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How To Pay Playstation Credit Card

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Is It Safe To Add My Card To The Playstation

How to Add Payment Method to PS5 | PlayStation

While any service has a risk of being hacked, it is as safe to add your card to the Playstation store as it is any other large stores such as Amazon and google. The best way to protect your account is by creating a strong password and activating 2 factor authentication on your account. This means you will get a text message if your account appears to login from an unknown location. Nobody will be able to login unless they have that code on your phone.

Playstation Credit Card Review Summary

The PlayStation® Credit Card is a good card thats worth it for people with good credit or better who spend a lot on gaming and entertainment expenses. The PlayStation Card gives you 5 points for each $1 that you spend at the PlayStation Store and at authorized PlayStation and Sony retailers. You also get 3 points per $1 spent on your monthly mobile phone bill and all other purchases earn 1 point per $1.

The PlayStation® Card is somewhat less enticing on the financing side of things. The main flaw is the fact that its regular interest rate could be above the market average, depending on your creditworthiness. But that can be avoided by simply paying your balance in full each month.

Read on for more details about this offer and a comparison of popular alternatives.

The Playstation Visa Credit Card Is Right For You If:

If the PlayStation is your console of choice every time, the PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card could be a good addition to your card lineup. The bonus rewards on PlayStation purchases can be valuable when redeemed for PlayStation gift cards, and you’ll get a free game for meeting the spending requirement. But if you tend to make purchases from overseas retailers or want to travel abroad, choose a different card.

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Payment Methods Accepted On Playstation Store

Find out which payment methods can be used on PlayStationStore.

Which payments are accepted on PlayStation Store?

You can use the following payment methods to make PlayStation Store purchases and top up your wallet:

  • Visa

How to set up a payment method on PlayStation Store

The following payment methods can be saved to your account:


To link an eligible payment method to your account for PlayStation Store purchases, add it as your default payment method and select it during check out.

How to manage PlayStation Store payment options

If you would like to add or remove a payment method from your account, please visit Payment Management on a web browser or your PlayStation console. You can also set your default payment method and top up your wallet using this menu.

Launch In Safe Mode And Restart

How to remove a credit card from a PS4, or add a new one ...

This is the classic “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” method. Seriously, just try power cycling your console.

  • Completely turn off your console.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps, one upon pressing it and another several seconds later.
  • Connect your DualSense controller to your PS5 with a USB cable.
  • Press the PlayStation button on your controller to turn on your console and access Safe Mode.
  • Select Restart PS5, which should be the first option on the list.
  • This will restart the system as normal and you won’t need to worry about losing any data or saved settings.

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    Some Rewards Are Inconvenient And Tedious To Earn

    Youll be automatically enrolled in the Sony Rewards program, which is required in order to earn rewards, when you open the PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card.

    Cardholders will earn the following:

    • 5 points per $1 spent when you shop directly with PlayStation.

    • 5 points per $1 spent on Sony or PlayStation products purchased from an authorized retailer.

    • 3 points per $1 spent on cable and internet bill payments.

    • 2 points per $1 spent at restaurants.

    • 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

    Point values generally hover around .8 cent a piece, but it will vary depending on what you redeem them for. As of February 2022, for example, you can purchase a PlayStation gift card for a penny per point, which is industry standard.

    Despite a less-than-ideal points value on most redemption options, you can earn elevated rewards for Sony and PlayStation products. But youll have to jump through some hoops to get them. For the card’s highest 5x rewards rate, youll automatically get 1 point per dollar for brand purchases made at . However, you must submit a Sony Rewards bonus points form through the Sony Rewards app to receive the remaining 4 points. This is cumbersome and rare for a rewards credit card.

    For an easier and more streamlined rewards-earning process, consider the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card. It earns 2% cash back on all purchases and has a $0 annual fee.

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    All About Comenity Bank

    Comenity Bank is a major credit card company that launched its first credit card in 1986. It has partnered with top retail stores in the US to provide consumers with more than 160 branded credit programs. Their credit cards cater to frequent shoppers at partner merchants such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Home, Ann Taylor, Barneys New York, Bealls Florida, Burkes Outlet, Crate & Barrel, GameStop, J. Crew, Lexus, Pottery Barn, Sony, Toyota, True Value, Victorias Secrets and many more.

    Comenity Bank now manages more than 50 million private label, branded, and commercial credit cards customers. They also offer high-yield savings products and certificates of deposit at competitive interest rates through their online bank, Comenity Direct, established in 2018.

    What Is A Psn Card


    With a PSN Card you can easily recharge your PlayStation credit to buy PS4 games, PlayStation memberships and in-game credit. This digital gift card makes it possible for you to buy product directly from the PlayStation Store. You can choose from PSN Card values of 10 euro, 20 euro and 50 euro. Next, you can directly redeem the PSN code in the PSN Store. At Startselect you do not need to use your credit card and you get your official PSN Card code instantly after payment.

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    What Is Comenitys Easypay

    Answer: It is an online payment channel that does not require cardholders to register with the Account Center and provide a username or password. You will just be asked for some identifying information before you can get secure payment access. EasyPay is solely for payments. You need to register with the Account Center so you can access information on your rewards, balance, or credit limit.

    How To Redeem Rewards Points

    Redeeming rewards points with the PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card is also very PlayStation and Sony-oriented. Rewards points apply to countless redemption options, with the best selections taking the form of exclusive collectibles and experiences featuring your favorite series, the latest PS4, PS5, other PlayStation games and gear, or the latest Sony tech and electronics.

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    How To Put Your Credit Card On Ps4 From Smartphones And Tablets

    Our lives are increasingly hectic and during the day we often find ourselves carrying out operations on the move from a smartphone or tablet , perhaps due to the limited time available during the day.

    In this regard, you should know that it is possible to add a credit card to the PlayStation Network account also from smartphones and tablets: just go to the official PlayStation application, called PlayStation App .

    Downloading the application in question is very simple: just follow the classic procedure you usually use to install new apps. More precisely, all you have to do is open the Android Play Store or the iPhone / iPad App Store , search for playstation app in it and press on the application icon , that is the PlayStation logo on a blue background, in the search results.

    Then, tap the Install / Get button and, in the case of iOS / iPadOS, verify your identity through Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

    At this point, open the PlayStation app and sign in with your profile PSN , typing the e-mail address and password associated. Press, therefore, on the PS button , located at the bottom center, and tap first on the PS Store icon and then on that Account , which you can find at the top right.

    By doing so, all the management options for your profile will appear on the screen. Among these, on Payment Management and tap first on the Add payment method button and then on the Add a credit / debit card button .

    S To Remove A Credit Card From Your Playstation 4

    Pay Playstation Credit Card / How To Add Credit Card Debit ...

    If youre looking for removal instructions on your Playstation 4, then this is the article for you! Well walk through how to remove credit cards from PSN, and well also talk about credit card security.

    To start, select the Account Settings option in the main menu of your console. You will be brought to a screen where you can change your account name or email address. Select that option. From there, scroll down until you see PlayStation Network Card. The PlayStation Network Card section allows players to buy credit without using a credit card or other form of payment online. If you have an issue with removing credit cards from ps4, continue reading below!

    removal on ps, credit card security

    You can also buy or other form of payment online. If you have an issue with removing credit cards from PSN , continue reading below!

    If youre looking for instructions about how to remove your from Playstation, then this is the article for you! Well walk through what to do if you want to remove credit cards from PlayStation Network and well talk about credit card safety in order not only to protect yourself but also to increase account security. To start off select the Account Settings option in the main menu of your console. From there scroll down until you see PlayStation.

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    Things To Know About The Playstation Credit Card

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    Gamers who make frequent PlayStation or Sony purchases may be eager to get their hands on the PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card.

    Issued by Comenity Bank, the $0-annual-fee card offers decent rewards for brand products, but youll have to do some work to earn them. Plus, youre limited in terms of what you can redeem those rewards for. A general cash-back credit card would prove much more versatile.

    Here are five things to know about the PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card.

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    How To Add A Credit Card On Your Ps4

    1. Using the controller, select “Settings” on your PS4.

    2. Select “Account Management.”

    4. Select “Wallet” and then select “Payment Methods.”

    5. If you already have a payment method on your PS4, you’ll need to enter your password. Otherwise, you can proceed directly to selecting the type of payment method you want to use, such as “Add a Credit/Debit Card” or “Add a PayPal Account,” and follow the instructions to enter the payment details.

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    What Can You Do With Your Remaining Balance On A Playstation Gift Card

    After you check your used gift card for its balance, you can do any of the following:

    • Purchase a PlayStation itemVisit the PlayStation store to spend the rest of the funds on your gift card
    • Exchange your gift cardMultiple websites offer gift card exchange. You type in the remaining balance, and they offer you a gift card from a different retailer with the same balance you have on your PS card. You can send it by mail, and youll receive the gift card of the brand you chose by mail as well
    • Give the card as a presentIf your balance is high enough and you dont want to buy anything from PS, you can consider giving your card away
    • Sell the gift card for cashVisit a kiosk or a store that deals with reselling gift cards. They will buy your gift card for cash. The only downside is that you wont get the whole amount because these places give back only around 80% of the gift card balance. You can also find websites that are in the gift card reselling business, but be careful because some of them might be a scam
    • File a cash back requestIn some states, the law forces retailers to provide a cash back option if the gift card balance doesnt exceed a certain amountusually $5 or $10. You can file a cash back request if you are eligible for a refund. Use DoNotPay to avoid the complicated process of filing the cash back request yourself

    Guidelines For Entering Billing Information On Your Account

    How to Add Credit Card to PS4 (Best Method)
    • Enter billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
    • Enter a physical mailing address if possible. We suggest not using PO Box addresses.
    • Remove any special characters when entering your billing address into the registration form to open an account on PlayStationNetwork, such as asterisks , hyphens , and slashes . (For example, if your address is 1547 1/2 Lincoln Way, we recommend removing the fraction and try entering 1547 Lincoln-Way instead.
    • Military addresses are currently not accepted as a valid address on the PlayStationNetwork.
    • Apartment numbers should appear on the same line as the street address.

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    How To Put Your Credit Card On Ps4 From The Console

    The easiest way to set up a credit card on PlayStation Network is to do this directly from the PS4 .

    To proceed, first make sure you have set up a PSN account on the console: if you dont know how, read my guide dedicated to the topic .

    Once this is done, move to the top toolbar of the PS4 main menu and press the X pad button on the Settings icon . At this point, you need to follow the path PlayStation Network> Account Information> Wallet> Billing Information , in order to get to the page where you can add a credit card.

    For completeness of information, I let you know that it is possible to reach this screen also in another way. More precisely, you just need to open the PlayStation Store , go to the menu on the left and select the item Billing details .

    At this point, press the X button on the controller on the Add a credit / debit card option and complete the form that appears on the screen with the required information. In particular, you will need to type in the cardholders name , number , expiry date and CVC code of the card. In case you have doubts about the latter, you should know that it is that 3 or 4 digit number usually present on the back of the card.

    Then, click on the Next button and you will find yourself in front of the second form to fill out. In this case, Street Address , City , State / Province , Postal Code and Country / Region are required .

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    How To Put Your Credit Card On The Ps4 From The Console

    The easiest way to set up a credit card in the PlayStation Network is to do it directly from the PS4.

    To proceed, first make sure you have configured a PSN account on the console: If you don’t know how, read my guide on the subject.

    Once this check is done, go to top toolbar from the PS4 main menu and press the X on the icon … Settings. At this point, you must follow the path PlayStation Network Account information Wallet Billing information to get to the page from which you can add a credit card.

    For the information to be complete, I inform you that you can reach this screen in another way. More precisely, just open the PlayStation Store Go to the menu on the left and select the item End billing.

    When you reach this point, press the button. X controller in the Add a credit / debit card and complete the form that appears on the screen with the required information. In particular, you will have to write el Name of owner el number el deadline and the code CVC of paper. If you have any questions about the latter, you should know that it is the 3- or 4-digit number that is usually found on the back of the card.

    Then press the Next and you will find yourself before the second form to fill out. In this case, the following is required Street address, City, State / Province, Postal Code e Country / Region.

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