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What Are Some Common Credit Card Perks

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Cash Back Credit Cards

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A cash back credit card earns rewards in the form of cash back. There are a few different ways to redeem cash rewards.

Just about all cash back cards let you apply your rewards as a statement credit on your credit card account. If you have $100 in cash back, you could use it to reduce your credit card bill by $100. A word of warning — credit card companies typically don’t consider cash back a substitute for your minimum payment. If there’s a balance on your cash back card, then you still need to pay at least the minimum amount.

Many cash back cards also let you deposit cash back into your bank account or request a check.

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Cons Of Rewards Credit Cards

  • Rewards often have strings attached: Unfortunately, earning rewards can sometimes be easier than using them. Airlines, hotels, and travel partners often have blackout dates or bar you from booking coveted business class seats or premium hotel rooms across much of the calendar. Usually this coincides with peak travel periods but not always. For cash back, rewards are often capped, require registration or include some other mild hurdle that makes earning a little less straight-forward than it may have seemed in the promotional copy.
  • Fees can be expensive: Generally, the bigger the rewards, the higher the annual fee. Some high-end rewards cards charge as much as $500 to $700 a year. And aside from the annual fee, there are plenty of other fees to consider, like potentially high APR rates, foreign transaction fees and balance transfer fees. Those who frequently make use of their cards benefits and perks can often recoup the cost of the annual fee in little time. On the flip side of this, if youre someone who rarely takes advantage of what your card has to offer, youre probably wasting your money.

Common Credit Card Perks People Forget To Use But Should

typically offer great perks and benefits that can be useful when planning trips or safeguarding purchases. However, it seems that users often forget they have these features or dont bother to use them.

According to the J.D. Power 2019 Canada Credit Card Satisfaction Study, travel-related benefits are among the perks with the most influence on customer satisfaction. Yet, the study suggests cardholders dont frequently use these benefits. Credit card usage comes in around 2% for hotel benefits, 9% for shopping benefits, and 6% for other travel-related benefits.

Overlooking common credit card perks can end up costing you money. Understanding the features offered by your card, however, can put more money back in your pocket.

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Determining The Right Type Of Rewards Card For You

There are so many options among rewards credit cards that picking the right one for you can;be;daunting. Make the process easier;by;approaching it systematically.

Rewards cards aren’t for everyone

The first step is;determining;whether a rewards card is right for you at all.;The best rewards credit cards require good to excellent credit generally defined as a credit score of 690 or above although there are a handful of options for fair or even bad credit.

A;rewards card makes sense if you pay your bill in full every month. If you carry a balance from month to month, the interest you’ll pay can quickly wipe out the value of your rewards; you’d be better off with a;low-interest credit card, or a;balance-transfer credit card;that would allow you to pay down your debt over a defined period of time with 0% interest.

Look at both ‘earn’ and ‘burn’

You’ll want a rewards credit card that makes sense on both the “earn” side;and the “burn” side. That means a card that rewards you for the kind of spending you do and that gives you rewards you can use . For example, earning;5% cash back on home improvement stores;might not;do much for someone who lives in a small studio apartment. And if you;never;travel, airline miles are pretty much worthless.

The right choice also will depend on how much effort youre willing to;put;into learning a;rewards program;and understanding a cards built-in perks. Annual fees and sign-up bonuses can also sway your decision.

‘Best’ is a personal matter

Understand Your Financial Situation

Credit card companies slashing perks, rewards due to pandemic

After you decide what you want to get out of opening a new credit card, take a look at where you are right now financially. Do you have enough credit history to qualify for a regular credit card or do you need to look for a starter credit card? Do you have enough income that you can afford to make your credit card payments on time? Do you think that you will need to frequently use a lot of your available credit or even max out your card?

If you know that you dont have a lot of extra funds each month, perhaps it is a better idea to wait until youre more capable of making payments before getting a credit card. You may even choose to save money each month for a downpayment on a secured credit card. You should always make your payments; however, a secured card could provide you with a little bit of extra protection if you were ever unable to pay.

If you think that you would be consistently using the majority of your available credit, it might be a better idea to wait as well. Having a high credit utilization ratio can be very harmful to your score.

Thinking about these things and using a free online tool to check your credit score are good second steps, that way you have a picture of what kinds of cards you might qualify for and if any of them match your goals.

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A Guide To The Best Credit Cards

The best credit cards on the market help you achieve important financial goals or bolster your financial well-being. A good rewards credit card, for instance, can help you earn points, miles or cash back on your purchases, while standout balance transfer credit cards can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest. The best credit card for you, of course, depends on your specific aim and spending habits. Here, we highlight our favorite credit cards across all popular categories, including business, low-interest and travel credit cards, and provide more guidance on how to choose the right one for you.

Airline And Hotel Credit Cards

Most airline and hotel loyalty programs offer their own credit cards that offer bonus points when you support that particular brand. You might also earn bonus points on select purchase categories like groceries and gas.

Branded cards that charge an annual fee usually offer additional loyalty program benefits. Airline mile credit cards usually offer free checked bags and priority boarding. These can be a great option if you are loyal to a particular airline and fly often.

Its not uncommon for hotel credit cards such as the Marriott Bonvoy cards to offer a free hotel night certificate with each card anniversary. You will also enjoy upgraded to in most cases a mid-tier loyalty membership status.

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Cash Back On Purchases And Payments

Different cards offer different amounts of cash back for purchases or payments. The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express offers 6% back on groceries up to $6,000 dollars each year and an unlimited 3% cash back on gas.;The Citi Double Cash Card offers 1% cash back when purchases are charged to the card;and an additional 1% cash back when those purchases are paid off.

Have A Lost Stolen Or Damaged Card Need Emergency Cash

6 Credit Card Secret Perks

Visa will block your card and connect you with your financial institution/Bank. Following bank approval, cardholders can also get an emergency card replacement within one to three business days*. Alternatively, Visa can arrange for cash to be available at a location near you usually within hours of your bankâs approval.

*Some restrictions/limitations apply

If your Visa card is ever lost or stolen, weâll help you notify the appropriate parties and replace your card.

ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock

No one can prevent all identity theft, so staying informed and knowing what to do when your identity is threatened can give you greater peace of mind. ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock provides you with the tools to help keep you informed of potential threats to your identity so you can act quickly.

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Chase Sapphire Reserve: Best For Frequent Travelers

Sign-up bonus:;60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months from account opening.

Rewards rate:;

  • 10x points total on hotels and car rentals booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 10x points total on Chase Dining purchases through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 5x points total on flights through Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 3x points on dining, including eligible delivery services, takeout and dining out
  • 3x points on all other travel
  • 1x point on all other purchases

Annual fee: $550

Who should apply: The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the top premium travel cards available. Youre earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points on a wide range of travel and dining purchases, while also getting access to luxury perks such as an annual $300 travel credit, Priority Pass lounge access, TSA PreCheck/Global Entry application fee credit and a $60 annual DoorDash credit for 2021.

Youll get at least one year of DashPass membership through DoorDash, a Lyft Pink membership;and an impressive;array of travel protections. The Chase Sapphire Reserve also;dropped a few new perks;to help maximize benefits during the pandemic.

When it comes time to redeem your rewards, you can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to any of;Chases 10 airline and three hotel transfer partners, or you can redeem them for certain travel purchases at 1.5 cents each. If youre a regular traveler who can take advantage of all of the cards perks, this is an excellent rewards card to have in your wallet.

Capital One Savorone Cash Rewards Credit Card

Our pick for: Dining and groceries + no annual fee

Love the night life but dead-set against paying an annual fee? Consider the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. It pays a lower cash-back rate on dining and entertainment than the regular;Savor card, but the rewards are nevertheless quite good. The sign-up bonus is smaller than on the annual-fee version, too, but it’s still solid. Read our review.

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Capital One Ventureone Rewards Credit Card

Best for travel rewards with no annual fee

  • This card is a good fit for: Beginner travelers.
  • This card is not a great choice for: Frequent travelers who want to capitalize on their travel purchases.
  • What makes this card unique? Instead of having to book your rewards travel through the issuers site, you can redeem your miles as a statement credit to cover travel purchases made on your card within the last 90 days. This allows you to truly hunt around for the best deal, whether thats through Capital One or another merchant.
  • Is the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card worth it? With no annual fee, its hard to go wrong with the VentureOne. The ease of earning and redeeming miles is a huge plus, especially for those just getting started with travel rewards. That said, 1.25 miles per dollar isnt the greatest rate, and you might have to wait a while to accumulate enough miles to cover a flight. For example, $6,000 in annual spending would earn you 7,500 miles over the course of a year . Miles are worth 1 cent apiece when redeemed for travel or a statement credit, so that gives you an annual rewards value of just $75.

Jump back to offer details.

Instant Credit Card Number

Need A New Rewards Card? Here Are Some Tips

When you apply for and are approved for select credit cards, you may receive the option to get an instant card number. This allows you to use your credit card for online transactions right away, without waiting for your physical card to arrive in the mail. Select card issuers, such as American Express, may provide your credit card number, expiration date and temporary CVV code after approval.

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Add Peace Of Mind To Your Itinerary

For a set price per service call, the program provides:

  • Standard Towing â Up to 5 miles included¹
  • Tire Changing â must have good, inflated spare tire
  • Jump Starting
  • Lockout Service
  • Fuel Delivery â up to 5 gallons
  • Standard Winching

¹Any vehicle with wheels is covered under the program as long as it can be classified as âLight Dutyâ. âLight Dutyâ vehicles are vehicles that weigh 10,000 lbs. or less. Vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs. are considered âMedium Dutyâ or âHeavy Dutyâ and are NOT covered under this program.

Not only will you not have to search for the name of a local tow operator, you may even save money because rates are pre-negotiated. All fees are conveniently billed to your Visa account.

Please keep in mind that you will want to read the full terms and conditions of the Roadside Dispatch program for further details including restrictions, limitations, and exclusions or check with your card issuer for a copy of your Guide to Benefits.

Know Your Rewards Program

Rewards programs vary by issuer to issuer or from card to card. To find the best ways to maximize points, miles or cash back, youll need to read the fine print. Fortunately, we have highlights, along with links to reviews, of popular credit card rewards programs to help you familiarize yourself with their current terms and conditions.

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What Is The Best Credit Card To Rebuild Credit

If youre looking to rebuild credit, the best card to get is a secured credit card. Your approval is guaranteed, but a security deposit is required to ensure bill payment. These cards are an excellent way to strengthen your credit, and if you continue to use it responsibly, your issuer will typically return your deposit and offer you an unsecured card within 12-18 months.

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How Do I Keep From Paying Interest

Credit Card Benefits Deep Dive Part 3: Rental Car Insurance

Thats a little bit confusing and, as you can see, can become costly very quickly. There is only one thing that you can do to avoid having to pay interest and that is to make sure that you always pay your full statement balance every month. Using the example above, your full statement balance would be $450. If you paid that entire amount, you would not pay any interest on that balance. This is thanks to the grace period that credit card companies offer.

The only exception to this rule is for credit cards that offer 0% APR as an introductory offer. You will not begin incurring interest, as long as youre making the minimum payment every month, until that introductory period ends. If you fail to pay off your entire statement balance before the end of the introductory period, you will be charged interest on your full balance, including those charges made during the introductory period that have not yet been paid off.

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How Do I Get A Credit Card If I Have No Credit History

There are plenty of options on the market for people with limited credit history. Shop around to find the card with the lowest APR and fees you can qualify for. If you are having trouble being approved for cards, consider a secured credit card that requires a security deposit or ask a parent to add you as an authorized user on his or her card.

How We Picked The Best Cash

To determine the best cash-back credit cards, we researched 18 popular cards and looked for those that offer the best overall financial value. This means we looked at net overall value for each rewards credit card, rather than prioritizing perks or offers that quickly lose value after the initial sign-up. In the end, the rewards credit card with the largest sign-on offer will not always be deemed the best card.;

We prioritized the cash-back credit cards that reward broad spending categories where Americans tend to spend significant amounts of money , instead of narrow categories like streaming services or “home improvement.” Then we compared reward offerings with potential returns based on hypothetical spending budgets. Those hypothetical budgets are based primarily on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey, with several members of the CNET staff’s subjective input, as well.;

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Take A Look At Your Spending Habits

The rewards card you choose should have a rewards structure centered around what you spend the most on. For example, if you manage a busy family of five, a rewards card that offers a high percentage of cash back on gas and groceries may be a good fit.

Should you already have one or more rewards cards, look for another that accomplishes a new goal or covers a segment of your budget not already accounted for.

What Should A Senior Citizen Look For In A Credit Card

The Best Credit Cards for Travel Insurance

So if youre a retiree looking for the best cards for senior citizens, what should you be looking for especially if its your first credit card in a long time, or ever!;

Rewards: It almost goes without saying, but the best cards for seniors are rewards cards. You dont want to spend money without getting an extra bonus out of it.;

There are a lot of kinds of rewards cards, but they have some things in common. Certain purchases count toward more reward points, so seniors looking for the best cards for their lifestyle should think about what they spend their money on. Some cards will give cash-back rewards on groceries, while others will give airline miles for travel-related purchases.;

Look for rewards cards that give back rewards for all purchases, not just something specific. While a travel card, for instance, might offer 5% back on travel purchases, it may also return 1%-2% on other purchases.;

Annual Fee: More specifically, no annual fee. While a lot of rewards cards have an annual fee, you shouldnt have to pay a yearly tax for the right to spend your own money. The best credit cards for senior citizens would include those that do not require an annual fee.;

Fair Interest Rate: We all know that credit card interest rates can be astronomical, but if youre looking for the best credit cards for retirees, a high interest rate is not in your best interests .;

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