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What Credit Card Is Elan Financial Services

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What Credit Cards Are Offered By Elan Financial Services

Lied by Elan Financial Services & Opus Bank

Elan Financial Services provides credit card programs for 1,400 banks and other financial institutions, such as

  • MIT Federal Credit Union
  • NRL Federal Credit Union

To figure out if your credit card was issued by Elan Financial Services on behalf of the bank or credit union where you applied for it, check out the cards terms and conditions. Look for a line that says something like, The creditor and issuer of these Cards is Elan Financial Services.

Elan Financial Services Checked Your Credit

Youll see Elan Financial Services on your credit report if a company or financial institution ran a credit check to determine whether or not to issue you a credit card. This type of check can appear as a hard inquiry or as a soft inquiry.

Hard inquiries generally appear on your credit report when you apply for new lines of credit, credit cards, store cards, or loans. For example, if you applied for a credit card with your bank or credit union and they use Elan Financial Services to issue their cards, then Elan Financial Services may appear next to the hard inquiry triggered by your application.

Soft inquiries show up on your credit report when someone checks your credit but youre not actually looking to open a new account. For example, if you received an unsolicited offer letter in the mail for a credit card issued by Elan Financial Services, then they may have triggered a soft inquiry during the prequalification process.

Thankfully, soft inquiries wont affect your credit score. Hard inquiries will usually lower your credit score by a few points, but the effect wont last more than a year, and the inquiry will fall off your credit report entirely after two years. 2Note that you usually cant remove a hard inquiry early unless the bureau added it to your report by mistake.

Elan Refuses To Be Helpful

Elan is absolutely the worst among card issuers. Every question that arises results in a card being closed and reissued. Elans antiquated and inefficient systems have only one solution, close and reissue with new number. This is doubly annoying because the clowns do not assist with transferring recurring items after they close the card. I use the card for business purposes and pay the balance in full monthly. A question about an unrecognized $40 charge and card is closed. I was promised Saturday delivery for the replacement card and oops they set it for Monday. Unfortunately, two recurring charges hit while card is in transit and now I must deal with corrections and fees. All could have avoided if they had met their commitment to deliver on Saturday. The solution from Elan/ they will not authorize the charge or provide information over the phone for it to be paid but will offer me useless rewards points. This company is a complete failure. Any bank allowing Elan to issue cards in its name does not care about its reputation or customers!! The pathetic excuse for a service representative suggested the problem is probably where I live, perhaps no service on Saturday. Amazing since I received both UPS and FedEx delivery from better companies today.

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How To Sign Up For Online Credit Card Account Access

To use your Elan Credit Card for online activities you need to enrolled in Elan online account access. When you enroll you will get secure access to your account 24/7 to view balances, transactions and statements, go paperless, Pay your Elan Credit Card bill, Set up travel notification alerts. and much more. Plus, with the Elan Bank mobile app, access your account wherever you go.

  • If you want to create an online account, you must first click the enrollment link:
  • Next, enter your social security number main account number in the empty fields provided and click on Continue.
  • On the following pages, create both a user ID and password and enter your basic personal information and to complete the set up an online account and also activate your Elan Credit Card.

Types Of Credit Cards Offered By Elan Financial Services

Peoples Federal Credit Union

The bank, in this case, is a marketer while Elan Financial Services is the creditor and issuer. This is far more common than many realize. For example, many store credit cards are actually managed by Synchrony Bank or Comenity Bank. Synchrony alone offers 116 co-branded cards for companies like Gap, Nissan, and Wal-Mart on cards offered by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The most common type of financial lending Elan offers are personal loan sized-credit cards for financial institutions whitelabeled as the banks own. However, as a function of the lending facility associated with a mortgage line of credit, Elan products are sometimes also issued.

If you see Elan Financial Services on your credit report its likely one of these products.

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Link Your Card To Paypal

1. Login to your account with PayPal and go to your Wallet. 2. Click Link a new card or bank then Link a debit or credit card. 3. Select Debit or Credit card under “Link a card manually”. 4. Enter your card information and click Link Card.

Once linked, youll see your available reward balance and an option to use rewards at checkout with PayPal Terms Apply.

If you change your mind, click Details on your card page, then Stop Using Rewards with PayPal.

Active Or Closed Accounts

Elan Financial Services could also appear on your credit reports in the accounts section. If youve been checking your credit reports regularly, dont have any new credit cards and still dont recognize an account, theres a chance that one of your existing accounts was purchased by another bank or company. In that case, the creditor listed for the account wouldve been updated to the new company.

If youve done some digging and you still dont recognize the account, its possible that someone fraudulently used your identity to apply. Learn more about steps to take after identity theft.

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Youre A Victim Of Identity Theft

If you see an Elan Financial Services hard inquiry on your credit report but youre sure you didnt apply for one of their credit accounts, it could be a sign of identity theft.

If you suspect that someones trying to fraudulently open accounts in your name, take these steps:

  • Contact Elan Financial Services and tell them you didnt authorize the inquiry. Ask them for details .
  • Report the identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission . Go to and answer the questions to generate an identity theft report and recovery plan.
  • Contact any of the three main credit bureaus and have a fraud alert placed on your credit report. You only need to contact one of the bureaus theyll coordinate with the others, and your fraud alert will be acknowledged by all three. 5
  • You may also want to freeze your credit .

    Carefully monitor your credit reports over the next few months for further signs of fraudulent activity.

    What Is Elan Financial

    How to Increase your Credit limit on Elan Financial Credit Cards!!!

    Elan Financial is a credit card issuer that services banks and credit unions. Large financial institutions may have the ability to offer their own products and services directly to consumers, but smaller banks will struggle with the infrastructure necessary to serve their clients.

    In some cases, your card may show your local banks logo on the front and youll deal with your local bank for account service but the credit card is Elan Financial Services product whitelabeled for that bank. The bank will service, marks on your credit are handled by Elan.

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    Benefits Of Having An Elan Credit Card

    Owning an Elan credit card has multiple benefits that you may not be aware of. Its difficult to find a lot of information about Elan Financial services online because its actually a subsidiary under US Bank, but its a card well worth checking out. Here are 10 benefits that you might find appealing for your particular lifestyle and financial needs.

    Next Steps: What To Do If Theres An Account You Dont Recognize On Your Credit Reports

    If youve researched your accounts to make sure theyre not provided by Elan Financial Services in partnership with your credit union or bank and still dont recognize a hard inquiry or an account on your credit reports, your identity might have been stolen. Learn more about what to do if you suspect thats the case.

    Its a good idea to regularly check your credit reports you can access free credit reports on, and you can also check your free credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax on Credit Karma. Learn more about how to protect yourself from identity theft.

  • Quick Tips for Your Credit Health
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    Elan Financial Services Q& a

    Elan Financial Services could use any of the three major credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian or Equifax for credit card approval.

    Keep in mind that applying for a credit card will most likely result in a hard pull on your credit, lowering your score for a short period of time. So make sure you qualify for it.

    As for credit reporting, Elan Financial Services reports to all the major credit bureaus.

    You can redeem your Visa Select Card rewards by logging in to your online account or contacting customer service at .

    Elan Credit Card List: What Are Your Options

    Credit Cards

    September 8, 2015 By pfdigest

    Widespread yet obscure, the Elan credit card division may be one of the biggest issuers youve never heard of. Thats because Elan, a division of US Bank, works behind the scenes as the credit card issuer for numerous smaller financial institutions. Some of the more prominent partners of Elan include Woodforest National Bank Credit Card and Associated Bank Credit Card. They offer several different types of credit cards, including a couple of Amexes, so lets have a look and see if theres anything of value here.

    As per its website, Elan has five different credit cards aimed at the general consumer market:

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    Cancelled My Visa Card Without Warning

    I have had a VISA card through my credit union for over 15 years. Elan Financial Services services this VISA. I keep this card for emergencies and rarely use it. I recently received a letter from Elan telling me that they closed my account due to inactivity. I was never given a warning. I called to get the account re-opened, but re-opening it would be a hassle. CS wasn’t very helpful so I think I’m better off without this VISA through Elan. I have excellent credit so I doubt this closed account will hurt me.

    What Credit Card Company Is Elan

    You can apply for a business bonus rewards point card with one of the following credit cards with Elan Financial Services under a separate authorization from Visa U.S. Inc. American Express, MasterCard International Incorporated, and MasterCard, Inc. are also involved. The MasterCard logo is a trademark owned by MasterCard International Incorporated.

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    Elan Credit Card Login: How To Make Your Elan Card Payment

    The Elan credit card login portal is used to make a payment, view a statement or manage your account online. To login, make a payment online or manage your account, stick to the information below on this page. You will also find useful bill pay information such as the credit card customer service number, payment mailing address, and billing phone number below.

    Elan Financial Services provides credit card transaction management services. The Company provides a full range of payment solutions, including ATM, debit, credit, merchant processing, and regional and national network access. Elan Financial Services serves customers in the United States.

    Not only that, but the Elan Credit Card Login portal allows users to activate any newly received cards without ever having to step foot into your local branch. If you are looking for instructions on how to login or how to activate your newly received card, how to register your Elan Credit Card for online account access, how to sign in to your account and make your Elan Credit Card payments, this post got you covered.

    Where Are Elan Yachts Made

    Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card | 2% Cash Back on…EVERYTHING!!! from Elan Financial Services

    The Elan designed does not have been manufactured. Thanks to its pioneering design, scientific expertise, and unique content, it has always filled the sail market. As well as every yacht arriving in Elans 16. This innovative-oriented boatyard in Slovenia boasts a 1.95 million sq m floor. It is built from premium quality materials of all types.

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    I Was Assumed My Fathers Poa When He

    I was assumed my fathers POA when he was admitted to Assisted living six months ago. He has Alzheimer’s and cannot remember most things day to day. Someone recently requested a change of address on this Elan credit card. I have advised Elan to cancel this card as neither my father or I requested this change. It has to be fraud. Even after providing Elan with copies of the POA documents, they refuse to cancel the card or account. They even asked for my SS# and birth date to add me to the account – which is absurd given that it is a fraudulent account or has been compromised at the very least. To Elan, my father has ZERO income and ZERO assets, so cancel the fraudulent account or don’t – you have been given notice multiple times. The account has been reported to Equifax as fraudulent or compromised as well.UPDATE: Elan has now cancelled the card.

    Open And Closed Accounts

    If you have an open or closed account managed by Elan Financial Services thats on your credit report, then its contributing to your credit score by influencing the following factors:

    If the account is open, then its also contributing to your .

    To learn how the account will affect your credit score, familiarize yourself with the factors that make up your FICO score and VantageScore.

    Dont rush to close your account

    Closing an account can hurt your credit score by reducing your available credit . Use the account occasionally to prevent your creditor from closing it due to inactivity, and only close it if keeping it open will jeopardize your finances.

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    Elan Credit Card Login Steps

    If you have an Elan Credit Card registered for online account access, that means you may access it at any time. Its simple to log in to your online account, and youll need your login detail. To log into your online account, follow these simple steps:

    You can login to your Elan Credit Card Account online account by visiting this link to access all the features. Make sure you have an account already with them.

    If you do not have an account, create an account. You will need to enter your email id, phone number and some personal data to verify your information. In case you have forgotten Forgot your Personal ID, please visit Forgot Password page.

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    Any points you don’t redeem before closing your account will be lost.

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    Youre An Authorized User On Someone Elses Credit Account

    Elan Financial Services can show up on your credit report if someone else added you as an authorized user to their credit card and it was issued by Elan Financial Services.

    You might have been named as an authorized user by your:

    • Spouse
    • Friend
    • Business partner

    If someone designated you as an authorized user on their credit account, their activities on the account could affect your credit score. 4

    If the primary cardholder is a responsible person and a reliable borrower, being an authorized user on their account will probably improve your credit score by helping you build a positive payment history. On the other hand, your credit score might drop if the primary cardholder neglects their payments or cancels their account with unpaid debt.

    Similarly, your use of someone elses credit will affect their credit score, so take care when acting as an authorized user.

    Are There Other Services You Dont Know On Your Report Heres What To Do About It:

    Typically, lenders will include a phone number to call on the same credit reporting line in the event that borrowers dont recognize the account. This is to stop fraud for both parties but can also assist when the lenders relationship to the borrower is less clear.

    Another way to get the attention of lenders for which a borrower might be unfamiliar is to report the account to the credit bureaus as unrecognized. This will cause the lender to outline the relationship, history and justify its validity.

    Have items on your credit score you do not recognize? At Cambio, we specialize in credit repair, helping you to build your credit and ensuring your credit reports are accurate.

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