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How To Refer Chase Credit Card

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Chase Sapphire Reserve Referral

How to refer friends to Chase Credit Cards

The Chase Sapphire Reserve referral allows you to earn 10,000 Ultimate Rewards per approval up to a maximum of 50,000 points per calendar year. This referral is currently not available.

The Sapphire Reserve currently comes with a 50,000 bonus although it initially came with a whopping 100K bonus . The Reserve still is a fantastic card with 3X on dining and travel, a $300 travel credit, and redemption in the Chase Travel Portal at 1.5 cents per point!

Sapphire Reserve & Sapphire Preferred Referral Bonuses

Hands down two of the most popular travel credit cards on the market, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and its older sibling, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card , both offer the high-value Ultimate Rewards® points on every purchase, making them an ideal referral for most anyone who travels .

$550 Good/Excellent

While the high annual fee of the Chase Sapphire Reserve® might be intimidating to some, the $300 annual travel credit neatly cuts it down to a manageable size. Add to that the Priority Pass Select membership that gives you airport lounge access and the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® fee credit, and that annual fee disappears quickly.

Even if you dont like airport lounges or use Global Entry, so long as you use at least the travel credit, the 3X points per $1 spent on dining and travel can easily cover the rest of the fee and then some for most cardholders.

As awesome as both cards are, however, only the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has a refer-a-friend bonus currently available. For every friend you refer who gets a Sapphire Preferred® credit card, youll earn 10,000 Ultimate Rewards® points, up to a total of 50,000 referral bonus points per card per year.

$95 Good/Excellent

For those who arent ready to commit to the more expensive Chase Sapphire Reserve® , the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card comes with less than a quarter of the annual fee, though youll only earn 2X Ultimate Rewards® points per $1 on travel and dining.

What Cards Work For Chase Refer A Friend

Below is a list of Chase credit cards that at any given moment might be offering referrals. As already mentioned, these offers come and go so be sure to check back every now and again if youre not able to pull them up.

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Chase Southwest Plus and Premier
  • Chase Disney Rewards Visa credit card
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless

Some of these cards are subject to Chases notorious 5/24 Rule while others arent but there are other rules to be aware of. about these Chase application rules.

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How To Earn A Credit Card Referral Bonus

Rules for earning a referral bonus vary by credit card issuer. Some have a standard set of offers, others will personalize them for you. The process, however, is generally the same: a cardholder shares a link that their friend will use to apply for the card. Once the friend is approved, the cardholder gets the bonusand some issuers will reward the friend too.

What Determines Your Chase Credit Card Refer

Chase Credit Cards Offering Refer

The Chase cards you have will determine which cards you can earn a referral bonus on. The amount and currency of the bonus you earn will depend on which of those credit cards your friend signs up for.

For example, when a friend uses your referral link to sign up for Chase Freedom Unlimited®, you receive $100 cash back when their application is approved, up to $500 per year. The same scenario with any of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card will net you 15,000 bonus points, up to 75,000 points per year total. You can earn up to 5 referral bonuses per year, regardless of the card.

Its worth noting that certain Chase co-branded cards give referral bonuses, too. But co-branded Chase cards will give the bonus in the cards rewards currency, rather than Chase Ultimate Rewards points. For example, Southwest Rapid Rewards referral bonuses are Southwest points, and the Marriott Bonvoy credit cards bonuses are Marriott points.

  • You can register online from the Refer-A-Business page or through the Chase mobile app.Online, enter your name, zip code and last 4 digits of your Ink Business card number. Then, click Get Started. You should see your referral link and a list of options for sharing the link.From the mobile app, log in with your Chase online username and password. You should see the Refer friends option. The next page will include the referral link and your sharing options.
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    You Creating Your Referral Link

    There are multiple ways to get your referral link. You can use your computer or mobile phone.

    You can either have chase send your friend a message with your link or you can generate the link and manually share with your friends. you can also paste in the comments section below.

    Copying your Chase credit card referral link on a mobile phone

    1. Open chase mobile app, click on the card account you want to generate your link for

    2. Scroll through the bottom, locate refer a friend link. Click on that.

    3. Select email or instant option

    4. Select how you want to send the link. Id select text message and the next window will contain the referral link

    5. Copy the message and paste it in comments here.

    Ill paste my referral link here as well as in comments, to start the thread. Feel free to use my link so that we both get to benefit from free money. Ill get referral bonuses and youll earn a sign-up bonus.

    My Chase Freedom or Freedom Unlimited card referral link You earn $200 cashback with any participating Chase Freedom credit card. I can be rewarded, learn more.

    My Chase Southwest card referral link You earn up to 75,000 points with any Southwest personal Credit Card and business owners can earn 60,000 points with the Premier Business Credit Card or earn 70,000 points with the Performance Business Credit Card.

    You Can Invite Your Friends In Lots Of Different Ways

    There are plenty of ways you can refer your friends:

    • Email: Visit and enter your account information. Click on or Email Friends and then enter your friends first name and email address. Once you enter the required information, click on Submit. Chase will send your friend an email within seven business days.
    • Social media or text: If you want to reach more people including folks you dont have an email address for you can post your referral link on sites like Facebook and Twitter. To do so, click on the Copy button and then share the link in your posts or status updates. You can also copy and paste the referral link into text messages to your friends.
    • App: On the go? You can refer friends right from your phone. Open the Chase app and click on your credit card. Scroll down and tap Refer Friends on the screen. Then you can select how to send the referral link.

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    Chase Credit Card Refer

    We work hard to find the best offers. Most, but not all, products in our articles are from partners who may provide us with compensation, but this doesnt change our opinions. See our advertiser disclosure.


    Earn up to 100,000 bonus points a year when your family and friends use your referral link to apply for a Chase credit card and are approved.

    The Chase credit card refer-a-friend program is an easy way to rack up on bonus points, without having to make any purchases. Eligible cards include ones that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards as well as co-branded cards.

    Keep reading for everything you need to know about this rewarding referral program, including a few tips and tricks.


    The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card currently has an offer for 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

    Redeeming the 60,000 bonus points through the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, which is praised by users, will get you $750 in value towards travel. The 60K bonus points are worth $750 because you get 25% more value whenever you redeem for airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises through Chase Ultimate Rewards.

    Even better, strategize with Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfer partners to potentially get even more value. Each point can be worth up to 2 cents apiece . Read more on this here.

    How To See How Many Chase Referral Bonus Points You’ve Earned

    Double Your Chase Credit Card Bonus! How To Refer Your Spouse for a Chase Credit Card
    • Pending referral bonus points
    • Posted referral bonus points.

    pending referral bonus pointsWhen does the Chase referral bonus post?

    • Open your Chase mobile app and log in.
    • Tap on the card that you want.
    • Scroll down until you see the section that says See rewards details & redeem. Click on it!
    • Click on the Ultimate Rewards that will take you to Rewards Activity.
    • You should see the section that says Earning on next statement. Those are the number of pending reward points including the Refer-A-Friend bonus you’ve earned since your last statement and they will be added to your next statement. See the screenshot below.
    Pending Referral Bonus Points
    • Enter your last name, zip code, and the card’s last 4 digits.
    • Click the Continue button to generate the referral link.
    • Scroll down and you should see the tracker for your referral bonus as shown below.
    Track Your Chase Referral Bonus

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    Where Can You Share Your Referral Links

    Some blogs allow you to post referral links on their site. I dont typically allow it on my comments because it fosters a lot of spam-like activity and attracts visitors who arent interested in engaging with the content.

    Instead, I recommend checking out the recurring threads on Reddit that you can find for individual credit cards.

    Individual Chase Refer A Friend Microsites: The Best Way

    If you have one of these cards, you can utilize the Chase microsite to populate a referral. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • You may need to play around with the card names to get them to worksome include Chase, some do not.

    Earn $200 after $500 spend in 3 months

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    Fees And Other Charges

    There is no minimum interest charge associated with this credit card. There is an annual membership fee of $450 for the primary account holder. If you decide that you want to add authorized users to this credit card account, you will be charged an additional $75 per year for each authorized user.

    If you use the account for balance transfers, the charges are either 5% or $5, whichever is the greater amount. For cash advances the charge for each is either $5 or 5% of the transaction, whichever is the greatest number. There are no fees for foreign transactions. If you are late on a payment on your account, there is a penalty fee that can range up to $39 with the same for a return payment. It is important to note that this type of account may or may not be eligible for balance transfers.

    The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is somewhat of an investment because of the high fee of $450 that is charged but it offers so many benefits that can help you to not only completely make up for the difference, but you can also come out ahead and substantially increase savings on travel and if you do enough travelling and eating out, the $450 fee charged for this card will be well worth the annual investment.

    Disney Rewards Visa Card Referral

    Chase Sapphire Preferred: Refer Friends for Up to 50,000 Bonus Points

    You will receive $100 Disney Reward Dollars per referral up to a maximum of $500 Disney reward dollars per calendar year.

    The referral links offer a sign up bonus of a $200 statement credit after spending $500 in the first 3 months from account opening.

    Visit to make a referral.

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    Things To Know About The Chase Refer

    Word of mouth is how many people find out about great products, and financial accounts and are no different. With Chases Refer-A-Friend program, you can earn rewards just for sharing your recommendations. Here are nine key things you should know about the Refer-A-Friend program before sending out a referral link.

    When Does The Chase Referral Bonus Post

    To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. Please allow up to 8 weeks after each new cardmembers approval for Bonus to post to your account. Your bonus will appear on your statement as Refer-A-Friend bonus. You are not eligible for a referral bonus if you use your own referral URL to apply for a different card.

    Take a look at my example timeline below:

    • A couple friends applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card using my referral link and got approved for the card.
    • My Sapphire Preferred credit card’s statement cut-off date is around the 16th of every month. So in this case, it’s
    • which is a Tuesday, I noticed pending referral bonus points of 40,000 points in my Sapphire Preferred account. I’ll show you how to see that below.

    your next statement closing date

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    How To Refer Friends And Earn Points Miles Or Cash Credits

    This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page.

    Editors note: This post has been updated with the latest credit card information. The information for Discover products has been collected independently by The Points Guy.

    When you think about how to earn points and miles, the first things that come to mind are probably hitting sign-up bonuses/welcome offers, racking up everyday spending on credit cards or booking travel to earn points and miles in specific loyalty programs.

    However, you can also rack up an impressive amount of points and miles each year simply by helping your friends and family get into the points and miles game.

    Whenever I explain to my friends and family members how I travel so much for free, their eyes typically start to glaze over. It doesnt help that I start using terms such as award chart sweet spots and transferable point currencies, but it can all be overwhelming to those just getting started in the hobby let alone those who see this as a totally foreign concept.

    However, there are many ways for you to ease your loved ones into the points and miles game and get a little bonus for yourself at the same time.

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    Another Source Of Chase Refer A Friend Links: Go Here

    How to do Chase Credit Card Referrals and Earn Points!

    Chase has another site that you can create referrals from and it lists most cards that are eligible. Notice that 9 cards are listed however, many cards still have referrals available, but theyre only populating through the cards microsite. This is great if, for some reason, your card doesnt populate a referral on the catch all up above, you can go here and locate your card. Its also a good source to see if new cards are populating referrals.

    Howeverit doesnt actually list all of the cards with referral offers.

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    The Easiest Way To Refer: Shoot Your Friend A Link Or Post It Online

    Once you enter in the Information it will populate a referral linklike this one for my Chase Sapphire Preferred it would earn me 15k bonus points and populate a referral offer for you. You can leave this link in the comments section here, or shoot it to your friend, post it on twitter, facebook, etc. Even throw it in you instagram profile link.

    The longer way is to send someone an email.

    This used to be the only way links would work, and takes a while for your friend to receive it.

    Copying Your Chase Credit Card Referral Link On A Computer

  • Logon to chase portal, locate the top menu bar, as shown below, click and expand the menu
  • 2. Select Just for you menu item

    3. Locate and click on referral offers, you will only see referral offers for cards you hold with Chase

    4. Click on the offer, provide your basic information on the next page, as shown below

    5. Once you click continue, youll get the link to copy and send it to your friends.

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    What Is The Chase Sapphire Reserve Referral Program

    It can pay off big time when you stay on top of all of the bonus programs which are offered by the various credit cards on the market.These deals may come and go periodically, and if you dont stay on top of the offers, you could miss out on some significant savings. Today, we examine the Chase Sapphire Reserve Referral Program. This is a referral bonus that is sometimes offered and if its not currently active, keep your ears open because its a popular benefit for being a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder and you wont want to miss out on this exciting bonus program.

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