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How To Pay Car Payment With Credit Card

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How To Make A One

EASY How to Setup Automatic Credit Card Payments for Bank of America

Select the Pay bills and transfer at the bottom of the account dashboard, then Pay a bill. Select the account you’d like to pay then select Make a payment. The minimum payment will be displayed automatically, if you want to pay a different amount select Pay this amount. Review payment date and the selected pay from account.

Using A Balance Transfer

With a high enough credit limit, transferring your auto loan to your credit card is an option. You’ll pay a balance transfer feeeither a percentage of the transfer or a flat feebut if you can take advantage of a 0% promotional offer, you can avoid paying interest on the balance. Of course, that means you’ll have to pay off the balance by the time the promotional APR expires to take full advantage of the offer.

While transferring your balance to a credit card could save you money on long-term interest costs, it may not necessarily solve a cash crunch, particularly if you have to increase your payment to pay off the balance before the promotional period ends.

What Can You Do

First, call your lender and ask about any hardship assistance programs you may qualify for. Financial hardship assistance is an umbrella term for options like refinancing, forbearance and deferral. The lender may allow you to skip a payment and add it to the end of the loan or refinance your loan all together.

Refinancing means taking on a new loan to pay off the balance on your old one. The advantage of refinancing is to get a lower interest rate, which should reduce your monthly payment. You also could receive a loan extension that stretches out your payments for a longer time.

Unfortunately, the loan extension means youll pay more for the car in the long run. Also, you should only refinance if your credit score is at or above the 700 level.

Refinancing takes time. Youll need to research opportunities with your current lender and compare them to rates and terms you might get from other lenders.

If your financial situation has become drastic, you could save your car from repossession by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and making the car part of the repayment plan you present the court. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the creditor is prevented from repossessing the car, but could go to court and receive an order that permits repossession.

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Can You Buy A Card With A Credit Card

While its technically possible for you to buy a car with a credit card, car dealerships may be hesitant to accept this method of payment.

As buyers, we often forget that it costs businesses money to accept purchases made with credit cards. Dealerships are no different they can wind up paying 3% or more in processing fees, which adversely affects their profit margins. Unsurprisingly, they may be hesitant to allow credit card purchases.

Find out when you should use a .

Most dealerships will allow you to use your credit card to pay for a portion of the price, usually up to $5,000. Others will downright disallow using a credit card or severely restrict how much credit you can use. If there is a specific dealership youre targeting, its wise to give them a call beforehand to garner details concerning their credit card policy.

Pros Of Paying A Car Loan With A Credit Card

Contactless Payment Definition

By transferring your auto loans balance to a 0% APR credit card, you could save hundreds in interest charges. Not only that, but you get to pay off your car faster, too. Its important to note that this method transforms your auto loan from a secured loan into an unsecured loan as revolving credit. As a secured loan, your car served as collateral, meaning it could be repossessed if you failed to make payments. But with your car payments on a credit card, you no longer risk losing your car.

Having your auto loan transformed to revolving credit also offers its own perks. Revolving credit means you can carry over a balance from statement to statement. This alone doesnt incur a penalty as long as you pay at least the minimum amount on your statement. This kind of flexibility in repayment can be a huge asset to you.

However, while carrying a balance and paying the minimum keeps you afloat, thats how many people end up in serious credit card debt. Before you know it, you could owe even more than your original loan was worth because you failed to pay it off fast enough. If you use this method, you should be sure that you can afford to pay off the entire loan before the 0% period ends. That way you can avoid a huge interest hit.

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Can You Pay Car Payments With A Credit Card

While some lenders will allow you to make a car payment via credit card, most discourage the practice by charging convenience fees to offset the additional charges they face for processing such payments. A little creative financial maneuvering can help you find other ways to use credit to pay for car payments, but they require careful consideration. The practice can be time-consuming, pricey and end up costing you more in the long run.


  • When possible, try to avoid making car payments using your credit card. Although credit use may be an option, it will often lead to interest payments both on the car loan and the credit card debt itself.

Renting A Car With Cash

Cash is not accepted as a deposit at the beginning of a rental at any location. For security reasons, many locations do not accept cash at any time.

Note: Some tour customers are exempt from certain cash rental restrictions due to the pre-paid nature of their travel packages.

Note: For rentals in Canada, only customers on a pre-paid tour or renting on corporate accounts that have negotiated the option to use cash are allowed to use cash to qualify for a rental.

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Make Sure You Can Pay The Bill

It seems like it should be something that goes without saying, but many people charge a car to their card and dont properly account for how they will manage the purchase.

For example, some buyers use a credit card to buy a car to earn rewards, as noted above. Many creditors offer incentive-laden deals to their cardholders, many of which include offers like 1% cashback on all purchases. For the sake of this exercise, lets assume you charge the maximum amount that most dealers will accept . Under these conditions, you would only net a modest $100 reward on this purchase.

And though car financing rates are at record lows, credit card interest rates are not. So unless you can pay off your balance immediately, any rewards you accumulate would be wiped out almost immediately by your credit cards interest rate.

One exception to this approach would be using a new card with a 0% introductory APR. But while this does save you on interest fees during the initial period, you still need to be careful. Suppose you dont pay off the balance before the end of the introductory period. In that case, youll end up paying interest, which may put you in a tough financial spot and still eliminate any of the benefits that came from making the purchase on your credit card.

Can You Pay Off A Loan With A Credit Card

Velocity Banking: Credit Cards = Pay Your Car And Home Off FAST!

Paying off a loan with a credit card will depend on the lender and the type of loan. If your lender allows it and you are given enough of a credit limit, you may be able to pay a portion of your entire balance of your home, car or student loans with a credit card.

Federal student loan issuers, however, are restricted by the Department of Treasury from accepting credit card payments.

It’s also possible that certain loan providers have their own policies regarding loan payment using a credit card. You can always contact your lender to learn about your options.

It’s more common to see credit cards paid off by debt consolidation loans, but there can be cases where it might make sense to consider using credit cards with low or zero percent promotional periods to pay off a loan.

It’s something to consider if you have a high interest rate on your loan, and your budget can handle the size of the monthly payments you need to make to wipe out the debt before the low or zero percent interest rate period expires.

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When Does It Make Sense To Pay Off A Loan With A Credit Card

The core question to answer is whether you will pay less interest when you pay down a loan with a credit card, or whether you’ll end up paying more. And that really depends on whether you think you can clear your zero percent card’s balance before its promotional period ends and its Annual Percentage Rate shoots up sometimes into the double digits.

Another thing to consider is whether your credit card and loan APRs are fixed or variable.

Your credit card APR might be lower than your loan right now, but if it’s a variable APR, there’s a chance that it could increase based on changes to your credit score, prime rates and more.

Something else to consider is your . If your income is volatile and there’s a chance you might be late with a credit card payment in the time it takes to pay off the loan, then your credit score could drop. And if that happens, your APR could increase, causing you to pay more in interest over time.

Make An Auto Loan Payment Online 24/7

New Auto Loan?

Congratulations on the purchase of your new vehicle! Now you have the convenience of going where you want, when you want. Further that convenience by using Security Service Online Banking to schedule your car payment from any bank.

Important: Your 10-digit primary savings account number or checking account number may be required to enroll in Security Service Online Banking . If you have a new auto loan, please allow 7-10 business days to receive your membership card in the mail and/or for your loan to appear in Security Service Online Banking.

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Generally No But There Are A Few Roads To Consider

In a crunch, you may look to your credit card to make your monthly car payment. Or, you may think of charging your car payment to earn some extra credit card rewards. There are a few options for paying your car note with your credit card, but the process isn’t as simple as regular everyday purchases. Before you try to make your car payment with your credit card, there are some caveats to consider.

Consolidate Your Monthly Statements

Learn More And Shop Using Contactless Payment Credit Cards

If you have two or more vehicle accounts, complimentary Combined Billing allows you to receive one consolidated monthly statement. Your consolidated statement will begin with your next billing cycle after your enrollment is complete.

How to enroll in Combined Billing:

Complete this enrollment form and mail it to the address or fax number listed, or obtain a form by calling

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Renting A Car With A Credit Card

A credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter’s name. The signature must match the name imprinted on the card and the signature on the car rental agreement. For online reservations, the number and name printed on the card presented must match the name and number stored for the online reservation.

  • American Express®, Mastercard®, VISA® and Discover® Network
  • : American Express®, MasterCard®, and VISA®
  • American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club and Discover Network.

See below for information on how to rent a car without a credit card.

How Much Will It Cost You

Like Wells, some prefer to use their credit card only for a down payment and take out a car loan to cover the rest, while others might put the entire purchase on their card. Figure out what you prefer and find a dealer who is willing to work with you.

Unless you plan to pay down the purchase on your card immediately, youll need to calculate how much interest youll pay on top of the total price of the car. You can use the Edmunds car loan calculator online to get a clearer picture of your monthly payment estimate on a used car loan or a new car loan. Do some math to figure out exactly how much it would cost if you put the purchase on your credit card versus taking out an auto loan. Compare the two auto loan vs. credit card and see which one is more affordable.

If you only have a high-interest credit card, and you cant pay the balance in full right away, Wells says its in your best interest to go with an auto loan. Bear in mind that lower rates tend to go to borrowers with higher credit scores.

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Making A Car Down Payment With A Credit Card

If you use a credit card to make a down payment and arent able to pay off your entire credit card balance on time, youll essentially be making two finance payments for your car each month: one on your credit card and one on your auto loan. Consider whether your budget can support these two additional payments.

May Negatively Affect Your Credit Scores

Should You Pay Your Credit Card With Auto pay?

Putting one or more car loan payments on a credit card can increase your credit utilization, or how much of your available credit youre using. This number factors heavily into many credit scores, and a high ratio can negatively affect your scores. Its generally a good idea to use as little of your credit as you can experts recommend that you aim for using less than 30% of your total credit limit.

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Types Of Credit Cards

Different types of credit cards suit the needs of different types of spenders. For simplicity, it would be wise to find one that aligns best with the user’s financial intentions for instance, a person who is not an extravagant spender and not interested in anything except getting the best bang for their buck can probably live with just a no-fee cash back card. However, it is very possible for people to carry multiple credit cards for their different advantages, even if it requires a bit of management. What’s important is that they are all paid off in a timely manner.

Cashback: These offer cashback on all purchases, usually 1%, 1.5%, or 2%. Another type may have up to 5% cashback on selected categories of merchandise or services, which normally rotate quarterly.

Rewards: These make up the bulk of most credit cards. The types of rewards usually range between airline miles, hotel bookings, and dining benefits. Credit cards that offer more rewards or miles will generally require annual fees, and it is up to each spender to evaluate their spending habits to decide whether a no- or low-fee card with low rewards is preferable to a high-fee card with high rewards.

The Problem With Paying Your Auto Loan With A Credit Card

While saving money is almost always a good thing, paying your auto loan with a credit card isnt the no-brainer it sounds like. For starters, this financial move changes the nature of the loan itself. By transferring your auto loan to a credit card, youre taking a secured loan and turning it into revolving credit. On the upside, this means your car cant be repossessed if you quit paying your bill. However, simply moving the debt can wreak havoc on your credit score in a number of ways.

For starters, credit scoring companies view revolving debt very differently from installment loans and not in a good way. In general, steady installment loans are better for your credit score.

Another impact on your credit score could be the result of increased . By transferring your car loan to a credit card, youre charging up a huge balance that wasnt there before. Since how much you owe on your credit cards helps determine your score, increasing your credit utilization could cause your score to drop.

Another important drawback to consider is the precedent set by paying your auto loan with a credit card. While moving balances around might make you feel like youve paid off debt, you havent really accomplished much yet. In reality, balance transfers are really nothing more than a shell game if you dont take your debts seriously. And if you let your balances grow as you bounce them around, you wont end up any better off.

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Can I Pay My Auto Loan With A Credit Card

Can you pay your auto loan with a credit card? Well, yestechnically you can. Most lenders wont allow you to use a credit card to pay your loan directly, but you know those convenience checks your credit card company sends in the mail, encouraging you to transfer a balance? You can use one of those in a pinch just be prepared to bite the bullet and pay whatever fee it entails.

Likewise, tapping your credit cards cash advance limit is another way to make your car payment when moneys tight but remember theres no grace period for cash advances, so that balance starts accruing sky-high interest charges immediately. And these days there are services that allow you to pay just about anything with a credit card, even your rent for a fee, of course.

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