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How To Not Pay Credit Card Interest

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When The Grace Period Doesn’t Apply


A;grace period is necessary to avoid paying interest, but not all credit card balances have a grace period. For instance, you may not have a grace period if you already had a balance on your credit card at the beginning of the billing cycle. In other words, if you didn’t pay off your balance last month, your new purchases may also be subject to a finance charge.

Some types of transactionsnamely cash advances and sometimes balance transfersdon’t allow a grace period. Interest starts accruing immediately on those kinds of transactions. The only way to avoid paying interest on a transaction without a grace period is to pay off the balance the same day you make the transactionand that’s usually not feasible.

What Is Your Billing Cycle

Each month you use your credit card you receive a credit card statement or bill. The statement covers all of the purchases made during your billing cycle. Due to the fluctuations in the length of months, your billing cycle will range between 28 to 31 days in length, but will always begin and end on the same day each month.

For instance: If your current billing cycle runs from September 10 to October 9, next month your billing cycle will begin on October 10 and conclude on November 9.

Check Your Credit Reports Regularly

You can typically check your credit reports for free, once a year. However, the three major credit reporting agencies Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are currently allowing consumers to check their reports weekly for free.

If you sign-up for a credit card relief package and are meeting the terms of that relief package, such as making a lower minimum payment, the company must report to the credit reporting agencies that you are current on the account. However, if you were already behind on your payments at the time you receive relief, the lender is not required to report that you are current.

And, if you find an error, you should work to dispute it, this is when it would be helpful to have a copy of the written agreement on hand.

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When It Makes Sense To Use A Credit Card

Using credit cards to make purchases can offer ease and convenience. But just like most other things in life, there are times when it can make sense to use credit cards and times when it doesnt.

Overall, it can make sense to use a credit card if:

  • You are able to pay off your balance in full each month
  • The rewards youre accumulating are worth more than the cost of the card
  • You want additional fraud protection on your purchases
  • You want to build or improve your credit score

Alternatively, it can make sense not to use credit if:

  • You already have a considerable amount of credit card debt
  • Using a credit card would only add to your debt balance
  • You are working hard to stick to a budget and be more mindful of your spending habits

In these cases, using cash or debit could be more beneficial for you even if you only need to do so for the short term.

Hot Tip: If youre unsure of the differences, see our article on debit cards vs. credit cards to learn which may be best for you.

Strategies When Accounts Are 6 Months + Overdue

12. Pay off high

Once your account has been unpaid for six months or more, your creditor has several options and will do one of the following:

  • Continue collection efforts using its in-house collection department
  • Hire a collection agency to collect your account on a commission basis
  • Sue you
  • Sell your outstanding account

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How To Request Help From Your Credit Card Companies If Youve Been Impacted By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Missing a payment on your credit card or paying it late can result in fees or added interest, but it can also have a negative impact on your credit score. This is why its important to contact your credit card companies immediately if you know you cant pay your bill.

Here are important steps to requesting relief.

Consequences Of Missing One Or More Credit Card Payments

After one missed payment, you will be charged a late payment fee up to $40. If you miss subsequent payments within a six-month period, you’ll be charged up to $40. This fee is added to your balance and starts accumulating interest based on your APR. Some card issuers will waive late payment fees for your first violation or if you contact them and explain why you failed to make a payment.

You will be charged interest on the purchases for the billing cycle, which is the case whenever you carry a balance meaning you fail to pay the full amount owed.

Number of missed credit card payments Consequences
  • Substantial damage to credit score
  • Debt sold to collection agency
  • Lawsuit

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What Is A Grace Period

After your billing cycle ends, your credit card company will prepare your statement. Most credit card providers offer a grace period between when the statement is prepared and your bill is due. During this grace period, you will not incur interest on your purchases.

Not all credit card companies offer a grace period, though most do.;Check your terms of service to ensure you have a grace period on your card. If you do not, you may want to switch to a different credit card.

Cards that offer a grace period must ensure that your bill is received no less than 21 days before your bill is due. This period of time ensures that you have time to pay your bill before your credit provider begins charging you interest. Therefore many grace periods include the required 21 days plus an additional;two to four days to account for printing and mailing.

Fees And Interest Charges

How To Never Pay Interest on Credit Cards [5 Tips]

These 2 sections might show up separately but will show the total fees and interest paid year-to-date. If you pay off your cards balance each month, you wont be accumulating interest. If you have a card with an annual fee, you should expect to see this listed here.

An interest charge calculation for this billing period will also be included. This will be broken down by;each balance type along with the annual percentage rates for each.

Bottom Line: Check this area to make sure youre not accumulating late payment or other unnecessary fees or being charged for any interest or fees in error.

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How Does Credit Card Interest Work With A Cash Advance

As noted above, the interest charges on a cash advance are different from those on a purchase. Not only is the rate generally higher for a cash advance, but there is no grace period, which means that interest starts to accrue from the date of the transaction. And you will pay interest on your cash advance even if you pay it off in full and had a zero balance for that billing cycle.

You also have the option of paying off the cash advance over time, just as you can with a purchase, as long as you make minimum monthly payments.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

Before you call the customer service number on the back of your credit card, understand what youre working with. Know your current credit card terms, including the grace period, statement due date and your current .

Dont forget to check your credit, as well. You can use this as leverage in your negotiations. Having strong credit may indicate youre likely to repay your balances and what you owe, so credit card companies may be more willing to meet your requests.

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Coronavirus Credit Card Relief Programs

Many credit card companies are offering some form of financial relief to customers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to take advantage of any of these relief programs, youll need to first contact your provider to formally request financial assistance. Be aware, however, that many companies are asking you to first visit their websites or use their mobile apps because theyre experiencing longer-than-normal wait times on the phone.

While itll vary based on the company, here are some of the most common forms of assistance that companies are offering:

Lowering or deferring your monthly minimum payment

Many credit card companies are offering emergency forbearance, which allows you to skip or reduce your payments for a limited period of time. Keep in mind youll need to make up any skipped or reduced payments after your forbearance period ends. When forbearance ends, you won’t be asked to make up missed payments immediately, but you will need to resume making at least your minimum monthly payments, which may have changed.

Waiving or refunding late fees

If you miss a payment, your credit card company would generally charge you a late fee. During the coronavirus pandemic, however, many companies are waiving or refunding late fees, if you request financial relief because of the pandemic.

Reducing your interest rate

Establishing a payment plan to pay off existing balances

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Bonus Perks: Free Travel Insurance

I used to travel a lot pre-COVID, and I often have to buy travel insurance each time I travel overseas.

Free travel insurance if paid using Maybank credit card

Luckily for me, if I purchase flight tickets using my Maybank credit cards, I get;FREE travel insurance coverage;of up to RM 700,000. Pretty sweet. Thats more money Id save and can be spent elsewhere.

Not all credit card will include complimentary travel insurance. Please read the fine-print.

Next, lets see the types of Malaysian credit cards that are on the market:

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How Much Should I Pay

  • Statement balance: The amount you owed when your last billing cycle ended, due by the due date
  • Current balance: The total amount you owe, which is usually your previous statement balance minus any payments that youve made since it was generated, plus any new purchases youve made since your last statement was generated
  • Minimum due: A minimum monthly payment your credit card company is willing to accept to not mark your account as past due

We recommend you pay the statement balance by the due date every month. That way, youll avoid credit card debt and interest. Most credit card companies let you connect checking accounts to set up automatic payments. This makes it easy to pay the full statement balance each month. Just remember to review your statement to check for fraud or billing errors. We cover avoiding interest more on the next page. Basically, its easy to avoid, as long as you pay on time and in full, and avoid cash advances.

Even though your current balance may be more than your statement balance, most credit cards have a grace period on new purchases. That means you dont have to pay interest on new purchases right away, or ever, as long as you pay off your full statement balance by the due date each month.

If you want to learn all about how paying a credit card bill works, grace periods, and everything mentioned in this section, read this guide.

Major Credit Card Mistakes

Can not paying off a zero-interest card affect my credit score? – Credit Card Insider

InvestopediaForbes AdvisorThe Motley Fool, CredibleInsider

Eric is currently a duly licensed Independent Insurance Broker licensed in Life, Health, Property, and Casualty insurance.;He has worked more than 13 years in both public and private accounting jobs and more than four years licensed as an insurance producer.;His background in tax accounting has served as a solid base supporting his current book of business.

can be a boon to consumers, providing many advantages and benefits. Because they’re such a great alternative to cash, they’re great if you need to make purchases when you find yourself in a pinch. Some cards offer perks like rewards like cash back or travel miles, while others give you some added protection for your purchases. If you play your cards right and pay your balances off each month, you’ll never have to pay a dime in interest. Plus, being a conscientious credit card user can help boost your credit rating. However, these little pieces of plastic can also be a curse, especially if you’re already swimming in debt or just don’t know how to keep a handle on your finances.

Thousands of consumers have trouble getting their credit card balances under control. If you’re among these consumers, don’t despair. You’ll make your debt more manageable once you choose to change your spending habits. Take a giant step in this direction by avoidingor stop doingthese;six major;credit card mistakes.

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Fact: A New Card Affects Your Credit Even If You Dont Use It

You might have heard that its only after you use a new credit card that the account affects your credit score. However, applying for new credit comprises 10 percent of your credit score. It doesnt matter if youre approved for the card or if you use it; its the inquiry that counts. Frequently applying for new credit can hurt your credit score, so make sure you really need that new card before you apply for it.

Pay Attention To Special Rates

Special rates for purchases end, and the end date isnât the last day you can make purchases at a special rate. It’s the last day weâll charge you the special rate.

For example. If a special rate ends 31 December, your closing balance will accrue higher interest from 1 January. This is regardless of any purchases before 31 December.

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More Than Three Missed Payments

Failing to pay your credit card issuer for more than three consecutive due dates in addition to the late fees, damage to your credit score and increased APR can result in your credit card issuer charging off your account. This means your credit card issuer does not believe that you will pay back your debt in full. From here, they sell it at a loss to a debt collector or will settle for less than you owe to get it off their books.

While the card issuer may sell your debt for less than you owe, the collections agency is still entitled to retrieve the full amount.

If your debt is sold to a collection agency, then your account will be reported as a collection account to the credit bureaus. This is damaging to your credit score and appears on your credit report for seven years. These agencies are known for being more aggressive than card issuers when contacting debtors for payments. However, debt collectors including credit card issuers are regulated in terms of what they can do to collect on a debt.

Interest Rate And Apr Are Not The Same And Why It Matters

Wondering how to pay off credit card debt? Youâre not ...

While you might be familiar with how interest rates work in borrowing situations, the APR can often seem confusing. In its most basic sense, an interest rate is the price that is paid for borrowing money.

When it comes to credit cards, though, interest rates are often stated as annual rates. This is referred to as the Annual Percentage Rate .

The APR takes into account the total cost of borrowing money from the credit card issuer, which can encompass the interest rate as well as other fees that you incur.

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