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What Credit Score For Costco Credit Card

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Do You Want A Credit Card With The Same Perks

Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card Review
  • Price protection: A refund on certain items that go on sale after you bought them at the full price.
  • Extended warranty: Coverage that extends your manufacturers warranty.
  • Rental car insurance: Free coverage for certain incidents if you use the card to pay for a car rental.

Fortunately, these perks arent unique to Capital Ones credit card. Many great credit cards, in fact, offer even more perks than these. If travel and medical insurance are important to you, if you like the idea of having rental car insurance built into your card, then be sure to look for these perks when youre shopping for a new rewards card.

What Your Score Means To Lenders

  • 800 900 EXCEPTIONAL

We think its important to provide our cardmembers with free access to information that will help them understand and stay on top of their credit status. Thats why were providing you with your FICO® Score and information to help you understand it.

Your FICO® Score is calculated based on data from Equifax using the FICO® Bankcard Score 8 model and is the same score we use, among other information, to manage your account. This model has a FICO® Score range from 250 through 900.

The FICO® Score Citi provides is based on information from your Equifax credit report based on the as of date included with your score. This may differ from scores you obtain elsewhere that may have been calculated at a different time using information from a different credit bureau or even a different score model. If you have additional questions regarding the FICO® Score model and how its calculated, please refer to the FICO® Score FAQ and Understanding FICO® Scores links under the Useful Links section below.

Your score wont be available if:

Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi Vs Discover It Cash Back Card

Similar to the Chase Freedom Flex, the Discover it® Cash Back Card offers 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different places each quarter like, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and when you pay using PayPal, up to the quarterly maximum when you activate, 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases – automatically. And, like the Chase Freedom Flex, this bonus is limited to $1,500 in purchases per quarter .

Some consumers may prefer the Discover it® Cash Back Card over the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi, as it typically includes wholesale clubs in Q2. Other categories that may be enticing include grocery stores, gas stations and You can also redeem your rewards each month, rather than waiting on a certificate to be mailed out at the end of the year.

Another reason to consider the Discover it® Cash Back Card over the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi is the introductory offer: Unlimited Cashback Match only from Discover. Discover will automatically match all the cash back youve earned at the end of your first year! Theres no minimum spending or maximum rewards. You could turn $150 cash back into $300. If you’re a high spender, this could significantly boost your short-term savings.

Like the other cards above, you won’t be able to use the Discover it® Cash Back Card for in-store purchases at Costco. However, you can use it everywhere else to earn a large amount of cash back through the Cashback Match in your first year.

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Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi Vs Chase Freedom Flex

  • On Chase’s Secure Website

The Chase Freedom Flex is a great new cashback credit card from Chase. The card lets you Earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases in rotating categories, 5% on travel purchased through Chase, 3% on dining and drugstores, and 1% on all other purchases. Gas stations and grocery stores are typically included in Chase’s rotating categories throughout the year, though this card’s 5% quarterly bonus category is limited to $1,500 in purchases per quarter. Ultimate Rewards points are credited to your account each month.

One major drawback for Costco shoppers: the Chase Freedom Flex is a Mastercard, which currently isn’t accepted at Costco stores . However, you’re best off using it for its 5% categories, which generally won’t apply to Costco.

As mentioned above, the Chase Freedom Flex comes with an easy-to-earn sign-up bonus: Earn a $200 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. And earn 5% cash back on grocery store purchases on up to $12,000 spent in the first year. We like that you can accumulate and redeem rewards on this card in a variety of ways.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi

Costco Anywhere Visa (Citi) Approved!
  • Discover one of Citi’s best cash back rewards cards designed exclusively for Costco members
  • 4% cash back on eligible gas for the first $7,000 per year and then 1% thereafter
  • 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases
  • 2% cash back on all other purchases from Costco and
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • No annual fee with your paid Costco membership and enjoy no foreign transaction fees on purchases
  • Receive an annual credit card reward certificate, which is redeemable for cash or merchandise at U.S. Costco warehouses, including Puerto Rico
  • The standard variable APR for Citi Flex Plan is 15.24%. Citi Flex Plan offers are made available at Citi’s discretion.

Since you’re already paying an annual membership fee to be a Costco member, you instantly gain the ability to apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. With a $0 annual fee, Costco shoppers will be able to enjoy even greater returns on their already-low-priced merchandise.

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Drawbacks To The Costco Anywhere Visa Card

  • No welcome bonus: Unlike many cashback credit cards, the Costco Anywhere Visa doesnt offer a welcome bonus offer for new cardholders.
  • Membership requirement: Although the Costco Anywhere card carries no annual fee, you do need a Costco membership to qualify for it. Costco memberships start at $60 per year.
  • You need excellent credit to qualify for this card, which may limit some people from qualifying for it. Being a Costco member alone isnt enough to be eligible for this credit card.

Alternatives For Costco Purchases

The Costco Anywhere Visas 2 percent cash back rate for Costco purchases is pretty good for a no annual fee card. But if you dont want to wait to receive your cash each year or commit to an ongoing membership there are some good alternatives that offer a similar return. For example:

  • The Citi Double Cash card offers up to 2 cents back for every dollar that you spend 1 cent when you make a purchase and another 1 cent when you pay your bill on time including at Costco.
  • Other flat rate cards, such as the American Express Cash Magnet® Card*, offer a slightly lower rewards rate of 1.5 percent back on every purchase. But since you can transfer your points to other airline loyalty programs when you own certain Chase premium cards , you may actually be able to get a higher rate of return with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. The Chase Freedom Unlimited card is also currently offering $200 cash back when you spend $500 in the first 3 months.
  • You may also be able to temporarily get 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 worth of Costco purchases using a card with a rotating bonus category. These types of cards often include warehouse purchases as a quarterly bonus category. However, categories change every year, so you cant count on the bonus returning.

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Fintech Firms Versus Typical Banks

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Is It Worth Signing Up For A Costco Membership Just For The Credit Card

Costco Business Credit Card Review – Unboxing Approval For Costco Business Credit Card

If the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi appeals to you, but you aren’t a member of the wholesale store, it may be worthwhile to sign up to get the card. The most basic Costco membership costs $60 per year, providing you with unlimited shopping privileges at Costco locations and If we treat that as the credit card’s annual fee, the issue boils down to whether this card will get you enough cashback rewards to still come out ahead. If you spend $2,000 on restaurants and dining alone, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi will earn you rewards that will compensate for the basic membership fee.

But you’ll need to be certain that you won’t charge more to the card than you can afford each month. The card’s standard APR is 15.24% and applies to balance transfers. If you don’t pay your statement in full, the savings you enjoy from this card could end up being meaningless.

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Capital One Costco Credit Card Is Ending: How To Find An Alternative

You shouldnt have a problem replacing your CapitalOne Costco credit card with something better.

Another celebrity relationship is on the brink of break-up: by the end of 2021, Capital One will withdraw its partnership from retail giant Costco.

For those that hold a Capital One Costco credit card , that leaves many questions unanswered. What will happen to your Capital One account? Who will Costco partner with next? Can you still use a Mastercard to buy Costcos pizza and churros?

Its a mystery, sure. But if theres one question you can start answering, its this: how can you find an alternative credit card? To help you get a straight answer, lets breakdown the Capital One Costco cards benefits and see.

Capital One Costco Card: The Lowdown

First off, the Capital One Costco card is a store credit card, meaning its available only to Costco members. As of this writing, the card has no annual fee and a flat APR of 19.75% for all transactions, including cash advances and balance transfers. It can earn 3% cash back on restaurant purchases, 2% on gas, and up to 1% on all other purchases. The card comes with a suite of free perks , and it can double as a Costco membership card.

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Costco Anywhere Visa Card Review : Earn Cash Back And Get Big Savings At Costco

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Avid Costco shoppers know that you can save lots of money buying from wholesale clubs. Whether you need paper goods, shampoo, frozen foods, or a big jar of pickles, youll find affordable prices on thousands of products.

And if youre a loyal Costco customer, it may be worth applying for the Costco Anywhere Visa card. It allows you to turn your everyday purchases into cashback rewards to use at your favorite store. Because store membership is a requirement to qualify for this cashback credit card, Costco loyalists should take advantage of the opportunity to save on their purchases.

Is this credit card a good option for everyone, though? The answer depends on what youre looking for in your next rewards credit card.

Earn up to 4% cash back

Is The Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card By Citi Right For You

Credit Score Needed for Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

If you run a business that already uses Costco for office supply purchases, resale merchandise, or even your own personal groceries, you can easily maximize your spending in-club and online with this card. The fuel perks alone, are among the most competitive in the market, and Costco makes it easy to earn and redeem rewards automatically.

For a truly automated way for Costco shoppers to save, this card is the real deal if youre a club member in good standing, the perks are well worth opening up an extra line of credit.

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What Credit Score Do You Need For Costco Visa

So, while some people might consider the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi credit score requirement to be 720+, you should think of it as 750+ just to be safe. Having a high enough credit score doesnt guarantee approval, of course. And its possible to get approved with a lower score.

What Credit Score Do You Need For A Costco Citi Visa

You must have excellent credit to get approved for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. That generally means a . Is the Costco Anywhere Visa the best credit card for gas? If you want rewards that are more flexible than Costco rewards, see our top picks for best gas credit cards.20 sep. 2021

  • The recommended credit score to apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi is 720 or higher. This credit card is intended for shoppers with excellent credit. You will also need to be a Costco member and provide your membership number when you apply.


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What To Know Before Applying

Before you apply for a credit card, you should always ask yourself a few questions that can help shape which credit card is best for your needs.

  • What’s my credit score? Knowing your credit score is key to gauging which credit cards you have the best chances of qualifying for. There are numerous free credit score resources available that provide your credit score, updated on a monthly basis.
  • Why do I want to open a credit card? You should only open credit card when there’s a need. So if you shop at Costco and pay with cash because you don’t have a credit card backed by Visa, then that’s a good reason since you’re missing out on rewards.
  • Is an annual fee worth it? If you’re looking at a credit card with an annual fee, do the math to see if the benefits outweigh the fee.
  • How do I plan to use the card? You’ve already decided that you want a card for Costco, but now you should see what other purchases you expect to charge to the card. If you want it for everyday use, consider a flat-rate cash-back card, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited®. But if you plan on traveling outside the U.S., check out , such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred®.

Learn more: How to choose the best credit card in 3 easy steps

No Foreign Transaction Fee

Costco Anywhere Credit Card Review- Waller’s Wallet

Despite its restrictive redemption policies, the Costco Anywhere Visa is still an unusually generous card for everyday purchases. Unlike many of its cash back competitors, for example, it doesnt charge a foreign transaction fee, allowing you to freely use your card abroad. Foreign transaction fees have become all-but-extinct on travel rewards credit cards. However, many cash back cards still charge a small fee for international purchases.

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Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card By Citi Review

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The Costco Anywhere Visa Business card by Citi offers tiered cash back rewards on everyday and business purchases, including spending on gas, dining and travel. This card has no annual fee but requires a Costco Membership, which costs $60 and up.

Reasons Why The Costco Credit Card Is Worth It

  • Cash back on popular spending categories: Youll earn 4% cash back on certain categories. Youll also get 3% at restaurants and on eligible travel expenses, along with 2% at Costco and, and 1% on all other purchases. Rewards get delivered once a year in the form of a certificate included with your February billing statement, and you have a year to redeem.
  • $0 annual fee: While you will have to pay $60+ per year for a Costco membership, you wont have to spend any additional money just to have the card.
  • $0 foreign fees: You can use your card on purchases throughout your travels, knowing that there are $0 foreign transaction fees on purchases.
  • Insurance: The Costco Credit Card provides several types of insurance at no extra cost to you. The travel insurance policies include compensation for emergency assistance and damage/theft of rental cars. Items you buy with your card can also be replaced/reimbursed with purchase protection.

The Costco Credit Card clearly is worth it when used responsibly by the right type of person. But since Costco will accept any card on the Visa network , you have other options.

What credit score do you need for a Citi credit card?

You need a credit score of at least 700 for a Citi credit card in most cases. That means applicants for Citi credit cards need at least good credit to be approved. But it really depends on which card youre after. Some Citi credit cards require higher scores, and one has no minimum score at full answer

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