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How To Set Up Recurring Credit Card Payments

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The Best Credit Cards If You Can Only Afford To Pay The Minimum Right Now

How to set up recurring invoices with autopay in QuickBooks Online

If you think you will be cash-strapped these next few months and only see yourself making the minimum payment on a credit card, that’s OK. Try considering a credit card with an introductory 0% APR period to avoid racking up interest in the near future.

The Citi Simplicity® Card is one of Select’s best interest-free credit cards because it offers 0% intro APR for 12 months on purchases from date of account opening and 0% intro APR for 21 months on balance transfers from date of first transfer . There is a $5 or 5% fee charged to make the balance transfer.

Another option on the list is the Chase Freedom Flex, a no-annual-fee credit card, that has a 15-month 0% intro APR on new purchases . Cardmembers can also earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in rotating bonus categories each quarter you activate , 5% cash back on travel booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3% cash back on dining and at drug stores and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Adding New Product Or Service Offerings

Offering automatic payments isnt just about adding another payment method. Recurring billing helps brands to pioneer entirely new product or service offerings that are highly marketable in todays landscape.

For example, razor blades are a generic consumer product that can be bought everywhere from grocery stores to Amazon. Theres little competitive advantage to be had for sellers unless the value proposition is changed entirely.

This is exactly what the now-iconic mens grooming brand Dollar Shave Club did by creating a subscription service. Customers can opt to have replacement razors and other grooming products delivered to them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This simple twist on an essential product is what led Dollar Shave Club to achieve a $1 billion valuation something that wouldnt have been possible without recurring billing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squares Recurring Payments Feature

How much does it cost to set up recurring payments?

Invoices are always free to send and theres no cost for recurring payments. If customers pay securely online with a credit or debit card, you pay 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice. When customers authorize you to securely store a card on file, you pay just 3.4% + 15¢ and get paid even faster.

How long does it take for the money to reach my bank account?

Funds paid by invoice are deposited directly into your bank account in one to two business days. Thats faster than leading competitors, which take anywhere from two to five days.

Can I set up recurring payments to go out monthly?

Yes, you can set up recurring payments to invoice your clients daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually.

Im a developer and I want to bill my customers automatically in app – can I integrate Squares recurring billing feature via API?

Not yet – but we plan to! Stay in touch with new releases and updates to our payments APIs by following our Developers Portal.

What if my customers transaction is declined?

What if my customers card is out-of-date?

Want to try recurring payments? .

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Back Up A Faulty Memory

Setting up automatic payments can be a great way to avoid the negative repercussions that come from missing a credit card payment. Still, you want to make sure you have enough money in your bank account so you aren’t charged an overdraft fee.

If you dont want to set up automatic payments but still want a reminder to pay, many card issuers offer the option of signing up for email or text alerts when the balance due date is approaching.

Benefits Of Recurring Card Payment

How to set up a recurring Bitcoin purchase with Debit/Credit Card

Implementing a recurring card payment technique is essential to improve sales opportunities and organize cash flow from the customers. So normally, the customers set up recurring payments with the CPA to perform transactions that need clearing on a particular date. Some of the common examples of set up recurring payments include subscription renewal and top-ups. But one of the most common disadvantages with the recurring credit card payment technique is that sometimes the cards might be lost or canceled, which might easily result in payment loss.

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Recurring Payment Meaning: What Is Recurring Payment

Using recurring payments or automatic billing is something many of us do each month with our personal bills. Itâs an easy and convenient way to make sure you never miss a payment or end up with late fees.

Many businesses offer this as an option to accept payments online, both for their customersâ convenience as well as their revenue. If youâre considering recurring payments or recurring billing for your business, itâs likely a good step to take, especially if you plan to use a B2B payments or an eCommerce payment gateway.

Learn more about these types of payments, how to set them up, how they affect your eCommerce accounting, and how to manage them easily.

What Is The Difference Between A Recurring Charge And A One

A one-time charge is a single transaction where a customer is paying for a product or service. Unlike recurring payments, no ongoing payment service is authorized between the buyer and seller. Moreover, the customers payment information isnt kept on file, unless theres an option to save card or bank account details for future purchases.

One-time charges make the most sense when consumers are not making regular payments. Unless customers have a reason to make payments automatically, theres little advantage to offering recurring billing as a payment method.

But if your business is offering products or services on a recurring basis, there are many benefits to making an automatic payment option available to your customers. Although not all customers trust handing over their credit or debit card information to eCommerce merchants, having it as an option can make online payment processing much easier for small businesses to manage.

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Create A Recurring Credit Card Payment

Learn how to create a recurring credit card payment.

QuickBooks lets you collect fast and secure payments from your customers based on agreed-upon terms. We’ll show you how to set up recurring credit card payment so you can save that extra time on payment collection.

Important: Ensure approval from customers and have them sign the authorization form before setting up recurring payment. To get the authorization form, select the link on the Create recurring payment page to download a PDF file that contains the terms of the recurring payment. Send or give the form to your customer to complete, then retain for your records.

Here are some reminders before you start:

  • Make sure to have a QuickBooks Payments account linked to your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • QuickBooks Online uses a different process for recurring payments, check out recurring sales receipt for more info.
  • Recurring payment setup for bank transfer transactions isn’t available at this time.
  • Since recurring transactions aren’t swiped, they’re processed at a keyed rate.
  • You’ll receive a notification on your primary contact email every time you process a transaction. Need to update your email? Check out update business and account information to learn more.

How To Implement Recurring Credit Card Processing In Your Business

âHow Toâ? Set up Recurring Payments

Theres never been so many reasons for businesses to consider recurring credit card processing payments as an option.

The growing popularity of subscription services and payment plans, expectations for hassle-free payment processing, and the drive to minimize manual processes are all making automatic payments a more attractive model to startups and established companies alike.

With the average subscription billing vendor growing 30% to 50% annually, now is the perfect time to start considering which product/service offerings could benefit from a recurring payment option.

But how do you know whether your business will benefit from recurring billing, and how can you set up a recurring payment system successfully?

Here are the advantages of adding a recurring billing system to your business and how you can launch your own offering with minimal stress.

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Here’s How To Stop Recurring Payments On A Credit Card:

  • Online: If you have an online account with the merchant, you will need to log on. There should be a link under your bank information tab to stop recurring payments.
  • Phone: Some companies allow you to stop recurring payments by phone. Even if you cancel online, this is a good way to confirm the payments have been stopped.
  • Get confirmation: Make sure you keep a confirmation page, number or certified mail receipt to prove that you made a request in case you run into any trouble.
  • Be firm: If you call, the representative will probably try to talk you out of stopping payments. Politely insist they cancel. If they refuse or say they cant cancel your payments, request a mailing address to send your request.

If all else fails and it is within your right to cancel, you could report any future charges to your card as fraudulent. This will get the credit card issuer to intervene.

Finally, while youre allowed to stop recurring payments, youll need to find another way to pay if you plan to keep getting service from the provider in question, especially if its something like rent. Some places may only let you pay using a card, so you could always substitute a debit card instead of a credit card. But youd have to make sure you have enough money in your checking account every month.

Can you pay a credit card with a debit card?

If I Cancel A Recurring Transaction Will It Stop

To quote Nationwide Building Society: Your request may not immediately stop further payments being taken from your account. Where a company continues to take payments from your account after we know you have withdrawn your consent, we’ll refund that money to you.

Nationwide Building Society recommends that you also contact the company directly to make them aware that you’ve cancelled the payment, because this payment arrangement may be part of a contract between you and them for the service you requested, and you’ll want to be sure that they know that this is no longer required. This policy applies to all our debit, cash card and credit card customers.

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What Is Recurring Credit Card Payments

Recurring credit card payment also referred to recurring card payment, is an authorization provided by the customer that permits the merchant to take payments from them by either debit or credit card. These payments will remain in force until the customer cancels the arrangement.

Recurring credit card payments can be set up online, in person or over the phone. To give a merchant a continuous payment authority on a card account, the customer provides their debit or credit card details, rather their bank details, which would normally be used to set up a Direct Debit.

Recurring credit card payments enables the merchant to take payments from a customers account on dates of their choosing, and for different amounts, without seeking further authorisation from them.

Recurring card payments are more likely to fail than Direct Debit payments, leading to revenue loss, as well as unhappy customers. Reasons include cancelled cards , expired card details or customers hitting spending limits.

Payment failure rates vary, but for Recurring credit card payments they tend to be greater than 5%.

Defend Against Ecommerce Fraud

How to set up simple and recurring card payments

Payment fraud is a widespread and escalating problem within eCommerce as the number of continues to grow. According to Vesta, CNP fraud cost merchants an estimated $35.54 billion globally during 2020. A lot of this occurs due to , where refunds are requested from card networks for dishonest reasons.

Recurring payment processors and POS solutions are PCI-compliant to ensure safe transactions and the storage of sensitive information, ensuring that merchants can better protect themselves and their customers against fraudulent behaviors.

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Cancel Your Unwanted Subscriptions

Looking at a laundry list of recurring charges might make you think, “I don’t need all these.” When that happens, dont just let your accounts go.

If you ignore the merchants messages about updating your payment information, you could be charged late fees. Some merchants might even send your account to collections after enough missed payments. That could hurt your credit.

So do it the right way: Cancel your unwanted subscriptions. When you do, ask for confirmation via receipt, email or snail mail, so you can file a dispute if the charges dont stop.

Recurring Payment Processors Comparison And What To Look For

Most payment processors offer recurring payment services, enabling you the opportunity to offer recurring payments as an option for your customers. You need to decide if you are going to use a third-party payments provider that will process the payments for you with the funds going into their merchant account, pooled together with other sellersâ payments. From there, the payment provider will pass the funds to you once they settle. When you use a third-party payment provider, expect it to take around 2 business days for the funds to arrive in your bank account.

Your other option is to open your own merchant account, which is dedicated specifically to your business and is not shared with other sellers. The initial process in opening up a merchant account can be long and bureaucratic, but once the account is set up, you will instantly receive payments as they are made. Using a third-party payment provider is definitely the simpler and quicker option.

When you are doing the research in order to choose the payment processor that works best for you, there are a few fees and charges that you should be sure to compare to make sure you are getting the best deal:

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How To Set Up Automatic Payments For Your Business And Get Paid Faster

  • How to Set up Automatic Payments for Your Business and Get Paid Faster
  • To set up automatic payments for your business youll need to research the range of companies that offer recurring payment solutions and choose the automatic payment method that works best for your business. To accept automatic payments youll need to let your clients know the service is available and you may want to offer incentives to encourage clients to try it out. Accepting recurring payments helps small businesses receive payment faster and improves cash flow.

    These topics will show you how to set up automatic payments for your business:

    Automatic Bill Pay And Transfers

    QuickBooks Desktop Payments Set Up Recurring Payments

    With that in mind, you can set up automatic payments based on each subscription services billing cycle. If you have a mortgage through Navy Federal Credit Union, using HomeSquad to set up online payments is your best bet. For other Navy Federal loans, such as credit cards, you can use the Transfers feature through online banking to schedule customer payments up to a year in advance. For other service providers, such as utilities and subscription businesses, use Bill Pay, which lets you set up payees for easy payment processing. Automatic payments will help you avoid late payments on monthly fees.

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    Pros Of Using Autopay

    But is autopay a good idea? There are pros and cons to relying on automatic payments to get your credit card bill paid on time each month. In general, autopay is a good idea and can even help you build or maintain a good credit score if you use it wisely and review your arrangements regularly.

    The biggest benefit of credit card autopay is that it can help you avoid late payments, which can cause you to get hit with both a hefty late fee and a higher penalty interest rate, Cathey says. Those late payments also end up on your credit reports and can have a significant impact on your credit, since payment history is the most important factor in your credit score,

    Another plus is that paying automatically saves you time and effort, says Nick Clements, founder of, a personal finance site.

    Inform Your Customers That You Offer Recurring Payments

    Now that youve sorted out your payment provider and recurring payment structure, its time to let your customers know about your offerings. The convenience of automatic payments is a great selling point for any business, so its a good idea to spread the word to both existing and prospective customers.

    For example, you can inform your current subscribers by sending out a dedicated email that explains how recurring billing works and how it benefits them. This message should also include a link to a dedicated page on your website. This way, you can also link to it from other marketing channels, such as social media or paid ads.

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    Always Scour Your Statements

    Dont use automatic payments as an excuse to check out of actively managing your finances.

    Even if you have alerts set up, its still crucial to review your statement every month to make sure everything looks OK before your automatic payment processes, Clements says.

    Its also a good idea to set an alert on your calendar to review your automatic payments regularly. And make sure to revisit your autopay arrangements any time your financial situation changes for example, if you lose your job or experience a sudden change in income as so many Americans have recently due to COVID-19. If youve got autopay set to pay the full balance of your card, you may need to temporarily switch to paying a lower amount as an emergency stopgap measure.

    Taking these steps will allow you to avoid the set it and forget it approach that can cause autopay to backfire.

    You can enjoy the convenience of autopay but still take responsibility for your account, Clements says.

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