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How To Transfer Credit Card Balance Wells Fargo

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Boost Your Chances Of Preapproval

Balance Transfer Credit Cards | How To Get Wells Fargo 0% Balance Transfer Cards To Get Out Of Debt?

If you have your eyes set on a specific Wells Fargo card, and the Wells Fargo preapproval tool says that you arent qualified, dont fret. You can still take steps to improve your chances of being approved. Its possible to increase your odds of being preapproved for a credit card and the good news is that it requires the same good habits that you might already have.

Make sure that you pay your bills on time each and every month and keep your low. Dont keep applying for new credit cards, either, since each hard inquiry will lower your credit score by a few points.

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Why You Might Want A Different Card

Despite its generous introductory APR offers and relatively low fees, the Reflect card falls short when it comes to long-term value and cardholder perks. While it may be a lifesaver if youre looking for as much breathing room as possible while you tackle debt, the card will likely end up collecting dust once your intro period comes to an end.

Drawbacks Of Wells Fargo Reflect Card

The lack of rewards is this cards major downside, although its primary function is a debt payoff tool, rather than a way to earn rewards on your spending.

Another downside for some cardholders is this cards 3% foreign transaction fee. If you frequently travel internationally, you should look for a card that waives foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad.

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How To Check Your Wells Fargo Credit Card Balance

  • Online: Log in to your Wells Fargo account to see your cards balance.
  • Phone: Call and follow the prompts to have the automated system read your current balance.
  • App: Log in to the Wells Fargo app. Your credit card balance will be shown on the home page.
  • Text Message: Text BAL to 93557. If you havent already enrolled in text banking, youll need to log in to the Wells Fargo website and enroll for this to work.

Its a good idea to keep an eye on your credit card balance. If your balance seems higher than it should be, take a moment to look over your recent transactions for anything out of the ordinary.

What is a Wells Fargo credit balance refund?

A Wells Fargo credit balance refund is a reimbursement for paying more than the total balance owed on a Wells Fargo credit card. For example, a cardholder who has a balance of $500 but pays $600 can get a credit balance refund of the $100 that they overpaid.

Cardholders can request a Wells Fargo credit balance refund by phone or by sending a written request to:

Wells Fargo Card ServicesLos Angeles, CA 90051-5493

Wells Fargo cardholders can get a credit balance refund in the form of a check.

How can I pay my Wells Fargo credit card?

You can pay your Wells Fargo credit card either online, or over the phone at . Alternatively, you can pay through the mail, or in person at a branch. Making your Wells Fargo credit card payment online is definitely the easiest option.

Does Bank Of America Or Wells Fargo Have Better Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Credit Card

Bank of America and Wells Fargo are both reputable credit card issuers with similar card offerings. Bank of America comes out slightly ahead in the areas of customer service and flexible rewards, whereas the Wells Fargo cards could be better for travel especially when it comes to earning and combining points from different cards.

If you need more flexibility with your rewards along with a top-notch customer service experience, Bank of America might be the issuer for you. If youd like to earn more for travel while avoiding annual fees, Wells Fargo might be your best choice. In the end, youll choose the issuer with the cards that make the most sense for your needs.

*The information about Wells Fargo Platinum card, The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card and the Wells Fargo Visa Signature card has been collected independently by The Wells Fargo Platinum card is no longer available.

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Contact Wells Fargo To Initiate The Balance Transfer

The easiest way to proceed is by contacting Wells Fargo directly. The transfer process can be done online or over the phone with a Wells Fargo agent and should be a fairly quick process.

Make sure you have all of your account information on hand and let them know how much you want to transfer to the new card.

It can take up to 10 days for the transfer to go through. So, in the meantime, make sure you continue making payments on your old card to avoid late fees.

How To Improve Your Chances Of Approval For A Wells Fargo Balance Transfer

Wells Fargo will look at your when analyzing your balance transfer request.

Its not easy to get approved for a zero-interest credit card, said Omar Chouche, chief executive officer and certified debt specialist with Liberty Debt Relief. You typically must have a higher credit score and rather low debt-to-income ratio, which is not something many of us have.

Debt-to-income ratio measures how much of your gross monthly income your monthly debts eat up. Ideally, your monthly debts will equal no more than 36% of your gross monthly income.

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Ask To Transfer Your Credit Limit To Another Card

To preserve your credit limit , consider asking Wells Fargo if it can transfer your limit to a different Wells Fargo card. Your credit limit is how much credit you have available to use . This move will help you maintain the total amount of your available credit, diminishing the negative effect that closing the card might have on your credit score.

What Is Wells Fargo Rewards

BRAND NEW!! Wells Fargo Reflect Card | Best Balance Transfer Credit Card?

Wells Fargo Rewards offers you a wide variety of ways to earn, use, and share rewards from Travel, to Gift Cards, to Merchandise, and more.

With a Wells Fargo rewards-based credit card, you can earn rewards on virtually all purchases, including everyday items like groceries or gas, or on bigger items, like when you book travel, or stay at a hotel. Visit Wells Fargo Rewards to learn more.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Balance Transfer With Wells Fargo

Heres why you might consider Wells Fargo for your balance transfer:


  • Intro APR up to 18 months. The Wells Fargo Platinum Card offers a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months. After that, a 16.49% to 24.49% variable applies. This is a good deal as intro APRs typically top out at around 21 months.
  • Potentially low ongoing APR. The Wells Fargo Platinum Card has an ongoing purchase and balance transfer APR as low as a 16.49% variable. Youll have a better chance of qualifying for this rate if you have a good credit score.
  • Long intro APR qualifying window. With qualifying Wells Fargo cards, balance transfers made within the first 120 days of account opening are eligible for the intro APR. Other cards might require you to make transfers within 45 or 60 days to qualify for an intro APR.
  • College card has a balance transfer intro APR. Its uncommon for college cards to have balance transfer intro APRs. Still, consider paying off your credit card debt consistently, which is often the difference between good and bad credit.

Heres why you might not want to make a balance transfer with Wells Fargo:


  • High ongoing transfer fee. With eligible cards, the balance transfer fee is $5 or 3% of the transfer for the first 120 days from account opening. After that, youll pay a 5% transfer fee with a minimum of $5. This is higher than average.
  • No card with intro APR and $0 transfer fees. If thats what youre looking for, try the BankAmericard® Credit Card.

Is A Financial Services Company Headquartered In San Francisco California

How to turn off wells fargo debit card. the on/off feature puts our customers in control, says wells fargo spokesman jim seitz. You may see them listed on your credit report as a collections account. If you don’t want your card to be copied in the subway, but don’t want to take any risk trying to disable it, an option is to wrap the card into aluminium foil.

Just put the foil in both sides of the card , and put it into your wallet. Go to the credit card service center on the account services tab and click the additional cardholders for your account link under the request credit card features heading. The most common reason is insufficient funds to cover the pending transaction.

Bank of america, chase and wells fargo all give you the option to turn off the pos function on your debit card upon your request. You can also view digital wallets and turn digital card numbers stored in your devices on or off. Find the option that says turn card on or off

The card will be locked/cancelled immediately, you will not be held liab. What to expect when you call to cancel your card. By using an app or going online, customers can temporarily turn off their cards so they can’t be used for new purchases.

To remove the customization from your card, simply visit the card design studio service page and click remove . How do you freeze a wells fargo bank account? Sign in to your wells fargo online account or wells fargo mobile app.

How To Activate Wells Fargo Debit Card Youtube


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Balance Transfer Offers In 2022

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many balance transfer offers disappeared.

Card issuers basically went into hiding, says Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at, which is owned by Red Ventures, like NextAdvisor. They really didnt want to take on new customers with debt, and it was just a riskier audience.

But starting in 2021, some issuers began to once again expand their balance transfer offerings, meaning more options for people looking to pay down debt.

One of the first major signs we saw was a new card from Wells Fargo, which debuted last fall. The Wells Fargo Reflect Card is a balance transfer card that offers up to 21 months from account opening of 0% introductory interest on both new purchases and qualifying balance transfers among the longest 0% intro APR offers available today.

Around the same time, Citi which continued to offer scaled-back balance transfer options throughout the pandemic extended its 0% intro period on some balance transfer cards, like the Citi Simplicity® Card, which now also offers 21 months of 0% intro APR for balance transfers . Two of Chases most popular card options, the Chase Freedom Unlimited® and the Chase Freedom Flex, also introduced 0% intro APR offers last year, on balance transfers and purchases for the first 15 months .

But if you have debt to pay down, keep an eye on new offers you may be eligible for throughout the year that align with your budget and timeline.

Wells Fargo Reflect Card

What To Know About Wells Fargo Balance Transfers Before Applying

The Best Wells Fargo Balance Transfer Offers
  • Dont wait too long: If you want to transfer a balance, request one within 120 days of opening your Wells Fargo credit card account. During this period, the balance transfer fee will be 3% of your balance transfer amount, or $5, whichever is greater. If you wait until after 120 days, your balance transfer fee will rise up to 5% of your transfer amount .
  • The 0% offer isnt indefinite: If you want to take advantage of a 0% balance transfer offer, youll again have to request your balance transfer within 120 days of opening your account.
  • No transferring between Wells Fargo cards: You cant transfer a balance from one Wells Fargo card to another.
  • No rewards: The balance you transfer to a Wells Fargo card will not earn cash rewards or rewards points.

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How To Close A Wells Fargo Account

If you are ready to close your Wells Fargo credit card, you have a few ways to do so. Make sure to have your account information and billing address ready, and be prepared to provide a reason for canceling. The rationale does not have to be complicated, but the Wells Fargo representative will typically ask for one.

How To Do A Balance Transfer With Wells Fargo

There are three ways to complete a Wells Fargo balance transfer. If you are applying for a new Wells Fargo balance transfer card, you can begin to transfer balances to the card during the application process.

If you already have a Wells Fargo balance transfer card, you can request a balance transfer online or over the phone. In each case, youll need to provide the 15- or 16-digit number of the credit card with the balance youd like to transfer to Wells Fargo, as well as the amount of money youd like to transfer from your existing credit card balance to your Wells Fargo credit card.

If you want to make a Wells Fargo balance transfer online, log into your Wells Fargo credit card account and select Accounts followed by Request Balance Transfer. If you want to make a Wells Fargo balance transfer over the phone, call 1-800-642-4720. You can also visit a Wells Fargo banking location to learn more about your balance transfer options.

Want to know more about how to do a balance transfer with Wells Fargo? Here are some tips and tricks to help you through the process:

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Balance Transfer Rules With Wells Fargo

Before you transfer a balance to your Wells Fargo credit card, you should know about the rules and fees involved.

Qualifying for the intro APR:

  • For Wells Fargo credit cards that offer an intro APR on balance transfers, this APR will only apply to balances that you transfer within the first 120 days.
  • You may not be eligible for a 0% intro APR offer on a Wells Fargo card if youve already gotten any sort of welcome offer on another Wells Fargo card within the previous 15 months. Welcome offers can include sign-up bonuses and low or 0% APR intro periods.
  • The top balance transfer cards usually require at least a good credit score for approval, so you should have a score of 670 or higher if you want the best chance of qualifying.

Types of debt you can transfer:

  • Wells Fargo allows you to transfer just about every type of debt to one of its balance transfer cards, including credit card balances, personal loans, auto loans, and home equity loans. You can only transfer credit card balances online, though, and the rest must be done by phone.
  • Like every other bank, Wells Fargo doesnt allow transfers from accounts with itself or any of its affiliates to one of its balance transfer cards. For example, you couldnt transfer a Wells Fargo auto loan balance to a Wells Fargo credit card.

Balance transfer fees:

Transfer limits:


Can I Transfer Funds To Or From My Accounts At Another Institution


You can transfer money between your Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts and accounts you may have at other U.S. financial institutions. Wells Fargo gives you flexibility, convenience, and control to transfer funds where and when you need it. Simply sign on to Wells Fargo Online to access transfers, and click Add Non-Wells Fargo Accounts to get started. To enable non-Wells Fargo accounts for Transfers, additional security measures are required. Verification may take 3-5 days. In the meantime, you can use the non-Wells Fargo account for payments to your Wells Fargo credit accounts such as home equity lines of credit and loan accounts, credit card accounts, auto loan and mortgage loan accounts.

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Details You Need To Know Before Getting Started

Even though transferring your balance with a Wells Fargo credit card is a straightforward process, you have to keep an eye on the following:

  • Balance transfer fees. All Wells Fargo balance transfer cards come with a 3% fee of the amount with a minimum fee of $5 for all transfers completed during your first 120 days of card membership. After that, any balance you transfer will cost you 5% of the amount. This means that for a $5,000 balance transfer, youll pay a $150 fee during the first 120 days and $250 fee after that.
  • 0% Intro APR period. To use the 0% intro APR period, you must complete your balance transfers during your first 120 days when you open your account. Any transfers made after that will accrue the revert APR of between 11% and 25%, depending on the card and your creditworthiness.
  • Balance transfer amount. Wells Fargo doesnt disclose the amount you can transfer, but this is often either up to 95% or 100% of your available credit limit.
  • What happens after the intro APR period ends? You start to accrue interest to any unpaid balance.
  • No rewards. Balance transfers are among the few credit card transactions that dont earn any rewards, no matter the kind of card you have.

How Do I Report A Lost Or Stolen Card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to our 24-hour Customer Service number, 1-800-642-4720. This number is also printed on your monthly statements.

Please note: when you report your credit card lost or stolen you will receive a new card with a new account number. Please continue to make payments as usual except for amounts in dispute. If you are enrolled in Automatic Payment or Overdraft Protection services, these services may be temporarily unavailable for up to 72 hours while we set up your new account.

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