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What Credit Card Is Best To Build Credit

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Correct Any Errors On Your Credit Report

What’s The Best Way To Build Credit Without A Credit Card?

Inaccurate information in your credit history can make you a less attractive customer in the eyes of lenders. Make sure that the information on your credit report, a long-term record of how youve used credit from the past to the present, is accurate and up-to-date.

Contact to request a free copy of your credit report from the major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

How To Choose A Credit Card

With so many credit cards available, narrowing down your choices can be a challenge. When choosing a credit card, there are numerous factors to consider chief among them: card requirements.

Different cards carry different credit score and income requirements. To ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, learn how to check your credit score. And be mindful of personal or household income requirements, too youll often encounter these criteria with high-tier luxury cards.

Popular Credit Cards To Build Credit With

There are lots of good credit cards to build credit with, including starter credit cards, credit cards for college students, and credit cards for bad credit. The best ones dont charge annual fees and have approval requirements that are easy to meet . Below, you can find a handful of the most popular choices, compared in key categories.

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How Credit Cards Work

Think of as a short-term loan from your credit card provider. You make purchases with your card and pay for them later.

One thing that makes credit cards appealing is that theres an interest-free period. As long as you pay for all charged purchases in full by your statement due date, you wont have to pay interest in exchange for borrowing the issuers money for a few weeks.

A typical credit card transaction would look something like this:

  • You charge a purchase to your cardWhen making purchases, choose credit as your form of payment. Youll then tap, insert or swipe your card to initiate the payment. You may also be required to enter your pin number. If youre making payments online, youll need to enter all your card information manually.
  • Wait for your purchase to be authorizedThe payment terminal will contact your credit card company to confirm the purchase amount.
  • The merchant gets paidOnce approved, your credit card provider sends the merchant the funds. The merchant does pay a small fee to your credit card provider for this service.
  • You get your bill and pay Once your bill arrives, itll list your transactions, minimum payment requirement and due date. If you only make the minimum payment, you may see some interest charges on your next bill. To avoid this extra cost, pay your bill in full by that date so no interest is charged.
  • What Is A Credit Card For Rebuilding Bad Credit

    The Best Cards for Building Credit

    We live in a time where various numbers characterize our identities. Consider how your salary, ZIP code, and, yes, your credit score, all reveal something to the world. Sometimes, a number tells an unflattering story, as is the case when your credit score is low.

    One tool that can help you rebuild your score is the credit card. If you own a small company, you can use a business credit card to help attain better credit.

    In most respects, cards for rebuilding credit operate like traditional cards. When you acquire a new card, you receive a credit line that controls how much you can charge on it. A credit card lets you make purchases up to your and then pay the amount owed over one or more months.

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    How Many Times A Month Should I Use My Credit Card To Build Credit

    WalletHub, Financial Company You should use your secured credit card at least once per month in order to build credit as quickly as possible. You will build credit even if you don’t use the card, yet making at least one purchase every month can accelerate the process, as long as it doesn’t lead to missed due dates.

    Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

    • 19.99% on purchases. 22.99% on cash advances.
    • Rewards Rate1x-5x Points5x on food, groceries and entertainment, 3x on gas, daily transit and streaming services, and 1x on everything else.
    • Intro Offer45,000 PointsTo qualify for the 45,000 bonus Scene+ points offer: 1. Earn 25,000 bonus Scene+ points by making at least $1,000 in everyday eligible purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. 2. Plus, for a limited time, you are eligible to earn a 20,000 Scene+ point bonus when you spend at least $7,500 in everyday eligible purchases in your first year. Open a new Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card account by July 4, 2022 to qualify.
    • Our TakeWhy we like itNot only does the Scotiabank Gold American Express card reward you with impressive rates in six popular spending categories, but it also comes with a 0% intro period for balance transfers and no foreign exchange fees.Pros
    • No foreign exchange fee on any foreign currency purchases while travelling abroad or shopping online you just have to pay the exchange rate.
    • The 0% introductory interest rate on balance transfers lasts for a full six months.


    • The bonus rewards rates drop down to the 1x flat rate after a $50,000 annual spend. This sounds like a lot, but much of your daily spending is probably included in the six bonus categories, so you might hit the limit faster than youd think.
    • Your points will expire if you dont use them within 12 months of the purchase date.
  • Product Details
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    How To Build Credit With A Credit Card

    Once approved for a credit card, youll need to work on building up a solid credit score. Here are the most important things you should do:

    Dont max out your credit limit. That means if youre given a $500 credit limit, dont charge more than 30% to your card in any given month.

    Pay on time every time. Late payments will really knock down your credit score and stay on your credit reports for up to seven years, but their impact will fade over time with responsible usage. If you have difficulty keeping track of payment due dates, set up autopay either through your bank or your cards online account.

    Avoid carrying a balance. To avoid racking up debt, charge only what you know youll be able to pay off when the bill comes due. If your balance becomes too big to pay off, stop using the card until you have your debt paid off.

    Best Credit Cards To Build Credit

    Secured Credit Cards To Build Credit: BEST In 2021!

    This content is not provided or commissioned by any issuer. Opinions expressed here are the authors alone, not those of an issuer, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by an issuer. Please keep in mind that while some offers may come from WalletHub advertising partners, sponsorship status played no role in card selection.

    Why Its One of the Best Credit Cards to Build Credit With: People with poor credit who need to borrow a bit from their credit card as they rebuild their credit score dont have a lot of options. But the is a solid choice. It has an annual fee of $75 the first year and $99 each year after that. It also has a $300 starting credit limit. Bear in mind, however, that any balance you carry from month to month with this card will accrue interest at a high rate: 23.99% .To learn more, read our complete .

    Why Its One of the Best Credit Cards to Build Credit With: If youre really worried that your credit history whether bad or nonexistent will prevent you from starting the credit building process, OpenSky is an interesting option. While it does charge a $35 annual fee, they wont check your credit when you apply.You can find more information in WalletHubs OpenSky Visa review.

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    Brim World Elite Mastercard

    • Rates vary by card member
    • Rewards Rate1x-30x Points2x on everyday purchases, up to $25,000 annual spend, then 1x. Up to 30x on retail partners in the eShop.
    • Intro OfferEarn up to $500 in first-time reward bonuses at participating retailers.
    • Our TakeWhy we like itBrim is a tech-savvy option that offers an impressive mobile app with budget tracking, an eShop with hundreds of retailers, partnerships with five mobile wallets, free global WiFi, and no foreign transaction fees even when shopping online.Pros
    • Rewards are easy to understand each point is worth $0.01 and you can earn up to 30x at select retail partners, which includes small local businesses and big brands.
    • Comprehensive insurance package offers 16 types of insurance, ranging from trip cancellation and interruption to mobile device and event ticket protector insurance.


    • The bonus rewards rate drops down to the 1x flat rate after you spend $25,000.
    • Brim is a virtual bank with no physical bank branches, so you must be comfortable with a digital-first experience.
  • Product Details
  • 2x points per dollar on everyday purchases, up to $25,000 annual spend. Then, 1x.
  • Up to 30x points per dollar on retail partners in the eShop.
  • Points have a straightforward value of $0.01 and can be redeemed on transactions or as cash back. $1 minimum redemption required. Points do not expire.
  • $199 annual fee.
  • Enhanced security features allow you to lock your card and block online or foreign transactions instantly.
  • Choose The Right Card To Build Your Credit

    Our review identifies over a dozen credit cards for building bad credit . Whatever their flaws, these cards are tools you can use to improve your credit and enhance your lifestyle.

    Getting the card is just the beginning. The hard work is to use your credit cards responsibly. Always pay your bills on time, keep your debt levels low, and dont apply for too much credit. These are the simple rules by which anybody can begin rebuilding their credit.

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    Research The Best Credit Cards For Building Credit Online

    Dont look at building credit as a job. Instead, consider it a mission that youre on to improve your financial health today and provide a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

    While it can get tedious and seem like youre making no progress with small two- and three-point increases, you should celebrate every jump in your credit score as a victory during your important mission.

    Those two points may not seem like much, but as they continue to build, youll see big improvements to your credit score. That may help you qualify for great mortgage and auto loan interest rates as well as the best credit card offers around.

    But for now, stick to the best credit cards for building credit to start. This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

    How Do I Get A Credit Card If I Have No Credit History

    10 Best Gas Credit Cards: Business, Travel, Families

    Regardless of your age or student status, if you dont have any credit history yet , you may have a hard time getting approved for any traditional credit card.

    Secured credit cards are an exception to this rule, and theyre the best way to build credit for the very first time.

    At first, a secured card works more like a debit card you deposit money into a bank account before you can use the card.

    The difference, however, is that the secured credit card will report your responsible use of the card to credit bureaus and help you build credit in a way that debit and prepaid cards do not.

    Learn more about ways to build credit for the first time or check your credit report to see if youve begun building credit yet.

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    How To Get A Credit Card With Bad Credit

    If youve made a few financial mistakes or dont have a credit history, you may be wondering if its even possible for you to get accepted for a credit card. It is, but here are a few steps you can take to increase your odds of approval.

  • Check your credit report. Before you begin browsing and applying, its important to know where you stand. Even if your credit is poor, knowing how close you are to having fair credit allows you to decide whether you should apply now or wait until youve given your credit a boost and have better options. The 3 major credit bureaus are legally required to give you a free credit report at least once per year. You can request yours online, by phone or by mail.
  • Dispute any fraudulent or incorrect activity. If your credit score is surprisingly low, you may want to do some investigating. Its possible that fraud or mistakes are wrongfully affecting your credit. If you find mistakes, be sure to dispute the incorrect items on your credit report.
  • Pay down any debt if youre able. One of the major factors that go into your credit score is your . A high utilization ratio can lower your credit score, so its a good idea to pay down existing balances before you apply for a new credit card.
  • How To Improve Your Credit Score

    If your credit score is too low to qualify for an unsecured credit card, here are the ways you can improve your credit score:

    • Apply for a secured credit card and never miss a payment
    • Pay down the balances on any revolving credit agreements to less than 30% of the credit limit
    • Make all of your payments for services like cell phones and electricity bills
    • Keep old credit accounts open to make your credit history longer
    • Do not apply for several credit cards from many different lenders at the same time â this is called a hard inquiry and can decrease your credit score

    Ultimately, improving your credit score comes down to demonstrating that you are trustworthy with credit, which means paying off your existing credit tools every month. If you do this, eventually your credit score will improve enough that you will qualify for an unsecured credit card.

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    Your Credit Scores Are At Risk

    • Any late or missed payments on the account are redirected to a cosigner. A co-signed credit card can hurt or help both user and co-signers depending on how the account is managed.
    • Late payments or a default can inflict severe credit score damage on both the primary account holder and the co-signer.

    Refresh Financial Secured Card

    How To Build Credit With Credit Cards

    When you have bad credit, its nice to be able to apply for a credit card that guarantees approval, regardless of what your credit score is. And thats exactly what youll get with the Refresh Financial Secured Card. Since the card is secured, youll be responsible for making a security deposit that will act as your credit limit. No credit is extended to you, so any money you spend on the card will be money you already have.

    Theres no credit check involved, and youll receive your credit card shortly after filling out a short application. Plus, youll be granted a 21-day grace period during which interest fees on outstanding purchases will be waived.

    • Guaranteed approval
    • Emergency card replacement and cash advance

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    Capital One Platinum Credit Card

    The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is an unsecured , no-frills card that charges a $0 annual fee. While the card doesnt offer a rewards program, it does report credit usage to the three major credit bureaus and automatically considers cardholders for credit line increases in as little as six months.

    You should also keep in mind that when trying to build credit, its generally best practice to focus on paying your credit card balance in full and on time each month, rather than earning rewards.

    If you carry a balance on the Capital One Platinum Credit Card from month to month, you will be subject to interest charges at an APR of 26.99% .

    If youre looking to boost your credit profile with the help of a credit card, the Capital One Platinum Credit Card is a solid option.

    The card is intended for individuals with average/fair/limited credit, which Capital One describes as those who have defaulted on a loan in the past five years or those who have had a credit card or other credit for less than three years.

    While the Capital One Platinum Credit Card doesnt earn rewards, after demonstrating responsible usage, you may be able to request a product change to a Capital One card that does such as the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card or the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card.

    Additional Capital One Platinum Credit Card benefits include:

    About the card

    Who’s This Card Best For?

    Card Benefits

    Can I Get A Credit Card Without A Credit Check

    A credit check is an important part of any lending decision, but you can still qualify for several secured credit cards without a credit check. This is because a secured card will require a refundable security deposit that mitigates some of the risk in issuing credit without first seeing the applicants credit history.

    Lenders rely on three main factors to make a credit decision: your credit history, your employment status, and your current income. If you take away a lenders access to any of those three details, you may still qualify but at a cost.

    In most cases, youll see an increase in fees or interest rates to make up for the added risk in these loans. Thats why bad credit loans are often more expensive than loans for someone who has good credit.

    If you dont give a lender access to your credit history, it will assume you have poor credit. And this isnt just for credit cards. You can often find personal loans with no credit check, and some auto lenders even consider applications without a credit check.

    Just be prepared to pay more for these loans. If youre shying away from a credit check because you think you may not qualify for a credit card, you can consider prequalifying for the card before you submit a formal application.

    Many issuers allow you to prequalify for their cards online before submitting an application. This will help you gauge your approval odds before applying.

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