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Is The Ulta Credit Card Worth It

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How To Redeem The Rewards Points Earned

Whats A ULTA Credit Card? I The Pros & Cons

In an Ulta Beauty shop, ask for your score balance at the checkout. When you already have a minimum of 100 points available, you can begin redeeming. Inform the affiliation how many points you would like applied to your purchase in the increments shown in the table below or even a combination of incremental increases.

It is up to you whether to use all or most of them. When youre at the payment page, you could also redeem them online. Locate the ground at the end of the page in which you can enter the number of points you would like to redeem. Redeem your points Dollars off any product:

100 $3.00

Getting 20% Off On The First Appointment

As I learned that first time, you can get a 20% first-timer discount. Just tell your stylist that youve never been to Ulta before. Also, you can continue to save by referring a friend, for $15.00 off your next service. To put even more cash in your bag, be on the lookout for their happy hours for particular services.

Can I Use My Ulta Credit Card To Buy A Gift Card

ULTACardsUltaultaultauseULTA Gift CardCard to purchaseGift CardsCardspurchaseGift CardsCardsGift CardsGift CardredeemULTA Gift Card on ULTAGift CardPaymentGift CardcardCan I use mycardUltawilluseHow to Get a Free Ulta Beauty Gift Card

  • Step 1: Download the Fetch Rewards App for FREE. Fetch Rewards is free and available in the App Store and Play Store.
  • Step 2: Scan Any of Your Grocery Receipts.
  • Step 3: Accumulate Points in Seconds.
  • Step 4: Redeem Your Points for a FREE Ulta Beauty Gift Card.
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    What Do I Get For Joining The Ulta Rewards Program

    The Ulta rewards program, called Ultamate Rewards, lets customers earn points with each purchase. These points can be used for an Ulta discount on future purchases. Using an Ulta credit card will give rewards members double the points. Reward program members will also receive 20% off their first purchase after signing up.

    Compared To The Competition

    Ulta Credit Card

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    Ultamate Rewards Credit Card Drawbacks

    • Two credit cards. You dont know which Ulta credit card youll get until youre approved.
    • Limited redemption options. You can only redeem Ultamate Rewards points for discounts at Ulta Beauty.
    • No intro APR period. No matter which credit card version you get, you wont get a 0% intro APR period on balance transfers or purchases.
    • Foreign transaction fee. Purchases made abroad or online with foreign merchants will cost 3% of the amount.

    You can only redeem your points in increments:

    While you can earn 2x points on Ulta purchases, the value of your points depends on how many you have. Here is a breakdown of how much you can earn based on the number of points you have.

    Redeem points

    Best Store~app For All Your Body & Beauty Needs

    I only wish I had found ULTA sooner. You carry all the best brands of Make up, Hot tools, Shampoo & Conditioners and so much more. Your prices and freebies are unbeatable! You put together a store that has everything you need. I am in Love! My most favorite thing about ULTA is being able to get high end products, like Clinique foundation and Moisturizer at the same price or lower. I will never have to stand in line at a cosmetic counter, ever again. Your small trial size bottles are perfect. They last long enough for you to know whether, it works for you or not. So when buying a large bottle you are confident, in buying a large bottle. I shop at ULTA for my whole family and have never been disappointed. You give great information on your products so you know exactly what your getting. At Cosmetic counters your stuck to pick and choose quickly. You hope the 50$ eye cream you bought, gives you the result you wanted! With ULTA you are not rushed, giving you time to read about the products you want. The details are so important and you deliver in that regard! Lastly the product deals you notify me of, are wonderful. Thank you ULTA, I could not ask for more. You have covered every base! The Frazier Family

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    Ultamate Rewards Credit Card Vs Ultamate Rewards Mastercard

    Some key differences exist between the two credit cards Ulta offers. Heres what you need to know about each card.

    The Ultamate Rewards credit card offers these features and conveniences:

    • Use the card at Ulta Beauty stores and
    • Earn two points for every $1 you spend.
    • Get 20% off your first purchase.
    • No annual fee applies to the card.

    The Ultamate Rewards Mastercard includes these features and conveniences:

    • Use the credit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including Ulta Beauty stores and
    • Get two points for every $1 you spend at Ulta, and one point for every $3 you spend anywhere else.
    • Get 500 welcome bonus points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days outside of Ulta Beauty.
    • No annual fee applies to the card.

    What You Need To Know About The New Ulta Credit Card

    ULTA Beauty HAUL 2019 I Opened an ULTAMATE REWARDS Credit Card! (GIVEAWAY PREVIEW)

    Affiliate LinksUltamate Rewards Credit CardUltamate Rewards MasterCardon the Ulta website HEREHere are the perks for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card:

    • 20% off your first purchase at Ulta Beauty
    • No Annual Fee
    • 1 point for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty

    Here are the perks for the Ultamate Rewards MasterCard:

    • 20% off your first purchase at Ulta Beauty
    • No Annual Fee
    • 1 point for every $1 spent at Ulta Beauty
    • 1 point for every $3 spent outside of Ulta Beauty
    • Enjoy 500 Welcome Bonus Points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days outside of Ulta Beauty

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: If you have questions about ANYTHING mentioned above, please go here

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    How Much Are Ulta Rewards Points Worth

    Ulta Rewards Points are worth between 3 cents and 6.25 cents in value. The more points you redeem at once, the more your points are worth.

    You’ll get the lowest value of 3 cents per Ulta Rewards Point when you redeem $100 points for $3 off and the highest value of 6.25 cents when you redeem 2,000 points for $125 off.

    The Downside Of An Ulta Credit Card

    With all these reward goodies, there is a downside. The APR on this card is a whopping 26.99%. If you have the discipline to pay your card off every month, though, it’s a good deal for consumers who invest a lot in their groomingand many Ulta locations have salon services on the premises.

    If that APR has you a little spooked, there are many other cards with good rewards programs that have lower interest ratesApple, Capital One, Discover, AmEx, and Citi are all good options. If you bank with Well Fargo, Bank of America, , or Chase, check out their rates for deposit customers.

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    Ulta Credit Card Alternatives For Poor Or No Credit

    One thing is clear. If you want to apply for any of the Ulta credit cards you will need to have a good credit score.

    This makes a case for the Capital One credit card, which allows people to build a credit history and increase their credit score. This is so as it has no annual fees and it applies a credit limit increase after five consecutive on-time payments.

    Do Ulta Points Expire

    29 ULTA Hacks That Will Save You Serious Cash

    Points will expire at the end of the quarter one year after the date they were earned. Check your receipt,, or your monthly Ultamate Rewards email statement for the next expiration date. If you are a Platinum or Diamond member, points never expire as long as you maintain Platinum or Diamond status.

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    Should You Really Do Your Hair At The Ulta Hair Salon

    I moved to Miami a couple of years ago and needed a place where I could get my hair done well, but at a good price. So like any good millennial, I did some online research and came upon that big corporate chain called Ulta. As it turned out, they have a hair salon. I decided to give it a shot.

    At first, I hesitated because getting my hair done at a chain doesnt sound glamorous or like youre going to the best beauty salon. I decided to give it a try since my crazy schedule only let me squish in an appointment on a Sunday, conveniently within Ulta salon hours, and when most other salons are closed.

    I made the appointment online through their pretty straightforward booking system and even got a confirmation text giving me the option to cancel with a reply text back. Heres how it went.

    You Love Dining Out Or Attending Concerts

    Your Citi Premier Card is good for more than just ThankYou points. It also offers some entertainment perks.

    Citi Entertainment gives you access to presale tickets and exclusive experiences, whether you love concerts, sporting events, dining or other popular entertainment options.

    Cardholders can also access a 24/7 concierge service to help with hotel and restaurant reservations, as well as assistance with any other related travel, dining or entertainment needs.

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    Online Payment Form The Ulta Credit Card

    The following steps depict the online payment to get done from the Ulta credit card:


    Generate your login by going to the Ulta websites login page and clicking on Register for Access.


    Enter the last 4 digits of your Security Number, your card account number, and your ZIP code.


    Choose a user name and password.


    Sign in with your recently created login and password.


    Enter your checking account as well as routing number.


    To pay your bill, simply follow the prompts. Youll also have access to the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to view your statements, keep updating your profile, & manage your account.

    The Lowdown On The Ulta Hair Salon

    4000 Ulta Rewards Points Haul! ($250 value)

    To sum it up, at the Ulta salon you get great quality style that gives you cashback, which you can use to redeem on beauty products and, as of 2019, hair salon services, too! I also love that its open on Sundays bookable online and you can get awesome products for half the price.

    Thats my take!

    Have you tried the Ulta hair salon or are there other places youd rather recommend? Let me know your take on it!

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    Can You Use The Sephora Credit Card At Other Stores To Earn Points

    The Sephora Credit Card can only be used at Sephora stores or online at The Sephora Visa Credit Card, however, can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted. Youll also earn 1% back in rewards on purchases at other stores, along with a $20 reward if you spend $500+ at other stores within the first 90 days.

    Things All Canadians Shopping At Ulta Should Know

    Even though most items available at Ulta ship to Canada, there are still things you should keep in mind whenever you’re planning a shopping spree. Canadians don’t have all the same options and perks as Americans, but there are still a few ways you can save and make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

    1. There are no physical Ulta stores in Canada

    We’ve been waiting for an Ulta to open in Canada for years, but so far, we haven’t lucked out. Despite rumours of an Ulta store in Toronto, there are currently NO Ulta locations north of the border, and it doesn’t look like there are plans to change that anytime soon. Still, I’m holding out hope. If you’re looking to do some cross-border shopping in person, check out their store locator for the closest one to where you’ll be.

    2. Ulta lists ALL their current promotions in one place

    Ulta promo codes are rare in Canada, but it’s always worth poking around to see if there are any you can use. Borderfree will post current shipping offers right on the store page. And if you want to know exactly what sales are happening on the Ulta Global site, head to their Special Offers section for all the details.

    3. Canadians still aren’t eligible for ULTAMATE Rewards

    4. You have to contact Ulta directly if you need to return something

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    More: 25 Summer Beauty Picks To Shop At Ulta Right Now

    Today, Ulta announced it will be introducing a branded credit card, which retroactively struck fear into my teenage heart, as though I could somehow go back and get myself into trouble. Not so.

    Customers were asking for it, Ultas chief marketing and merchandising officer David Kimbell told WWD. They showed interest in it, and I think its in large part because of the engagement that many of our guests have with our loyalty program. They were interested in ways to participate more, to get more points, to be more involved.

    Sounds about right. The brand will introduce an Ultamate Rewards MasterCard, which is exactly what it sounds like, and an Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, which can only be used at Ulta.

    Does this mean a Sephora credit card is next?

    What Can You Do If Your Ulta Gift Card Is Almost Empty

    Credit One Bank Online Access: Is Ulta Credit Card Worth It

    If you only have a few dollars left on your Ulta gift card, there are still a few things you can do to get the maximum value out of it.

    Your easiest course of action is to use the card in part-payment of your next Ulta purchase and make up the balance with another payment method.

    If you dont need anything from Ulta, you can look at converting your gift card into cashthere are several places you can do this:

  • Card exchange
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    Get Cash Back With Donotpay

    DoNotPay is the master at making your life simplergetting cash back on gift cards is the latest example of what we can do to help!

    With our Cash Back product, we can release the remaining balance on your Ulta gift card without you losing money or leaving your home. We can even help you get free gift cards that you may be able to exchange for cash.

    Getting your cash back is easyheres what you need to do:

  • in your web browser
  • Click on our Cash Back on Gift Cards product
  • Enter your Ulta gift card details
  • If you live in one of the cash back states, we will send your claim to your nearest Ulta store for reimbursement. If you live elsewhere, we will find the best location in one of the cash back states and send your claim to them to process. You should get your money within 14 days.

    To Make Your Payment Online

    you have to register for online access or login to your account at the Ulta card website.

    Youll need to have your checking account number and bank routing number at hand before you can make payment online. Next, head over to the payments tab and enter the amount you wish to pay, as well as the account you wish to draw the payment from.

    Since youre here, you may also check out the Venmo card or Cash App card to see if they fit your personality better.

    Registering For Online Access

    Youll only need to follow this step if youve not created an account online before.

    • To register, visit the Ulta credit card page to get started.
    • Next, click on the Register for access link to proceed.
    • Complete the form by entering your credit card account number, ZIP code, and the last four digits of your SSN in their respective fields.
    • Finally, create a username and password which youll be using to access your account subsequently.

    Upon creating an account, login your account to make your credit card bill payment online.

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    Benefits Of Having An Ulta Credit Card

    Ulta is a chain of beauty stores with on-site salons. As a result, it sells a wide range of products that should prove interesting to both men and women, which include but are not limited to cosmetics, skincare products, and hair care products. Due to this, interested individuals might want to check out the Ulta credit card, which as its name suggests, is intended to be most useful for Ulta customers. Here are 10 benefits that can be had by becoming an Ulta credit card user:

    Earning Points Shopping With Ulta

    ULTA SHOPPING TIPS | Get the MOST Out of Your Ultamate Rewards Program | Katie Marie

    Ulta Rewards members will earn between 1 and 1.5 points per $1 spent on all products and services at Ulta Beauty Stores in-store and online . The amount of points you earn will depend on your membership level in the Ulta Rewards program.

    Ulta Membership Levels

    Points earned per $1 spent
    1.5 Points


    You will become an Ulta Member when you sign up for an Ultamate Rewards account. This will earn you 1 point per $1 spent in-store and online with Ulta.

    It is free to sign up for an Ultamate Rewards account, so I recommend doing so if you plan on making a purchase with Ulta.

    Platinum Member

    Ulta Platinum membership is earned after spending $500 per year in-store or online with Ulta. As a Platinum member, you will earn 1.25 points per $1 spent with Ulta.

    Diamond Member

    Ulta Diamond membership is earned after spending $1,200 per year in-store or online with Ulta. As a Diamond member, you will earn 1.5 points per $1 spent with Ulta.

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