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How To Get Free Trial On Hulu Without Credit Card

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You Didnt Setup A Payment Method

How To Get Free Hulu Plus 30 Days Trial Without Credit Card

Probably the most common reason why people were not able to get Hulus free trial is because they didnt set up a payment method.

Currently, the service only accepts payments that are U.S.-issued or those that are fully accepted in the U.S. This basically means that it would not allow payments that are not part of the list.

Hulu will accept credit or debit card payments from American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. For digital payments, the ones eligible include Venmo and Paypal.

Other forms of payment that they accept include Hulu gift cards, which you can purchase from a few select Hulu retail outlet stores and shops.

So, here are some of the reasons why youre not eligible to get Hulus free trial.

What Happens After Your Hulu Free Trial Ends

If you dont cancel your subscription before your free trial ends, Hulu will automatically charge you the necessary subscription fees.

If you wish to avail of another free trial of the same account, it might take a while. Weve read reviews on some viewers being able to do this after 6 months or so. Hulu often changes their subscription requirements.

You could also get a new Hulu free trial by creating a new account, and using other credit or debit cards from your family or friends.

But of course, if youre down to keeping a regular subscription, there is no need to worry. Besides, you can check out the Manage Account section if you want a reminder of your bill. You get your moneys worth with the best streaming option there is!

Our Conclusion

Having Hulu to watch TV programs and movies is awesome, especially during the days you want to unwind. Their free trial is also an excellent way to try the service first. With thirty days youll get to take your time and test if you like Hulu or not. What are you waiting for? Start your free trial, check out their library, and enjoy some binge-watching sessions for a month!

How To Get Hulu Free Trial

Now that you know whether or not youre eligible to get the Hulu free trial, here are the steps on how to take advantage of this offer!

  • Visit Hulus website
  • Once there, click on the button that says Start Your Free Trial.
  • Select the type of Hulu free trial you want to get.
  • Choose the payment details/method you want to use.
  • Fill out all the information and data required.
  • Wait for the confirmation that your Hulu free trial is activated.
  • After you receive the confirmation, this means that your free trial has started, and you can enjoy it while it lasts!

    You can use your PC, your laptop, your smartphone, your tablet, even your TV to get or to sign up for Hulus free trial program!

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    Top Results For Free Hulu Trial Without Credit Card

    Hulu Free Trial | Stream TV And Movies

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    Unfortunately, no – you can’t get the free trial without giving Hulu your payment information. That’s because the company needs a way to charge you once your trial period ends, unless you cancel before that time. However, you don’t have to use a credit card if you don’t want to.

    How Do I Get Hulu Free Trial Without Credit Card?

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    Can I Get a Hulu Free Trial Without Credit Card Information? If you’ve never used Hulu yet and want to try it out before you make a commitment, then the best way to do that is to take advantage of its free 30-day trial. Like most subscription services Hulu gives customers a one-month trial for free.

    18 Best Ways To Get Hulu Absolutely Free Every Month

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    Both of its main packages provide a 7-day trial period, and in addition, it offers dozens of premium networks, such as Starz, that can be added to the one-week free trial. Hulu Starz Free Trial. Hulu offers a 7-day free trial of Starz to eligible returning and new customers. To use this option, users need to sign up for the base Hulu service.

    Get A Starz Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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    Create A New Hulu Account

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    Quick Guide: The Best Ways To Pay For Hulu Outside The Us

    How To Get Hulu Free Trial Without A Credit Card? 10 Plus ...
  • Get a VPN. With the fastest speeds of any other VPN I tested, I recommend ExpressVPN. You can just connect to ExpressVPN to subscribe to Hulu from abroad and watch lag-free using servers in the US.
  • Connect to a server in the US. Now you can go to and order a Hulu gift card. Youll be able to visit Hulus website and use it to pay for an account.
  • Pay for Hulu. Now you can watch your favorite shows and movies even if youre traveling or living outside the US.
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    Option : Watch Hulu With Viggle

    You will love Viggle if you like streaming Hulu. The free app will allow you to stream your favorite shows even on your top streaming networks such as Hulu and Netflix to earn rewards.

    Turn on Viggle, watch whatever you like, eventually, you will see your points rack up. As you watch Hulu, too, you will be earning rewards that feed your Hulu interest. Also, the app offers some features shows that you can watch for bonus points.

    What Can I Watch With My Hulu Free Trial

    Promising ‘All the TV you love’ it has an extensive library filled with incredible TV shows and movies, including exclusive titles, Hulu Originals, and shows for the kids. Amongst award winning, gripping titles like The Handmaid’s Tale and Little Fires Everywhere, you can also find ridiculously entertaining movies like Palm Springs. Fancy a cartoon tailored for adults? Watch Solar Opposites and its two seasons available now.

    Blitz through boxset after boxset with much-loved shows like The Mindy Project, Drake and Josh, and America’s Next Top Model. Into horror? ‘Hulu horror movies’ certainly has a nice ring to it. Hulu is home to FX, with over 40 horror movie titles like American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, and Fargo.

    For documentary lovers, watch environmentalist Greta Thunberg in I Am Greta, or find out more about the origins of The Handmaid’s Tale with Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power. You can even watch 2020’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Parasite, right here.

    With plenty to get your teeth into, and benefit from a huge range of gritty entertainment.

    Read more:

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    Get Working Free Accounts At This Forum

    You must have seen many websites offering free Hulu accounts which may not have worked for you. always has them in their numbers and acquiring them is free, only requiring that you follow the procedure below

    Launch the to website and create an account after checking to ensure you are working on the full version. You wouldnt be able to use any of the features on this site without registration.

    You can use a temporary email from to process your registration if you dont want to use to active email.

    Please, be advised that some of these free Hulu accounts dont work or could even contain malware.

    What Hulu Free Trials Are Available

    How to get free trials on websites like hulu plus without risking your credit card.

    If you know you’ll end up flicking through channels more than actually watching live TV, we’d stick with one of the first two tiers. That way you can put the money towards others streaming services with quality content ready to watch whenever you like.

    We’d check out the latest HBO Max prices, and Disney Plus bundles first as they’re some of the best apps around. If you’re looking for sports, then we’ve got you covered with guides to the latest ESPN Plus costs and Fubo TV costs and packages.

    Peacock TV costs and Paramount Plus prices are other budget options gaining traction, with the former even having a completely free tier .

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    Free Method : Sign Up For Spotify Premium For Students

    The popular streaming music service Spotify offers a 50 percent reduced rate for eligible college and university students. Spotify Premium for Students costs just $4.99 a month, and it lasts for up to four years. Once you are signed up, you can add the Hulu with ads subscription, plus a subscription to the Showtime premium cable TV network, to the Spotify Premium for Students account, and both of those will be free. Best of all, the service starts with the first three months costing just 99 cents each.

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    If you were already going to get Spotify, this is perfect you basically get Hulu and Showtime for free with this student offer. If you just want to get Hulu and are an eligible student, this will at least save you $1 off your monthly bill, plus you get Spotify and Showtime.

    As you can see, if you dont want to spend any money on a Hulu streaming subscription, there are quite a few ways to avoid paying. Which of these methods do you use to get free Hulu? Let us know in the comments!

    Use Of Virtual Credit Card With Hulu Plus Account Names:

    This method to use the Hulu Plus services is bit tricky and you will need to use the virtual credit card services for it. It is a good way to bypass the payment options and you will find various links to get a free credit card with this method. They will generate the MasterCard, AMEX and Visa card for users to sign up at Hulu. You will also find websites to provide username and passwords for free Hulu account, with some other methods too you could know how to get free Hulu plus without credit card.

    It is the hacking method that you can try to save your money while using the services of Hulu. You will need to be aware when trying this method because the other websites can contain some Malware to affect the device used for this trick.

    So, these are some of the best ways to save your money when you are looking to get the benefits of using Hulu services for free. Hulu is a perfect platform to use the online streaming services for your favorite video content like movies, TV shows, and other original content. It is also cheaper as compared to other service providers. The users can find free services for only one month so you will need to use some of these tricks to increase the free time period when using the services at Hulu.

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    Using Reward Sites To Save Money On Hulu

    I actually didnt even realize that some of my favorite cash back and rewards sites offered Hulu rewards until I did some digging for this post!

    Swagbucks and Ebates are two rewards sites that have excellent ways for you to save money on your Hulu subscription every month.

    Swagbucks the place where you can earn money on tons of different online tasks, like playing games and shopping offers a Hulu gift card as one of its rewards!

    The $25 Hulu card is available as a reward for 2500 SBs.

    I earn that much about every two months from Swagbucks easily through cash back shopping, paid emails, and surveys.

    If you earned at the same rate, you could always end up with a free subscription to Hulu every month with the basic plan for $7.99 or the No Commercials plan at $11.99!

    Swagbucks often has deals on its rewards, too, that will save you even more money and help you get rewards faster.

    Right now, for example, its sign up for Hulu for $5.99 get $12 back so it is still free!

    UPDATE 11/2020: Ebates is now , a different site that works in much the same way. Youll still find Hulu deals here that can get you free Hulu for at least a few months!

    Ebates offers a way to save thats a little different than Swagbucks.

    Instead of giving you a Hulu card as a reward, youll get cash back when you sign up for the Hulu Plus subscription.

    Before you sign up for Hulu, just visit Ebates and click the partner link.

    Youll get redirected to Hulu, where you can sign up for an account.

    Does Hulu Offer Free Trials For Hbo And Showtime

    How To Get Hulu Free Without Credit Card

    Hulu also offers a seven-day free trial of its $15 a month HBO Max add-on, which is enough time to stream all eight seasons of “Game of Thrones” if you dedicate 10-12 hours a day to it.

    The Showtime , Cinemax , and Starz add-ons also begin with seven-day free trials, so I’d suggest toggling through them week after week to see what content each unlocks, then decide which ones you want to tack onto your regular subscription.

    We think the HBO Max add-on is the premium channel most worth the cost. It gives you access to HBO’s entire catalog of original shows, past and present, as well as a vast collection of movies, blockbuster films, and brand-new original series.

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    Get A Completely Free Trial With Justuseapp Privacy Cards

    Companies love the bait and switch game by getting you to sign up for a free trial and charging you for a full subscription when you least expect.

    Justuseapp gives you a Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows free trial credit card to signup for Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows without risks of getting charged when the trial expires or if you forget to unsubscribe on time.

    Why you’ll love our card:

  • Our Virtual Cards are Bank-issued
  • 100% Valid
  • Will pass all authorizations by Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows.
  • Set spending limits, freeze card, etc
  • Approves only charges authorized by you.
  • And the best part, if you trust Hulu: Stream movies & TV shows and want to continue the relationship, you can fund your Card at anytime and pay for the full Subscription.Justuseapp Privacy Cards can be funded with upto $1,500 every month. We’ll also help you monitor upto 500 subscriptions and free trials so you never loose money again.

    **Start monitoring your subscribed apps and payments today!**

    What Else Can Donotpay Do For You

    Do you need assistance with lowering your internet bill or paying your student loans bill? Are you desperately trying to ? Are you getting harassing phone calls in the middle of the night and wondering how to report them?

    Do not fretDoNotPay has got your back! The worlds first robot lawyer can help you tackle a range of administrative and bureaucratic problems in the most efficient way possible.

    Team up with your robot lawyer by accessing it from any web browser and it will help you with:

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    Can Hulu Block Canadian Credit Cards

    Yes. In order to keep out Canadians that use a VPN to access Hulu, the company has decided to ban the use of Canadian credit cards. And you may think that this will stop you from watching Hulu in Canada. But the good news is that there is a workaround.

    If you dont have an American credit card, you can buy a Hulu gift card for yourselfand purchase your subscription with that. Once you create your account, youll be able to login to Hulu as long as you use a VPN to do so.

    Please note that we are not responsible for any issues you have with purchasing a gift card from eBay. As always, use caution when dealing with sellers. Be sure that theyve had many successful sales and good reviews before you buy.

    And while watching Hulu in Canada is not illegal, it is a violation of the Hulu Terms of Service. This means they have the right to cancel your account at any time, and you will not be refunded.

    Can Hulu Block Vpns

    How to get a Hulu free trial in the US 2020 | virtual credit card from

    Yes, they can but theres no way to block VPNs consistently.

    VPN servers are not immune to geo-blocks. VPN servers are computers on the internet, just like yours. They have IP addresses, too. And they can be geo-blocked.

    Hulu and Netflix have both tried to block out various popular VPN providers. But they havent been successful.

    Unlike physical mailing addresses, VPN IP address are not permanent. Any VPN service provider can easily change all their servers IP addresses. All it takes is a few simple commands.

    So long as the VPN service provider is willing to play whack-a-mole, it can react to and overcome any type of block that Hulu tries to implement.

    Weve identified several VPN services that are responsive when it comes to helping their customers avoid geo-blocks. As far as we can tell, ExpressVPN is the most consistent at avoiding geo-blocks and helping their customers access Hulu and other streaming services.

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    Month Free Showtime Trial On Hulu

    Get a free months subscription of Showtime on Hulu and enjoy some of the most popular shows and movies including The Affair, Homeland, Billions, Shameless, Hotel Artemis, Nightcrawler, The Dark Tower and more!

    This is an obligation free trial which you can cancel at any time. If you would like to continue your subscription it starts at $10.99/month.

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