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How To Use Visa Gift Card On Amazon

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Why Is My Visa Gift Card Being Declined On Amazon

How To Use Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Visa gift cards are linked to bank accounts that generally must be activated in order to receive transactions. Inactive cards will be declined if used for payment because the associated bank accounts are not ready to be used. When the gift card is loaded with value , the gift card is automatically activated.

Load A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

Go to Amazons homepage on your computer or on your phone to get started. Then, follow these steps as you proceed.

Step 1:

First and most importantly, log in to your account. Then, if youre on the mobile app, visit the Your Account page through the dropdown menu by clicking the three parallel lines at the upper left-hand side of the page. However, if youre on a computer, hover over the Account & List icon on the upper right side.

Step 2:

Tap or click the Manage payment options tab.

Step 3:

Step 4:

Fill in the value of your Visa gift card. In the Enter a number box, type the cards balance, and then click the Add a card button under it.

Step 5:

Incorporate the card number, name, or a short message, as well as the expiration date, just as it appears on the card. Submit your gift card details in the fields provided and click Next. However, if youre uncertain about the name on the card, you can contact the balance check number on the back of the card for assistance.

Step 6:

When asked, add your address, although the card isnt associated with any location.

Step 7:

Pick the gift card you just loaded as your payment method the next time you shop on Amazon. Also, be sure you can recognize it from the last four digits of the number on its front. Click Done after selecting your gift card as a payment form.

Step 8:

Alas, youll be there at a screen where you can reload your balance, check the gift cards value, and then press the Reload button.

How Do You Pay With A Visa Gift Card Online

How do I use my Visa Gift Card online? You can use your card for online purchases by entering the card number, expiry date and the 3 digit code found on the back of the card. Occasionally websites will ask for the name on the card, in these instances simply insert Gift Card in the field provided.

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Where Can You Buy A Visa Gift Card

It would almost be easier for me to describe where you cant buy Visa® gift cards now that gift cards are readily available online, in third-party retailers, at banks, and in a variety of other places. However, there are variances in the cards themselves, particularly in their purchase prices.

For example, if you want a personalized Visa gift card, youll have to order one online. Youll have to buy a Visa gift card at a grocery shop or send an electronic gift card if you need one soon. If youre looking for a gift card with a low activation charge, has some of the best.

Get An Amazon Gift Card Delivered To Yourself

How to use a gift card to make partial payment on Amazon ...

1 First of all, youll want to know the exact remaining balance on your Visa gift card. If youre not sure what it is, just call the number on the back and theyll tell you.

2 Next, visit the eGift Card page on Youll want to use an eGift Card as they offer e-mail delivery.

3 Under Amount, pick Set my own and enter the amount remaining on your Visa gift card.

4 Enter your own e-mail address as the Recipient E-Mail and choose Now as your delivery date.

5 Once you reach the checkout page, simply select your Visa gift card as your form of payment.

6 Once finalized, your Amazon gift card will show up in your e-mail inbox within a couple hours.

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How Do You Enter An Amazon Gift Card

Find the Amazon Gift Card Code – This is the 16 digit code on your gift card. Go to “Your Account”. Click Coupons. Click Redeem Gift Card. Enter your eligibility code and click “Apply to your balance”. Your gift card balance will be added to your account and you can use that balance to make purchases.

Different Ways To Use The Visa Gift Card Online

You can use a visa gift card for different purposes online like shopping on Amazon.

You can reload your Amazon gift card balance with your Visa gift card. So you get an Amazon gift card to purchase anything.

Alternatively, you can use a visa gift card to purchase steam games! You can use or redeem Visa gift cards on multiple platforms online.

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Where To Buy The Stores Egift Card

Sometimes you do not know the transaction is going to exceed the gift card balance until the shopping cart gets loaded up with shipping charges and taxes. When that happens, there are two ways to quickly get an egift card to use:

1. Empty the Cart and Start Over When the total purchase is greater than the value of the gift card, one solution is to cancel the items in your cart and buy an egift card instead. When the egift card arrives, you can start over.

2. Buy the eGift Card Elsewhere Another option is to buy the egift card from a different website. If you want a , for example, you can buy that here at

Here are all the egift cards we sell plus a list of top store and restaurant egift cards.

Register Your Gift Card

How to Use a Visa/Amex Gift Card on Amazon when the Balance is too Low (2019)

If the card has no name associated with it, your first step will be to register your Visa, Mastercard, or Amex Gift Card with the issuing institution. Registration will get your name and zip code associated with the gift card.

The card will usually come with a URL or phone number at the back that you can use to register it yourself.

If you do not find these details, check out our Visa gift card registration guide, our Mastercard gift card registration guide, or our Amex Gift Card registration guide for more details on how to do it.

You should also confirm how much balance you have on your card at this point.

Here is how to check your Visa gift card balance, your Amex Gift card balance, and your Mastercard gift card balance.

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How Can I Turn A Visa Gift Card Into Cash

How to convert Visa gift cards to cash

  • Use your Visa gift card to buy other merchants gift cards.
  • Add it to your PayPal wallet.
  • Add it to your Venmo account.
  • Pay your bills with your Visa gift card.
  • Go to a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk to trade it in.
  • Sell your Visa gift card through an app.
  • Convert your Visa gift card to cash by selling it to a website.
  • Add Your Visa Gift Card And Update Your Info

    Below this âAmountâ section is the âPayment methodâ section. At the bottom is the option âAdd a cardâ.

    Youll find the option to add a card.

    Enter the requested information as if the card were a credit card.

    The name on a gift card is often âA Gift For Youâ, âEspecially For Youâ, or âGift Card Recipientâ. Be sure to enter that name in the âName on cardâ box.

    If the gift card were a credit card, Amazon would verify that the selected billing address matches the address associated with the card. In the case of a gift card, there is no address associated with the card.

    Enter your billing address.

    Select the newly added card.

    After selecting an address, the new card is added to your account. If the card is not automatically selected, select it from the list of payment methods.

    Select the card if it has not been automatically selected.

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    Does Amazon Accept Visa Gift Cards

    Since your visa gift card is not a regular credit or debit card, it cannot be used on Amazon. Amazon has its own Amazon Gift Cards which can be used to pay for products you buy at Amazon but certainly, a visa Gift Card is not accepted.

    But, there are ways by which you can trick the website into thinking that it is a debit or a credit card. It is as simple as it seems but you cannot split the purchase amount with any other payment method therefore, you will have to make sure that there is enough balance in your visa gift card.

    So we will discuss how you can use the visa gift card on Amazon but before that, we should do quick first things first.

    How Do You Use Multiple Payments On Amazon

    Amazon use visa gift card

    The only way to use multiple payments on Amazon is to use a gift card and then another payment source. Amazon does not allow multiple credit cards for a single purchase. Gift cards are available in most stores, so you can plan accordingly if you want to split the purchase price across several cards.

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    How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon For Partial Payment

    You can’t directly use Visa gift cards on amazon for partial payment of single order, but you can use its alternative trick which actually works!

    What is the pre-requisite for this method is a pre-activated visa gift card.

    First, try Reload method which we have mentioned in the 1st point. Move your Visa gift card to an Amazon gift card and then transfer this amazon gift card money to the amazon pay balance.

    After that, you can use the Amazon pay balance to purchase anything on the Amazon website or mobile app.

    How Visa Gift Cards Work

    The buyer would give the recipient the cards terms and conditions paperwork, which includes activation and usage instructions.. Most gift cards do not have a personal identification number, and all you do is choose the credit card option and sign a purchase receipt for in-person purchase.

    To use the card as the recipient, use the debit option and enter the PIN you chose or that comes with the card if the card has one. As with a credit card, enter the card number and three-digit security code for online transactions. Visa, on the other hand, deducts the amount from the available balance immediately, regardless of where or how you use the card.

    Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or to receive cash back at a cash register. Furthermore, issuers prohibit cardholders from using their cards to gamble on the internet or to set up automatic bill payments.

    Although you can use one at a gas station, paying at the pump rather than inside will result in a $100 authorization hold that can take up to seven days to clear.

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    With The Hacks Given Below One Can Access Visa On Amazon How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon Read Further Ahead To Know The Detailed Steps

    Visa Gift Card has become the new normal way of gifting people and there are many underrated benefits to it, too. A small comparison between a Visa gift card against any other gift card would be that while other gift cards can only be used at specific locations, Visa can be used a maximum amount of times in various scenarios. Amazon, today, is changing the idea of shopping and is quickly becoming an essential part of everybody’s lives. Naturally, people will wonder if gift cards can be used to shop there. Note that a Visa gift card cannot essentially be used on Amazon but there are several ways available in which one can trick the site into thinking that it’s a debit/credit card.

    How To Redeem Visa Gift Card On Amazon

    How do I use a visa gift card on amazon?

    Among the gifts you receivedlast Christmas was a $100 Visa gift card but two months into the new year, thatgift card is still lying around in one of your drawers hoping to see the light ofday soon. But did you know that your gift card can be spent towards those itemsyouve been eyeing on in Amazon?

    If youre thinking, how do you redeem Visa gift card on Amazon, here are some answers:

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    How To Use Your Visa Credit Card At Amazon

    Youll be pleased to hear that it is actually possible to still use your Visa card at Amazon. And its all thanks a clever card called Curve.

    If youve never heard of Curve before, its an account that allows you to combine all your cards into one. So, simply link to your current credit card to Curve and use Curve to pay.

    As far as the retailer is aware, your purchase goes through your Curve Mastercard. Then, Curve passes the charge on to your actual card provider.

    And this isnt the only advantage to using Curve. Some of the other benefits include:

    • Earn cashback when you use your card at selected retailers
    • Fee-free spending abroad
    • Track your spending
    • Go back in time. If you make a purchase using one card linked to Curve, you can change it to another within 14 days

    Can You Use A Partial Amount Of Amazon Gift Card Balance

    Amazon doesnt let customers split transactions! No, officially you cant do that. Thats because theres a sneaky way to do it: using the card balance to buy an online gift card and e-mailing it to yourself. This is also a useful tip if youre splitting the cost of an expensive gift.

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    Reloading Your Amazon Balance With The Gift Card

    The first method you can use to access the funds in your Visa, Amex, or Mastercard gift card is to reload it directly into your Amazon account balance. Heres how to do it:

  • Log on to your Amazon account
  • Select the new gift card as the payment method you want to use
  • You will be redirected back to the Reload Your Balance page. Confirm all your info and verify the amount you want to reload from the gift card.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount that your prepaid gift card balance should hit before you can reload it to your Amazon gift card balance. This means you can combine several different gift cards and deposit the funds to your Amazon account instead of having to use each of them individually.

    This hack will also come in handy when your prepaid gift card is almost hitting its expiry date. Reloading your Amazon balance will ensure you do not lose the funds.

    What Is The Amazon Gift Card Code

    How to use a visa gift card on amazon name on card ...

    List of Amazon Gift Card Codes. Here is a list of Amazon gift card codes that will work in 2020. Copy and paste these free Amazon gift cards and use them. B9CPDN3JBMB7NL5 G5KUJFJ67T88XV4 WCNM4WN5S39WAN7 T96D49V6JA7662U R6K6SBV5S5D3J84 8YR56TMTYZNEYFY T5Q9GG8UGNYWMJG 5LQV9VQLCYWS9KQLC9QLC9KQLC9KQLC9QLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9KQLC9.

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    Visa Gift Card Troubleshooting Guide:

    Having issues with your Visa gift card? Ask yourself the following questions to troubleshoot your issue.

    • Did you make a typo? If you get an error when trying to make an online purchase with a Visa gift card, the first thing you should always do is check if the name, address, card number, and security card are all correct. Its very easy for a finger to slip and cause a typo.
    • Is the merchant based outside the U.S.? If youre still having issues, check if the store youre trying to buy from is located outside the United State. Because of the recent legislature, most gift cards sold within the U.S. are restricted from being used at merchants outside of the U.S. If your card is a U.S.-only card it will say Valid only in the United States on the front.
    • Are you trying to use your Visa gift card at PayPal? You will run into issuer blocking if you try to redeem your Visa gift card at a business where that allows you to convert a payment into cash. You cant convert your Visa gift card for cash because of money-laundering concerns. Since PayPal falls into this type of business, this is why you cant use your Visa gift card there.
    • Are you trying to sign up for a monthly service? If you try using your Visa gift card to sign up for recurring services, its possible that the merchant may block prepaid cards from being used. They do this because they know there is only a limited amount of funds on the gift card and that the payment will fail eventually.

    Quick Answer: Amazon How To Use Visa Gift Card

    Open Amazon Homepage and click on the Your Account tab from the dropdown menu Scroll down to Amazon Pay and click on Add Gift Card to your balance The user will be presented with two options, either to add a gift card or add money to your gift card. Click on Add Money to Balance and enter the amount on the Visa gift card.


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    Soheres How You Can Redeem Your Visa Gift Card On Amazon

    Think of your Visa gift card asa credit card with a $100 balance. To make sure that you get to use your cardsvalue even if you lose it, heres how you can transfer your funds into account where you can use it automatically on your next purchase:

    • Ifyour card isnt activated yet, call the number on the sticker in front of yourcard. That same sticker will also tell you if your Visa gift card is alreadypre-activated.
    • Tocheck the balance on your Visa gift card, call the number indicated at the backof the card to hear the remaining amount. You can also check your balancethrough a URL provided on the card.
    • Signin to your account and go to Accounts> Lists> Your Account.Check your current balance at the top of the page. Click Gift Cards then chooseview balance or redeem a card. You may be required to sign in for a second timefor security purposes.
    • Toreload your balance, click Reload Your Balance then enter the current balanceof your Visa gift card. Below that box is a Payment Method section whereyoull see the option to Add a card at the bottom part. Enter all theinformation like you would with a credit card. For the cards name, it could beGift Card Recipient, A Gift For You, or Especially For You, and itsusually indicated on the card itself. Fill out the rest of the informationneeded and select the new card added to your account as your payment method ifyou will make a purchase.

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