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Is Nordstrom Credit Card Easy To Get

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Easiest Store Credit Cards to Get – 10 Store Card Reviews

a 640+ credit scoreThe Target Credit Card credit score requirement is fair. So, you need a 640+ credit score to get it. The Target Credit Card is a store card, and just about all store credit cards require fair credit. But because its a store credit card, it can only be used to make Target purchases, in-store and online.

What Could Be Improved

Consider these not-so-great details of the Nordstrom cards before you apply for one.

Bonus amount

The $60 bonus you get from opening a Nordstrom credit card is better than nothing. However, many are worth hundreds of dollars — and that includes no-annual-fee cards. If you shop around even briefly, you’ll have no trouble finding cards with much more upfront value than a Nordstrom credit card.

Mediocre rewards

The sign-up bonus isn’t the only area where a Nordstrom credit card doesnt earn you much back. The 3 points per $1 offered on Nordstrom purchases is mediocre, as there are other store credit cards offering 4% or 5% back. And there’s an even worse flaw with the rewards rate on the Nordstrom credit card.

You can already get 1 point per $1 on Nordstrom purchases just by signing up for The Nordy Club. If you did that, you could use a different rewards credit card on those purchases. You’d then earn whatever that credit card earned on the purchase, plus 1 point per $1 through The Nordy Club. The advantage of that method is that you could use a credit card with more flexible rewards, such as cash back.

Financing offers

Several store credit cards have zero-interest financing available, allowing you to avoid interest charges if you pay off your purchase within the promotional period. You won’t get these kinds of offers with a Nordstrom credit card.

Limited reward redemption options

Redemption minimum

Compared To The Competition

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What Kind Of Credit Would I Need To Get The Nordstrom Card

Answered on Apr 2, 2015

The content is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

Your credit does not need to be perfect to get the Nordstrom credit card. However, you should not apply for this card if your credit is bad, as a hard inquiry resulting in not being approved will only hurt your credit score. In addition, if your you may not be afforded a favorable interest rate. The interest rate on this card can be up to 24.40%. Also, the Nordstrom Visa Signature card comes without a limit so it is more exclusive than the store card. This of course does not mean you can charge whatever you want on it. It simply means that charges to the card are approved on a case-by-case basis. However, this also means that any charge can be turned down at any time. Both cards are issued by TD Bank USA.

Customer Returns On A Nordstrom Debit Card

how to: get early access to the Nordstrom Anniversay sale ...

Returns using a Nordstrom debit card are no different than returns using other debit or credit cards. When you make a return using your Nordstrom debit card, the funds are credited back to the linked personal checking account.

The only drawback is that it takes a bit longer if you process the refund using your Nordstrom Debit Card. The CSA advised that I use my actual debit card from my banking institution to make the returns because fees will be credited immediately.

Additionally, if more than one return is made on the same day to the Nordstrom debit card, you will see the total sum of the returns in your bank statement. So dont be alarmed when you see a single large purchase on your billing statement! It might be multiple purchases that were made that day.

One of the best benefits of the Nordstrom debit or credit cards is the opportunity to earn a $20 Nordstrom note if you spend $100 the day you receive your card. Thats 20% off your first purchase of $100+.

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How The Nordstrom Visa Credit Card Compares To Other Shopping Rewards Cards

Store cards are available almost everywhere you shop, and each one has its own set of requirements and benefits. Even when comparing the Nordstrom Visa Signature to the Platinum version of the card, youll find variances. Like other store cards, the for the Nordstrom Visa card tends to be lower.

For instance, the U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature® Card gives you 5 percent cash back for your first $2,000 in eligible spending each quarter on two categories of the 12 available, including at select department stores. 2 percent cash back on one everyday category, like gas stations, grocery stores or restaurants. Then, you earn 1 percent cash back for everything else. Theres no annual fee for this card, either.

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express is another strong contender for people who want to be rewarded for purchases in a broader range of categoriesincluding shopping. As a welcome bonus, earn 20% back on purchases on the Card in the first 6 months of Card membership, up to $150 back. Plus, earn $100 back after you spend $2,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 6 months of card membership. You will receive cash back in the form of statement credits.

The flexible rewards program includes 3 percent cash back at U.S. supermarkets and 2 percent cash back at U.S. gas stations and select U.S. department stores. Youll earn 1 percent cash back on everything else.

How To Make A Nordstrom Card Payment Through The Mobile App

Using your mobile device to make a payment is convenient and easy through the Nordstrom app, which is available on both and the App Store. Heres how:

  • Install and open the Nordstrom app on your mobile device.
  • Register for online account access if you havent already.
  • Log in to the app with the username and password you created when you registered.
  • Find the Pay Bill Online field and click a new window will open.
  • Log in again and follow the prompts to complete your payment.
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    How The Nordstrom Credit Card Works

    Like most large retail stores, Nordstrom offers a store-brand credit card with benefits beyond those available in its rewards program. The most basic option is the Nordstrom retail , which can only be used at one of the Nordstrom-brand locations, including Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Nordstrom Trunk Club.

    Apply For A Nordstrom Credit Card Online

    Anniversary SALE 2021 – Get a $60 CREDIT and shop early with a Nordstrom card

    To apply online, follow these steps:

  • You will need your Social Security number and a form of ID such as a drivers license, state ID, passport, green cards or military ID.
  • Visit the Nordstrom credit application site and click Apply Now.
  • Fill out the Nordstrom credit card application with the details of your current income and date of birth.
  • Review the disclosures and click Agree and Apply. You will receive a $40 bonus Nordstrom Notes certificate to spend once approved.
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    How To Apply For Nordstrom Credit Card

    • Visit the Nordstrom credit card website.
    • Fill in the application form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.
    • Check the information is accurate and submit your application.

    If your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for this credit card, check out our guide for the best credit cards for bad credit.

    SuperMoney DisclosureEditorial Disclaimer

    Bankrates Takeis Nordstrom Visa Signature Card Worth It

    The Nordstrom Visa Signature card is best for shoppers who are loyal to the Nordstrom brand and can take advantage of all the shopping perks .

    While there may not be an annual fee, if you dont purchase enough from Nordstrom on a regular basis, then this credit card really wont be working for you, since it only earns bonus points on Nordstrom purchases and those points cannot be redeemed in any other way. Store credit cards are designed to keep you loyal to one brand, and the Nordstrom Visa Credit Card is no exception.

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    Other Things To Consider

    • Potential For A Reasonable Regular APR: Depending on your overall creditworthiness, you could be assigned an APR of 25.9% with the store-only Nordstrom card. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to carry a balance from month to month. Doing so still will be expensive, just not as expensive as it would be with many other cards.
    • Assorted Visa Cardholder Benefits: If you get approved for the Nordstrom Credit Card, you will have access to benefits such as rental-car insurance, travel accident insurance, and a 24/7 concierge.
    • Balance Transfers Not Allowed: Like many other store-affiliated credit cards, neither Nordstrom card allows users to transfer existing balances from other plastic. They therefore wont help you reduce the cost of amounts already owed or help you reach debt freedom faster, if either of those is your goal.

    How To Make A Nordstrom Card Payment Online

    Nordstrom Card Sign In / Nordstrom Credit Card Login Make ...

    Before you can make online payments, youll have to register online. Once you do, you can make an online payment at the Nordstrom card services website by following these steps:

  • Visit the Nordstrom credit card and enter your username and password.
  • After logging in, locate the bill payment option in the account dashboard.
  • Select your method of payment bank account, debit card or credit card and fill in the associated information. When paying with your bank account, have your bank routing number available to complete the payment.
  • Verify the information and click Submit to make your one-time payment.
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    How Does The Nordstrom Card Compare To Other Credit Cards

    This credit card generally performs worse when compared to other cash back credit cards. The only way this card can differentiate itself from the competition is for anyone who takes advantage of days when you can earn more than the standard 2x per $1.

    At this point, you can earn rewards rates of anywhere between 4% to 20%. Note that these days happen rarely throughout the year. Since these cards come with no annual fee, there is no reason you cant pair a Nordstrom card with your everyday credit card. At the very worst you can take advantage of a single Triple Point day and the $100 alteration reimbursement.

    Message From Nordstrom Rewards Credit Card

    TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank® is one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., with over 25,000 employees and deep roots in the community dating back more than 150 years. The Bank offers a broad array of retail, small business and commercial banking products and services to more than 9.5 million customers through its extensive network of approximately 1,220 convenient locations throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Metro D.C., the Carolinas and Florida. The Board of Directors has adopted a U.S. Code of Conduct and Ethics in addition to the TD Bank Group Code of Conduct and Ethics. These principles embrace the highest standards of corporate governance by promoting the effective functioning of corporate and Board activities and ensuring TD Bank continues to conduct business in accordance with the most stringent legal and ethical standards. These principles have always been a fundamental and integral part of the management and operation of TD Bank.

    Enjoy fashion access, exclusive services and amazing experiences – and benefits just for cardmembers. Apply for a Nordstrom credit card today and you’re on your way!

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    Best Department Store Credit Cards For Bad Credit

    Despite former industry predictions, most department stores still arent going away any time soon. Many brands are actually expanding their eCommerce presence thanks to increasing online and mobile shopping trends.

    But while department stores are a shopping haven for name-brand clothing, high-end makeup, and premium housewares, theyre also a hotspot for high prices. And, by purchasing with store-branded cards that have high APRs, shoppers can quickly blow their budget and, potentially, their credit.

    However, if youre a repeat customer or if you always have a long list of gifts to buy for the holidays, you may reap some benefits from a store card.

    Perks run the gamut from exclusive sale access and products to special financing options on large purchases. Just be mindful to pay off your card as soon as possible to prevent interest fees from accumulating.

    Requesting A Nordstrom Credit Increase

    BEST CREDIT CARDS 2021 – 2ND HALF UPDATE! Best cash back credit cards, travel cards, new to credit..

    If you dont receive an automatic credit limit increase, you can call Nordstrom Card Services and request an increase. Keep in mind, when you request an increase, Nordstrom may do a soft or hard pull on your credit. A Nordstrom Card Services representative should be able to tell you if a hard pull is required.

    We were told that credit increases range from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars, depending on the individual. Creditors base credit limits on a number of factors your credit report and credit rating are major considerations. For more details of the factors that can affect your credit limit, see our related article on the Victorias Secrets credit limit increase policy. The listed factors apply to all types of cards .

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    How Often Does Nordstrom Increase Credit Limit

    Short Answer. You may see an automatic credit limit increase on your Nordstrom credit card about six months after you open an account however, system-generated increases are not automatically implemented for everyone. To request an increase, you can call the Nordstrom Card Services department at 478-6390.

    Citi Double Cash Card

    The Citi Double Cash Card pays you cash back on purchases two different ways.

    First, you get 1% back when you spend, then you get another 1% back when you make a payment.

    Theres no annual fee and you can earn as little or as much cash back as you like, depending on how often you use the card.

    This card gives you more flexibility than the Nordstrom store card since you can use it anywhere – but it has fewer rewards than the Nordstrom Visa Signature.

    There is one positive, however, this card offers a promotional APR on purchases and balance transfers.

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    Is The Card For You

    As with any store credit card, you need to determine the value to you. The welcome bonus may make it worth the hassle to open the account, but you are unlikely to earn significant rewards beyond the welcome bonus. The Nordstrom Credit Card is a middle-of-the-road rewards card, comparable to other store credit cards. However the Nordstrom Visa Credit Card offers significantly fewer rewards than the other top department stores American Express cards.

    Does Nordstrom Automatically Increase Credit Limit

    how to: get early access to the Nordstrom Anniversay sale ...

    Short Answer: You may see an automatic credit limit increase on your Nordstrom credit card about six months after you open an account however, system-generated increases are not automatically implemented for everyone. To request an increase, you can call the Nordstrom Card Services department at 478-6390.

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    Alternatives To The Nordstrom Credit Card

    The key alternative to the Nordstrom store credit card is the general use card. The general use card, issued by TD Bank, can be used at Nordstrom and its owned stores, as well as all merchants that accept Visa.

    Nordstrom offers both a store credit card that can only be used on Nordstrom and its owned-store orders, but also a co-branded Visa card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

    Minimum Credit Score For The Nordstrom Credit Card

    Nordstrom doesnt specify a minimum credit score required for approval for its credit card. If you have fair to good credit with no recent blemishes, the chances of approval are greater than if you have poor credit with recent delinquencies. If youre unsure about where your credit stands, consider ordering a free copy of your credit score. Consumers are also entitled to a free copy of their credit report every year from each of the three credit bureaus by visiting

    See where you stand in comparison to Credit Sesame members this is data taken from a subset of 7 million members collected October 2015.

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    Better Cards To Use At Nordstrom

    As a closed-loop card, the Nordstrom Retail Card is only usable for branded purchases, accepted at any Nordstrom location , plus online at,, and, and For those who don’t spend enough with these brands to make the card worthwhile, an all-around rewards card can be a much better choice.

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