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How To Help Your Child With Credit Card Debt

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People go into debt for many different reasons, and not all of those reasons are necessarily “bad.”

The reason for your debt may not be overspending on luxuries, but rather overspending on your children, buying things for their future, etc.

You want to give your children the best life you possibly can, but sometimes the stress of that debt can cause you to react poorly to minor annoyances.

According to a recent study, moms who were going through intense financial stress were more likely to yell at their kids and spank their kids.

This is one of several studies suggesting that financial stress and excessive debt can be harmful to children’s well being.

Here are a few ways to deal with your financial stress without letting it interfere in your relationship with your child.

When Should Kids Start Building Credit

Ideally, a strong credit profile should be established by the time a young person graduates from college or needs to start making independent financial decisions on their own, such as renting an apartment or applying for a car loan. That means the late teen and college years are ideal times to build good credit.

But it’s possible to start building credit even earlier. Credit card issuers may allow minors to be added as authorized users to their parents’ credit cards, for instance. American Express allows children aged 13 or older to become additional cardmembers, and there’s no minimum age requirement for Capital One or Chase cards. Some issuers are more restrictive Barclaycard, for instance, requires authorized users to be at least 18.

As an , your child will be able to make purchases on your account, but won’t be responsible for paying them off. That means it’s likely best to give them access to their own credit card when they’re old enough to have a clear understanding of credit and debt. Until then, their credit profile will benefit from your own positive payment history on the account. Some credit issuers allow cardholders to set spending limits for authorized users, so you might explore this option if you’d like some guardrails.

How To Explain Different Types Of Credit Cards

Not all credit cards are created equal. When talking to your teenager, consider using these straightforward explanations on different credit card types.

Secured Credit Cards

This type of card requires you to make a cash deposit into a holding account, like a savings account. That deposit works as collateral in case you cant pay your bills in the future. Once youve proven youre able to pay your bills each month, your credit card company will refund your deposit amount.

Unsecured Credit Cards

Unsecured cards dont require a deposit for approval. This is the type of card you probably think of when you think of a credit card. These cards might have rewards or cashback programs and tend to have higher credit limits.

Student Cards

Many student cards are unsecured credit cards that feature low credit limits and high approval rates. Theyre designed to be an introductory credit card for young adults. Some student cards include an automatic credit limit increase after a set period of making on-time payments.

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How Can I Help My Adult Child Get Out Of Debt

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Most parents feel a natural inclination to help whenever they see their child struggle. This instinct doesnt go away once a child enters adulthood, but it may become more complicated as they age and take on more responsibilities.

When it comes to money, if your adult child has been struggling with significant financial burdens, you may feel compelled or even obligated to help. However, before tackling your adult childs financial troubles, make sure you’re ready for what that entails and that you arent sacrificing your own financial security in the process.

Consider A Nanny Share

If the idea of hiring a full-time nanny for yourself sounds a little out of reach, you might consider joining a nanny share, which is exactly what it sounds like: you and at least one other family share the services of a single nanny. All of the children are looked after together at once, which also gives your kids more opportunities to play and socialize.

There are, of course, some important factors to keep in mind if you take this route its important that all sets of parents have similar expectations of the caretaker, and youll also have to arrange a suitable schedule that works for all the families. Along with simply talking to local families to see if anyones interested, there are also online platforms to match families with nanny shares.

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Should I Help My Child Get Out Of Debt 6 Things To Consider

With astronomical student loan debt and lackluster employment opportunities for young adults, grown children are increasingly in need of financial assistance from their loved ones.

But these young adults are finding financial support far beyond their college years parents are financing lifestyles, credit card payments and even mortgages.

There is a fine line between fostering independence with financial support and prolonging dependence as a financial crutch. To ensure youre helping your child rather than hurting them in the long term, while being mindful of your own finances, be sure to consider these six important questions:

Introduce Credit Reporting And Scoring

How to help your kids build credit

Reputation is important, even when it comes to finances. Credit card usage becomes part of a borrowing history, or credit report, which other businesses use to review new applications.Most companies use a to measure this reputation, which is calculated based on a person’s borrowing history. The credit score is a quick way for companies to decide who has a strong borrowing reputation. Previous late payments or high balances taint your borrowing reputation and make it harder to get approved for other things like new credit cards or loans, utility services, an apartment, a cell phone, or sometimes even a job.

In most cases, credit scores range from 300 to 850, and the higher the score the better for your financial future.

It may take a few lessons and some hands-on experience for your child to fully understand using a credit card. Hopefully, this early guidance will set them up for a lifetime of success with managing debit and credit cards.

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The Famzoo Prepaid Card

If you want to keep the training wheels on, thereâs an outstanding alternative to credit cards for kids under 18. The FamZoo prepaid card is a strong choice because parents and children both get access to the same account.

With FamZoo â their tagline is âpreparing kids for the financial jungle â there are different protection features.

You can lock or unlock the card and even connect its usage to various chores. For instance, you can use FamZoo to post chores youâll pay for. Your children can then check the chores off once theyâve completed them and be paid automatically through the FamZoo app.

Another perk of FamZoo is that it helps teach kids how to budget at a young age. It accomplishes this via its app, which allows kids to split their money into four categories:

  • spending
  • investing
  • charity

Not only can kids allocate money responsibly, but parents can also incentivize positive money habits by matching their savings and investing contributions.

Parents can even set up an interest rate and pay interest on savings. Children can then track how their savings grow as a result of the interest they earn.

Loan From The Bank Of Mom And Dad

If your adult child has racked up some debt, and you want to help them repay the debt, you can issue them a “personal loan” by charging them interest and signing a contract, just like you would if you were a loan officer at a bank.

Why is it best to charge interest, even to family members?

Because interest and clear expectations make it more likely that the loan will be repaid.

It’s better to establish a clear understanding of when and how the loan must be repaid, rather than risk damaging your relationship in the long run with an unpaid debt or enabling irresponsible financial behavior from your child.

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Get Them A Secured Card

The law doesnt allow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up for a credit card on their own. Once 18, your child is free to apply for any card they like . And while it may be tempting to grab the best terms and the highest limits available, it might be a better idea to start out with a secured credit card instead.

A secured credit card is a safe way to establish credit without going into debt. The card company will require a security deposit that will be equal to the amount of credit available. For instance, a $300 deposit will give your child a $300 credit limit. The security deposit will be held in savings and only used if your child defaults on their account. Your child will use it just like any other credit card for purchases less than their available balance, and they will make monthly payments to pay off the balance.

Since you dont need a long or exceptional credit history to obtain a secured card, its a great option for someone just starting out with credit, trying to build their credit history. And because you cant outspend the deposit, the risk is minimized. Most secured cards also offer the opportunity to convert into a regular credit card after a certain period, presuming youve been making your payments on time.

Start Early And Go Slowly

5 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Kids Avoid Student Loans ...

Helping your children build their credit will help secure their financial future while theyre still at home under your supervision. If you make financial education a small, but routine part of your lives from a young age, by the time theyre old enough to start using credit your children will be more than ready.

Emilie is the brains, the brawn, and the beauty behind She Does Better, inspiring millennial women to live financially, physically, and professionally fit lives. She writes about overcoming debt, while balancing trying to eat healthy, stay fit, and have a little fun along the way. Read more about her journey here.

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Trade Child Care With Local Friends And Family

If youre lucky enough to have willing family and friends nearby especially ones who also have children consider setting up a schedule for trading babysitting services amongst yourselves. That way, the kids all get to hang out together and you get to exchange time, rather than money, for child care.

Consider Alternatives To Paying Off Your Adult Childs Debt

The first thing to consider is whether there may be alternatives to taking on your adult childs financial burden in its entirety. Determine the type of debt your child has. If they are struggling with mortgage debt, for example, you may only be able to offer moral support its up to your child and their lender to come up with a payment plan or other solution. If you want to pitch in, though, you could help your child organize the mortgage paperwork and reach out to the lender. Then, your child and the lender can discuss payment options or alternatives, such as a loan modification or a short sale.

If your adult child asks you for help with their student loan debt, do some research before simply taking over the payments. Start by exploring programs that might help your child with their student loan debt, such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. You can also consider student loan counseling from a nonprofit that can talk with you and your child about repayment options.

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Financial Knowledge Starts With You

Get help paying off your credit cards and student loans.

Passing along healthy financial habits to your children is a great way to change your familys financial future for the better. Financial knowledge starts with brushing up on ways to manage not just your money but existing debt, as well. The Freedom Debt Relief debt management guide can walk you through several options and help you formulate a plan. Start by

Learn more:

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Providing A Safety Net

Of course, good credit habits are behaviors that we hope our children will choose on their own, but part of being a young adult is making the occasional mistake and learning from it. Unfortunately, this kind of learning opportunity can stay on a for years.

Another reason to get your children their first credit card while they are still under your roof is that you can provide a safety net. By being able to watch over their shoulders, youll be sure that the dog doesnt eat their payment, that they dont get duped into wasteful monthly charges, and that identity thieves dont hit the jackpot at their expense.

Live On A Budget From Day One

According to the American Dream Education Campaign, young adults overwhelmingly report beginning adult life unprepared for the complexity of personal finances.

As costs rise and the economy puts adults with better resumes in the jobs previously held by college students, this has led to a 16% increase in student loan debt and a 24% increase in credit card balances upon graduation, according to a report by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Living on a budget helps to avoid the kind of debt that limits opportunities upon graduation.

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An Education Doesn’t Necessarily Mean A Better Job

Earnings are still higher overall for those with a degree about $250,000 over the course of a career according to a Georgetown University report on education and the workforce.

However, this increase isn’t consistent across all majors. STEM degrees result in higher paying jobs, while liberal arts, education and social work degrees earn little more than a high school diploma.

Young adults who want to borrow money to pay for a degree should consider the value of the investment before committing.

Why Get Credit Cards For Kids

Best Way to Pay off Credit Card Debt

First of all, although weâre exploring credit cards for kids, this isnât about giving your kids access to unlimited funds so they can splurge at any time like their favorite celebrity.

This is also not about giving kids money they havenât earned or canât repay.

Instead, this is about building credit for kids: helping your children build proper credit while they are young. In addition to building credit, credit cards for kids can also teach how to use credit responsibly to avoid costly mistakes later in life.

There are two different strategies you can use to get credit cards for your favorite little ones:

  • Depending on their ages, you can add them as authorized users on your cards
  • Set them up with their own credit cards

Weâll look at each option in-depth in this article. But before we do, letâs examine the benefits of credit cards for kids as well as building credit for kids.

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Teach Them How It Works

Before getting your child a credit card, make sure they understand how credit works. Teach them how to locate and review their credit report, and where to check their credit score. Teach them the importance of paying off debt as quickly as possible in order to avoid fees and improve their score. And talk to them about the importance of not overextending themselves with credit.

Money and credit can sometimes feel like a taboo subject, but the more open and honest you are about how these things work, the better prepared your children will be to manage credit with confidence and caution.

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