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What Is J 1 Visa In Usa

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What Is The J

How To Get a J-1 Visa in USA

The Exchange Visitor Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the U.S. Department of State that provides countless opportunities for international candidates looking to travel and gain experience in the United States.

The multifaceted J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, managed by the State Department, enables foreign nationals to come to the United States to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills or receive on the job training for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.

It was developed to expose individuals from around the world to the culture and institutions of the United States and to foster a better understanding between nations on a variety of issues through educational and cultural exchange programs.

There are 15 categories of the J-1 Visa, of which Cultural Vistas is a designated program sponsor for three: Intern, Teacher, and Trainee exchanges.

How Do You Get A J1 Visa

Step 1
First you must find a designated sponsor, approved by the US Department of State, and receive acceptance into their program. As mentioned above, there are many different programs that you could be a part of, all issuing a J1 visa and offering hands-on experiences that may be unavailable in your home country.
Step 2
Dont forget to submit additional DS-2019 forms for any dependents who may accompany you to the US.After youve been accepted into the program of your choice you must then submit a DS-2019 Form, also known as the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status. This form will include a short description of the exchange program that youve chosen , an estimated cost of your program and the category of exchange. Be sure to complete this two page form honestly, as it will help you get an interview with the US consulate and ultimately be granted your visa.
Step 3
The next step is to pay what is called a Sevis I-901 fee to the Department of Homeland Security as part of your application. Along with a few additional forms, you will also need to submit a valid passport and a colored photograph of yourself as part of your J1 visa application.
Step 4
As the final step of the J1 application process, you will most likely be required to interview at a local US embassy or consulate. Generally applicants 13 and younger, along with adults over 80, dont require an interview unless specifically requested by the consulate.

How Does The J

In order to work in the US, you will need a visa regardless of your situation. In the case of a J-1 visa, it is not your company that will have to sponsor you, but rather a J-1 sponsor organization. So, keep in mind that you cannot complete your visa application without a J-1 sponsor organization.

So, the four mandatory agents that you need for getting a J-1 visa are:

  • Yourself
  • The company that wants to hire you
  • Your J1 Sponsor
  • The US Government .

You will find all the sponsor organizations for the J-1 visa here. You can contact them to get a sponsorship agreement before even having a job offer . You just need to have an agreement from one sponsor organization.

However, these organizations will not be able to actually sponsor you for the J-1 visa until you get an offer. Once you find a company that offers you a trainee program, you can apply for a visa.

There is no quota, and your application can be sent any time throughout the year.

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Review And Sign Your Ds

The DS-2019 Form is not a visa application form or a J-1 Visa. Instead, it certifies your eligibility and allows you to apply for a J-1 Visa.

  • Read both sides and thoroughly check the information . Errors on this form could result in a visa denial. Please inform InterExchange Career Training USA immediately if you discover any errors.
  • Read the instructions on the back of the form and sign your name at the bottom of page 1 to accept the terms and conditions on page 2. Your signature is an explicit acceptance of the terms of the program.
  • Keep your DS-2019 Form in good condition throughout the entire visa process and your stay in the U.S.

Set Up An Interview With The Embassy/ Consulate

Important Immigration Documents · Camp USA · InterExchange

After you fill in the application form, you must schedule an appointment with your local embassy or consulate, to attend your visa interview you can find the nearest visa office here. The waiting time to set a date for the interview varies depending on many factors such as the influx of applicants, the staff at hand, the season, and the location.

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Events That Require You To Update Your Ds

Many kinds of updates must be reported to the Department of Homeland Security through SEVIS and must be changed on your DS-2019. Notify ISS of the following changes and request an updated DS-2019. Keep every DS-2019 for your permanent record, even after you graduate. Do not discard the old ones, even from previous schools. ISS files are archived and destroyed after several years, so it is your responsibility to keep your DS-2019s in case you need them to apply for future immigration benefits.

The Ultimate Guide To The J

This guide contains an overview of everything you need to know as a J-1 visa holder from eligibility to requirements, costs, employment authorization and more.

We and all of our authors strive to provide you with high-quality content. However, the written content on this website solely represents the views of the authors, unless otherwise specifically cited, but doesnât represent professional financial or legal advice. As we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the published articles or sources referenced, please use the information at your own discretion.

Each year thousands of people travel to the U.S. on J-1 visas to partake in research, training, study as well as intercultural activities as camp counselors, au pairs, and more. During their stay, J-1 visa holders must navigate requirements from taxes to insurance, and more. Many individuals in the U.S. on J-1 visa, however, are subject to the two-year home residency requirement in order to adjust to permanent resident status or change to a non-immigrant status .

This guide contains an overview of everything you need to know as a J-1 visa holder from eligibility to requirements, costs, employment authorization and more.

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What Is The Exchange Visitor Program

The Exchange Visitor Program is designed to offer participants the opportunity to engage with the American culture, enhance their English language abilities and learn new valuable skills.

There are fifteen different categories of exchange programs available for J1 Visa applicants, which include thousands of profit, non-profit and local government entities who are involved in this project. However, the majority of these programs are funded privately.

J1 Exchange Program participants can study, teach, do research and receive on-the-job training in the U.S. for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.

Locate A Designated Sponsoring Organization

applying J1 VISA for USA (what you should know, step by step guide)

A J-1 program organization is any private or public entity approved by the DOS to act as an exchange program sponsor. There are many of them offering different categories of programs, so you will need to choose the one that relates to your intended program. The addresses and official locations of all the approved J-1 program sponsor organizations are listed here.

Every J-1 applicant must find an organization to accept them into their program. The sponsors usually screen their applicants before admitting them. You can send an application to the organization requesting for a chance to participate.

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Submit Your Application To The Embassy

After completing the Form DS-2019, you submit it, together with other supporting documents, to the U.S. Department of State at an embassy or consulate.

Your application must consist out of at least:

  • DS-2019 Form,
  • DS-7002 Form ,
  • Form DS-160 ,
  • A valid passport for travel in the U.S. This passport must be valid for 6 months after the period in which you intend to stay in the U.S. ends, and
  • One 2 x 2 photograph.

Your embassy or consulate may require additional documents, so it is preferable to contact them directly to make sure.

Who Is Suitable For A J1 Visa

Foreign nationals can reside temporarily in the U.S. to teach, study, receive training or even provide childcare.

The J1 visa is open to those who are enrolled in one of the several international educational institutions.

The J-1 Student Visa is designed in particular for those who need access to educational services that are not available in their home country.

If, however, you wish to seek practical or medical training, applying for an H3 training Visa may be the most appropriate immigration path for you.

Get in touch with our immigration lawyers to find out more about the Exchange Visitor Program. Contact Us

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What Does The J1 Visa Allow A Person To Do

Under the J1 Visa, a person can legally enter the US for a limited period of time, work for 4 months during the summer vacations. The time of stay is limited by the duration of the exchange program the students belong to. After the program finishes, international exchange students have a 30-day grace period during which they can’t work and are only allowed to make arrangements for their departure. If this is a multiple entry visa, it enables a person to leave and re-enter the US during their time in the States.

Should I Hire And Immigration Lawyer

Extending Your J

During your interview, it is crucial to provide adequate documentation about your program. Your primary concern must be to demonstrate that you have enough funds to cover your stay. Besides, you must be prepared to show your indissoluble ties with your home country.

At IAS, we can help you prepare the perfect portfolio to support your application. It is essential to know what you need to do before and during your interview. Your IAS immigration lawyer can offer you the best guidance to maximize your chances to get your J-1 Visa.

Our service includes:

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What Is J 1 Visa Applying For A J

Are you an American citizen who is interested in how to apply for J-1 Visa from Europe? Do you want to have access to paid internships and other opportunities in various fields of study? This Internship guide will provide you with all the information you need.

If you are a high school student, you can get a special type of work permit. Its known as an F-1 Student visa. To get approved for this type of visa, you will first have to obtain a job offer. It can be obtained from a specific employer in the country where you intend to study. This is often referred to as a specialty occupation or specialized work.. You should contact your student association at your college. There you can find out if they have any employers looking for high school students. This is one of the fastest ways to start working while you are still in school.

If you are interested in this program, you will need to fill out an application for admission. The US will let you study in any of their countries that accept US visas for tourists. This includes students from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and others.

Who Is Eligible For A J1 Visa Visitor Exchange Program

Each exchange program category has its own eligibility criteria. One basic requirement which applies to all categories is that the exchange visitor must be proficient in the English language. There are also some benchmark insurance requirements, such as program participants having medical insurance which provide for the minimum benefit levels as required by the program regulations.

Full details on each category and its eligibility requirements can be found here.

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Mandatory Home Residence Requirement

Many persons in the United States on J-1 visa are subject to the two-year home residency requirement found in Section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Under the Section 212, before a person on a J-1 visa with the two-year home residency requirement can change to nonimmigrant status , or adjust to U.S. permanent resident status, the J-1 person must either return to the country of last residence for two years or obtain a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement.

Upon their departure from the United States, many J-1 visa holders are required to complete a mandatory two-year home-country physical presence prior to re-entry into the United States under dual intent visas, such as H-1B. This applies for those whose exchange program was funded by either their government or the U.S. government, involves specialized knowledge or skills deemed necessary by their home country or if they received graduate medical training. The two-year stay can be served in several intervals. This mandatory two-year home-country stay can be waived under the following conditions:

In Which Case Does The Rule Apply

J1 VISA: Au Pair Program USA Explained || J-1 Visa Consulting

If you are not yet on a J-1 visa, you will be subject to this rule if:

  • your exchange visitor program is funded by a government agency
  • your country and your field of activity are in the list concerned by this rule

If your program is funded by a government agency, you will be subject to the 2-year rule.

If your country is not listed here, and you do not have your program funded by a government agency, you will not be subject to the 2-year rule.

If your country is listed, check here to see if your field is listed depending on your country. If your field is listed, then you will be subject to this rule. If this is not the case, and you also do not get your program funded by a government agency, you will not be subject to this rule.

For more information, you will find instructions for this here.

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Summer Work Travel Program

Under this program, post-secondary students are allowed to travel to the US to work and travel over the summer.

In order to be eligible for this type of program, participants must have sufficient English skills to interact in anEnglish-speaking environment they must be post-secondary students who are enrolled in a full-time course of studyat a post-secondary educational institution outside the US they must have completed at least one semester ofpost-secondary study and they must have a job offer in the US, unless the participant is from a visa waivercountry.

The length of this program may not exceed 4 months, and must be completed during the participants summer vacation.Participants in this program mostly work in positions at resorts, hotels, restaurant, and amusement parks, but mayalso work for organizations such as architectural firms, legal offices, scientific research organizations,advertising agencies, graphic art/publishing and other media communication businesses, computer software andelectronics firms. Participants who do not have prearranged employment must have sufficient financial resources tosupport themselves during a search for employment.

Why Seeking Professional Help For A J

When it comes to the process for a J-1 visa application, U.S. Immigration has set up many hoops through which to jump. Every detail of the application needs to be fulfilled properly, and one mistake or missing piece of information can result in a failed attempt. This is where immigration lawyers make a huge difference. We are experts in what needs to be done to convince immigration officers of your qualifications.

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Can I Change My Exchange Program

You can change your program provided that you remain in the same category. You must also have a new sponsor who will send a request for transfer to the Department of State and pay a fee of $367. Your old officer must release you from your previous program to be eligible for transfer.

If the transfer is approved, you will get a new DS-2019 form showcasing the change.

Au Pair In America Has Been Designated By The Us Government As An Exchange Visitor Program Enabling Participants To Use The J


The J-1 visa permits Au Pair in America participants to reside legally in the United States for 12 months while caring for children in a program-approved host family. Au pairs and companions in good standing may apply for an extension of stay to continue participation in the program for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months.

J-1 visa conditions state that the au pair or companion must meet her responsibilities to the host family, not accept paid employment beyond the hours and duties specified by the program, and return home at the end of her program participation. Providing child care assistance for an American family beyond the 12-month or extended duration of stay is illegal.

Au pairs or companions who have successfully completed the program in the past, have resided outside of the U.S. for at least two years and are between 18 and 26 and a half, may return on the Au Pair in America program for a second time on a J-1 visa.

Participants who leave the program early and remain in the United States are in breach of visa regulations. If this happens, Au Pair in America notifies the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and The Department of State.

The DHS allows J-1 visa holders to take an additional month at the conclusion of the exchange to travel in the United States. During that time, participants are free to travel within the United States independently of the program. They are not permitted to provide child care during their travel month in the United States.

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