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Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge

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What Does Credit Card Concierge Offer

Rare Chanel Purchase?! | Amex Platinum Concierge

Concierges offer exceptional service and highly knowledgeable insights at a moments notice. These unique services assist with a vast number of tasks, including travel arrangements, dining reservations, flower purchases, and more.

Some of the more common credit card concierge requests include:

  • Purchasing airline tickets
  • Purchasing flowers for an anniversary or birthday
  • Getting tickets to a popular concert or sporting event
  • Getting advice on foreign travel, including ordering foreign currencies
  • Researching different prices on gift items

What Are Credit Card Concierge Services Are Available

Services vary between cards, issuers and networks, but card concierges are typically available to help you with tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking events, shopping and travel.

Some services are better than others in that they offer a wider range of benefits, said Aaron Aggerwal, assistant vice president of credit cards for Navy Federal Credit Union. Generally, concierge services are quite comparable, but unique to each individual card.

For some, this type of card benefit can be a good way to make a desired purchase more easily or affordably. A few months ago, with the Platinum card from American Express, I was looking to get tickets to one of the shows at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and they were able to actually pretty much have a couple seats reserved at that play for me, said Brian Spychalski, a freelance consultant and financial analyst. So instead of going online to a ticketing service, I was able to buy them directly through American Express at face value.

It can get your mind rolling, Spychalski added. So while you are doing your planning, if you are one of those people who isnt 100 percent sure what you want to do, they will give you recommendations for things to see or popular places other cardholders have gone.

Is The Amex Platinum Worth It

The American Express Platinum Card, known for its prestigious benefits and sleek appearance, is a card worth bragging about. Between the numerous travel benefits, reputable concierge service and consumer protections, the card is worth considering if you can stomach the steep annual fee.

However, some credit card enthusiasts have compared the new benefits to that of a “coupon book,” questioning the true value these credits are offering Platinum cardmembers. Many of the benefits, like the entertainment and Equinox credits, are essentially forcing some customers to spend more money than they normally would defeating the purpose of the card saving you money.

In addition, there are valid arguments that the Amex Platinum card is only worth holding onto for one year, and then cardholders should consider canceling when the second annual fee posts on the billing statement because the value of benefits significantly decreases after the first year, most notably because you won’t receive a second the welcome offer.

Here is a list of the benefits you will receive in your first year of card membership:

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What Credit Cards Have The Best Concierge

Typically, credit card concierge services are offered as a card benefit on ultra-premium credit cards like elite travel cards. These types of cards usually are intended for an affluent customer base who can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a year in annual fees, but you can find cards that come with the service without the sky-high price tag.

Card issuers offer this service as just one in a slew of perks available on premium credit cards. Although this feature alone shouldnt be your main reason to apply for a card, there are few standouts. Here are a few of our picks:

Amex Platinum And Chase Sapphire Reserve Bonuses

Amex Personal Platinum Vs Business Platinum Vs Chase ...
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express: 100,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $6,000 in your first 6 months of card membership, plus 10x points on eligible purchases on the Card at restaurants worldwide and when you Shop Small in the U.S., on up to $25,000 in combined purchases, during your first 6 months of card membership
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve®: 50,000 points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first three months of account opening

The cards have a lot in common, but there are also distinct features unique to each of them. Here’s a guide to help you compare The Platinum Card® from American Express and Sapphire Reserve and decide which card is best for you.

We’re focused here on the rewards and perks that come with each card. These cards won’t be worth it if you’re paying interest or late fees. When using a credit card, it’s important to pay your balance in full each month, make payments on time, and only spend what you can afford to pay.

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Best Overall Concierge Credit Card:

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

The Sapphire Reserve® offers a lot of value for a high $550 annual fee. Cardholders receive TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry credits every four years, unlimited lounge access through Priority Pass, and Visa® Infinites Luxury Hotel Collection. Theres also the excellent Visa Infinite Concierge.

The real benefit of the Sapphire Reserve®, however, is in the value of its points. Beyond juicy signup bonuses, the card earns serious travel and dining points, with Reserve cardholders receiving an additional 50% redemption value through the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. That program, considered one of the best in the rewards game, offers cardholders access to one-to-one point-to-airline mile transfers, unique experiences, and more.

What Can A Credit Card Concierge Service Do For You

  • Book travel: Comparing the price of travel can be surprisingly time-consuming. Why not ask your concierge to set up your trip for you? Your concierge can help with the rest of your travel planning, too finding attractions, identifying restaurants that suit your dietary needs, reserving a rental car , and that kind of thing.
  • Make dinner reservations: Need restaurant reservations for an upcoming family outing or business meeting? Your concierge cant get you in if its fully booked, but it should be able to help you arrange a reservation for the most convenient opening available.
  • Purchase tickets: Concierge services are great for securing tickets to sporting events, concerts, and other high-demand happenings. Even if the event is sold out, the concierge may be able to find you a ticket through a reliable reseller.
  • Locate hard-to-find items: Whether youre after a toy thats in high demand or a certain grocery item thats out of stock at all of your local big box retailers, your concierge can likely help get what you need.
  • Recover lost/forgotten items: If youve left something behind , your concierge may be able to arrange someone to collect and return it before its lost to the ether.
  • Conduct research: Provided its not classified knowledge, your concierge should be able to look into pretty much anything, information-wise, even if that means reaching out to a brand or another party with questions.

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Which Cards Offer These Benefits

These extra special perks are most often tied to premium credit card programs structured for an elite consumer base: those who make more, spend more and have excellent credit.

Credit card concierge services are often seen as a high-end benefit and are more often included with credit cards that carry an annual fee, Aggerwal said. However, as card issuers are always looking to enhance the member experience, many credit cards without annual fees now come with this service.

As card issuers are always looking to enhance the member experience, many credit cards without annual fees now come with this service.

As banks fight for attention in the competitive reward card space, concierge benefits are available to those who qualify, but not widely advertised. Issuers are trying to identify a need and how to respond to the market, Feddis said. Its very competitive and a niche product, so they dont want to share all the details with their competitors.

If youre curious about the concierge services offered by cards in your wallet or one you are considering applying for, reach out to the issuing bank or call the number listed on the back of your credit card for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Visa Cards

Credit Card Concierge Service | Underrated Benefit That’s Useful for Both Travel & Daily Life

VISA has simpler benefit structure, and breaks down into two tiers: standard VISA and VISA Signature. Just like the standard Mastercard, the base level VISA network doesn’t provide any above average benefits.

VISA Signature are where most of the networks benefits come into play. The best amongthese include:

  • Lost luggage reimbursement. If an airline losses your baggage on a flight for which you paid with a VISA Signature card, the network will reimburse you the damages, up to $3,000, or $2,000 per bag. Not all cards qualify for the benefit, however. Each individual issuer can limit this benefit per account.
  • Signature Luxury Hotel Collection. Though VISAs website, you can get low rates on over 900 participating hotels, with some added benefits. The only catch is you must pay for it using the Visa Signature card. Like World Mastercards Hotels & Resorts program, you get additional perks such as room upgrades and late check-out. VISA’s offer is slightly more powerful, as it includes more hotels.

Though VISA does not provide price protection, some issuers with VISA cards do. The most notable example is Citibank and its Price Rewind Program. Unlike Mastercards price protection, Price Rewind covers items purchased from online retailers.

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Chop Chop With The Clip Clip

Heres a breakdown of how each concierge service performed.

Megan: Luxury Card Mastercard® Gold Card

First up is Megan, whose Luxury Card Mastercard Gold Card has widely taken the lead in previous challenges.

Megan was able to connect with a representative immediately through to the cards in-app chat. But thats where the accolades stop, at least this time. In the 2.5 hours the concierge took to find options to buy clippers, they were able to track down only two retailers, both online.

So while its by far the quickest response from a concierge in this test, its inability to track down a physical location for easy clipper pickup wasnt helpful.

The kicker: Megan tried her luck by jumping online herself and found a Target close by with hair clippers in stock.

Rating: C

Steven: The Chase Sapphire Reserve® Visa Infinite Concierge

Steven called up the Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa Infinite concierge, and they were on the case after about a minute. Steve and a rep went back and forth about how far he was willing to drive, how much he wanted to spend and whether he wanted a response by phone or email before the representative said shed have a result in the next 24 hours.

After 15 hours quite the wait when compared to other endeavors in this series Steven received an email with two retailers for buying a set of clippers. Both within driving distance.

Rating: A

Amy: Citi® Double Cash Card Concierge

Rating: A+

Key Facts About Chase Sapphire Preferred Rewards:

  • How to earn: Simply use your card to make purchases in order to get rewards points.
  • Expiration: Your points don’t expire as long as your account stays open and in good standing. And there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn.
  • Travel redemption: Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards points are best used for travel booked through Chase’s online portal. Just select “Explore & Book Travel” once you’re signed into the Chase Ultimate Rewards website to get started.
  • Transfer points to Chase’s travel partners: You can transfer Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards points to partnered airline and hotel loyalty programs. Just confirm that you have a loyalty account, then select “Transfer Points to Travel Partners” in the Ultimate Rewards portal.
  • Shop with Points on Amazon: You can use your Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards points instead of a credit card or debit card when checking out on Follow Amazon’s instructions to get started.
  • Redeem for cash or gift cards: If you don’t want to redeem for travel or purchases, you can convert Chase Sapphire Preferred rewards into cash or gift cards for your favorite stores. Log in to the Ultimate Rewards portal and choose either “Get Cash Back” or “Shop Gift Cards.”

Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best rewards cards on the market, well worth getting if you use it regularly and travel often.

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Best Balance Transfer Card With Concierge Service: Citi Diamond Preferred Card

The Citi Diamond Preferred is a debt-buster that comes with concierge service. Thats a rare combination. In addition to the concierge the card offers 0% intro APR for 21 months on eligible balance transfers from the date of the first transfer and 0% intro APR for 12 months on purchases from date of account opening. After that the variable APR will be 13.74% – 23.74% based on your creditworthiness. Balance transfers must be completed within 4 months of account opening. There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. Plus, it has an annual fee price tag of $0.

Which Concierge Service Made The Cut

Chase Sapphire Reserve vs The Platinum Card® from American ...

All three services provided at least a passable outcome, but it looks like third times the charm for the Citi Double Cash Card Concierge team. They didnt provide the quickest result, but they tracked down a physical location with hair clippers in stock and asked the most thorough questions with Amy.

A close second goes to Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa Infinite Concierge, which helped Steven find two locations to buy hair clippers within driving distance. A 15-hour wait time for a response set them back.

Falling in third place is the Luxury Card Mastercard Gold Cards concierge, which provided Megan with online options only for buying hair clippers. When youre after a physical shop, thats the retail equivalent of getting bangs on a whim.

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What Is A Concierge Service

A concierge essentially acts as a personal assistant to help you make travel arrangements, book restaurant reservations, purchase tickets to entertainment events and more. There are a variety of concierge services available, including:

  • Travel concierge services can help you plan itineraries, select accommodations and book other arrangements for business and leisure travel.
  • A hotel concierge can arrange transportation, make dining reservations, suggest itineraries and more during your stay at the hotel.
  • A medical concierge can assist you if theres a medical crisis, including managing hospital admissions, doctor appointments, filing insurance claims and final bills.
  • Lifestyle concierge services can help you with everyday responsibilities, such as running errands, managing your household and more.
  • A shopping concierge, also known as a personal shopper, can offer assistance with your shopping needs, including sourcing difficult-to-find items, finding bargains, optimizing your wardrobe and more.

Some credit card issuers offer free, 24/7 concierge services as a benefit of your credit card. While issuers do not charge cardholders to use their concierge services, be aware that you will be responsible for any purchases, fees or shipping charges authorized by you to be charged to your account.

What To Know If You Are Considering The Amex Platinum

If you’re considering the Amex Platinum, it could be worth it for the first year, and then reevaluate when the second annual fee posts. But aside from the benefits, be sure to evaluate your own spending prior to applying. If you have travel purchases like flights and hotels coming up, you can take advantage of the 5X points for every dollar spent on travel booked through American Express.

The value of the credits we tallied up doesn’t take into account other American Express features such as purchase protection, travel insurance and concierge service, among others. For many, the customer support they receive as a Platinum cardmember makes the annual fee worthwhile.

In addition, take the time to figure out if you’ll be able to use the credits. For example, if you already paying for an Equinox or New York Times subscription, then those are valuable benefits. But for those uninterested or unable to access the benefits, you might want to consider another credit card.

But most importantly, don’t force yourself into a difficult financial situation just to have a credit card. If the annual fee is too expensive, don’t fret there are several other credit cards you can consider without a steep annual fee.

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Best For Luxury Concierge Access:

The Mastercard® Titanium Card from Luxury Card is an excellent option for those who want ultra-premium concierge service without the hefty annual fee. Luxury Card is known for its exceptional Luxury Concierge service and the Titanium Card offers access to this impressive service for a very re4asonable $195 annual fee.

How Credit Card Concierge Service Works

Amex Platinum Concierge | Secret Reservations?

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A credit card concierge can provide timesaving assistance with dinner reservations, travel plans, finding gifts, and recovering lost items, among other things. Concierge service cant work magic, but in some cases itll get better results than you could on your own.

If youre not a credit card aficionado, the word concierge likely conjures the image of an opulent five-star hotel with a smartly dressed waitstaff thats primed to accommodate your every desire.

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