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How To Pay Utility Bills With Credit Card

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Can You Pay Utility Bills With A Credit Card

How to pay utility bills online using SBI credit card | Electricity bill payment |

Yes, most electric, gas, water and trash removal companies allow customers to pay by credit card. Some charge a small convenience fee for this option, while others dont. Paying your utility bill with a credit card could be a smart option if you carry a rewards credit card. Its an easy way to earn steady points on an expense youre already paying for. Just be sure to pay your credit card balance in full every month. Otherwise, you could end up paying a lot in interest.1

Which Bills Can I Pay With A Credit Card

You can typically pay the following bills by credit card. Check with your providers to find out whether they charge a convenience fee to process your credit card payment. And look at the company’s website or your paper statement to see what your options are.

  • Utility providers
  • Cell phone providers
  • Subscription services

Typically, the following providers do not allow you to pay by credit card or charge fees for you to do so. Exceptions exist, however, so check with your providers if you’d like to pay these bills by credit card.

  • Mortgage companies
  • Auto and home insurance companies
  • IRS and state tax collectors
  • Student loan providers

Where Is Your Property Located

Your location is required in order to give you accurate and relevant information. Please select your location from the list below. You can change your location any time by clicking the My Location button at the bottom of any web page.

  • Home
  • Alectra Utilities offers many convenient options to pay your bill. Simply choose the method that suits you best.

    Please ensure you allow sufficient time for the payment to reach us by the due date. This time varies according to your payment option.

    As of December 24, 2021 Alectra is no longer accepting in-person payments at the Markham City Hall cashier or payment drop box. Please see below – we offer many convenient options to pay your bill.

    Sign up for pre-authorized automatic payments in My Account and your monthly payment will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account. Save time, postage costs and cheque processing fees, plus enjoy peace of mind knowing that your payment will always be made on time – even if you are busy or away. Already on pre-authorized payment and youve changed financial institutions? Update your banking information in My Account.

    You can pay your Alectra Utilities bill directly through your online banking website, by telephone or in person. When setting up the payee for the first time, select Alectra Utilities Corporation.

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    Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card

    Like its slogan, the card that lets you live without limits, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card truly lives up to its name.

    This card certainly makes life simpler : earn 1.5% rebate on all expenditure, period. No minimum spend required. No restriction on telco or power service provider youre signed up to.

    Other perks include generous discounts on a wide range of dining, travel, hotel bookings and entertainment. We also wrote about this card as being a simple, fuss-free cash back card.

    Standard Chartereds instant credit card approval is also a great perk receive your digital card instantly when you apply with MyInfo.

    Welcome offer: Enjoy S$80 cashback and a 6-month Disney+ subscription upon card activation. Valid till 31 Dec 2021. T& Cs apply. Apply for the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card now!

    Ways To Pay Your Bill Barclaycard

    Pay Bill

    On Barclaycard online account servicing You can choose how much you want to pay, as long as its at least your minimum amount. Just click the Pay your bill tab, then select Make a payment by debit card. Log in Register On the Barclaycard App You can pay securely with your debit card whenever and wherever you like.

    Status: Online

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    What Types Of Bills Can You Pay With A Credit Card

    Many bills can be paid with a credit card, including cell phone bills, gym memberships, and streaming services. Others, such as mortgage or rent and utility payments, usually can’t be paid with a card directly because companies don’t typically accept this method of payment.

    In some cases, the companies you work with might accept a credit card payment only if you pay an added fee. There are also third-party services, such as Plastiq, that allow you to pay any bill you want with a card but charge an additional fee. When you have to pay fees to use your card, it might not be worth doing.

    You also need to be careful about charging too much on your card, as you could end up with a credit card bill you can’t pay off. Interest charges and late fees can get expensive if you don’t make your monthly payments on time.

    From Here To There: Six Ways For Canadians To Pay Us Bills When In Canada

    Do you winter down south or frequently cross the border to go shopping? If so, you may have wondered if theres an easier way to pay your U.S. bills from Canada bills like online subscriptions, department store bills, monthly rent, utility bills, or even your U.S. credit card.

    Here are six ways you can pay your U.S. bills from Canada.

    1. Online Through a U.S.-Based Bank Account

    Canadians who regularly spend time in the States can streamline payments with a U.S.-based bank account. For example:

    2. Cheques From Your U.S.-Based Bank Account

    Yes, some people still write cheques or checks! You could pay your U.S. bills with paper cheques from your U.S.-based chequing account. This requires you to mail your cheque early so it reaches its destination before your bill is due. Its also important to remember that post-dated cheques are not honored in the United States, so you may be debited earlier than you expect.

    3. With a U.S.-Based Credit Card

    Do you prefer to pay bills with a credit card? Paying your U.S. bills with a U.S.-based credit card may also save you money by avoiding costly currency conversion fees and providing a secure way to pay for your U.S. bills. A U.S-based credit card can also help as some stores in the U.S. dont take foreign credit cards.

    4. Through PayPal

    5. With a Canadian Credit Card

    6. Wire Transfer or Bank Draft From Your Canada-Based USD or CAD Bank Account

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    Should I Pay Bills With A Credit Card Or Checking Account

    For many years, overusing credit cards was the pet peeve of personal finance experts. As consumers began to rely more heavily on credit to fund their livesand subsequently struggled to pay off huge sums of debtthe personal finance world adopted a common refrain: If you can’t afford to buy something with cash, you can’t afford to buy it.

    But in the last decade or so, the benefit of frequently using has become more apparent. Rewards programs have expanded, sign-up bonuses have grown and consumers have become generally more aware of how important it is to establish a strong credit history. Today, personal finance experts have a different refrain: If you can afford to pay the balance in full every month, use credit cards as much as possible.

    So if charging as much as possible to the plastic in your pocket makes good financial sense, should you use your credit card to pay your regularly monthly bills, or stick to paying them from your checking account? Paying your bills with your credit card or checking account depends on several factors. When does it make sense to use a card, and when is it better to pay from your checking account? Read on for those answers and more.

    Why Its The Best For Business Expenses

    Do More with your HDFC Bank Credit Card to Pay Rent, Utility Bills

    There are several reasons the Ink Business Preferred credit card is a good option for the bills your business may incur, including its 3X points rewards on up to $150,000 in combined spending in categories such as shipping, internet, cable and phone services. If your business incurs large expenses in these categories, you could rack up rewards rather fast.

    And if your business spending is enough to reach the $15,000 minimum spend within three months to qualify for the 100,000 bonus points welcome offer, you can gain even more value.

    The Ink Business Preferred also offers consumer protections that can be useful. Youll get trip cancellation and interruption insurance, roadside dispatch, primary auto rental coverage when you rent a car for business purposes, purchase protection against damage or theft and extended warranties. Cellphone protection is also provided when you pay your cellphone bill with your credit card.

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    Earning Credit Card Rewards While Making Bill Payments

    Lets look at Annies monthly expenses and how she can earn rewards for her regular bill payments:

    • Entertainment streaming service: $9.99 per month
    • Gym membership: $80 per month
    • Telecommunications: $200 per month
    • Electricity: $500 per quarter

    She decides to get a rewards credit card which earns two points per dollar spent on gas, utilities and groceries and one point on everything else. After checking and learning that there are no fees involved, Annie sets up all her above payments as an autopayment from this account.

    Over a year, Annie earns:

    • Entertainment streaming service: 119 points
    • Gym membership: 960 points

    Should You Pay Your Bills With A Credit Card

    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

    Many people put their daily purchases on credit cards to track spending, earn rewards and add warranty or other protections to the items they buy. But what about bills such as utilities, student loans and insurance should they be put on a credit card? The answer varies according to the type of bill, the fees you might incur to pay it with credit, and whether you’ll be paying interest

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    Make The Best Decision For You

    Everyones financial situation is different. If youre able to pay off the charges quickly, using your credit card to pay bills may not be an issue. However, if you let the charges add up month after month, it may not be your best option.

    The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. The companies and individuals referred to in this message are not sponsors of, do not endorse, and are not otherwise affiliated with OneMain Financial.

    How To Pay Utility Bills With A Credit Card

    Can You Use A Credit Card To Pay Utility Bills

    Most utility companies, including electric, water, cell phone, and internet providers, will allow you to use a credit card to pay your bill. However, some may charge a fee for the convenience of using a credit card. According to the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates, those fees can range from $1.50 to $5.85 per transaction.

    If your electric company charges you $5.85 per transaction to pay your monthly bill with a credit card, that means youd pay $70.20 per year just in fees. Along with your other utility bills, you could end up paying a hundred dollars or more in fees by opting to use a credit card as your payment method.

    Some utility companies may not accept credit card payments, but you can get around this problem by using a third-party service like Plastiq. You pay these servicers with a credit card, and theyll then pay your utility bill using a check or money transfer.

    However, you should keep in mind that these services charge extra fees. For example, Plastiq charges a 2.5% fee on every transaction. If your electric bill is $100 per month, that means youd have to pay an additional $2.50 in fees or $30 in fees annually.

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    When A Credit Card Isn’t An Option

    You probably won’t be able to pay some bills with your credit card. For instance, some property managers won’t let you pay your rent with a credit card. Larger property management companies are more likely to accept credit cards than a landlord who owns only one or a handful of properties, but they may charge a convenience fee.

    You can typically pay your cell phone and cable/internet bills with your credit card. And some utilities will let you do it without charging a convenience fee.

    Companies that let you pay your bill by credit card typically enable you to make a payment either online or over the phone. You’ll have to give your credit card number, expiration date, and at least your billing zip code. Some companies may ask for your complete billing address, and most will need the security code on the back of your credit card .

    Dont be tempted to use a credit card convenience check to pay bills you’re unable to put on your card. Convenience checks are treated as cash advance transactions, and your credit card issuer probably doesnt pay rewards on cash advances. What’s more, youll pay a cash advance fee on the transaction, and youll incur interest starting from the day the check is cashed.

    Should You Use A Credit Card To Pay Your Bills

    Paying your regular bills with a credit card is convenient and features like autopay can help ensure no utility bill or monthly gym membership fee ever goes unpaid, all while you earn rewards for each dollar you spend.

    However, you shouldnt pay your bills with a credit card if you dont plan to pay your balance off in full each month. Credit cards charge high interest rates even to those with the best credit scores, so you should never charge bills to your card you cant afford to pay off at the end of the month.

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    How To Pay Utility Bills Through Credit Cards

    Generally what happens is that individuals will have to create an account, login and then add the billers from the list that is provided by the bank. This list generally includes service providers for gas, telephone, electricity, insurance and so on. The limitation is that customers can pay their utility bills through their credit card only if the biller is in the banks seller list. Certain major service providers are registered with all banks.

    When it is time to make the payment, customers will have to select the seller, provide all required details and the amount that will have to be paid. Once all details are provided, in the payment option customers will have to choose credit card as their option and then pay their bills.

    Additionally, cardholders also have the option to give a standing instruction to their bank and money will automatically get charged to their credit card.

    Utilities Cellphone Internet Cable

    How to Pay Utility Bills Online Using Citibank Credit Card

    Phone companies as well as cable and internet providers have realized that credit card payments save time and paperwork for everybody. Its easy to set these payments up, and many of these companies dont charge a fee.

    This isnt always the case for your electric, gas, water and trash removal bills though. For instance, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in California charges a $1.35 convenience fee to accept credit card payments.

    The higher your utility bill is, the more advantageous it becomes to pay by credit card, even with the convenience fees.

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    Benefits Of Paying Bills With Rbc

    RBC provides various way in which you can conveniently pay bills any time of day through RBC Online Banking1 or the RBC Mobile app1. Look here for all your bill payment options.

    • 24/7 access to make a payment whenever itâs convenient for you.
    • Pay up to 10 bills at one time.
    • Set up recurring or postdated payments, so bills get paid automatically.
    • Bank with complete confidence, thanks to our RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee2.
    • Add a new payee simply by taking a photo of your bill in the RBC Mobile app.
    • Pay the wrong amount? Cancel same-day bill payments easily in RBC Online Banking.

    Maybank Family & Friends Card

    This versatile card lets you earn 8% cashback on five categories of your choice when you make a minimum monthly spend of S$800. The categories that you can choose from include: data communication and online TV streaming, transport, dining and food delivery, groceries, retail and pets, online fashion, entertainment, and pharmacy and wellness.

    One thing that sets this card apart from the others is that you can enjoy cashback on online TV streaming on top of the usual internet and telco bills. You wont do your family and friends wrong if they, too, want to cut back on utilities while Netflix-ing or binge-watching Disney+ in peace.

    SingSaver Exclusive Offer: Get S$20 cash via PayNow upon card approval when you apply for this card. Valid till 20 Feb 2022. T& Cs apply. Receive a Garmin vívomove Style worth S$469 when you apply for a Credit Card and a CreditAble account and make a min. spend of S$300 per month for two consecutive months. Valid for the first 2,000 applicants. Remaining applicant get S$100 cashback. Terms and Conditions apply.

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