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What Credit Card Gives The Most Cashback On Gas

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Hdfc Bharat Cashback Card

Best Credit Card for Gas Purchases | Earn up to 5% Cashback

Key Highlights:HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card provides cashback on multiple categories including fuel spends, EMI purchases, HDFC SmartBUY and PayZaap transactions.

Joining fee: Rs.500

Annual fee: Rs.500

Features and benefits:

  • 5% cashback on railway ticket bookings, fuel purchases, grocery spends, all bill payments and recharges.
  • 5% cashback also applicable on all EasyEMI, SmartBUY, and PayZapp transactions.
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver applicable on all fuel transactions of minimum transaction value of Rs.400.
  • Zero liability on lost card.

Rewards redemption option: NA

When Is A Credit Card For Groceries And Gas A Good Idea

Gas and grocery credit cards are a good idea when gas and groceries are two of your biggest monthly expenses. An easy way to figure out if you should be looking at the best credit cards for food and gas is to review your spending for the last couple of months. If gas and groceries are in your top three or four expenses, then getting the best grocery and gas credit card will save you a lot of money.

You can also combine a gas and groceries credit card with other top credit cards that earn more in different categories. One popular strategy is to choose the best credit card for groceries and gas and another card that earns a flat rate, such as 1.5%, on each purchase. Whenever you’re at the grocery store or the pump, you’d pay with your grocery and gas credit card to earn bonus rewards. On all other eligible purchases, you’d use your flat-rate card to get 1.5% back instead of 1%.

If you find that you can manage multiple credit cards easily enough, then you can always add more to get more bonus rewards. You could carry your best card for groceries and gas, a flat-rate card, plus a card that earns more on dining and entertainment. Alternatively, you could consolidate cards by looking for the best credit card for gas, groceries, and restaurants. The bottom line is that there are many situations when applying for the best credit card for grocery and gas is a wise choice.

Cash Back Vs Travel Cards

Cash-back cards are easy to understand and use, but they can also seem boring. Thats especially true when they’re compared with travel cards, which can be aspirational visions of earning a free flight to Bora Bora in first class or a night at a swanky hotel in New York City.

And co-branded travel cards for airlines and hotel companies might give you perks no other card will. For example, airline cards often offer free checked bags and priority boarding. Many of the best hotel credit cards give you a free night’s stay each year.

Still, while travel dreams are more exciting than another $90 in cash back on your credit card statement, cash-back credit cards might actually be the right choice for most people. A 2016 study by NerdWallet found in many cases, a consumer could get more value by using a cash-back card and using the cash rewards to pay for travel expenses.

The study found that domestic travelers who spend less than $8,600 per year on travel earn more rewards with a cash-back card than a travel rewards card, especially if they hold the card a long time.

A big exception: Americans who travel overseas an average of at least once per year are often better off with a travel rewards credit card because of higher point values and no foreign transaction fees.

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Meridian Visa Infinite Cash Back

This Meridian product shows up on a lot of best-of listsand for good reason. When it comes to rewards you cant get more flexible than cash, and this card tops most cash back credit cards in Canada with an extremely competitive 4% back on grocery and gas purchases. Lets say you spend around $450 on gas every month. At the regular 4% cash back rate, youll earn $18 per month, or $216 per year. Thats a pretty decent return, and it doesnt even include your other non-fuel purchases.

  • Annual fee: $99 .
  • Earn rate on gas: 4%
  • Rewards on other purchases: 4% cash back on groceries, 2% on pharmacy and utility bills, and 1% back on everything else.
  • Welcome bonus: None
  • Additional benefits: Travel accident, emergency and medical insurance, trip interruption and delay protection, lost baggage insurance, rental car collision and damage protection, purchase protection, extended warranty.
  • Income required: $60,000 or $100,000 as a household

Who Has The Best Gas Card

Which Credit Card Gives The Most Cash Back / How To ...

Though there are several great gas credit card deals available, we think the PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card is one of the best fuel cards out there. It offers high rewards rates for gas spending, doesnt restrict you to purchasing fuel from a single gas station brand and includes rewards in other spending categories plus, it comes with some other useful perks, too.

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Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi: Best For Gas Stations

Why we picked it: The Costco Anywhere Visa can help you earn extra cash back through everyday purchases. Plus, it has an extraordinary cash back rate on gas.

Pros: This may just be your best shot at finding a gas card most worthy of your wallet earn 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases . There are other great rewards, including 3% back at restaurants and eligible travel purchases, as well as a solid 2% back for Costco purchases.

Cons: Theres no annual bonus, as well as no sign-up bonus, and youll need to pay the $60 annual Costco membership fee to avoid an annual fee with this card.

Who should apply? Costco members and those who spend a lot of time on the road can benefit greatly from this card.

Who should skip? Anyone opposed to becoming a Costco member wont be able to utilize this card. On top of the membership requirement to be a cardholder, your cash back certificate must be redeemed at Costco and you get 2% back when spending in the superstore.

Read our Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi review.

How To Buy Groceries Online With Your Credit Card

Thanks to online grocery delivery services, you never have to leave your home to stock up on the basics.

As the coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of consumers to shelter in place, many are learning how to maximize their credit card rewards to pay for their online grocery orders.

For example, cardholders with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and the Chase Sapphire Preferred® cards can earn 5X and 3X bonus points, respectively, on all Instacart delivery and pickup orders, up to $3,000 in spending, through Sept. 30, 2020. In addition to higher rewards rates, cardholders receive up to $50 in statement credits toward an annual or monthly Instacart Express membership . This provides you with $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on orders of $35 or more. Learn more at

For American Express cardholders who earn rewards for their grocery purchases, food delivery services like Instacart and FreshDirect fall under the groceries or supermarkets categories. Sign up for one of the below Amex cards to earn rewards on your grocery deliveries:

  • American Express® Gold Card: 4X Membership Rewards® points when you dine at restaurants and shop at U.S. supermarkets
  • Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card: 3X Membership Rewards® points when you shop at U.S. supermarkets
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: 6% cash back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases
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    Do Gas Credit Cards Help You Build Credit

    Like most credit cards, a gas credit card can help you build credit as long as you meet a couple of criteria.First, its important to pay your statement balance in full by the due date. Paying your bills on time can help you build or maintain a positive payment history, which is one of the many factors that determine your credit scores. And paying the full statement balance if its possible can also help keep your utilization rate low. Your utilization rate or the percent of your available credit that youre using at any given time is another factor that can impact your credit.Second, does the card issuer report your account activity to the three major consumer credit bureaus? If not, your positive payment history and low utilization rate wont be able to help your credit. Which bureau the issuer reports to, or whether it reports at all, can vary, so we recommend checking with the issuer before you apply for a card.

    About the author:

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  • Quick Tips for Your Credit Health
  • Capital One Quicksilverone Cash Rewards Credit Card

    Top 5 GAS Cards for Cash Back 2017

    Our pick for: Fair/average credit

    This card for people with fair or “average” credit pays the same cash-back rate as the regular Quicksilver card, which targets people with excellent credit. The key difference is that this version charges an annual fee while the regular one does not. Read our review.

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    Who Should Get A Gas Card

    • The road warrior. When a good chunk of your life is spent driving from one place to another be it commuting to work, picking up and dropping kids off or just hitting the open road a gas card is for you.
    • The family shopper. Gas credit cards can help people manage the family budget. You can find rewards at the supermarket, on meals out and takeout, internet, streaming services and more, to add on top of your gas rewards.
    • The credit builder. Several gas cards allow for lower credit scores and give people the chance to earn rewards as they work to grow their credit. Just remember that earning rewards doesnt mean you should overspend, and being sure you regularly pay off your monthly balance in full is the most important step in improving your credit score.

    Citi Double Cash Card

    Cardholders with the Citi® Double Cash Card earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. This is a great flat rate on all purchases and provides an incentive to pay your bill on time.

    Note that you can earn the 1% as you pay even by making the minimum payment due. If you miss a payment, however, youll miss the cash back you would have earned.

    You can redeem cash back for checks, statement credits, or deposits to a bank account, or you can convert your cash back to Citi ThankYou® points .

    However, if you want a card that gives you all your cash back up front , competing 2% cashback cards include the Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card, the PayPal Cashback Mastercard® and the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card.

    The Citi® Double Cash Card offers a lengthy intro APR of 0% for 18 months on balance transfers, after which an APR of 13.99% 23.99% applies. There is an intro balance transfer fee of 3% of each transfer completed within the first 4 months of account opening. A balance transfer fee of 5% of each transfer applies if completed after 4 months of account opening.

    If youre carrying high-interest debt on a non-Citi card, transferring it to the Citi® Double Cash Card could help you get out of debt.

    The annual fee is $0. However, theres a 3% foreign transaction fee, so this isnt the best card to take when traveling abroad.

    About the card

    Who’s This Card Best For?

    Card Benefits

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    Private Label Gas Credit Cards

    This type of gas credit card isnt a part of any credit card network. Its a store-branded card that can only be used at the gas stations owned by the specific brand offering the card.

    Private label gas credit cards are a good option for people with bad or fair credit, as they are easier to qualify for. But since there arent as many perks, people with good or excellent credit should look to co-branded or general-purpose gas credit cards.

    Compare The Best Gas Credit Cards

    6 Credit Cards That Give You the Most Cash Back
    50,000 miles after $2,500 in 3 months 2x AA, dining, and gas 1x all else $99
    Earn 45,000 bonus points, enough for up to 6 free nights at participating properties after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 90 days. 6x Wyndham and gas 4x dining and groceries 1x all else $75
    $15,000 points after $1,500 in 90 days 5x gas 3x groceries 1x all else $0
    Costco Anywhere Visa®Best for Wholesale Clubs None 4% gas 3% dining and travel 2% at Costco 1% all else $0
    Best for Business Gas Rewards 100,000 points after $5,000 in 3 months Up to $150 credit on all purchases within 3 months 6x Marriott 4x dining, gas, cellular, and shipping 2x all else $125
    $300 after $3,000 in 6 months 6% groceries and streaming 3% transit and gas $95

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    Best For Road Trippers: Hilton Honors American Express Card

    The Hilton Honors American Express Card is the best hotel credit card for gas rewards. All eligible U.S. gas station purchases earn unlimited 5 Honors points per $1 spent. If you frequently travel for business and have a long commute to the home office, or need to cover an extensive sales territory by car, this is the card for you.

    Award night redemptions start as low as 5,000 points per night at the lowest-tier Hilton properties, so you can earn a free nights stay after as little as $1,000 in gas spending.

    Additional features:

    • Nongas Travel Rewards: 7x points on all eligible Hilton purchases.
    • Nongas 6x Rewards Categories: 5x points on U.S. grocery store, U.S. gas station, and U.S. drugstore purchases.
    • Base Rewards: 3x points on all other eligible purchases. You can also earn 500 bonus points per stay when you use your card to both reserve your hotel online and subsequently pay for your room upon arrival.
    • Sign-up Bonus: Earn 80,000 bonus Hilton Honors points after you spend at least $1,000 during the first 3 months your account is open. Plus, you can earn 50,000 in additional bonus points after you spend a total of $5,000 in the first 6 months of cardmembership.
    • Key Fees: No annual fee no foreign transaction fee. See rates and fees.
    • Enjoy complimentary Hilton Honors Silver status. Terms apply.
    • Spend $20,000 in a year to qualify for Hilton Honors Gold status. Terms apply.

    Learn more about this card and find out how to apply here.

    What Credit Score Do You Need For A Gas Credit Card

    The credit score required to get approved for a gas credit card varies based on the bank and which card you choose. Each of the cards on this list requires at least a good credit score , while some require excellent credit . None of the best gas credit cards on our list are geared towards those with bad or fair credit. If your credit needs work, it is best to focus on improving your credit score before applying for one of these gas credit cards.

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    Benefits For Warehouse Club Members

    If theres one thing warehouse club members can agree on, its that you should never pass up an opportunity to save money.

    Unfortunately, most general gas credit cards, even those offering cash back at all U.S. gas stations, specifically exclude gas bought at warehouse clubs like Sams Club and Costco.

    Plus, few if any rewards credit cards earn bonus points on nongas purchases at warehouse clubs.

    Add it all up and its clear that you need a special credit card to make the most of your warehouse store membership. The Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi is our top pick for people who drive a lot.

    How Much Cash Back Will I Earn

    Best Gas Credit Cards 2019

    It depends on the rewards credit card. Some credit cards have a cap on the total amount that you can earn, but others have no limit on the amount of cash back you can earn on your everyday purchases.

    The dollar value of the cash back youll earn can vary dramatically depending on your unique spending habits and the earning scheme of the credit card.

    Most cash back credit cards give a different percentage in cash back depending on how your purchase is categorized. For example, a cash back credit card may pay 4% cash back on a grocery purchase, but only 1% cash back on gas.

    For this reason, its important to analyze your spending habits and choose a cashback card that is right for you. For example, if you have a long commute and you spend $1,000 per month on gas and groceries, choose a credit card that gives a competitive cash back rate on that spending.

    If you choose wisely, charge your everyday purchases to your credit card and pay off your balance every month. Its a simple but savvy strategy that allows you to easily earn hundreds of dollars per year in cash rewards.

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    Bank Of Baroda Prime Credit Card

    • Joining fee: NIL
    • Cashback and Value back Benefits
    • 100% cashback up to Rs.250 on your fuel transactions.
    • 4% value back on your fuel expenses.
  • Reward Point Benefits
  • Get 20 reward points for every Rs.100 you spend at IOCL outlets.
  • 5 reward points every time you spend Rs.100 on online shopping using IndianOil Axis Bank Credit Card.
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