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How To Pay Home Depot Credit Card Bill Online

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Cardholders Who Are New To The Program Receive A Small Discount

How to Pay Bill Online

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card gives $25 off your first purchase of $25 to $299, $50 off your $300-$999 purchases, and $100 off your $1,000+ purchases. This isnt much.

Unlike many store-branded credit cards, there are not ongoing rewards for in-store purchases. There are better options.

The Lowes Advantage Card offers a 5% discount on eligible store purchases for DIY-oriented consumers. It is one of NerdWallets top store credit cards.

Is It Hard To Get A Home Depot Credit Card – The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is one of the more difficultstore cards to obtain with poor credit,as it typically prefers credit scores above 650. In another departure from the usual store card,however,you can check to see if you’re pre-qualified for the Home Depot card before you apply.

Help And Customer Service Center
    For immediate assistance, contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-HOME DEPOT to speak with one of our representatives. Use our Store Finder to locate your nearest Home Depot, where you can get help from our friendly associates and even attend in-store workshops.

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Cardholders Get A Longer Return Period And Receive Exclusive Offers

Home Depot customers who shop frequently might be able to take advantage of the hassle-free return policy for the card. This is four times more than what you would normally get on Home Depot purchases. This could be a great advantage, especially if you make large purchases that you regret later.

Cardholders can also receive rotating special offers such as a 10% discount on a brand or 24-month financing during special promotions.

Other Forms Of Home Depot Payment

Home Depot Credit Card Login

Every now and again, you might notice that your internet is acting up and you need to know how to pay your bill right away.

Fortunately, there are two additional options you can select to pay your Home Depot bill apart from their online portal.

First, you can call into their customer service number for assistance with making a payment. The phone number to call is 1-800-677-0232.

This number is available Monday through Saturday from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET and Sunday 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM ET.

They have a wide window of time you can choose from so that you can conveniently make your payment before work, after work, or during your lunch break.

If you are outside of the United States or are in Canada and Puerto Rico, you can call collect at 1-423-467-6124.

Some people prefer to make their payments via a check in the mail. If this describes you, the address you need to mail your payment to is:

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card PaymentsHome Depot Credit ServicesP.O. Box 9001010Louisville, KY 40290-1010

When you send in your check, remember to write your account number in the memo section.

This helps whoever opens your mail to know which account they should credit with your check. Writing your account number is an important step that you do not want to skip!

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Benefits And Features Of The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

Consumer Credit Cards offered by Home Depot are not traditional store credit cards with loyalty programs. A $0 annual fee is all that separates this card from competitors for people who frequently shop at the store but need some breathing room when paying off big purchases.

If you want to finance a large purchase, you should only invest it as an investment. Even with the special financing offer, interest charges can mount up over time and become financially burdensome. In this situation, the credit card may be a valuable option if you plan on fixing up your home to increase its resale value.

Avoid simply financing items that arent useful in the long run, such as a new power tool. It would be best if you only bought those items after paying your monthly bill. If not, you will be charged an APR ranging from 17.99% 26.99%.

If you want to know if you qualify for the credit card before applying, you can use Home Depots preapproval tool.

Shop Your Way Additional Category Earn Promotion

This promotion is not transferable is subject to credit approval and the Shop Your Way terms and conditions located at Your Shop Your Way account must be linked to your Sears Mastercard as described above in order to participate in this promotion. You have the opportunity to receive Shop Your Way points for eligible purchases which are made and post to your Sears Mastercard account for 12 months from the month you link your Sears Mastercard to your Shop Your Way account. These extra points are inclusive of any base points earned. When extra point offers are combined, total points earned will be less than the combined point totals for each individual offer. Base points mean the 1% back in points described above which you will receive on purchases that are made outside of Sears, Kmart or other Program Stores or are described below as “certain non-eligible purchases”. Sears base points mean those points awarded as part the standard Shop Your Way program.

You may only earn 5% back on eligible gas station purchases and 3% back in points on eligible restaurant and grocery store purchases on the first combined purchases of $10,000 during the promotional period and then 1% thereafter.

2% back in points on purchases at Sears , Kmart, mygofer and for Lands’ End merchandise within Sears stores that are “qualifying purchases” under the Shop Your Way program during the promotional period and then 1% in Sears base points thereafter.

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How The Penalty Fees Work:

Although there is no annual fee charged for owning a Home Depot credit card, the following penalty fees apply:

  • Late payment: first missed payment incurs a fee of $25.00. If no payment is received by the next due date, a fee of $35.00 is charged in addition to the original late fee. This process repeats for a maximum of six billing cycles, although the total accumulated late fee will not exceed the national legal limit.
  • Returned payment: Same fees and schedule as late payments.

How Does Home Depot Finance Deferred Payments

The Home Depot Credit Center –

For the first six months, certain purchases will be financed at no interest or deferred. By the end of the six months, you will need to pay off the balance in full. It is your responsibility to pay all the interest for the period even if there is a balance of just one cent remaining at the end of the six months. This credit card has an APR ranging from 17.99% to 26.99%, so it should be avoided.

It would be better to apply for a credit card with a 0% introductory APR rate to avoid this problem altogether. This type of credit card waives interest charges during the set period, generally 12 to 18 months. After the introductory period ends, your remaining balance will only be subject to interest.

Loyalty Program: Pro Xtra

A loyalty program for professionals, Pro Xtra, is offered by The Home Depot. Our members get access to exclusive discounts, paint rewards, and volume pricing. The site also provides business tools, such as Text2Confirm purchase authorizations and reloadable gift cards.

Energy Savings

For every $100 of qualifying Home Depot purchases you make, you will earn 10 per gallon with Fuel Rewards.

Using your Shell or other select gas station card, you can save up to 20 gallons on your fuel purchase at choose Shell and other gas stations.

Itemization of Purchases

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How Do I Pay My Macys Bill Macys Bill Payment

There are two ways to pay your bill from your home, through the official website or by phone, below, you will be able to find the link and the phone number you can call to make the payment of your Macys Credit Card bill.

Once inside the official pages, follow the instructions and you can make the payment. In order to make the payment online, you will have to enter your Macys Credit Card account, that is, enter your username and password.

You Wont Want To Carry A Balance

Even if you dont benefit from the deferred interest offer, youll want to avoid taking a balance from month to month. As with many store-branded credit cards, the constant interest rate can be quite high. The ongoing APR is 17.99% 26.99% Variable.

For instance, the average APR for accounts that incited Interest in 2018 was 16.04%.

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How Home Depot Credit Cards Work

Occasionally, home improvement becomes a must do rather than a want to. If that is the case, a Home Depot credit card may be the best option, especially for emergency repairs.

There are several credit cards offered by Home Depot, including consumer cards and company cards. The retailer offers its consumers a credit card that can be used in its stores. A purchase of $299 or more is eligible for six months of 0% financing.

Businesses and contractors can also get commercial cards from Home Depot. The company offers a commercial revolving charge card as well as a monthly commercial account. Citibank issues Home Depots credit cards.

Can I Pay With My Phone At Home Depot

Mobile homecanphonecanpayphone

For online purchases we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. We also accept The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, as well as The Home Depot Commercial Credit Accounts .

Similarly, does Lowes or Home Depot take PayPal? Some top brands that do accept PayPal include Ace Hardware, Reno Depot, Globus Baumarkt, Lowe’s Canada, Architectural Designs, BiGDUG and Covers And All . Access PayPal support not only at but other popular home improvement stores with Knoji’s PayPal reviews. Get PayPal at top tools & home improvement.

In this manner, does Home Depot have android pay?

Home Depot is one of the many stores that has adapted to accept this method of payment, known for Samsung phones as Samsung Pay. While this is convenient for a number of reasons, it may be problematic for Pro Xtra members. All you need to do is link a phone number to your Pro Xtra account!

Can I pay with PayPal in Home Depot?

As part of their initial roll-out of Touchstone technology, purchasers in select Home Depot stores can pay with PayPal through cashiers or at self-checkout kiosks by entering their mobile numbers and PINs. Alternatively, purchasers can swipe their PayPal cards and enter their PIN numbers at checkout.

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Homedepot Credit Card: Home – You can make an Online Payment once you enroll. Your payment will credit to your account as described in the paragraph titled “Same Day Crediting”. If you use a bank account for the first time, we may hold the available line of credit equal to the payment for up to 3 business days. Payments

Best For Building Credit Or Financing Short

This card is best for Home Depot loyalists, as well as people who are looking to build or improve their credit at a lower cost. With no annual fee or minimum balance requirements, cardholders can practically forget about it and still reap the benefits of building credit.

The Home Depot card is also a smart option for financing big home improvement or renovations projects for the home, patio or backyard. With one-year hassle-free returns, cardholders get a full 365 days to return purchases for a full refund, which offers DIY-ers both convenience and peace of mind.

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Enroll In Paperless Statements And Letters

To enroll in paperless for your account, start by reading the terms and conditions below. You are agreeing to receive your statements electronically only and some of your legal notices electronically only. If you do not wish to enroll, choose Cancel and deselect the Paperless Statements and Letters checkbox.

Ways To Make A Home Depot Credit Card Payment

  • : Call and enter your card information when prompted.
  • Online: Log in to your online account and click on Make a Payment.
  • Through the mobile app: Log in to your account and select your card, then tap Make a Payment.
  • : Send a check or money order to The Home Depot® Consumer / Credit Card Payments / Home Depot Credit Services / P.O. Box 9001010 / Louisville, KY 40290-1010. Make sure to send it early enough that it will arrive by the due date. Write your credit card number on the check, too.
  • At a branch: You can make a payment at any Citibank branch during normal business hours.

What’s the Home Depot Credit Card APR?

The regular Home Depot® Credit Card interest rate is 17.99% , depending on your creditworthiness. You’ll need at least fair credit – a credit score of 640 or higher – for approval. If you have fair credit, you may end up with an APR on the higher end of the full answer

It’s worth mentioning that the Home Depot® Credit Card offers an intro APR of 0% for 6 months on purchases, but it has a catch: It’s a “deferred interest” offer rather than a true 0% APR period. That means you’ll pay all the interest you’d have paid otherwise if you don’t pay off your card before the promotional period ends. So, if you use this card for its promotional APR period, make sure you can pay off the card before the deferred interest kicks in. If you don’t, it’s a pretty expensive way to finance a purchase.

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Other Ways To Pay Your Home Depot Credit Card Bill

There are alternatives if you dont want to pay your Home Depot bill online.

  • Pay by phone: You can pay by phone by calling . They are available from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST Monday through Saturday and from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST on Sundays.
  • Pay by mail: Send a check or money order to The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Payments:Home Depot Credit Services If youre running late on making your payment, you can overnight your payment toThe Home Depot Consumer Credit CardOvernight Delivery/Express Payments

Register For Home Depot Pay My Bill Online

On the payment page, click the gray box that reads Register Your Card.

Enter your card number, your name as it appears on your card, the three-digit security code found on the back of your card, and the last four digits of the primary cardholders Social Security number.

Click Verify and follow the prompts to finish registering your card. You will be required to create a user ID and password.

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How To Make Your Home Depot Credit Card Payment Easily

The Home Depot is one of the coolest stores around for people who want to engage in any sort of home improvement project, and thats why we love it. You can redo your kitchen, your bath, build a house, create a yard, make a garden and do just about anything else in your home you want with just the materials and supplies provided by this store. Its pretty awesome. Whats even more awesome is the fact that you can do this and use your Home Depot credit card to finance your purchases for a good period of time without paying any interest charges. As long as you pay your balance prior to the end of your special financing terms, you will be good to go without ever paying any interest charges. And if youre not sure how to make those payments, we have some suggestions for you.

Home Depot Has A Separate Card That Can Be Used For Larger Projects

Home Depot Project Loan card allows cardholders to borrow up to $55,000 to fund big improvements. The APR is 7.99% and can be used for up to 84 months

This loan is designed to finance large projects as bathroom or kitchen remodels. It appeals to those who cant get lower-APR loans, such as home equity loans.

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Home Depot Credit Card Login Payment Phone Number Benefits

Home Depot Credit Card Login, Payment, Phone Number, Benefits will be discussed here. The idea of strolling through the wide aisles of Home Depot, dreaming of the home improvement projects you might pursue in the upcoming months, has an allure that is hard to ignore. Although there is no annual fee on the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, it doesnt elicit the same amount of great sentiment, despite its $0 annual fee.

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