400 or as high as $8,000.

After making all of your payments on time for several months, you may be able to qualify for a credit limit increase. You can submit a request for an increase online when you sign into your Walmart account, or you can call Walmart Credit Services at 1-877-294-7880.

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Can You Use A Walmart Credit Card Online

You can use your Walmart Rewards Card online. It is a Mastercard and can be used online or anywhere Mastercards are accepted. The Walmart Rewards Card can only be used at Walmart properties and can’t be used at other online websites.

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What Credit Score Do You Need For Affirm

Affirm Credit Score For Approval. Affirm reports that you’re “more likely to be approved” for their financing with a score of 640 or higher. There are user reports of being approved with a score as low as 600. Ensuring your revolving balances are low and that you have less than six inquiries will help.

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Walmart Credit Card Review

Is the Walmart Credit Card worth applying for? Read this expert review and comparison of the Walmart store card and Walmart Mastercard before you apply.

With its reputation for low prices, Walmart is the go-to store for groceries and other household staples. The retail giant offers two types of credit cards issued by Synchrony:

  • Walmart store credit card: can be used for purchases only in Walmart Stores and Supercenters,, Neighborhood Markets, Sam’s Clubs, and Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.
  • Walmart Mastercard: can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • We review the cards in detail below. In this review:

    Also, check out some current you shouldn’t miss.

    What Is Target Cash Back Limit

    Target gives a maximum of $40 cash back on debit transactions. You can always make multiple purchases to get more cash back. Target doesnt charge anything for their cash back service but its best to always check in with your local store. Make sure that your debit card has enough amount to avoid cash advance fees in case of an overdraft. You can always visit an ATM on your trip to gas stations to get cash instead of relying only on cash back.

    Target is a large retail store company operating in the United States. Its up there with major stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer, Sams Club, CVS, etc.

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    What Could Walmart Credit Card Do Better

    The greatest drawback of the Walmart Credit Card is that the cards benefits mostly kick in when you make purchases at You wont earn elevated rewards when you shop in a physical Walmart. Instead, youll only earn 1% cash back when you shop in the store. There are many other credit cards that offer better rewards on purchases both in-store and online.

    Even if youre planning to use the card to build credit, there are some secured credit cards that offer similar or better rewards that you can use to build your credit history.

    Bottom Line: Are The Walmart Cards Worth It

    (REVIEW) Walmart Store Credit Card // Walmart Rewards MasterCard

    Walmart cards are not a bad option for those with lower credit and are looking for a way to improve, while getting some rewards at the same time. Those with higher credit have better options with more rewards and better terms.

    If you’re just looking for a credit card that’s easy to get, we advise going with a secured credit card instead. The interest rate on the Walmart cards is high enough that carrying a balance can REALLY hurt your finances.

    If you are determined to have a Walmart store card or Mastercard, be careful and make sure you understand the terms.

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