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How To Get Student Visa For Uk

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How To Apply For Uk Student Visa Step By Step Process

How to Get a UK Student Visa?

Getting your UK student visa is an essential part of the journey to fulfil your dream of studying in the UK. Applying for visa in the UK can be a daunting process, especially if you dont know the UK visa requirements and important dates for application.

In this article, we will help you find all about applying for your student visa in the UK. Your IDP counsellor will also guide you in the application process and provides you with the latest information about the UK visa requirement. So, make sure to speak to them!

Uk Student Visa Application

As of October 5, 2020, the Tier 4 Student Visa has been replaced with the Student Route. This will be available to EU/EEA nationals who whish to enter the country after January 1, 2021.

If you want to study in the UK, you will need to apply for the Student Visa. In the post-Brexit environment, both EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals will need to have an unconditional offer from a licenced sponsor to be eligible for the visa.

Those who graduate from an approved course in the UK will be able to remain in the country under the new Graduate Visa route for up to two years to live, work and look for work. PhD graduates will be able to do so for up to three years.

In this page, we set out everything you need to know about the new UK Student Route.

We Check Your Identity When You Arrive In Canada

When you arrive, we check your identity to make sure that you are the same person who was approved to travel to Canada. We may use your biometrics to do this.

If we cant verify your identity, you may be detained by a border services officer. These officers help protect the health and safety of Canadians.

If the officer determines that youre not admissible to Canada, you wont be allowed to enter Canada. If you came by air, youll have to take a return flight to where you came from.

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Pay The Immigration Health Surcharge

All Student Visa applications for a programme which is more than 6 months long will have an Immigration Health Surcharge . This is for access to NHS healthcare whilst you are in the UK.

You will pay the Immigration Health Surcharge during the application process. For more details, please refer to the;UKVI information about the immigration health surcharge.

When Can I Apply

Visa requirement

You can apply for your student visa in UK 3 months before your course starts. Once you submit a university application youll receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. This document will entitle you as an admitted student in UK and therefore youre eligible to seek a visa. Use the CAS number to support your student visa application form.

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Documents Required For A Uk Study Visa

UK Student Visa Requirements: Applying for a student visa requires you to carry a lot more documents in comparison to a tourist visa, by comparison.;Aspirants need the mandatory documents along with supporting documents of financial and academic records. Make sure you refer to the UK Student Visa checklist;before going to the consulate for the visa interview.

You should have the following documents before applying:

  • A completed student visa application form
  • A letter of acceptance on the course;- Your approved education provider will give you an acceptance letter and a visa letter which are official and unconditional offers of a place on a course of study. The visa letter must be issued no more than six months before you apply. The applications where the visa letters are older than six months will be refused.
  • Having a visa letter does not guarantee the application will be successful. The applicant must meet all the requirements of the category and any other requirements of the immigration rules.
  • Proof of funds;- The money you need to show covers your course fees for your first year of study and living costs for up to a maximum of nine months. The amount you will need depends on whether you are applying as a child or adult and also whether you will be studying in or out of London. You must show that you have held the money for at least 28 days. The end of that 28 day period must not be more than one month before the date of your application.

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Applying For A Student Visa From Inside The Uk


  • When you arrive
  • This page looks at the eligibility criteria and visa application process for applying for a student visa from inside the UK, also known as permission to stay

    Before assessing whether you can apply in the UK and how to apply in the UK, read the general eligibility rules for information about Student Visas.

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    Types Of Uk Student Visas

    If you are 16 or over and want to study at degree level or above for a course which is longer than 6 months, you will need to apply for a Student visa .

    You may be eligible for a Standard Visitor visa if you are:

    • studying a short course
    • studying a distance-learning course
    • studying as a visiting student for less than six months
    • need to re-sit an exam or attend a viva

    You may be eligible for a Short-term study visa if you are studying:

    • an English language course lasting longer than 6 months and up to 11 months.

    UKCISA has published useful information about the Standard Visitor visa.

    How To Apply For A Student Visa In Uk

    How I got my Tier 4 UK Student Visa!

    The application for a student visa in UK can be carried online, by post or in person. Note that you can apply online only from outside of the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man . Those who are residing in UK at the time of application must apply in person or by post.

    Study at The University of Law

    Be one step ahead with a globally recognised university in the UK!

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    Prepare For Your Interview

    You may be interviewed as part of the visa application process. An interview can take place at the visa application centre when you submit your application or any time between then and you receiving your visa . There is no way of knowing whether you will be selected for an interview.

    You can find detailed information about the;interview process on our visa interview page.

    There is no need to be worried about the interview. Use our guidance to prepare and make sure you think about what you want to say in advance.

    Apply For Your Student Visa Outside The Uk

    Making a Student Visa application from outside of the UK can be complicated. We’ve put together all of the information you’ll need to make the process as easy as possible for you.

    The information on these pages is designed for applicants and students who are starting a new programme and will be applying for a UK visa from overseas.

    If you are an existing student and are making a Student Visa;;extension, or intend to apply for your visa from within the UK, please see our separate guidance on Student Visa extensions.

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    Get A Job After Graduating

    If you hope to become a UK permanent resident, you would know all about the post-study work visa or Graduate Route. It allows foreign graduates to work in the UK for two years after graduating three years if you have a PhD. This is the route you should take once you graduate.

    Graduates on the route will be able to work flexibly, switch jobs and develop their careers as required. Think of it as the first step towards a fulfilling career and life abroad. Separately, accomplished scientists, researchers, and mathematicians who are future leaders in their field may also come to work in the UK via the Global Talent Visa.

    How Much Money Will I Need

    IELTS Band Score for Student Visa in UK

    In order to apply for a UK student visa, youll need to show that you have sufficient maintenance funds to support you as you study. As well as your maintenance funds, youll also need to demonstrate that you have enough money to pay the full tuition fee for your course if you havent already paid in advance.

    Find out more about the UK student visa financial requirements here.

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    Your Cas Reference Number

    We will send you a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies when we offer you a place to study and have confirmed that we will be able to sponsor you.

    Your CAS will have a reference number which you must state on your visa application form. Your caseworker will check it when they process your visa.

    Your Student Route visa only allows you to study at the institution which issued your CAS. If you move to another institution, you must apply for a new visa, even if your current one is still valid.

    Get Uk Tourist Visa And Enjoy Few Days Of Your Life

    The UK is one of the most beautiful places that include England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland countries. These countries attract people from the whole world. If you are planning to visit the beautiful places for the relaxation of your mind, then you are surely recommended for these places, so this article will provide you the guidelines about how you can get a UK tourist visa.

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    Student And University Obligations For Visa Holders

    The University is required to tell the Home Office if you do not arrive for enrolment, leave your course, suspend your studies, or if you are absent for a long period. Please keep your college or department up-to-date with any changes in your circumstances, including your contact details and any matters that may affect the progress of your studies.

    It is your responsibility to keep to the conditions of your visa and to make sure you do not stay beyond its end date, unless you have put in a renewal application. If you break the conditions, you could be prosecuted or made to leave the UK and it could make it more difficult for you to get another visa.

    Your visa will be issued for study at the University of Oxford only, for the course and duration specified on your CAS statement. You will usually be granted an additional two or four months after your course end date depending on the length of your course.;;

    For information on renewing / extending your visa while you are in the UK, travel, working during your study and your legal responsibilities, visit during your studies.

    Student Visa Application Process

    UK STUDENT VISA 2019 | Step By Step Process | New Rules | Documents | Cost | Interview | Tier 4 Visa

    In order to complete your UK study visa application quickly and increase its;likelihood of success, your immigration matter will be dealt with in a few simple stages:

  • Provide a checklist for necessary;supporting documents
  • Completion and submission of your online application to UKVI
  • Book an appointment for your documents to be submitted at a UK visa centre
  • Communicate with UK visa and immigration on your behalf
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    How We Can Help

    At VisaHelpUK, we deal with many visa applications daily and have up-to-date insight on the UKVI process.

    This puts us in a strong position to guide you on how to get a decision quickly.

    The single biggest delay in visa processing times comes from applications that have not been properly prepared.

    A well documented application has a much better chance of being decided quickly and in your favour.

    We provide a Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack service where we give you a list of documents and template letters based on YOUR specific circumstances to ensure you get your application right the first time.

    Top Tip

    Save the following information to make tracking your visa application status easier when you are dealing with UKVI or any other organisation.

    Your CaseID This is an 8 digit number and will be on any letters the Home Office have sent to you.

    Your Payment Reference Number You will get this once you have paid for your application.

    Your Unique Application Number You will find this on all emails and letters from the Home Office. It is a 16 digit number.

    Your Biometric Residence Permit Number This can be found on your Biometric Residence Permit Card.

    Your Immigration Health Surcharge number You should have received a reference number after paying the IHS fee.

    Information In Your Cas

    The CAS includes:

    • Personal information such as your name, date of birth, passport number, and nationality
    • Information about your course, including your course title, start and end dates, the details of your offer, and tuition fees
    • Details of your Student Route visa sponsor: sponsor licence number, institution name, and campus address.

    You will receive a copy of this information when your CAS is issued. Please check it carefully and contact us if there are any mistakes.

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    How To Extend Your Student Route Visa In The Uk

    If you have just graduated from a college or undergraduate course, you may want to continue to study and progress onto a masters or PhD course.

    You may be able to extend your Student route visa to do another course, if you have not had a student visa for more than five years and meet additional criteria. For more information, please visit the UKCISA website.

    You must extend your visa before you start your new programme. As long as there is not a gap of more than 28 days between your visa end date and your course start date, you can extend your visa from within the UK, so you don’t have to return home.

    When you extend your visa, you must meet the requirements in place at the time you apply. These might have changed from when you applied for your original visa.

    Student Visa Service For International Students

    How to get Student visa in the UK

    Request your appointment through the provided Visa Appointment Request Form.

    SI-UKs experienced visa consultants have extensive knowledge of the latest immigration legislation, rules and regulations. SI-UKs Student Visa Service offers advice and assistance to international students wishing to obtain a UK visa.;

    We;specialise in:

    • General student visa.;

    ;In addition to this, those who utilize SI-UK’s services may also enjoy a number of free select benefits:

    • A free UK SIM card with £5 extra credit.;
    • A range of networking resources to help you acclimate.
    • A quick VFS appointment – reserved exclusively for SI-UK students.

    Be sure to request your appointment through the provided Visa Appointment Request Form.

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    Youre Allowed To Enter Canada

    If you pass the identity check and meet the entry requirements, the border services officer stamps your passport and lets you know how long you can stay in Canada. Youre normally allowed to stay in Canada for up to six months.

    Children under 18 must meet the same entry requirements as adults. The border services officer may ask minor children to show other documents depending on whether the child is travelling alone or with someone.

    If You Were Financially Sponsored Before This Course

    If you have already been studying for a course in the UK and received official financial sponsorship from a government or scholarship agency within the last 12 months you must get your sponsor’s permission in writing to stay in or re-enter the UK.

    Your sponsor must confirm they have no objection to you continuing your studies here. If you do not provide this your application will be refused. More information can be found in the Student Visa guidance.

    If you have been funding yourself through government loans this does not count as “official financial sponsorship” and you will not need this letter.

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    What To Do In Case Of Us Visa Denial

    In case of US visa denial;you will not be able to get your fee money back. However, you can still re-apply in the future by submitting a new application and paying the visa fee again.In order for your application not to get rejected for the same reason again, you should present proof of changes in the circumstances since your previous application that got rejected.

    Uk Student Priority Visa Processing Time After Biometrics 2021

    How to Apply for a UK student visa

    Please note, the 5-days priority service is available for student Tier 4 entry clearance visa applications processing from outside the UK. Moreover, the 5-day priority service is available for student visa extension and switching leave to remain applications in the UK.

    Entry Clearance

    If an applicant pays an additional amount of £220 for the priority service, then the service standard for UK student Tier 4 visa processing time after biometrics is within 5-working days.

    From April 2019 to Dec 2020, UK visa processing time after biometrics for 199,239 straightforward priority student visa applications was within 5-working days. Therefore, in 2021, the expected UK priority student visa processing time after biometrics is within 5-working days . However, this does not mean that UKVI will process a non-straightforward priority student visa within 5-working days service standard. Please note, during the period, UKVI had received 10,588 non-straightforward . The UKVI has no service standard for processing non-straightforward priority student visa applications. Therefore, if UKVI categories a priority student entry clearance visa application as non-straightforward then it may experience delays in processing.

    UK Student Priority Visa Processing Time after Biometrics

    Entry Clearance

    Priority Student Entry Clearance Visa Processing Time for Straightforward and Non-Straightforward Applications from Outside the UK

    Leave to Remain

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