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How To Sign Up For Netflix Without Credit Card

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Purchase A Netflix Gift Card

How to use Netflix without credit card

First of all, you need to purchase a Netflix Gift card from the website. To buy a Netflix Gift card, open and search for Netflix Gift cards. Or else, you can directly click on this link to purchase a gift card.

On the main page, select the amount between $25-$200, and enter the email address in which you will receive the Gift card. Make sure to fill in all details on Amazons gift card page.

Once done, click on the Buy Now button. On the next page, click on theBuy Now button and enter your payment details. Now check the email inbox to find the Gift card. Note down the gift card code.

Get Netflix Free Trial Without Credit Card 5 Methods

Netflix is the premium video-streaming service of this generation. Every second person chooses Netflix as the best and most entertaining way to kill their time. The key to Netflixs success is its content. It has movies, series, and shows for almost every sort of audience. You can watch hundreds of Movies, Tv Shows if you have a Netflix account. The only bad part is that Netflix isnt free to use. You have to pay for their subscription. The Premium plan with Ultra-HD streaming costs about $16 per month while the Basic plan costs $8 monthly.

Not everyone is able to pay this money every month. However, Netflix offers a free trial for users to try out their services. But, they require you to input your credentials in order to access the free trial. If you dont have a credit card, or just dont want to use it with Netflix, but want to unlock a Netflix free trial, Ill help you. You can use these 5 working ways to get a Netflix free trial without a credit card.

Fake Credit Card For Netflix 2019

Since Netflix is so great, there is no doubt at all that everyone wants to get access to it. However, it requires a credit card. What if you do not have a credit card? Well, if it is the case, unfortunately it wont be easy for you to get the access to Netflix. However, you do not have to worry about it anymore because you can still use fake credit card.

Fake or dummy credit card as some people say, is basically just combinations of random numbers. They are generated to mimic real credit card numbers. They can be used to access streaming service websites like Netflix and e-commerce web. Here is more information about Free Netflix Account 2019.

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Paypal For How To Get Netflix For Free Without Credit Card

Moving on, second on our list of how to get Netflix for free without credit card methods is PayPal.

Indeed, this is a fantastic payment site that can be useful to you on various occasions.

In fact, it is a more advantageous method because it also manages to encrypt your information thus ensure proper security entirely.

Practically, there will be no information revealed about you.

The important aspect to mention at this stage is that PayPal links everything to your bank account through your credit card.

So you need to be really careful on how to get Netflix for free without credit card.

You dont want to get in trouble just because you signed up for Netflix without credit card.

Moreover, it does all this without actually revealing the important personal information you care about. As a result, you can now easily use this account to get Netflix without ever having to use the credit card. Below, you can discover the steps to consider for this.

First, you need to access Netflix from your web browser. Then, just choose the Start Your Free Month option. Moreover, all you have to do next is to click the Email Address in the labeled box below and insert the email address used for your PayPal Account. Finally, click Register.

Final Points On How To Get Netflix For Free Without Credit Card

How To Sign Up for Netflix Without Credit Card 2021 ...

Nevertheless, the Internet is full of exciting options to consider for literally anything one can imagine.

It doesnt matter if you want to make a new purchase or simply want to create a Netflix account.

Now you can now do so without using the credit card.

And in the process learn how to get Netflix for free without credit card.

Or rather go for a bogus Netflix credit card.

Moreover, the options mentioned above all come with additional benefits for online users.

In conclusion, you just need to check out all the methods on how to get Netflix for free without credit card.

After that, you can see which might be the best one according to your very own needs and requirements. Keep yourself safe concerning online transactions yet never limit yourself.

Keep yourself safe concerning online transactions yet never limit yourself.

Go ahead and start using Netflix today using one of these methods.

They are easy, legal and really safe to use.

Finally, do not forget about the Netflix Free 30 Day Trial!

So, in this article, we have explained how to get Netflix for free without credit card.

We have also showered some light for you on the use of VPNs.

Mainly that VPNs are your best tool to unblock Netflix if it is blocked for you.

Let us know if you have questions or want to share your experience with others by commenting below.

If you have a method and you want to let us know how to get Netflix for free without credit card then please do so.

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How To Pay Monthly For Netflix

Whether you want to stream a movie every few weeks or binge watch through 10 seasons of a TV show, Netflix instant streaming costs the same amount every month: $8.99 for the Standard plan, which includes unlimited HD videos on up to two screens at a time. All you need to start your subscription is a credit card, debit card, PayPal account or Netflix gift card.

How To Get Free Netflix Account For Free Forever

When a 1-month trial is not sufficient, you will always think about the trick to get Netflix free forever. Heres, hoe you can do that.

  • The trick is very simple you just have to create new email id after your trial expires.
  • Now you are going to use that new id for new signup on Netflix.
  • Before opening a Netflix site, Turn ON your VPN and set any location.
  • The VCC you are going to use is the Entropay Virtual Visa Card.
  • Go to and signup for free. The minimum deposit amount is $5 to create a disposable card.
  • Dont worry, you just have to fund your Entropay card only for once, and that too will not be debited during Netflix Free account.
  • Once you get the Disposable VCC, sign up with your new email id, and Entropay card t get free Netflix account without credit card.
  • Before the expiry date, withdraw your money from VCC to Entropay wallet and destroy the card.
  • Now, after Netflix Free trial expires, again create new email id. Also, generate new Entropay VCC and load with $5 from the wallet.
  • Okay, now turn on VPN, create a new account on Netflix with new email id and new VCC, enjoy the videos.
  • Repeat the procedure as long as there is a free trial going on.
  • Hope this free Netflix account for forever trick helped you.

    Once you have done with the one account, you may want to delete that account, because there is no use of that account now. Also, there will be a spam email from Netflix that may irritate you. Lets check how to get rid of it.

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    What Are The Most Popular Alternatives To Hulu

    Perhaps you are considering switching from Hulu membership to another one? You can review some of the most popular alternatives in the table below.

    Streaming Service

    • Unlimited movies and TV shows
    • No commercials
    • Six accounts and three streams per household
    • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
    • Pause, rewind, and fast forward capabilities
    • NBA and MLB networks
    • PBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon

    How To Get Netflix Free Trial Without A Credit Card

    How to Watch Netflix for Free No Credit Card!

    August 30, 2021 By Arijit

    Netflix is one of the most premier content streaming sites in the world. Today almost everybody wants a Netflix account so that they can enjoy all the latest amazing shows. As the subscription to Netflix is somewhat high not everybody can afford it. But many people want to watch the premium content of Netflix. Now here is good news, you can watch Netflix premium content for free. There is a provision for Netflix free trial but there are also other ways by which you can see Netflix content for free.

    If you want to use Netflix for free, then you are at the right place. This article shall talk about various ways by which you can use Netflix for free. I shall be talking about the Netflix free trial. Apart from that, there are various other ways to get Netflix for free.

    After you have read this article, you will be able to get access to a free Netflix account. You will be able to enjoy your favorite show. So without any ado, let me start discussing the various ways by which you can get the Netflix free trial


  • 2 Conclusion
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    Use A Paymaya Virtual Card

    PayMaya is an e-wallet that you can use to pay bills, go shopping, buy prepaid load and send money using your smartphone. Anyone can sign up for a free PayMaya account, regardless of the mobile number they use. Read this guide to learn how to register and verify your PayMaya account.

    When registering, you can use the invite code 23pfpum to get 50 for free after you verify your PayMaya account.

    After your PayMaya account is verified, you will have access to the PayMaya virtual card as long as you have at least 100 balance. The PayMaya virtual card is just like any debit card and contains the cardholders name, account number, validity and card verification value . You can use the PayMaya virtual card to purchase items online and subscribe to services like Netflix. The card is free and has no annual fees.

    So heres how to view your PayMaya virtual card.

    First, log in to your PayMaya app. If you dont have at least 100 in your PayMaya wallet, you can top up your wallet via online banking, PayPal and over-the-counter partners such as Bayad Center, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhuillier, 7-Eleven and many more. Read this article to learn how to add money to your PayMaya account.

    Tap the My Cards tab at the bottom of the screen, and then select Online Payment Card Number.

    To subscribe to Netflix using your PayMaya card, log in to your account or . Choose your plan and click Continue.

    Enter your PayMaya card details, including card number, expiration date and security code .

    Why Does Netflix Not Have A Free Trial

    With recent changes to the structure, Netflix no longer offers a free trial and offers certain shows to watch for free as a sample of the services.

    The titles may change every month or two, but there is a decent selection to get Netflix for free without a debit card.

    A VPN can help you get free content from any Netflix library and the wealth of TV shows on offer as long as you have a subscription.

    A VPN uses the best methods of hiding your identity and your location. So, you can, in theory, access any library you wish by changing the VPN server to a country that offers Netflix.

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    How To Pay For Netflix Via Gcash

    Sign in to Netflix and choose your plan by clicking See the Plans.

    Select the plan that you are interested in. If you will only be watching Netflix on your mobile phone, you may choose the Mobile plan. For families and barkadas, the Premium plan is the better choice because it supports up to four screens or viewers at a time and has 4K+HDR resolution.

    Click Continue after choosing your plan.

    On the next step, select Credit or Debit Card.

    As you can see, the American Express logo is there, which means that you can pay Netflix using your GCash American Express virtual card.

    Next, enter your payment details as follows:

    • First Name Enter the first name that is listed on your GCash American Express Virtual Pay card.
    • Last Name Enter the last name or surname on your card.
    • Card Number Enter the card number of your GCash American Express card.
    • Expiration Date Enter the card expiry date in MM/YY format. For example, May 2025 is 05/25.
    • Security Code Input the cards security code or CVV.

    Read below to learn how to access the card details of your GCash American Express Virtual Pay card.

    Follow these steps to access the details of your GCash American Express virtual card:

  • Open the GCash app and login to your wallet.
  • Click My Linked Accounts.
  • Select American Express Virtual Pay.
  • You can now view your card information and use it to pay for Netflix using GCash.
  • Please keep your card details secret and dont share it with anyone else.

    Can You Have 5 Users On Netflix

    How to Sign Up for Netflix WITHOUT a Credit Card ...

    While a user can create five individual profiles, it doesnt mean that every user can stream content simultaneously. The Basic plan also allows you to stream to one device at once. The Standard plan allows you to stream to two devices at once. The Premium plan allows you to stream to four devices at a time.

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    Ask Someone To Share Their Netflix Account

    Do you know someone who has an existing Netflix account? Why not ask for their permission to use the same account? Netflix allows multiple simultaneous connections using a single account.

    Just make sure you are also connected to a VPN when signing up on Netflix so as not to get blocked by the streaming platform.

    Thats all you can get Netflix without credit card via one of the four methods we listed above we are confident, at least one out of these will suit you well.

    How To Pay For Netflix With Your Itunes Account

    If you watch Netflix on your Apple TV digital media player, then you can use your iTunes account to pay for Netflix. This includes any credit that you have on your iTunes account from iTunes gift cards. Although, you still have to enter your billing information to set up an iTunes account, so that usually involves inputting your credit card details anyway. However, you can pay for your iTunes account with PayPal instead, just as you can for your Netflix account.

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    What Is Trending On Netflix

    Check out this brief list of currently trending Netflix series and movies:

    Outer Banks

    A teenager along with his friends unearths a long-buried secret linked to his father’s disappearance, which sets off a chain of illicit events taking them on a never-to-be-forgotten adventure.

    Money Heist

    A criminal mastermind has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in history. He employs eight thieves to take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as he manipulates the police to carry out his plan.

    Hit And Run

    A devasted man is on a hunt to discover the truth behind his wife’s death and gets caught up in a dangerous web of secrets, revealing things his wife kept from him.

    Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer

    The series, projected from the perspective of the detectives, documents the entire case and investigation of the infamous Night Stalker case. Taking back to the mid-80s when serial killer Richard Ramirez terrorized the entire country for over a year until his arrest, the docuseries aptly highlights the journey of the entire case.


    One of the most hyped and celebrated romance dramas, Bridgerton has managed to gain 82 million viewers in the first four weeks, making it the most successful in Netflixs history. If you havent already watched it, then it’s finally time!

    Enjoy Netflixs Free Trial

    How to get Netflix without a credit or debit card

    Netflix does not charge you upfront, in fact, you can enjoy Netflixs free 30-day trial to check all available videos in its massive video library. So lets recap how you can enjoy Netflix anywhere you are.

    First, you need to get yourself a good VPN service to bypass Netflixs geo-restrictions. Connecting to a reliable VPN will allow you to mask your actual IP address and change it with a US IP address to be able to access US Netflix.

    Next, is to create an email address if you dont have already and use it to sign up for a Netflix account.

    And lastly, choose any of the payment methods mentioned above to avoid sharing your credit card information with Netflix. Choose either Paypal, Debit Cards, Netflix Gift Cards, Fake Credit Cards, or just ask a friend to lend you his account.

    Let us know in the comments below what has worked for you in signing up for a Netflix account.


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    Does The Netflix Free Trial Auto

    Yes, it does. Unlike many other services, Netflix will email you a reminder that your free trial is about to end three days before it expires. Upon completing your sign-up, you will also see the exact date before which you need to cancel your Netflix subscription to avoid being charged. You can do that online, but you can also use DoNotPay to cancel Netflix as the easiest method.

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