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What Are The Benefits Of Credit Card

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What Are The Benefits Of Credit Card

Credit Card Benefits: The Easier Way to Pay

Opportunity to buy items on low-cost EMIs using âbuy now, pay laterâ feature.

Alternative to cash for making transactions.

Access to a world of rewards, cashback and offers.

Provision for customers to withdraw cash from ATMs in case of need.

Commonly accepted mode of payment across the world.

Best way to manage immediate exigencies, such as medical emergencies.

Opportunity to improve your credit score.

Travel Bookings Can Be Made Easily

Now that travel has begun to rebound, youâre probably thinking of booking hotel rooms or air tickets again. In most cases, you will need a credit card to secure a hotel room when making an online reservation â even here in the UAE. While debit cards may be accepted in some cases, this is usually not the norm, and hotels or smaller accommodation venues may ask you to pay an advance by bank transfer instead. But when travel is uncertain because of constantly changing regulations, getting a refund can be a tedious and cumbersome process. With a credit card, the process is often easier and smoother.

Weigh Up Credit Card Insurance

Some credit cards also provide complimentary insurance. For example, some credit cards come with complimentary travel insurance and rental vehicle excess insurance.

Other common insurance offerings include purchase protection insurance , price protection insurance and extended warranty insurance.

You may also come across optional consumer credit insurance . This type of insurance provides cover if you are unable to meet your repayments because you are unemployed, you are sick or injured, or you die. ASICs Moneysmart warns that this insurance offers poor value for money and stresses that you dont have to buy it.

As with any insurance product, take the time to understand the limits and exclusions of any cover you may get and consider your personal needs and requirements.

Compare Credit Cards with Canstar

The table below displays some of our referral partners low rate credit cards for Australians spending around $2000 per month. The results shown are sorted by highest Star Rating, then lowest purchase rate, then alphabetically by provider name. Consider the Target Market Determination before making a purchase decision. Contact the product issuer directly for a copy of the TMD. Use Canstars credit cards comparison selector to view a wider range of credit cards. Canstar may earn a fee for referrals.

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Receive Travel And Purchase Protections

Similar to personal credit cards, business cards provide numerous travel and purchase protections. This may include no foreign transaction fees, cell phone protection, purchase and extended warranty protection, trip cancellation or interruption insurance and auto rental damage collision waivers.

All Capital One business credit cards offer no foreign transaction fees, auto rental damage collision waivers, travel and emergency assistance services, purchase security and extended warranty protection.

If you want cell phone protection, the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card offers coverage up to $600 per claim against covered theft or damage for you and your employees listed on your monthly cell phone bill when you pay it with your Ink Business Preferred Credit Card.

The Benefits Of Using A Credit Card

Advantages of Credit Cards and Why You Need One

In reality, theyre so much more than that when you use them right. A cash back card, for example, may allow you to save a few cents per dollar on purchases youd be making anyway. And if you consistently pay off your balance in full by the statement closing date, youll never have to pay a penny of interest.

  • Unlike debit cards, credit cards let you build a credit history
  • Points and miles earned can often be redeemed for valuable flights, hotel stays, and other rewards
  • Some cards include unique, valuable benefits, from airline statement credits to meal delivery memberships and beyond

So, credit cards have a clear leg up over other payment options, like debit cards.

Heres a realistic example.

Imagine that youre about to purchase a brand-new TV online. You could pay for it via debit, or you could whip out a rewards credit card to earn some points or cash back, and then pay that balance right after to keep interest at bay.

A 2%3% reward rate may not sound like much, but if youre dropping, say, $650 on the TV, 2% gets you $13 off the full price. Not bad.

Unfortunately, things quickly take a turn for the worse. You get your TV, set it up, and everything works perfectlyuntil you knock it over and shatter the display. Youre frustrated, because you didnt purchase a protection plan, and user damage isnt covered by the TVs warranty.

Oftentimes, credit cards include benefits that are not only useful, but can provide hundreds of dollars in additional value.

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Making Credit Card Repayments The Right Way

While using a credit card provides you with these five great benefits, itâs important to be responsible with your repayment obligations to enjoy them to their fullest.

When you use a credit card, youâre basically using the card providerâs money to make purchases which you then have to pay back. Itâs generally once a month that you make a repayment.

You usually have two options when making repayments. One, you can usually choose to make the full repayment of what you have spent with your credit card that month. Two, you can make the minimum repayment that your credit card provider requests. If you make the full repayment within an interest-free period, you pay back exactly what you spent with your credit card. If you opt to only make the minimum repayment, youâre probably going to incur interest fees on your account.

Your credit card provider should let you know from the outset of your contract with them what interest terms youâd be subject to. If not, be sure to clarify this when looking for a credit card provider as well as the interest-free period that you can take advantage of. The most important thing, though, is to make at least the minimum payment on time. Late payments can negatively affect your credit score. Better still to make full repayment if you can, so you donât incur any interest charges.

You Can Use Credit Cards To Start A Business

According to Brock Blake, founder and CEO of Lendio, one of the biggest misconceptions about credit cards is that theyre not a good way to fund a startup.

Credit cards not only have perks for personal use, but they can also be instrumental in starting a business.

Businesses in operation for three or more years may have many options for business financing, but startup business loans can be a lot harder to find, Blake said.

This is where both personal and business credit cards come in they might be your only real option to get your business off the ground.

And not only can they help you fund the business of your dreams, Blake said, but they also come with many perks.

For example, if you can qualify for a 0% interest credit card, you could purchase a much-needed piece of business equipment and pay it off, interest-free.

Just keep in mind that 0% interest deals have a shelf date for consumer cards, they typically expire in 12 to 15 months, although some issuers offer 18 months of no interest. Many business cards offer 0% interest periods of 12 months.

Using credit cards to start your business can also enable you to better manage your cash flow, Blake said.

This is one of the biggest struggles that business owners face they know theyll be able to generate sales and grow, but they need money to sustain them in the short term, Blake noted.

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The best way to start looking for health insurance is to do a close study of the coverage needs and checking the insurance company’s claim ratio. No unnecessary jargons, easy to apply claims process and choice of premium!

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Below You Will Find Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Benefit:

Benefits of credit cards you may not be taking advantage of

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Final Words Before We Go Shopping

If you consider yourself a responsible person regarding finances, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of a credit card. However, take the time to carefully study the contract before you decide on a particular card, to make sure that youre signing up for the right product.


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Help Separate Your Expenses At Tax Time

Using a business credit card can help you separate your personal and business expenses, giving you a clear picture of business spending to make record keeping far easier.

  • Monitor cash flow and reporting more easily.
  • Avoid the need to analyse each transaction to determine what was personal and what was for business.
  • Fees charged to a business account are considered a business expense, so they will be tax deductable.

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Your Future Income Is Reduced

Your income in the future is reduced each time you use a credit card, or any other form of debt, because youre borrowing money that you don’t have. A portion of your future income has to go toward repaying your credit card balance if you want to protect your credit.

The more debt you are in, the harder it becomes to pay off, or even pay down. Continuously using your card while making minimum payments increases your debt and decreases your future income.

Features And Benefits Of Credit Cards

» Credit Cards Cutting Back on Benefits

Like a debit card, a credit card is a convenient alternative for cash transactions, both online and offline. However, there is a difference between credit cards and debit cards. One of the primary advantages of a credit card over a debit card is that it lets you borrow money for your purchases. So, when you use your card to pay, the amount is not deducted from your bank account, but instead from a pre-approved loan offered to you. But that is not all! There are several other advantages of too. To understand this better, let us get into the details of credit card features and benefits.

ON THIS PAGE: Credit Card Features | Advantages of credit card | Benefits of Credit Cards | FAQs

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Disadvantages Of A Credit Card

  • High-interest ratesFailing to pay the outstanding dues on your credit cards within the due date incurs a high-interest rate. However, you can avoid paying additional interest by making timely repayments every month.
  • Can lead to overspendingThe ease of using credit cards can often lead to overspending. This can create a debt burden and also affect your credit score negatively. Try to keep your credit utilisation ratio below 50% of the total available limit and be disciplined about repayment to avoid this.
  • Being responsible with credit card usage allows you to enjoy the advantages of a credit card and save more on your expenses.

    Annual Statement Credits On Travel And Dining

    Another fantastic credit card benefit to be on the lookout for is statement credits that can save you money on specific purchases. These are two cards that offer this benefit:

    • American Express® Gold Card: Cardholders can get up to $120 in Uber Cash on Gold toward U.S. Uber rides and U.S. Uber Eats orders each calendar year . When you connect your Gold Card with your Uber account in the Uber app and use it to pay, you receive up to $10 back each month. You can also enroll your American Express® Gold Card for up to $120 in dining creditsagain, $10 per montheach calendar year when you use it to pay at Grubhub, Seamless, Boxed and other participating partners. Unlike typical credit cards, however, the American Express® Gold Card only allows you to carry a balance for certain chargesnot all. Terms apply.

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    It May Help In An Emergency

    Another option could be to create an emergency fund to help cover any unexpected expenses that crop up. You might also like to try the Canstar app or Budget Planner Calculator to help you manage your personal budget. This could help you avoid situations down the track where you need to rely on a credit card for emergency funds.

    Credit Card Fees And Costs

    Benefits of Having a Credit Card

    You can also be charged a range of fees and related credit card costs. This could include annual fees, late payment fees, international transaction fees, cash advance fees and balance transfer fees. There are some cards that have no annual fees, but these are usually no-frills cards. Frequent flyer and rewards credit cards typically charge higher annual fees.

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    Advantages Of A Credit Card

  • Big-ticket purchases with easeYou can purchase high-end products and services using your and repay with ease later. Some credit cards also allow you to convert big-ticket purchases into easy, manageable EMIs.
  • Reward points usageThe Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard offers attractive reward points with almost every transaction. Redeem these points for exclusive discounts, gift vouchers, cashback, and more.
  • Increases credit scorePayment of credit card bills in full within the due date every month increases your CIBIL score significantly. A good credit score can help you qualify you for a loan or a new credit card with a higher credit limit easily in the future.
  • Cash withdrawal with 0% interestThe Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard allows you to make cash withdrawals from ATMs with no interest for up to 50 days. This helps you meet your urgent needs instantly and repay later easily
  • Get Extra Spending Power

    Looking to furnish your new home or book your next overseas holiday but donât have enough cash to pay for it right away?

    A credit card lets you purchase these high-ticket items now and pay them off later by giving you instant spending power often two to three times your monthly salary. Just be sure to settle your credit card bill on time to avoid those high interest charges.

    You could also choose the EasyPay instalment plan to pay off your credit card bills . Simply charge a transaction of at least S$500 to your Standard Chartered Credit Card and apply to pay this off over six to 12 months, in interest-free instalments, with a one-time service fee of 5%.

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    Credit Cards Can Help You Stay Organized

    Kinane pointed out that using credit cards allows you to track your overall spending through your credit card bill or your online account, which can help you establish a budget and recognize where you should cut back to save money throughout the year.

    Some cards, like the Apple Card, even have personal finance management tools you can access on your smartphone or your online account.

    Print out your and highlight purchases by category using different color highlighters to see where you spent the most, Kinane suggested.

    You Can Now Swipe Your Card To Pay Your Traffic Fines In Kolkata


    When a traffic cop stops us for violating a traffic rule and asks us to pay the fine, not carrying enough cash has caused inconvenience. The Bidhannagar police launched a week long trial which allowed commoners to pay the traffic fines using their debit or credit card. This new system was appreciated and welcomed by many.Though many cities and towns allow their customers to pay their traffic fines online, this is the first time people are allowed to swipe their debit or credit card to pay the fine.

    Traffic sergeants in kolkata will carry a point-of-sale or electronic data capturing machine for this purpose. Upon payment, a receipt will be issued instantu. The receipt will carry the challan number, list the traffic violations, the vehicle details, the fine amount and a transaction ID. Will other cities and town adapt this new system? We will have to wait to know that.

    10 July 2018

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