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How To Get Japan Visa

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The Japanese Landing Permission

How to get a Japanese visa | Moving to Japan

Once you arrive in Japan, the Immigration officers at the point of entry will review your visa and the documents attesting to your purpose of stay, and they will give you a Landing Permit. The Landing Permit replaces your visa and allows you to legally stay in Japan.

If you have a single-entry visa, it will become invalid once you get the Landing Permit, whereas a multiple-entry visa with a longer validity remains valid even after you get the Landing Permit.

Determine The Type Of Visa That You Need

First, you need to know the type of visa that you need. This Japan visa blog is only intended for applicants for a JAPAN TOURIST VISA for FILIPINOS/PHILIPPINE PASSPORT HOLDER residing in the Philippines. Meaning, you only intend to go to Japan FOR TOURISM and NOT to go to Japan to find a job.

Now, once youve made up your mind and you are applying for a Japan tourist visa, you need to decide whether you will apply for a Japan tourist visa WITH a sponsor/guarantor or Japan tourist visa WITHOUT a sponsor/guarantor, see the Japan visa requirements above.

Get Your Financial Documents In Order

As with most other visa applications for Indian passport holders, you need to show your recent 3-month bank statements, last years income tax return and any other supporting financial documents.

My bank balance is usually pretty low, so I make it a point to include my fixed deposit summary, or ask a friend to temporary lend me money in my account For an expensive country like Japan, I would aim to show a balance of 1-2 lakhs in my account, plus savings.

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Multiple Entry Tourist Japan Visa Requirements

Make sure you are an eligible applicant, the one stated above. Please do submit the documents in A4 size paper.

1. Explanation Letter

Use the Request for a Multiple Entry Visa Form. Here you can state the reason why you are requesting Five Years Japan Visa.

I asked for a five-year visa rather than a single entry since Im planning to go back to other areas with Jon. It will save me money in the long run as there is no Embassy in Montenegro.

2. Philippine Passport

This must be signed, valid, and has at least 2 blank pages. Broken Passports are not accepted.

3. Visa Application Form

You can download this Application Form. Remember to fill up everything, use if its not applicable. Please also sign and date the form. Wrong information and blank items may result in your application being denied. If possible, you make it neat and clean, too. Heres a sample filled-up application form.

4. Photo

4.5 x 4.5 cm with white background and taken within the last 6 months. Write your name and birthdate on the backside of the picture. Please paste this on the application form.

5. Schedule of Stay

You may use this form. Make sure its neat and realistic.

Additional Requirements under Category 1

Those who have traveled to Japan as a temporary visitor within the last three years and is financially capable of supporting trip to Japan

1. Proof of Travel to Japan in the Last Three Years

Old or recent passport with a used temporary visitor visa and entry/exit stamps

3. Proof of Financial Capacity

Were Not Like Other Companies The Strengths Of Ims

How to apply for a visa to Japan for BUSINESS travel  langyaw
  • Permanent ResidentVisa Approval Rate

    We have applied for Permanent Residence in over 6,000 cases, and our application approval rate is over 90%. We accept applications for Permanent Residence from people with work visas, company CEOs with management visas, and highly-skilled professionals.In recent years, the screening process for Permanent Resident applications has become increasingly difficult, so it is important to check the applicant’s situation in advance and respond accordingly.

  • Multilingual Support

    At IMS, we value client communication, and thatâs why we offer our services in multiple languages. If you are worried that your situation is difficult to explain in Japanese, please contact us in Chinese, Korean, or English. We have native speakers on staff, so you can consult with us at any time, in your preferred language!

  • Phone andEmail Consultations

    Let us give you peace of mind! We offer consultations for Permanent Resident visas by phone, email, or WeChat. During the initial consultation, our visa experts will confirm your basic situation and determine whether you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence.

Questions? Letâs get in touch!

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Sample Of The Tourist Travel Requirements For A Japan Visa For Australian Citizens

  • Personal Appearance

    The Embassy / Consulate requires applicants from your particular country to apply for a visa in person. VisasDirect is unable to assist in this instance. Please contact the Embassy / Consulate for further information.The information provided here should be used as a guide only. Please contact the Embassy to verify the latest requirements before confirming travel arrangements.

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    How It Works: The Tourist System For A Single

    The nature of an online visa system is to simplify the visa application process. The system will gather an applicants personal and passport information to automatically evaluate the details provided. Online visa systems help to determine a travelers eligibility.

    The Japan online system for a single-entry visa is being developed by the government of Japan. The goal is to have the online system and the electronic visa for Japan up and running by 2021. More information on the registration process and the Japan tourist visa requirements will be shared on this website.

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    What Is The Electronic Visa Japan

    The E-Visa Japan is an electronic travel authorization which the Japan government is planning to launch in June 2019.Citizens from eligible countries will be able to apply online for their e Visa Japan.

    As soon as the e visa to Japan will be approved, the traveler will be allowed to stay in Japan for tourism purposes for a maximum period of 30 days for a single entry.

    To be able to benefit from this easy and rapid way of obtaining an eVisa, applicants must provide the correct information concerning their passport.

    When arriving in Japan, travellers will have to show their approved Tourist E visa Japan to the border authorities to enter the country.

    The Japan E visa application is aimed to make more fluid the immigration process and to amplify the border security checks.

    As soon as the Japan E visa will be available, online applicants will have to answer some questions and give details such as their full name, address, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans.

    Can I Apply For A Japan Tourist Visa Online

    How to get a Japanese visa WITHOUT university degree | Moving to Japan

    No, for the moment, you cannot apply online for any of the Japan visas. The Japanese government planned to launch an online system to accept Japan Tourist Visa applications starting in April 2020. The main reason behind the launch was to facilitate the application system for Japan Tourist Visas ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games. However, because of the unprecedented situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the Olympics were postponed to 2021, whereas it is unknown yet when the online system will launch.

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    Do I Need A Travel Visa For Japan

    Whether you need a Japan tourist visa or not depends on your nationality. At the moment, citizens of 29 countries are not eligible for a Japan visa on arrival and are expected to obtain a Japan tourist visa.

    Travelers holding passports from the following countries are not eligible for Japan visa on arrival :

    • Afghanistan

    Write A Simple Cover Letter Including Your Trip Itinerary Clearly

    The cover letter is an important part of the Japan visa application. You need to include your travel dates for Japan and why youre going to the country. Highlight your trip itinerary clearly. I also included names of major countries I hold visas to, or have in the past, including the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. This always strengthens your visa application, especially as an Indian passport holder.

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    Fly To Japan And When To Book Your Tickets

    Time to travel to Japan and start your studies! You might wonder when in the process you should book your flight tickets?

    The Japanese authorities recommend that you dont book your tickets until you have gotten your visa . However, for Western students, the risk of visa denial is very small after the school has approved your application so many students choose to book their tickets at that time to get a better price. But the immigrations can be slow so if you book your tickets before you get your visa we recommend that you take a re-bookable ticket or that you book a flight just the weekend before your course starts.

    Students from poorer countries should not book their tickets until the visa is confirmed since they have a bigger risk of being denied.

    Japan Visa Requirements 5 Easy Steps To Apply For Japanese Tourist And Travel Visa

    How To Get Student Visa To Japan From Japan

    Japan, also known as the land of the rising sun is a destination with a very long history. Ancient temples and castles are fascinating places to visit as well as the cosmopolitan cities that have sprung up alongside. The famous Mount Fuji is a spectacular sight with its snowy peaks visible far off in the distance. There are plenty of things to do and see here trees full of cherry blossom, islands with beautiful beaches, skiing or white water rafting. Whatever you do, you will be amazed at the beauty of Japan. In this article learn more about how to apply for Japan Visa at the Japanese embassies and consulates worldwide, flight itinerary for Japan visa, Japan visa appointment booking, Processing time at the Japanese visa application center, Japan Visa Application Process, sample Japan visa application form, who needs a visa to enter Japan, apply from China, Philippines, India, Russia, CIS, etc

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    Highly Skilled Professional Visa

    If you are applying to the Highly Skilled Professional program, then in addition to the above-mentioned documents, you will also need to qualify according to their point-based merit system. This means that you will have to score 70 points or above to be even considered for this kind of visa.

    While the certificate of eligibility is pending, you or your sponsor should also ensure that other relevant documents pertaining to things like the invitation letter, company or job details, list of dependent visa applicants, itinerary and stay in Japan, etc. are all in place.

    The MOFA Japan website has a list of samples that can help you with your documents. You can also contact your local Japanese embassy in case you need clarification regarding which documents are necessary for your application procedure. Getting the services of a global immigration expert from a reputed agency is also a wise decision, especially if you want to avoid administrative hassles.

    What Are The Reasons For A Denied Japan Visa

    We dont know for sure because as I said the Japan Embassy doesnt disclose that. But here are some POSSIBLE reasons and TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF JAPAN VISA APPROVAL

    Fake documents: Never ever submit fake documents, even birth certificate.

    You dont have an established travel history: Maybe its your first time traveling abroad and you cant prove your strong economic and social ties in the Philippines. Again, there are many factors, I know someone who got approved even if its his first time to travel abroad. But he was able to prove his financial capability to fund his trip. Another one got approved even if its her first time to travel overseas, but she has a sponsor.

    I recommend building your travel history first, travel to visa-free countries for Filipinos, return to the Philippine and never overstay in another country, and once you have some stamps in your passport, try to apply for a Japan visa. Previous travel history can help in your visa application.

    You dont have strong social and economic ties in the Philippines: Ive heard of many visa horror stories before, especially for Filipinas traveling alone. Now, when it comes to applying for a visa in general, I often hear this If you are a female, and you are single , you dont have kids, your chance is slim. Thats because they might think you are traveling there to find a husband or find a job since you are not married here. I hope this is not true, but it seemed to have happened to some women I know.

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    Japan Student Visa Requirements

    When you apply for a Japanese Student Visa, you need several documents that support your application. The documents you need for a Japan Student Visa application include:

    • Student Visa Application Form, which you can download from
    • Your valid passport along with photocopies of it
    • Passport-size pictures with the following specifications:
    • Dimensions: 4cm x 3cm
    • Taken within the last three months
    • Plain white background, without any patterns and shadows
    • You must be starting straight ahead, with a neutral facial expression
    • Your face has to be fully visible
    • The picture must be good quality
  • The Certificate of Eligibility
  • Letter of Admission into the Japanese educational institution, indicating the duration and details of the course
  • Previous academic and/or professional qualifications, as applicable
  • Proof you can meet the financial requirements for the duration of your stay in Japan. The financial requirements for a Japanese Student Visa are about 2 Million Yen for one year. You can show that you meet the necessary financial requirements through:
  • Bank or income statements
  • Proof of a Scholarship
  • Proof you receive Financial Aid
  • Letter of Sponsorship, if someone is sponsoring you, along with your sponsors proof of income and bank statements
  • If required:
  • Letter of Invitation and Letter of Guarantee issued from your educational institution
  • A Motivational or Cover Letter, written by you stating the reason for your travel
  • Keep in mind:

    Determine Which Visa You Need


    Which visa you need depends on how long you are going to study in Japan:

    Short term courses up to 90 days: many nationalities can visit Japan for up to 90 days on visa waiver. When you arrive in Japan you will get a sticker in your passport which shows that you can stay in Japan for 90 days. During that time you can, for example, take a language course in Japan. Read more about which nationalities can travel to Japan on visa waiver. If you travel on visa waiver you must have a return ticket within 90 days.

    More than 90 days but less than 20 weeks: citizens of some countries like Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK can extend their period of stay with 90 more days by applying to the Ministry of Justice in Japan before their first 90 days have expired .

    For other nationalities stays of this kind of length is trickier. Schools usually won’t issue a student visa for less than 20 weeks so your only solution would be to do a so called “visa run” by staying for 90 days in Japan and then travel to a nearby country like Korea and return to Japan for another 90 days upon re-entry. The Japanese authorities dont like this solution but to do it once usually works without any problem but for longer stays, you should get a student visa. To do this you must have booked your exit ticket when you enter Japan the first time.

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    After You Receive Your Coe

    As soon as you receive your COE, make an appointment at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your area to apply for the actual visa. If you are changing your current visa to a student, then your school will be able to assist you. If you currently have a tourist visa, you will have to go back home and apply at the consulate. In general, youll need the following documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Visa application form from the Japanese embassy or consulate
  • One photograph taken within the past 3 months
  • Certificate of Eligibility the original document and one copy
  • Certificate of Admission given to you by the school
  • Other additional documents the specific consulate may ask for, depending on the country.
  • Dont forget to get your COE back after your visa has been issued you will need it upon landing in Japan.

    You Dont Need An Appointment To Apply For A Japan Tourist Visa For Indians At Vfs Japan

    You dont need an appointment to file your Japan visa application at the VFS Japan centre. But note that they dont allow any electronic devices camera, laptop, battery packs etc inside. I could take in my phone, but they told me to keep it off.

    Its best to carry only your documents and phone both for submission and collection to avoid any security hassle. Unfortunately there seemed to be nowhere to store your belongings at the VFS Centre.

    See the complete document checklist for your Japan visa application.

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    I Want To Work In Japan How Do I Apply For A Work Visa

    Foreign nationals wanting to work in Japan require an appropriate working visa. Japan visa requirements say working or engaging in any paid activities on a short-term stay or tourist visa is strictly forbidden.

    Work visas are categorized into different types according to defined professional fields, with each requiring specific experience and qualifications.

    A job offer in Japan is required to apply for most types of work visas.

    Before a working visa can be issued, you will need a Certificate of Eligibility from your prospective employer, and approved by the Bureau of Immigration. This document is a preliminary screening process that says holders meet the conditions for landing in Japan and being considered for a visa.

    For more information on how to apply for a working visa,

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