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What Is Credit Card Churning

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Years ago, it used to be possible to get a new credit card of the same type as often as once every month or two. For some cards, you could actually get approved for multiples of the same card on the same day, opening three or more accounts at once. Those days have passed. In most cases, banks have now put rules in place to prevent people from doing this.

Here are a few examples of these rules:

  • American Express Lifetime Limitation: On a majority of its credit card applications, Amex has added language that states that an applicant will not be approved to earn a welcome bonus more than once in their lifetime for a particular card type.
  • Chase Sapphire 48 Month Rule: Chase has a rule on the applications for its Sapphire family of cards that says an applicant cant earn a welcome bonus on any of the Sapphire cards until 48 months has passed from the last bonus earned on a Sapphire card.
  • Citi 24 Month Rule: Many of the cards Citi offers now have a rule in the application that states that you cant get a new card if you have opened or closed a credit card in the same family of cards within the last 24 months.

Average Age Of Credit Cards

The other 45 percent of a credit score is made up of payment history, types of credit accounts that are open, and new credit. As long as accounts are paid on time and debt is not accumulated, credit card churning should not affect these factors much. Always thoroughly research and/or check with a financial advisor before deciding to pursue credit card churning.

What Are The Limits Of Credit Card Churning

Typically, churning credit cards is an enticing, if not controversial, way to earn signup bonuses from various credit cards. In case you have the information and techniques on how to succeed in churning, you can use the strategy to increase rewards with relatively little effort. If, nonetheless, you do not have the experience or spending habit of churning responsibly, signing up for several credit cards can harm your credit and put you in debt. Another option for these cardholders is to open one or two credit cards when their signup bonus is high and then sticking to them over the long term.

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Your Credit Score Is Not High Enough

In most cases, issuers offering credit cards with the best bonuses only approve applicants with excellent credit score.

If your credit score is not high enough to qualify for the good rewards credit cards, you may want to spending time improving your credit report before attempting to churn credit cards.

Avoiding things such as debt collections and late payments can improve your credit report.

Pay Your Balance In Full Every Month

What Is Credit Card Churning?

Paying the balance of the account in full within the grace period allows you to avoid paying interest charges on your balance.8 If you cannot afford to pay off your full balance at the end of each month, reassess your credit card bill interest charges may outweigh the benefits of the bonuses you earn.

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Skipping The Fine Print

Financial institutions are well aware of credit card churning in Canada, and many have included specific clauses in their cardholder agreements to try to prevent churning. A cards fine print will typically indicate that although an applicant might be approved for a card multiple times, they can only get a cards sign-up bonus once per lifetime. Carefully scrutinize a cardholder agreements phrasing before you apply, lest you reapply for a card youve already held only to find out that youre not actually eligible for its shiny new bonus.

If youve previously received a cards bonus, you can take a chance and apply again in the hope that the card issuers system wont flag you as a prior cardholder, but the low likelihood of you sneaking through might not be worth the hit your credit score will take from the application.

Other Dangers Of Credit Card Churning

Before you reach for that shiny new credit card application, here are some of the drawbacks to consider.

You risk overspending: When you open a credit card account with a lucrative sign-up deal, youll be required to make a minimum spend on the cardsometimes thousands of dollars in a matter of months. If you dont need to spend this amount, youre overspending, which defeats the purpose of churning for free perks.

You cant keep up with your payments: If youre not able to make your payments on time, you could end up losing a lot of money in interest. Even worse, your account could be sent to a collections agency. Both are tough on your finances and could impact your credit score.

You pay more in annual fees than you gain in rewards: All credit card companies need to make money and they often do this by charging annual fees. Once you do the math on fees and interest, you may realize that youre spending more than what youre gaining in rewards.

You may be blacklisted: If youre suspected of credit card churning, a credit card company may blacklist you and close your accounts.

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How Does Credit Card Churning In Canada Work

While people who have successfully churned credit cards to earn more points usually have their own tips and tricks on what works, they typically follow a version of the steps below:

  • Compare credit card offers. Usually, you would start by looking at the current rewards points and travel rewards offers on the market. This helps you find bonus point offers that suit your rewards goals. As well as the bonus point spending requirements, most people who churn credit cards also look for offers that include no annual fee or an annual fee that is waived in the first year.
  • Apply for the card. Once youve chosen one or more cards, carefully read through the eligibility requirements. It can also be a good idea to look at your credit score before you apply, as the more competitive offers tend to require higher scores. After that, you can usually apply online in around 10-15 minutes and if youre approved, you should receive your card within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Set calendar reminders. Credit card churning requires precise timing to get the bonus points and avoid extra costs. Most people using this strategy recommend that you set 3 different calendar reminders: one for the minimum spending deadline, one for your repayment due date/s and one for your cards anniversary .
  • Is There A Better Strategy Than Churning


    If youre unsureabout opening many credit cards, there is a good compromise available betweenchurning credit cards and avoiding opening new accounts. The credit cardindustry is intensely competitive, and each card issuer is constantlyscrambling to offer new cards with ever-increasing new account bonuses. As aresult, it isnt necessary to purposely and repeatedly apply for many of thesame cards, just to earn multiple new account bonuses.

    Instead, you maydecide to patiently look for the most generous new account bonuses to appear onthe cards that you like the most. You can also apply for cards that appeal toyou in other ways, such as having valuable benefits or offering compellingbonus rewards for spending. Another option is to apply for small businesscredit cards and apply for new cards with your spouse or domestic partner todouble the rewards you have available in your household.

    Once youve earned acards account bonus, you can then give it an honest tryout, just like the cardissuer intended. When you find that a card delivers solid value, its a goodidea to keep it for the long term. In fact, you might find that cards that youoriginally applied for primarily for the new account bonus turn out to be onesthat you eventually use regularly.

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    How Banks Put Up Guardrails Against Churning

    Lenders want new customers, but they also want long-lasting banking relationships with these customers. Many put safeguards in place to discourage churners. On most of its cards, American Express offers a welcome bonus once per person, per lifetime. Meaning, you wont get the bonus again if you close a card and reapply at a later time.

    Bank of America follows the 2/3/4 rule which specifies only two credit cards every two months, three credit cards per 12 months, and four credit cards every 24 months. Many Bank of America cards also dont offer a bonus if youve already received one in the previous 24 months. Meanwhile, most Citibank cards have a 48 month grace period. This implies that if you apply for a card today and later cancel it, you wont be able to reapply and receive the bonus until 48 months have passed since your first application.

    Heres What I Made In 2 Years Of Credit Card Churning:

    • 150,000 miles on American Airlines for FREE. We plan to use these miles during our Family Gap Year to South America for FREE flights. This is supposedly a cash value of $2,250, but I think I can get FREE flights potentially worth much more than that.
    • $3,800 in straight-up FREE cash-money cha-ching. Thats just the promos themselves, not including additional cash-back I made from spending. That is a cash value of, I repeat, $3,800. For FREE.
    • 50,000 FREE points at Starwood Hotels. This is an equivalent cash value of about $250, but can be used for 3-4 nights at a very nice hotel, perhaps in Cusco, Peru.
    • 60,000 FREE points at IHG . This has an equivalent cash value of about $300, but can be used for a few FREE nights of FREE rest and relaxation at a mid-class hotel, perhaps in Argentina or near the beach in Uruguay.

    Add it all up, I have made $6,600 in two years just by churning credit cards. Not bad for just a few minutes of work per month. In fact, those have to be some of the most lucrative minutes anywhere.

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    What Is Churning Credit Cards

    The purpose of credit card churning is not to use a credit card, but its the practice of repeatedly opening and closing credit cards to earn rewards and other benefits. Typically, when you sign up for a new credit card, you can be rewarded with various incentives, such as hotel stays, cashback, sign-up bonuses, and even trips, which come with a regular fee.

    The term churning implies the process of opening a credit card, reaping the credit card benefits by spending the minimum amount, and then not using it again. The process is then repeated with another credit card at another bank.

    NOTE: Many have found themselves in . It becomes challenging to fix your credit in such situations.

    Pros Andcons Of Credit Card Churning

    The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Churning

    Here are some of theadvantages of churning credit cards:

    • The ability to earn large amounts of , miles, or cash back.
    • Receiving perks and benefits included with travel rewards credit cards.

    Here are some of thedrawbacks of credit card churning:

    • Requires time, effort, patience,and organizational skills.
    • Can result in a small, temporarydrop in your credit score.
    • Can severely hurt your credit ifcards are not managed responsibly.
    • You shouldnt apply for a mortgagewhile you are actively churning.
    • Heavy churning may not besustainable as card issuers impose new restrictions.

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    It Requires Discipline The Bank Is Betting You Wont Have

    Most personal finance experts caution against opening cards just for the bonus rewards, whether youre churning or not particularly if you have to spend more than you normally would in order to earn them.

    Many of these introductory offers require significant minimum spends over the first three to six months, which can be hard to pay down if you accidentally bite off a little more than you can chew, said John Li, co-founder and CTO of Fig Loans. Once you start incurring interest on your purchases and carrying a balance, the rewards will no longer be worth it.

    Card companies might just be turning a blind eye to churning because they expect average cardholders to get in their own way and mess it up like they do when they carry a balance or fail to keep up with rotating bonus categories.

    Most card issuers dont crack down on it because the majority of people who try arent managing their cards, credit, and spending well enough to take full advantage, said Carter Seuthe, CEO of . Credit card churn is a valid strategy if you know what youre doing,

    But even if you can pull it off, the juice might not be worth the squeeze.

    To keep your credit score consistent, you need to keep old accounts open with a low balance and not continually change cards, said Jake Hill, CEO of DebtHammer. It hardly seems worth the time and effort to juggle new cards for the introductory bonus.

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    Look For No Annual Fee Cards

    I personally like churning no annual fee cards because Im not a heavy spender. $500 is easy for me to spend organically in three months and I dont have to go out of my way to make big purchases to get the signing bonus. Churning no annual fee credit cards will allow you to optimize your rewards without worrying about paying fees. The downside to churning no annual fee cards is that youll have to apply for more cards, resulting in more inquiries in your report in the short term.

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    Is Credit Card Churning Bad For Your Credit Score

    As previously mentioned, every time you apply for a credit card, the issuer makes a hard inquiry into your credit report. A single hard inquiry will only reduce your score by five to ten points.

    However, multiple hard inquiries incurred in a short period of time may have a more significant negative impact. Opening new accounts can also lower your average credit age.

    With that being said, if you keep your credit card balances low and make your monthly payments on time, you can certainly keep your score from tanking.

    Meet The Spending Requirements

    What Is Credit Card Churning | Should You Churn Credit Cards in 2021?

    Most credit cards require the cardholder to charge a certain amount of purchases to the card within the first few months of cardmembership in order to qualify for the bonus. Set yourself up for success by assigning as much of your regular bills to a new card as possible, particularly larger payment sums, like insurance and utilities. You can also buy prepaid cards and gift cards for places where you shop regularly, but check with the card issuer to make sure these purchases are eligible for the spending minimum.

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    What About Fees Interest Penalties

    Most cards with awesome promos charge an annual fee, but they usually waive the fee for the first year. Sign up, do your spending in the first 3 months, get your promo, close it, and move on. Do this, and youll never pay a penny of fees, interest, penalties, so long as you pay off your cards in full each month.

    Heres precisely how much Ive paid for fees, interest, and penalties while Ive been churning:

    The Banks Are Wise To People Gaming The System

    Be careful the pursuit of easy points could land you on a list that might make it hard to ever get another card from an issuer you run afoul of.

    Some credit card providers that are connected with major banks may even blacklist you, as you were not able to fully return their investment in you, said Scott Hasting, CFA and co-founder of BetWorthy.

    Its not just bluster.

    On Oct. 13, Forbes reported that American Express was disappearing entire accounts of even longtime cardholders who the company felt had misused special welcome offers, closing all of their cards and taking away all of their points. Amexs aptly named RAT division blacklisted customers who collected welcome bonuses on the same card more than once, who opened the same card twice, who bought large amounts of Visa or Amex gift cards to manufacture spending, or who referred themselves for cards to get refer-a-friend bonuses.

    Credit companies are aware of credit card churning and several have put in place measures to stop or reduce the practice, said Kamyar Shah. For example, Chase has instituted a 5/24 rule. If a potential applicant has opened five or more cards within 24 months then they are denied the chance to open an account.

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    Ask Amy: A Churning Question About Credit Cards

    Dear Amy: For the last five years, my husband has been churning credit cards . He opens cards in both his name and mine.

    This is legal, as far as I know.

    He’s very organized, and we’ve never accumulated interest or fees.

    I’ve recently started to feel uneasy about this and want him to stop doing this using my name.

    When he started doing this, I was young and thought he knew best, so I didn’t question him.

    I’m worried that he will get annoyed with me for suddenly not feeling good about this. I’m worried that he will be upset for my sudden interest in financial matters and the fact that he will lose out on half of the bonus money he receives from opening these accounts.

    Churning Concerns

    Churning Concerns: Credit card churning is the practice of opening a new card that offers a bonus

    Churners open the card, spend the $500 on expenses they would have paid, anyway, collect the bonus in the form of cash back or reward points, and then stop using the card once the bonus has been received and spent.

    This is not illegal, although it is frowned upon and can negatively affect your credit score if you miss a payment or hold too many cards.

    Given that these bonuses are issued by credit card companies that are aggressively marketing their products for people to use their cards , it seems logical that savvy consumers will find a way to take all of that predatory energy and direct it right back at the company. Your husband is one of those savvy consumers.


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