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What Is An Amex Black Card

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American Express Centurion Card

How To Get The Black Card WITHOUT The Black Card (Amex Centurion Card)

The American Express Centurion Card is the most exclusive credit card in the world and commonly known as the Amex Black Card. Launched in 1999, American Express has kept it in a shroud of uncertainty, giving it a very high level of status in the minds of consumers.The Centurion card is so exclusive that American Express wont release the cards full details or say how one can become a cardholder. According to reporting by Credit Karma, you need to spend at least several hundred thousand dollars a year on an American Express card and have an income of at least $1 million annually. Condé Nast Traveler reports that you also have to have specific spending habits, with Amex prioritizing those whose purchases tend toward luxury goods, dining, events, and travel.

Initially, you had to be invited by American Express to get the card. More recently, however, you are allowed to apply if you are already an American Express cardholder. If you are approved, you will need to pay an initial fee of $10,000 and an annual fee of $5,000. The annual percentage rate for cash advances is the prime rate plus 21.99% and capped at 29.99%. There is also a pay-over-time feature that allows you to carry a balance and pay interest on it.

Why You Might Want A Different Card

If “getting your money’s worth” from a card means that every dollar you spend has to make its way back to your pocket in the form of spending rewards, credits or discounts, you’ll probably find plenty of reasons to pass on The Platinum Card® from American Express. The most obvious potential deal-breakers for some are:

What Is A Black Card

The credit card most associated with the phrase “black card” is the Centurion® Card from American Express, or the “Amex Black Card.” It was released in 1999 and created such a buzz that other card issuers wanted to create their own deluxe credit cards to reward their highest-spending customers.

Enter the age of the black card. Now there are many alternatives to the Amex Centurion for consumers of all income levels and credit histories. Many premiere rewards cards have borrowed the black color for their best credit card products, and card issuers have found ways to make their most popular travel rewards cards feel upscale.

The Amex Black Card helped launch the metal card trend, and these days many consumers have at least one metal card in their wallets. But a true black card is invitation-only and was designed for only the most top-tier spenders.

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Sorry Black Cards Are Invitation Only

Like most elite experiences, the card is invite-only at the moment, with no indication that this will change anytime soon. Loyal American Express® cardholders are likely the most commonly invited, a list that includes both long-time business and personal charge card customers.

You can now request an invitation to apply.

Since there is no way to officially apply without an invite, your best bet is to check the requirements for members to see if your spending habits and qualifications match up. Most people realize that its not about knowing how to get a Black Card, but rather managing the very strict thresholds for eligibility.

If youre the type of spend hundreds of thousands a year on a credit card, you can request consideration for an invitation directly from Amex.

This card offers unique perks for members, including access to airline lounges and VIP treatments at spas and hotels.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of The Amex Centurion Card

The Centurion

The American Express Centurion Card has become a status symbol for the elite. Informally called the “Amex black card”, this card has held a high position among ultra-premium cards since its launch.

While American Express does not offer public details of this invitation-only card, some of the rumoured benefits you could look forward to include:

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American Express Blue Card

The old AMEX green card was the basic one, but now it’s a blue card. The annual fee for the AMEX Preferred blue card is $95 after the first year. As of August 2021, American Express offers a $350 welcome bonus for the Preferred card and $250 for the AMEX Everyday blue card. While the blue card is reportedly the easiest AMEX credit card to obtain, you need a credit score of 670 or higher.

Visa Infinite Black Card

Posted on March 6, 2009. Tags: Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Visa Infinite

Last year Visa launched the RBC Royal Bank in Canada in 2008 by Invitation only. This card was launched prior to the other ultra exclusive Canadian Black Card, American Express Centurion Card launched in December 2008.

The RBC Royal Bank Visa Infinite Black Card is:

*Invitation only*1 Million CAD in Liquid Assets, Net Worth of 3 Million CAD or > .* 250,000 or more Annual Income.* Annual Fees $399 per year for Private Banking clients, $599 for non-Private Banking clients.* RBC Rewards redemption rate of 2% instead of 1% for all travel rewards, all flight classes * Visa Infinite Concierge Service * Complimentary Priority Pass membership * Complimentary TabletPlus membership * Complimentary access to Zagat® restaurant ratings and reviews* Dedicated customer support number for Visa Infinite clients only.* Extensive travel insurance coverage and emergency assistance* Minimum $20,000 credit limit

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How Do I Get A Black Card

If you want to know how to get approved for an Amex Centurion card, get in line. American Express has never publicly disclosed the minimum combination of net worth and spending habits required to score an invite to its black card club, only that ownership of a is a precursor. Anecdotal reports say that only the biggest spenders who routinely spend upwards of $250,000 or more a year, along with other wealth criteria unconfirmed by Amex will be invited to apply.

If you think your bank account and Platinum Amex spending fit the bill, you can go to the Amex Centurion website and at the bottom of the page, click on where it says Interested in Centurion® Membership? Click Here. That takes you to a page where you fill out your first name, last name, last four digits of your Platinum Amex as well as the four-digit security card on the card. The page makes it clear that filling out your request in no way obligates Amex to invite you to apply for your own black card.

Jp Morgan Reserve Card

How to Get the AMEX BLACK CARD – One Man’s Story

The J.P. Morgan Reserve Card comes with a $595 annual fee. You have to be a private banking client of J.P. Morgan in order to qualify, and its generally believed, though unconfirmed, that you need to have $10 million worth of assets managed by J.P. Morgan. This card is strictly by invitation only.

The J.P. Morgan Palladium Card reportedly comes with United Club access and a Priority Pass Select airport lounge membership. You also receive 3X points on travel after your annual $300 credit, 3X points on dining, and 1X points on all other purchases, as well as a fee credit for Global Entry. Some reports also mention an annual haul of bonus rewards when you meet a minimum spending requirement each year.

Also, Chase recently introduced some newer benefits for the J.P. Morgan Reserve Card. For example, cardholders now earn 5X points on flights and 10X points on hotels and car rentals booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Further, cardholders also earn 10X points on dining options through Chase Dining.

The information about the Centurion Card from American Express and the J.P. Morgan Reserve Card has been collected independently by The card details have not been reviewed or approved by the card issuer.

Dont see the card for you? Our CardMatch feature can help you find a card that best fits your needs.

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Automatic Car Rental Elite Status

When you rent a car with your Centurion card, youll get:

  • Primary car rental insurance .
  • Roadside assistance, including free towing and jumpstarting.
  • Elite status with car rental companies like Hertz and Avis.

Through the Centurion Auto program, youll have access to a luxury car rental service, with preferred pricing on exotic high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis, Bentleys and even Formula One racing cars.

How Can You Get The Card

The Black Card may seem like a black box.

American Express doesnt publicize its requirements or standards for extending invitations to members. So the exact requirements to qualify for the Centurion® Card from American Express are a closely guarded secret.

But rumor has it cardholders need to

  • Spend several hundred thousand dollars annually on another American Express credit card
  • Earn an income of at least $1 million each year

Because of these rumored steep qualification requirements, even serious spenders might not be invited to apply for the card. American Express offers current cardholders the option to request consideration for the card but that comes with no guarantee of a formal approval process.

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The Amex Platinum Offers Many Of The Same Perks

If you don’t get an invite for the American Express black card, don’t fret. As you can see, many of the benefits it offers are available on the Amex Platinum, which has a $695 fee. You’ll get no preset spending limits, hotel elite status, complimentary access to airport lounges, and concierge services. Keep in mind, no preset spending limit means your spending limit is flexible. Unlike a traditional card with a set limit, the amount you can spend adapts based on factors such as your purchase, payment, and credit history.

Here’s What You Should Know About The American Express Platinum Card Benefit:

Is The Amex Business Centurion (Black) Card Worth it?

What you get: Up to $200 in Uber Cash for rides or eats orders up to $15 in credits per month, plus a $20 bonus in December . You’ll also become an Uber VIP and be matched with top-rated drivers, where available.

How to get it: Add the American Express Platinum card as a payment method to your Uber account. You must add your card through the Uber App . The American Express Platinum card Uber Cash benefit posts to the app by 5 p.m. HST, on the first day of each month. If you do not see it there, simply call the number on the back of your card.

How to use it: In order to use the American Express Platinum card Uber benefit, the Uber Cash function at the top of the app must be enabled. This will allow you to apply credits to the cost of the ride when booking. To check how many Uber credits you have left for the month, tap the Uber Cash Balance menu icon in top left corner of the app. If there aren’t enough Uber credits to cover the cost of the ride, Uber will charge the difference to the American Express Platinum card linked to your account. Cardholders can use the Uber app to apply credits to the cost of rides anywhere in the U.S., but only primary accountholders are eligible for this free benefit not authorized users.

Expiry: The American Express Platinum card Uber Cash benefit expires at 11:59 p.m. HST, on the last day of each month. Unused credit balance does not carry over to the following month.

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Best Luxury Credit Cards

No, the Visa Black Card doesn’t exist anymore. The offer changed card networks and rebranded from Visa to Mastercard back in 2016. Only the rebranded version of the card now the Mastercard® Black Card is available to new applicants. It’s offered through a partnership between Barclays and the so-called Luxury Card brand same as the Visa Black Card. The Mastercard® Black Card also offers many of the same features as the Visa Black Card. For example, the Mastercard® Black Card has the same annual fee as the old Visa: $495 . And it’s the mid-priced option in a 3-card lineup, which now includes the Mastercard® Gold Card and the Mastercard® Titanium Card.

The Visa Black Card was touted as a luxury status symbol-type credit card, and so is the newer Mastercard® Black Card – though neither is the invitation-only Centurion® Card from American Express, also known as the black card. You won’t need an invitation to apply for the Mastercard® Black Card. All you need is good credit, and you can apply through the Luxury Card website.

The new Mastercard® Black Card offers a few more perks than the Visa version did. They include a $100 annual airline credit, a $100 Global Entry credit once every 5 years, and a carbon/stainless steel card. It also added promotional APR period of 0% for 15 months on balance transfers. And the new card has more valuable points 50,000 points will get you a $750 plane ticket, for example.

Here’s How To Get Your American Express Platinum Card Priority Pass Benefit:

  • Log into your Amex account with your username and password.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to enroll.
  • Wait for your card to arrive. It should take 10-14 business days.
  • If you don’t want to enroll online, you can do it by phone at . Once you receive your membership card in the mail, just show it at the entrance to any Priority Pass lounge and you’ll be admitted. You can bring in guests, too, although individual lounges can limit the number of people you’re allowed. Once inside, you’ll get to enjoy amenities like free food and beverages, Wifi, comfortable seating, and more.

    The American Express Black Card’s requirements are rumored to include being an Amex cardholder for at least a year, spending over $100,000 annually on American Express credit cards, and annual income of at least $1 million. You’ll probably need to have an excellent credit score, too. To be clear, these things only get you an invitation to apply for the card. So that’s just the bare minimum needed. There is a steep “initiation fee” of $10,000 and an annual fee of $5000.

    Amex doesn’t publicize many details about its Black Card , so it’s hard to say exactly what the approval requirements are. But recently, Amex added an invitation request form to the website, so if you want to get on Amex’s Black Card radar, fill out the form here.

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    Is The Amex Centurion Card Worth The Annual Fee

    With most premium credit cards, its easy to justify paying a hefty annual fee, if only to earn a generous welcome bonus during your first year with the card. With the Amex Centurion Card, youll be spending $15,000 just for the privilege of opening your account, so you need to make sure this card is right for you.

    With average annual spending in the mid-six-figures, Centurion cardholders are likely to be individuals who frequently travel and dine out and will have an easier time maximizing the many different benefits of the Centurion Card. At the same time, when youre spending this much money, you might not be concerned with recouping every single dollar in the form of waived airline change fees, but rather all the soft perks of the Centurion card that make your life easier.

    If youre someone who travels regularly and puts value in the perks that this card offers, then its easier to justify the high price tag on having the card. For example, if you like Kelly use the concierge services to save upwards of $20,000 a year, then a $5,000 price tag is worth it.

    But especially now that some of the benefits of the card are less valuable during the pandemic, its important to decide just how valuable this card is in your wallet both short and long-term.

    Fine Hotels And Resorts

    How To Get The American Express Centurion Credit Card | Amex Black Card

    Like Platinum members, Centurion members get full access to the Fine Hotels and Resorts benefit, but in many hotels, they get a little extra on top. In Aman, Belmond, Mandarin Oriental, St Regis and Peninsula hotels, Centurion members get additional benefits of an upgrade at booking time , and they get an extra resort benefit that is worth between $100-$200 above the regular FHR benefit of $100.

    If you stay at enough hotels through the year, just these extra $100-$200 benefits can pay for the card.

    Throughout the year, American Express also sends out what they call WOW Offers. Often a fully free night at a nice hotel no need to book other nights to get the free one. Usually the list of hotels is short, and often the benefit is for only a single night at that hotel during the offer. If the hotel is in Fine Hotels and Resorts, youll get those benefits too. A free room and free breakfast.

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    Here Are Some Notable Black Credit Cards:

    • Mastercard® Black Card: The annual fee is $495. You get 1 point per $1 on all purchases. You can redeem points for airfare at a value of 2 cents per point, and for cash back at 1.5 cents per point. You’ll also get a $100 annual travel credit, 24/7 concierge to assist you with travel needs, and a $100 credit to cover the cost of applying for Global Entry. You need good credit or better.

    The best luxury credit card is Chase Sapphire Reserve® because it has an initial bonus worth up to $750 in travel, gives a $300 annual travel credit, and provides a complimentary airport lounge membership. But luxury comes at a cost, and Chase Sapphire Reserve charges a $550 annual fee.

    The most popular luxury card on the market is The Platinum Card® from American Express. It offers free membership to 7 major airport lounge networks, a $200 annual credit for fees on a pre-selected airline, and a $100 annual statement credit for Saks Fifth Avenue purchases, when enrolled. Plus, there’s a 100,000 points initial bonus for spending $6,000 in the first 6 months and 5 points per $1 spent on flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel, and prepaid hotels booked through Amex. The annual fee is $695.

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