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How To Stop Interest Charges On Credit Card

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How Residual Interest Works

STOP Paying Credit Card Interest Fees NOW (this is how)

If youre aware of how residual interest works and the ways itcan pop up, you may be able to avoid getting stuck with residual interestcharges.

First things first: Paying off your statement balance, in full, by the due date is the No. 1 rule for avoiding interest. If you started the cycle with a zero balance, your statement balance is made up of all the new purchases you made during that months billing cycle. If you pay that balance in full by the due date , youre in the clear when it comes to interest on those purchases.

But say you pay only the minimum that month. In that case, the remainder of that statement balance you didnt pay rolls over into next months statement balance. As a result, your grace period wont apply on that rolled-over balance or on any new purchases and once your grace period is gone, residual interest can accrue.

How? Well, in this example if your credit card issuercalculates interest on a daily basis , you can now accumulateinterest on your balance right up until the day the credit card company actuallyreceives your payment even if you pay by the due date. Basically, your newstatement balance doesnt reflect the interest that accrues after the statementclosing date. Confusing, right? Thankfully, you can avoid residual interestcharges.

Immediately Report Lost Or Stolen Cards

If your credit card goes missing for any reason, report it to the card issuer as soon as you possibly can to limit the window in which it can be used to make unauthorized purchases. Your cards app may have a freeze or lock feature. If it does, use this to shut the card down as soon as you notice its missing.

Cut Expenses And Increase Income

Once you have a strategy for reducing or eliminating interest, you can focus on putting more money toward your debt on a monthly basis. There are two ways to do this: Make more money or spend less. If you can, do both. If thats not possible, work on whichever method makes the most sense for you.

To cut expenses, evaluate your current budget. Do you have any monthly expenses you dont need or value? Are there more affordable alternatives for some of your existing expenses? Challenge yourself to cut $100 from your budget the first month. Then try to beat your previous months savings each subsequent month.

You can also try to make more money. If your employer pays by the hour, ask whether you can work overtime. If not, can you pick up a second job at night and on the weekends? You could also use a skill such as writing, carpentry, tutoring or design to earn money as a freelancer.

Other moneymaking options include selling homemade goods online or at your local farmers market or craft fair, or selling items youre no longer using. Maybe you have an extra room in your home that you can rent out on an accommodations website. As with cutting expenses, challenge yourself to make an extra $100 this month, and try to earn more next month.

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The Easiest Way To Stop Paying Interest On Credit Card Debt

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Let’s be honest, America is having a credit card debt crisis. We, as a nation, are $11.4 trillion in debt to credit card companies. With fees and interest rates, it can often be difficult to climb out of the hole of credit card debt we created.

Luckily, there is a very easy solution to stop paying all of that interest to the credit card companies, and it comes from the most unlikely source … the credit card companies.

How to Avoid Paying Interest on Credit Card Debt

We’ve all heard of balance transfer credit cards, but a surprising number of people don’t have any idea how a balance transfer credit card works. That’s unfortunate, since these credit cards can be the answer to your credit card debt issues.

Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer your existing credit card balance to a new card. Why would you want to do that? Usually, to lower the interest rate that you are paying on your current credit card. Many balance transfer credit cards offer lower interest rates, meaning you will be charged less interest on your balance.

How Interest Works

Interest is a foreign concept to many people. We know it exists and we know we are being charged, but we are usually clueless as to how much and how interest works. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you are charged interest:

How to Use a Balance Transfer Credit Card

Ask For A Lower Interest Rate From Your Credit Card Issuer

How to Avoid Overspending with a Credit Card

In the wake of COVID-19, many banks are offering temporary credit card payment deferral programs along with reductions in interest rates. Check with your bank â either on your online app or with a customer service representative â if youâre eligible.

If youâre not eligible or your card issuer doesnât offer such programs, consider picking up the phone and trying to negotiate for a lower rate. As the saying goes, it never hurts to ask.

Here are some quick tips to help you in the negotiation process:

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Withdrawing Cash On Your Card

Getting cash out on your credit card can be expensive. The interest rate for cash advances is usually higher than the interest rate for purchases.

When you take cash out on your credit card, interest is added to your account straight away, even if you pay off the balance by the due date. You may also be charged a cash handling fee of around 2% of the amount you withdraw.

What Is A Cash Advance Using A Credit Card

A cash advance is a way of obtaining immediate funds through your credit card. It is not unlike a payday loan, only the funds are being advanced not against your paycheck but against your cards line of credit. In one sense, a cash advance acts like any other purchase being made through your credit card, but instead of buying goods or services, you are “buying” cash.

What many people don’t understand about cash advances is that your credit card handles them differently from the way it handles credit on purchases. Taking a cash advance is not the same thing as using your card for products or services.

Among other things, the cash advance interest rate may be higher and there may be a transaction fee. A cash advance may still make sense compared to other ways of getting a quick loan, such as a payday loan, which must be paid back, usually by your next paycheck.

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Avoiding Interest On Regular Purchases

Most credit card offers include a grace period for new purchases. The grace period extends from the time you make a purchase to the due date of the monthly billing cycle when you made the purchase.

As long as you pay off purchases by the time your monthly statement is due, the credit card company doesnt charge interest on them.

When you pay any amount less than the new balance only the minimum monthly payment, for example youll have an unpaid credit card balance that carries over to the next month.

Interest charges will accrue on these unpaid balances. When you dont pay your full balance, thats sometimes called carrying or revolving a balance. And, if you pay less than the minimum payment, you can also end up with late fees.

To avoid a finance charge, all you need to do is pay off your statement balance in full by the time your credit card bill is due every month. You can do this when you get your statement in the mail, or any time before the bill is due. Most credit card issuers will let you connect a checking account and schedule automatic drafts to pay the full statement balance on the due date.

Paying More Than The Minimum Payment


Paying the minimum amount each month can make it feel like what you owe on your card is affordable.

But this can be a bad idea. If you dont pay off your balance at the end of the month, and youre not in a 0% introductory period, youll have to pay interest on your outstanding balance. The interest rate on credit and store cards can be a lot higher than for a personal loan.

Even if youre on a 0% rate for an introductory period, paying only the minimum each month will make only a small impact on your debt. And it could take a long time, and cost a lot, to repay the balance even if you dont carry on spending.

Also, if you make only minimum repayments, this will show up on your credit file. Other companies might assume youre struggling and will be more reluctant to lend you money.

This could even affect your chance of getting a mortgage in the future.

Always try to repay as much as you can. Even if you only increase it by a small amount each month, it can make a huge difference.

Lenders are required to suggest higher affordable repayments. If you dont respond, or ignore the issue, and the situation persists for more than 36 months this could lead to your account being suspended. Your creditor could also take enforcement action against you.

If you start missing any payments on credit or store cards, its time to think about getting debt advice.

Find free, confidential advice now using our free Debt advice locator tool

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Why You Might Get Charged Interest With No Balance

Its understandably confusing to get a credit card bill that includes interest charges after bringing your account balance to zero. In some cases, it might end up being a mistake on the credit card companys part. But its most often a simple case of misunderstanding the credit card billing process.

So lets try to set the record straight, starting with a practical example.

Say you didnt pay your last monthly bill in full and owe $500 when your next months credit card statement becomes available on June 1. While you may have until June 30 to submit a payment before its considered late, interest will be assessed based on the average daily balance in the interim. That means the amount you owe will increase with each passing day.

So even if you pay off the full $500 balance by the due date , youll still owe money for the interest charged daily since June 1. As a result, when your new bill becomes available on July 1, your balance will be equal to the interest you racked up the previous month. If you do not pay this amount, you will incur interest on interest and will continue to do so until you have paid two consecutive bills in full, regaining your grace period.

What can you take away from this example?

  • If you begin a billing period with a revolving balance, interest will accrue on a daily basis.
  • Work Out What You Can Afford To Pay

    You should usually try to pay at least the minimum payment if you can. If you dont, the company will charge a fee and your credit rating might get worse.

    You should still pay essential household bills like rent, and any priority debts you have – even if it means you cant afford the minimum card payment. It’s more important to stay in your home or avoid court action. You can ask your nearest Citizens Advice to help you work out how to pay off your credit card.

    Try to pay the same amount each month – its easier to plan how much money you’ll have left for other things. You’ll also pay off the debt sooner than if you just pay the minimum payment. This is because the minimum payment is a percentage of the debt thats left on the card – so the minimum payment gets smaller as you pay off the debt.

    If you can’t afford the same amount each month, try to pay a bit more than the minimum if you can. This means youll clear the debt sooner and pay less interest overall.

    Use our budgeting tool to work out how much you can afford to pay, or ask your nearest Citizens Advice to help you.


    James owes £3,000 on a credit card that charges 19% interest. Hes not spending any more on the card.

    Jamess minimum payment is 2.5% of the total debt. This starts at £75 for the first month and reduces as he pays off more of the debt.

    If James pays £75 each month rather than letting the minimum payments reduce, hed pay off the debt in 5 years and 1 month. Hed pay £1,539 interest.

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    Stay Under 30% Of Your Total Credit Limit

    One way to keep your credit score healthy is to keep your credit utilization ratio under 30%. This credit utilization ratio is the percentage of total available credit that youre using. For example, if your limit is $1,000 you should keep your balance under $300. But the ratio applies to the sum of all your cards so if one credit card has a $3,000 limit with a $3,000 balance and a second card has a limit of $7,000 with no balance, youre right at the 30% mark which is where you want to be.

    Protect Your Grace Period

    Avoid Credit Card Interest

    Your grace period is not guaranteed. To avoid losing your grace period and paying interest, pay your statement balance in full, on time each month. If you carry a balance, you will not only pay interest on your balance, but you will also begin accruing interest on day one of new purchases.

    Additionally, it may take some time to regain your grace period. Once lost, it may take two billing cycles of paying the entire balance off for the grace period to be reinstated.

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    How To Pay Off Your Credit Card: 8 Ways To Reduce Interest Charges

    Reading up on credit cards? Wondering whatâs the best card for me? In under 60 seconds, CardFinder narrows down your top matches without impacting your credit score, no SIN required

    If youâre grappling with credit card debt, youâre not alone. And there are steps you can take to lower your credit card payments and reduce your interest rates .

    Below we cover eight ways to reduce your credit card interest charges.

    Online Transactions And Refunds

    Before seeking refunds for cancelled orders, it is important to understand that each merchant website has its own terms and conditions for refunds. Some websites allow complete refunds of funds for all cancelled orders within a stipulated time period and no questions asked. And a few others do not return the funds as cash but give the users the option to use the funds to buy any other product of the same value from their website.

    Before buying goods from any online website, it is necessary to understand their terms and conditions when it comes to refunds and order cancellations. Cool?

    A refund usually takes about 7 to 14 working days to reflect.

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    Be Wary Of Suspicious Texts Phone Calls And Emails

    Phishing scams are common in the digital age. This is where a scammer pretends to be a company and sends an email or text message or calls you requesting personal information, payment details, or login credentials.

    Never answer one of these forms of communication directly. If you receive a text or phone call, look up the customer service number for the company and call them directly. If you receive an email, dont click any links in it open a new tab or browser window and go to the companys website to sign in.

    Learn How Interest Is Calculated How Its Determined When Its Charged And How To Pay Less Of It

    Credit Card Interest Explained: How to Calculate Charges on Your Account

    A credit card can be a great way to make purchases and earn rewards. And if you pay off your credit cardâs last statement balance in full every month, you may not have to worry about extra chargesâlike interest.

    But things can happen, and you may have to carry a balance and accrue interest on that balance. So how exactly does credit card interest work? This article will help you answer that question and moreâincluding ways to pay less interest.

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    What Is Your Billing Cycle

    Each month you use your credit card you receive a credit card statement or bill. The statement covers all of the purchases made during your billing cycle. Due to the fluctuations in the length of months, your billing cycle will range between 28 to 31 days in length, but will always begin and end on the same day each month.

    For instance: If your current billing cycle runs from September 10 to October 9, next month your billing cycle will begin on October 10 and conclude on November 9.

    Get Free Advice About Dealing With Debts

    If you need more support or dont know where to start paying off debts, youre not alone.

    Nearly half of people in debt told us they arent sure about the best way to pay off their debts, and that is where a debt adviser can really help you. make the right decisions so most of your money will go to paying off your debts. This means you could be debt-free sooner than you thought.

    A debt adviser will:

    • treat everything you say in confidence
    • never judge you or make you feel bad about your situation
    • suggest ways of dealing with debts that you might not know about
    • check you have applied for all the benefits and entitlements available to you
    • always make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

    Three quarters of people who get debt advice feel more in control of their finances afterwards.

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