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How To Reopen My Capital One Credit Card

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How To Close A Capital One Credit Card Account

Why Capital One Card Account is restricted And How To Reopen Your Credit Card

Before you start taking the necessary steps to close your Capital One account, its recommended that you first pay off any outstanding balance. This is to avoid the possibility of Capital One raising your interest rate or even demanding immediate payment of the balance. You can close the credit card regardless, but you will still be responsible for any subsequent monthly payments. Whenever youre ready, you have two main options for how to start the process.

Can You Close Out An Account Online

There are several methods by which your accounts can be closed in each bank. The majority of online banking companies will let you close an account through the computer, while others will call you into a local branch to close your account. It depends on your banks closing process. Contact your bank for information. If youre needing this information from your bank, you should most likely send it over the telephone or in person using a secure online portal.

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Do Returning Cardholders Qualify For Card Benefits

While all cardholderswhether you previously had the card or nothave access to ongoing benefits, the welcome bonus is a different story. Numerous cards entice customers in with generous one-time bonuses for opening the account but those bonuses are exactly that: one-time offers. There are some exceptions, which well outline below, but if youre reapplying for a card, you should do so for the ongoing features of the card.

It can be frustrating to not qualify for a welcome bonus, but keep your eye on the bright side. As a returning cardholder, youll still receive the vast majority of card benefits. On rewards cards, youll still earn points, miles or cash back with every purchase . Airline cards often come with perks like free checked bags and hotel cards frequently offer elite status or even free night certificates with your annual card renewal. Lifestyle perks, like monthly credits toward dining or digital streaming services, also still apply.

Knowing Your Debt Collection Rights

Can You Reopen A Closed Capital One Credit Card : Capital ...

Dealing with collection agencies frustrates a lot of Americans. The frequent phone calls, in particular, interrupt you at work or during a relaxing evening at home.

You dont have to endure this kind of hassle just because youve run up some consumer debt or have gotten behind on your credit card payments.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act limits a debt collectors behavior as it seeks to collect debt from you.

For example, a debt collector cant:

  • Threaten you with criminal action such as arrest.
  • Use contact information youve asked the debt collector to stop using.
  • Threaten to increase the interest rates on your other loans or major credit cards.

Let the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau know if a debt collector has violated your consumer rights. You can also complain to the Better Business Bureau at

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How To Remove Capital One Collections From Your Credit Report

To remove a Capital One Collections from your credit report, you first need to know who currently owns the debt.

In other words, has Capital One sold your unpaid credit card debt to another collection agency, or is the debt still with Capital One?

You can find out who owns your Capital One debt by getting a current copy of your credit report and taking a look to see who is listed as the creditor on the entry.

Visit to download copies of your credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can get a free credit report each week through April of 2021.

How To Reopen A Closed Credit Card Account

Most of the time, open credit card accounts look better on your credit report than closed accounts, so its good to know hoe to reopen a closed credit card account.

Open accounts extend the average age of your credit history. Its good for your credit score when you have older accounts.

More importantly, keeping your credit card account open can boost your credit score by lowering your credit utilization ratio .

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Have A Professional Remove It

Professional credit repair companies exist to do the legwork Ive described in the steps above.

I recommend checking out , their advisors are helpful and friendly.

But having a professional on the case full-time can make the overwhelming tasks of credit repair seem simple.

What Happens When A Credit Card Is Closed

WHY I CLOSED My $30K Capital One Savor Credit Card

If the card is closed, there will no longer be an available credit limit on that account. Consequently, losing access to the credit line will affect your credit utilization ratio when there is outstanding credit card debt. … As the other accounts you have and use become older over time, those too will help your scores.

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Here Is How I Got Capital One To Reopen My Account

When I first started getting my credit life under control, I thought that closing and paying off my Capital One credit card would help my credit.

I was wrong. Closing the account caused my score to drop even further.

Since I already had bad credit, it was a huge challenge trying to get Capital One to reopen the account. Im sure the same would be true with any other major credit card including a Chase, Discover, American Express, or Citi card.

So heres what I did:

Closing Your Account By Phone

If you want to close your account by phone, call the number on the back of your card. If you don’t have your card handy, search online for the Capital One customer service number. The customer service rep who answers will be able to help you close your account. Credit card brands usually ask you to listen to a review of your card benefits, special offers and other information designed to keep you from closing your account.

To close your account, you will need to provide information such as your account number, name, Social Security number and address.

You will also need to tell the rep how you wish to pay off your balance if you’re doing that with this closing. Have the bank routing number and check number ready if you are going to pay off the balance that way. Ask for other options for paying off your card and instructions for using the method you decided to use. For example, you might want to transfer your Capital One balance to another card, which can take seven to 10 days.

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Youre Using Your Card In Stores Or Places Where Youve Never Used It Before

Another reason why your Capital One account may be restricted is if you are using the credit card to purchase from a store or platform that youve never purchased from before. New shopping activity could cause the system to recognize the transaction as a suspicious or fraudulent activity.

For example, you are in a different country and youre trying to use your Capital One credit card for purchases. If you have never used your card in that establishment before, Capital One may restrict your account to protect your card.

This could also happen if you are using your card on an online payment platform that you have not used before.

Does Closing A Bank Account Hurt Your Credit

Can You Reopen A Closed Capital One Credit Card : Capital ...

The good news is that, unlike closing a credit card account, closing a bank account usually does not harm your credit score however, if the bank chooses to send the debt you owe them to a collection agency, it may be reported to the credit bureaus.

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Capital One Is Experiencing A System Error

Maybe youre a diligent payer when it comes to your credit card bills, youre 100% sure that youre not over your maximum credit limit, and youre not using your card on any suspicious or new platform so why is your card still restricted. Believe it or not, it might not even be your fault.

System error is another possible reason why your Capital One account is restricted. Capital One could be experiencing problems or issues on their system and that may be a reason why you cant use your card.

Other Ways To Build Credit Before Reopening An Old Account

If youve closed a credit card account and you regret it but your credit score wont let you get a new card heres where to start:

  • Secured Credit Cards: I mentioned this above when discussing my experience with Capital One. Secured cards work like a regular credit card account except you have to make a security deposit. Your credit limit will be low and youll have to pay an annual fee. But in return, youll get a chance to prove yourself to the credit bureaus by making on-time payments every month.
  • This special personal loan guarantees you wont make a late payment because you never receive the loans funds. They go into a bank account the same bank accounts your payments will be drafted from. Its a risk-free way to build a solid credit history.
  • Co-signed Loans: Asking a friend or family member to co-sign will help you get approved for a new credit card which you can then use to start building a solid payment history. Your co-signer would be responsible for your debt if you didnt pay. After making on-time payments for a year or so, you can check with your old credit card company about reopening your old account.
  • Pay Cell Phone On Time: If you already have a cell phone, keep paying your monthly bill on time. Assuming you dont have a prepaid plan, keeping your cell phone plan up to date can help with your payment history, especially if you have a financed phone built into your bill.

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How To Reopen A Closed Credit Card

  • If you don’t have the card, look up the number online. Calling the direct number is your best bet so you can speak to the right department.

  • Have your account details ready. To pull up your account information, you’ll need the credit card number, your name, social security number, and address. You might also have to answer additional security questions.

  • Explain yourself. Most credit issuers will want to know why you closed your account in the first place and why you want to reopen it.

  • Below are the policies for each credit issuer. These terms can change at any time, so call the number on the back of your credit card for the most up-to-date policies.

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    Alternatives If You Can’t Reopen Your Account

    There are times when it’s not worthwhile to reopen a closed account or your issuer doesn’t allow it. You may have closed your credit card because the terms or rewards weren’t a good match for your lifestyle anymore. Or your card issuer may have closed your account due to past-due payments or inactivity. Whatever the reason, make sure you weigh the benefits of trying to reopen a closed account against simply applying for a new card.

    Applying for a new credit card allows you to look for a card with rewards and other features that work for you. Depending on your spending habits, you might look for a card that has no annual fee, everyday rewards or intro 0% APR financing.

    To make your search easier, you can use Experian CreditMatch to find credit offers that match your credit profile. The platform also shows you the cards with the highest approval odds based on your current credit information.

    When You Shouldnt Reopen A Closed Account

    Sometimes its not worth it to go through the trouble of reopening a closed account. If you have good credit and the issuer closed the card for a reason such as inactivity or failure to opt into new terms, you might instead take this as an opportunity to look for a new credit card.

    That way, you can look for a card with rewards and other features that work for you, and you might even snag a new card sign-up bonus.

    If youre getting better credit card offers elsewhere, why reopen a card where the interest rate is higher, the credit limit is lower or the overall offerings are not as good? asks Janet Alvarez, the executive editor of personal finance website Wise Bread.

    If your issuer closed your card because of missed payments or because youve entered a debt management plan, you might consider waiting for a bit and working on your credit before opening a new card.

    Just because your credit card issuer closed the account doesnt mean theyve broken up with you forever, Ulzheimer says. If your credit score improves or your usage patterns are different and you want to apply for a new account, you can do that.

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    What To Do If Capital One Closes Your Account

    If you’ve found that Capital One has closed your account for no reason, then you need to get in touch with them straight away. You can do this in two different ways:

    through the official website or by phoning them on 1-877-383-4802.

  • Go to the Official Websiteâ Here you’ll find simple FAQ answers and email contact information
  • Phone them â You can call them directly at 1-877-383-4802
  • If you phone Capital One, then you will be able to speak to a staff member directly. In some ways, it’s easier to explain what you’re trying to find out on the phone. However, it’s just as easy to type out your query and use the live chat service on the bank’s website.

    Why is the bank not giving clear answers?

    Some users have reported that Capital One can act strangely when discussing account closures even if they’re speaking to the account owner. There are two reasons for this.

    The first is that Capital One’s fraud software may have flagged the account. If this is the case, then the staff will be suspicious of you. They won’t want to provide too much information before their fraud investigation is complete. They may end up giving something away that will hinder it otherwise.

    The second reason Capital One staff may act strangely is that they have closed your account for no reason. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes fraud detection software gets it wrong. As such, staff members have policies in place for what they can and can’t say to customers when an account has been incorrectly closed.

    Closing Your Account In Writing

    Can You Reopen A Closed Capital One Credit Card : Capital ...

    If you want a written record of proof that you closed your account, write to Capital One to cancel your account. For added assurance, send the letter by certified mail. Follow the instructions on the Capital One website or talk to one of the customer service reps to make sure you send your letter to the correct address.

    Regardless of how you close your account, you will receive a letter from Capital One confirming the closure of the account. If you are moving, provide Capital One with your new address by updating your account before you close it. After you close your account, it’s very difficult to reopen, states Capital One on its website. However, you might receive multiple offers in the mail or by email to open a new Capital One credit card account.

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    Option : Close Your Secured Card And Apply For A New Unsecured Credit Card

    If your secured credit card issuer doesn’t offer an upgrade option, your next best option is to apply for an unsecured card from a different issuer and close your secured card completely. Since you have to pay a security deposit in order to have a credit limit on your secured card, it’s really not worth holding onto. So once you see an increase in your credit score, you should start researching new cards.

    Before you apply for a new card, shop around and take note of the credit scores required to qualify for certain cards. We recommend looking for a credit card that offers a low APR or no annual fee to make the transition easier on your finances.

    How to do it: To cancel your credit card, simply call the number on the back of your secured card to speak to a representative and let them know that you would like to permanently close your account.

    If you had the Capital One® Secured for its low deposit option, for example, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade and transfer information over to an unsecured card. Capital One cardholders would have to reapply for a specific rewards card, like the Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card to earn an unlimited 3% cash back on dining and entertainment, 3% back at grocery stores and 1% back on all other purchases all without paying an annual fee.

    Before you close your account, make sure you are approved for your new credit card. If you end up closing your card before opening a new one, it makes it more difficult to be approved.

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