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What Does Credit Card Stripe Mean

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What Other Payment Types Does Stripe Support

Save credit card for multiple charges with Stripe PHP

Out of convenience, we’ve been speaking primarily in terms of debit cards and credit card transactions. But Stripe can accept various payment options, including modern, contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Additionally, customers can rely on their digital wallets to make their purchases. The tool can also allow customers to pay by bank transfer, sending money between bank accounts using Stripe’s simple interface.

Know The Most Common Reasons For Declines

Just to sum up, the most common card decline codes are related to the following issues:

There could be reasons that the bank is intentionally vague about and, in most cases, you can do nothing about. However, theres also a term like false declines and this one can be avoided with the right tools. Ill mention it further in the next blog post, so stay tuned!

Other Card Numbers: The Cvv And The Expiration Date

The Card Verification Value is a series of three or four digits usually found on the back of the credit card. It represents another validation process and thus adds a level of protection. Some credit card issuers call it the Card Verification Code . Its purpose is the same regardless of its name.

An expiration date is assigned to the card by the issuing bank and can also help with security by requiring yet another verification step. A card number may have been stolen, but without the expiration date, that number becomes nearly worthless.

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Front Of A Debit/credit Card

1. Bank branding:;This section identifies your card issuer. Cards typically show your lenders name, but they may display a logo for a specific program instead. For example, some cards are branded with rewards programs or retailer names.

2. Card number:;The card number is one of the most important parts of your card. It identifies your account with the card issuer, and those are the digits you need to provide when;making purchases online;or by phone. It’s typically 16 digits, though some manufacturers use as little as 14 or as many as 19.

Keep your card number private. Be careful where you write it down, and limit who you give the number towhether you type in the number or give your card to somebody, even for a moment. When thieves steal card numbers, they can use that information to make purchases in your account. You might not have to pay for those purchases, but;cleaning up the mess can be inconvenient.

To shop online, you usually need more than just a card number. You also need the cards expiration date, security code, and zip code on file with your card issuer. The security code is typically a three-digit number on the back of the card, but this varies by issuer. Most systems also ask for the cardholders name.

If youre using a;debit card thats linked to your checking account, your card number is different from your checking account number.

Breaking Down Magnetic Stripe Card


A magnetic stripe generally consists of three tracks stacked horizontally. Each track extends along the width of the credit card. The data embedded on each track, however, is different and can hold various types of data. It can contain information, such as the credit cards account number, name of the cardholder, card verification code, service code, and date of expiry.

Generally, in the case of credit cards, only the first two tracks on the magnetic stripe contain the details. The third track is rarely used and if used include information, such as the currency code or country code.

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Stripe Vs Braintree: How Are They Different

Stripe and Braintree both offer gateways for payment processing. They both allow you to accept multiple payment types. The biggest difference is that you cant use the Stripe gateway separately from Stripe credit card processing. With Braintree, you have the option to use the gateway only, with a compatible credit card processor. The chart below gives a quick comparison for key areas of service, or this article on Braintree vs. Stripe provides greater detail.

What Is Stripe And How Does It Work

  • Payments
  • What Is Stripe and How Does it Work?
  • Looking for a full-stack payment processor for your business? Many sellers are turning to Stripe to simplify the checkout process for their small-business. This article walks you through the key features of Stripe and how to use it in your internet business;

    Heres What Well Cover:

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    Bar Code Encoding Developments

    Up until 1982 systems using magnetic cards for access control were called âCard Wipe âSystems. The continuous use of the mag strip made them unreliable.In 1983 a UK company Mirocache Ltd, run by ex retailer Norman Guiver, replaced the mag strip with a Type 39 dot matrix printed bar code for use in access control and as a membership card, and coined the name Swipe Card. The barcode proved very reliable and has been the standard format for Swipe cards ever since, for high use applications.

    What Happens If I Decide Not To Capture The Funds

    What Does the “Communication Error” Mean on a Terminal?

    The charges will simply fall off the customers card, and they wont be charged. Theyll see their credit limit increase again and the charge will no longer be visible in pending status. From the business owners perspective, those funds are no longer earmarked for you and you can no longer access them. If you decide youve made a mistake and really did mean to capture that money, youre out of luck. Youll need the customer to re-swipe their card in order to generate a new authorization.

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    How Does Stripe Work

    We mentioned earlier that Stripe is an ISO, an independent sales organization. That means they dont actually do the heavy lifting of processing your transactions but rather collect and forward them to financial institutions that make sure the funds clear.

    Specifically, Stripe is what is known as an aggregator. Rather than having users sign up as a full merchant with a merchant acquirer, Stripe allows users to sign up as sub-merchants underneath Stripes merchant account. This saves users the often laborious and complicated process of setting up a merchant account of their own, and simplifies the process tremendously.

    What does this mean for users? Not too much, other than ease of use. Once you sign up for an account and are approved, you can go ahead and start collecting payments almost immediately without thinking about it.;

    On the back end, things are a little bit more complicated for Stripe. Because all of the charges go through Stripes merchant account, they take on a lot of liability for fraudulent transactions. This ends up being a benefit for users, since it encourages Stripe to build better security and fraud prevention into their platform.

    This ease of use, customizability, and security make Stripe one of the most trusted names in credit card processing for online transactions trusted enough giants like Amazon, DocuSign, Peloton, and Shopify use them. In fact, asking who uses Stripe is entirely the wrong question a better question is who doesnt use Stripe?

    The Structure Of The Card Number

    Although it may seem random, credit card digits are each strategically placed and represent a vital piece of information. Accurate transactions would not be possible without the specific sequence of numbers, the precise shape and exact size, all of which adhere to strict standards dictated by the ISO and enforced by the ANSI .

    These standards allow cards to be used worldwide. The only difference among them is Visa, Mastercard and Discover are always 16 digits while American Express employs a 15-digit format.

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    Use Stripe With The Rest Of Your Business

    Stripe connects with many of the business apps that you may already use, letting you automatically sync sales data across your operation. Third-party integrations include accounting and invoicing software, e-commerce solutions, email marketing services, analytics tools, point-of-sale systems, inventory management software, and CRM software.

    Key takeaway: Stripe allows you to accept many card brands, digital wallets and international currencies. You manage your account from the dashboard, which you can access from a browser or the Stripe Dashboard app.

    Advantages Of Stripe Over Square

    Credit Limits: What Are They?

    Square has grown to become a giant in the payment processing space. Though they began as a card-swiping dongle users could attach to their phones, theyve grown well beyond that and now offer multiple e-commerce options.

    However, the payment methods Square accepts are limited: cards and mobile wallets only. They also dont have nearly the same global reach that Stripe does and lack many of Stripes customization and integration options.

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    Stripe Review: Should You Be Using It For Your Business

    Good for

    • Companies capable of leveraging the free API to build a custom e-commerce experience

    Bad for

    • Firms looking to have a single processor for online and offline payment handling
    • Businesses that want to accept PayPal payments

    Compare Small Business Loans

    Editor’s Rating

    Good for

    • Companies capable of leveraging the free API to build a custom e-commerce experience

    Bad for

    • Firms looking to have a single processor for online and offline payment handling
    • Businesses that want to accept PayPal payments

    Stripe is potentially a very good credit card processor for online-only businesses. It’s fast and easy-to-implement for someone with developer experience, and also relatively inexpensive. You would be able to build your own e-commerce environment with Stripes API. If you dont have developers working for your website, Stripe allows you to partner up with one of many e-commerce platforms to build a store keep in mind these often come at an additional cost. The major downside of Stripe is the fact that it doesn’t process PayPal payments, unlike some of its competitors.

    Guide To The Stripe App And Integration Options

    Using Stripe means you can integrate with other apps and services, some of which you may already use. Stripes integration with commonly used apps, tools, and other services provides analytics, accounting, emails, shipping, taxes, and more.;

    Stripe also has platform partners so you can integrate with online stores and POS platforms; plug into open-source or self-hosted platforms like WordPress and Magento; and work with developer resources to help integrate Stripes APIs.

    In this section, youll get a brief Stripe integration tutorial and learn about Stripe payment integration, Stripe API integration, and Stripe POS integration.

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    Is Stripe Safer Than Paypal

    Whether Stripe is safer than;PayPal;is difficult to say. Security is critical in payment processing and is a central part of each platform’s services. Both are PCI compliant and use additional security protocols, such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization, to keep card data secure both in storage and in transit. Stripe offers additional anti-fraud protection through Stripe Radar, which is included on standard accounts at no extra cost, but PayPal offers anti-fraud protection as well.

    If you’re looking for a straightforward yet versatile online payment processor, Stripe is a strong option that offers all the features you need and competitive rates, reducing the additional fees you might incur with other processors. It makes accepting payments online or in person easy, giving your business a reliable way to take debit cards, credit cards and digital wallets wherever the point of sale may be.

    The Benefits Of Payment Methods

    How To Take Credit Card Payments With Stripe: Credit Card Processing Without Merchant Account | #040

    Over the past decade, payment methods have evolved to support different consumer and business needs. Markets with high card penetration, such as the US and the UK, have seen a significant shift towards wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which offer more security and convenience. Some markets, such as France and Japan, even have their own local card networks that help businesses reach more card users. In markets like Germany and Malaysia, where card use is much lower, bank-based methods are strongly preferred and trusted for online purchases. The banking networks in these markets typically offer a faster and more secure checkout experience where users can authorize a payment using their online banking credentials. Meanwhile, in economies with a large unbanked population, such as Mexico and Indonesia, popular payment methods allow customers to pay for online goods with cash using vouchers.

    These graphs show how payment method preferences vary across countries

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    Stripe Vs Square Which One Is Better

    Because the payment gateways are so similar until theyre not, its tough to call out a clear winner when it comes to Stripe vs Square:

    • If you need the flexibility to sell online and in-person, Square wins by far with its omnichannel features.
    • If you need a strictly online solution that can scale globally or a standalone invoice/payment collection solution, Stripe gets the number one spot.

    Stripe Tutorial And Guide

    As with any proper digital-first solution, Stripe includes a robust app API that allows third-party developers to create apps that work with the service. These apps make it easier to use Stripe but can also do much more than just allow you to take payments.;

    Youre able to collect credit card payments on your mobile device and leverage a point of sale app to set up a pop-up or permanent shop. With Stripe dashboard apps, you can manage and monitor your Stripe account and ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips.

    Stripe has a vast ecosystem of partners that let you integrate with different platforms, including payments, accounting, analytics, POS, or other services. You can also leverage Stripes own built-in functionality for many of your payment needs.;

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    Tips To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

    Remember these tips when using your credit card in public places or at places of business:

    • keep your credit card in a safe place
    • limit the number of credit cards you carry with you
    • cover the keypad with your hand or body when entering your PIN so no one can see it
    • keep your credit card in sight at all times when making a purchase
    • report anything you think is suspicious about a credit card device at a business or ATM to the businesss head office and your credit card issuer

    At home

    Protect yourself from credit card fraud at home by doing the following:

    • lock your mailbox if you can to prevent someone from stealing your credit card statements or replacement cards
    • sign the back of a new credit card immediately after you get it
    • destroy old credit cards that are no longer valid by cutting them up
    • keep your credit card statements in a safe place
    • shred credit card statements when you no longer need them


    When banking or shopping online, look for websites with addresses starting with https or ones that have a padlock image on the address bar. These are signs that your information will be secure.

    Protect yourself from credit card fraud online by also doing the following:

    Over the telephone

    Legitimate credit card companies dont ask for personal information over the phone. Use the telephone number found on the back of your card when you want to contact your credit card issuer.

    Protect yourself from credit card fraud when on the telephone by also doing the following:

    In general

    Stripe Vs Square: Which Payment Gateway Should You Use In 2021

    Credit Cards 101: How Do Credit Cards Work?

    Top players in the payment gateway industry are always advancing so they can be number one. After all, there are more ecommerce store owners than ever these days, and they all need a reliable way to collect payments from customers.

    Two of the most well-established payment gateway options in the market today are Stripe and Square. Both offer businesses easy ways to process payments made online, leading technology, and plenty of ecommerce tools to make things simple for ecommerce store owners trying to run a business and make money.

    Stripe vs Square: how are they different?

    Stripe and Square have their own unique set of features designed to serve very different needs. And quite frankly, this can make deciding which payment gateway to use harder than youd like it to be. Thats why were going to run a Stripe vs Square comparison, so you can make a data-driven decision for your small business.

    Are you ready? Lets take a look.

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    Accepting Payments On Stripe

    Accepting credit cards or recurring payments on Stripe is as easy as making a new account. There are currently three ways by which you can accept payments on Stripe from your customers.

    1.Creating an invoice on Stripe and sending it to your customers 2.Using third-party integration 3.Using Stripe Terminals

    What Is Stripe Payment Processing

    Stripe is a versatile payment processor that integrates with hundreds of;e-commerce platforms, shopping carts and other third-party applications that many businesses rely on every day. It offers competitive rates and a pay-as-you-go option, so you won’t have any long-term contractual obligation with the company.

    Stripe is an online-focused company; it primarily works with e-commerce,;mobile commerce;and subscription as a service businesses. Although Stripe is an online payment processor, it can be used to collect payments in person. Using Stripe, you can bill customers on a recurring basis, set up a marketplace where you can host third-party merchants or just accept one-time payments at the point of sale.

    Editor’s note: Looking for the right credit card processing company for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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