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How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card

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How To Get Free Spotify Premium Legally

How to Get Spotify Premium for FREE – 3 Month Trial

Spotify is the worlds leading music streaming service right now, having over 365 million users. Although the app has a free version, having a Premium subscription is undoubtedly better. However, the 10-dollar monthly subscription fee can be a bit steep to some. Thankfully, just as its possible to get a free Disney Plus account or a free Netflix account, its also possible to get Spotify Premium for free in a legal way. In this guide, were going to show you how to get free Spotify Premium without going against copyright laws. Well also show you different ways you can get Spotify Premium for a cheaper price.

Question : What Is A Free Trial Without A Credit Card

Answer: Free trial without credit card is, taking advantage of a trial stage without using the credit card information for the purchasing option. In the usual way, you can give credit card information and sign up for the trial. But, not everyone has the privilege to have a credit card, which makes it hard for some qualified individuals. However, there are options like credit card numbers and virtual card systems that can be used as an alternative.

Currys Pc World Offer

Buy any qualifying product from the store or online from Currys PC Word, having a worth of £49. Follow the steps below to get your six months free trial for Spotify.

Step 1: Buy any qualifying product online or by visiting the store.

Step 2: You will receive your code for the free trial within 15 days of the purchase.

Step 3: Visit the Currys PC World 6 Months Spotify Premium Trial page and redeem your code.

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Free 3 Months Of Spotify Premium

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Heyy, I got a struggle which I quite don’t know how to do it but…I just wanted to know if it was possible to get Free Spotify premium without putting a credit card thing you know. What I mean by that is, I got the Fortnite Club for this month which they give us a skin n such but they also give us 3 months of free Spotify premium so yeah, thing is, I don’t have a credit card so I don’t know if there is another way to get the free Spotify Premium without the credit card info n such.However, I subscribed to the Fortnite Club without a credit card, I used Skrill, Xsolla, things like that It’s alright if there ain’t no other way though, just checking if there is.

Hey , thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Even if theres no initial charge, Spotify may require a valid payment method to begin a free offer.

This is so Spotify can:

  • Confirm your country or region
  • Process payments if you decide to remain on Premium after your trial period ends

Unfortunately, you’ll need to enter valid credit/debit card information or use any payment options available in your area to start a trial. More info on payment methods can be found here.

If this is something you’d like to see change, you can create a new Idea about this here, and I thank you for your feedback.I’ll be here if you need anything else!

Hey , thanks for reaching out to the Community!

How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On Pc/mac

Spotify Free Trial Premium 2017

Step 1. Open your web browser and then go to the Spotify home page.

Step 2. Click the button “Upgrade“, it will navigate to the premium page. There is a banner showing the free-trial offer.

Step 3. Tap “Get Premium“, it will prompt you to input your payment info to complete the subscription. You can pay with either a credit card or PayPal.

Step 4. After subscribing, you can enjoy premium for 3 months for free. When it expires, if you don’t cancel it, it will charge you $9.99/month.

This way to get free Spotify Premium always comes with a big disadvantage. It will need you to pay $9.99 per month once it expired.

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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free On Pc Or Mac

Here’s the complete guide on how to get Premium free for 30 days on Mac/PC.

Step 1. From the Spotify home page, choose the Premium button. Choose a plan and click the GET STARTED button.

Step 2. Log in to your Spotify account. If you do not have a free account, just create an account.

Step 3. You’ll be asked to fulfill the subscription form with the payment method, credit card number, and more info. Follow what it tells you to do. Then choose the START SPOTIFY PREMIUM button.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy all Premium features on Spotify at no cost. You can cancel Spotify subscription at any time you want. But if you failed to do it before the free trial ends, you will be charged $9.99 + applicable tax each month by Spotify until you cancel the Premium.

How To Get Spotify Premium Free Forever On Pc / Mac

The following tutorial will show you how to download Spotify songs as local files. After that, you can control them in the same way that you do with Spotify Premium before.

If you haven’t downloaded the software to your PC/Mac yet, you can go ahead to click the “” button. The DRmare software trial version is totally free. Let’s see how to get free Spotify Premium forever.

Step 1Import the Spotify songs
Launch DRmare software, the Spotify app will be launched on your computer. In case you haven’t log in with your premium account, please go ahead to input the account name and password. After that, you can drag and drop any song or playlist from the Spotify app to the DRmare application.
Step 2Customize output Spotify files
To get Spotify songs for free to play on more devices and players, the MP3 format is highly recommended. It can not only keep the high quality but also has the best compatibility. Spotify MP3 files can be playable on desktop, Android phone, iPhone, web, or app. Besides, you can change the channel, sample rate, bit rate. Finally, you can pick up the output folder. And you can choose to archive the playlist by artist/album for easier management.
Video Tutorial
For your convenience, you can visit this video demp to learn how to get premium Spotify free forever.

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Utilize Credit Card Number Generators

The process is pretty simple. If you give some regional information they will produce some fake credit card numbers with personal information.

You will have all the required information and a credit card to sign up for the trial, but alas! the system will say, the card is not valid.

The reason is fake credit card generators use a random algorithm that sorts from millions of names, information, and random numbers to create an array of information.

The information you are getting from the generators is not known by any card-holding companies, which is why the non-valid status. All those Youtube solution videos are fake.

But, if you still want to give it a try, then check out Prepostseo. This app can generate 5 cards at a time. Still, the chance of working is 50/50.

Bonus Tips: Get Spotify Music For Offline Listening Forever

How to get premium on Spotify without credit card

You can download the music for offline listening if youre on Spotify Premium, but once your membership expires, you lose the permission to those songs. If you wonder is there a way you can keep the downloaded songs forever, the answer is YES. You can do this easily with a Spotify music converter.

If you have no idea of which converter works the best, we recommend Audials Music. Its a powerful tool that can help you save your favorite songs from popular streaming services like Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon Music, and also converts them to any audio format. Most importantly, you dont have to spend plenty of time waiting for the downloads, as it can be completed in lightening speed during your listening. Now get it for $10 savings!

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How To Get Free Spotify Trial Without Credit Card

Do you want a Free Spotify Trial but dont have a credit card? You will discover how to get a free Spotify trial without a credit card.

Spotify is the leading music streaming service in the world. It has a few unique features such as discovering music related to your music taste and playing your favorite singer songs. This has led to an increase in the subscription to Spotify.

You want to try Spotify Premium before subscribing, or you just want to try premium, but you dont have a credit card or any credit to verify to Spotify that once your subscription ends, youll be able to pay them the first-month subscriptions.

Add Songs From Spotify

Click “Add Files” first. Then you can add the music to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to get the Spotify music converted in two simple ways. One is dragging songs, playlists, albums, tracks, etc. from Spotify and dropping into the main interface of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, and the other is copying and pasting the URL of your favorite Spotify songs and playlists into the Search Bar of the converter. When the music is successfully added, please click “Add” again to make sure the music is on the conversion queue.

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Spotify Free Trial Alternative

We have discussed enough of the Spotify free trial. However, a free trial is going to end someday. When it ends, you’ll have to pay for the Spotify premium features like unlimited skips and shuffle, offline downloads, high-quality audio, and access to exclusive music.

What if we tell you that you don’t need to have any free trial at all? You don’t need a premium subscription or Spotify application itself. All you need is an excellent Spotify converter to get the job done.

SpotiKeep Converter is an offline music downloader that rips tracks from Spotify in the widely popular MP3 format. The music download from the SpotiKeep application feels good to your ears, just like you’re listening to the music on Spotify’s excellent platform. The following is the main features of SpotiKeep Converter.

  • Customizable output formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, and FLAC, among others
  • Lossless audio quality and batch downloads
  • DRM removal to protect against copyright and patent
  • Retains the original ID3 tags of songs, artists, and playlist
  • High conversion rates for Mac and windows, up to 5x and 10x, respectively
  • Want to know with SpotiKeep Converter? Follow the step-by-step guide as mentioned below.

    Step 1: Download the installation package of SpotiKeep Converter and install it on your Windows or Mac desktop. Then launch the converter.

    Get Multiple Spotify Premium Free Trial Accounts

    Spotify responds to Apple Music by extending free trial to ...

    There’re three free trial types on Spotify â 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month. Many people only aware of the first one. When we learn about the three trial types, we can combine and take advantage of them.

    Before we purchase a premium plan, Spotify will give us a 1-month free trial. The official premium page has listed this information, so it’s available for everyone. But if you choose to check out with PayPal during the paying process, you’ll get three months of Spotify Premium for free. This promotion is only available for PayPal users with an active US account, and it is valid until July 15, 2021.

    As for the 6-month free trial, it only available for particular smartphone models. If you’re an American user, and you register a new Spotify account on these Samsung devices, you’re qualified to get a premium free trial for six months:

    • * Galaxy Note20 5G/Note20 5G Ultra
    • * Galaxy S20 5G/S20+ 5G/S20 Ultra 5G
    • * Galaxy Z Flip
    • * Galaxy A51
    • * Galaxy A71 5G

    This special offer expires on March 6, 2021, so get on it right now if you’re using the mentioned models. Don’t have any Samsung phones? Just go for the PayPal promotion, and use multiple 1-month free trial accounts when the promotion expires.

    Here’s how you manage multiple 1-month free trial accounts.

    Step 1. Go to the Spotify premium page in your web browser, scroll down to the “Pick your Premium” area, choose “Individual”, and click “GET STARTED”.

    Step 3. Fill in all the required information and click “SIGN UP”.

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    How To Get Free Spotify Premium Account For Iphone

    Step 1. Launch the Safari web browser to navigate to TweakBox official website. The TweakBox app will show up. Please click the ‘Install Now’ button to install it on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Open the TweakBox app from the home screen. Please select the Apps tab and scroll down to the Tweaked apps option.

    Step 3. Type the Spotify++ on the search box of the TweakBox app. Find it, choose it, and tap the ‘Install’ button to download the free Spotify Premium version.

    Step 4. When the installation finishes, please launch it. It will pop up a warning message, please choose the ‘Cancel’ it. It’s better to go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Profiles’ to trust the developers.

    Step 5. Congratulations! You can open the Spotify app, log in to your free Spotify account details to enjoy the Spotify Premium features. You get Spotify Premium free on iPhone forever successfully.

    Get 50% Off Student Discount

    Students can receive 50% off the subscription fees for Spotify Premium. It costs only $4.99 each month and comes with a 3-month free trial. If youre eligible, definitely dont miss out on this offer.

  • Go to the Spotify homepage, and click Premium on the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and click Get Started under the student plan.
  • Log in with your account that has never subscribed to the Premium membership. But if you dont have one, click Sign up for Spotify to create a new account.
  • Enter the information required, and click Verify.
  • Once the automatic verification completes, you need to enter the billing info.
  • So there you have it pay half the price and enjoy all the paid features that Spotify Premium offers.

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    Spotify 3 Months Free

    Spotify recently aired its new and UpToDate free trial packages. Fortunately, Spotify now comes in a three-month free trial period. You can certainly enjoy any of the available plans and packages for the three months. And before the free trial is over, you can either decide to cancel the free trial or automatically be charged for the next month’s one-month subscription. This 60day or three-month free trial for Spotify is available only before June 30, 2020. You don’t want to miss the exciting premium features, so why don’t we dive into how you can get the three-month free trial.

    Out of all other ways, PayPal offers a 60-day free trial or Spotify once you decide to pay through PayPal.

    Step 1: Sign in to Click on Get offer.

    Step 2: Sign up for Spotify’s 60-day free trial. Any email having a history of premium subscription will be ineligible for a three-month free trial. So, make sure of it. Enter your payment credentials of PayPal.

    Step 3: Once your PayPal links a payment source for your Spotify, you will get notified through email. Your account will activate within 24 hours, and you can start using it right away.

    Get Spotify Premium Free With At& t

    How to Get 3 Month Spotify Premium for FREE and Cancel anytime?

    AT& T unlimited customers are pretty lucky for they can get free Spotify Premium account without any fee. Except for Spotify, they can choose Showtime, HBO, or Pandora. If you are a lucky dog, just follow the steps below to get Spotify Premium for free.

    Step 1. If you dont have an account, create an AT& T WatchTV account. Choose Spotify Premium among all the options.

    Step 2. Tap Confirm choice > Visit Spotify. Log in to your Spotify account.

    Step 3. Click the I agree and the Start subscription now button.

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    How Do I Sign Up For A Spotify Free Trial

    You should know that you cannot subscribe to Spotify Premium via the iOS app, but you can on the website or the Android app.

    To register for the service via the website, you should do the following:

    • Open the Spotify Premium Plans page
    • Choose the desired plan and click Get Started
    • Provide your payment details
    • Tap the Start my Spotify Premium button

    If you decide to get your Spotify Premium free trial on the Android app, you should:

    • Open the Spotify app on your Android device
    • Click Your Library, then click the gear-shaped icon to enter the settings menu
    • Tap Go Premium, then Get Premium
    • Enter your payment details, then click Start my Spotify Premium

    Note that Spotify does not allow payments via PayPal.

    How To Get 7 Day Free Trial On Spotify

    Spotify offers its 7-day trial to new users how haven’t yet experienced Spotify. Once you have made sure you are eligible, here is what you need to do to get a seven days free trial for Spotify.

    Step 1: Sign in to your Spotify account. Play any song in Infront of you.

    Step 2: Click on the intersecting arrows on your bottom left. Or cruise around until a pop-up appears in Front of you. Accept the offer to enjoy a 7-day free trial for Spotify premium. After the 7-day free trial, Spotify will ask if you want to continue the paid premium subscription or enjoy the free version of Spotify.

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    How To Get Spotify Premium Free On Iphone Forever

    You can update to Spotify Premium free trial to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone no jailbreak. For the detailed tutorial, you can visit Part 6. The shortcoming is that it’s only a 1-month free trial. Too short, isn’t it?

    So how to get Spotify Premium on iPhone for free? The best way to get free Spotify Premium on iOS is to download a modified Spotify app, called Spotify++. You can get help from TweakApp, AppValley, or Cydia Impactor, etc. no jailbreaking. Here, we will take TweakApp as an example to show you how to do it.

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