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How To Get Free Credit Card For Online Shopping

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Protection For Unauthorized Purchases

Get A Credit Card For Free To Shop Online By Using This Trick ! – 9 Tech Tips

Use your Visa card to make purchases anywhere and you’re protected from unauthorized use of your card or account information. With the Visa Zero Liability policy1, your liability for unauthorized transactions2 is $0-you pay nothing.

1 Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers Canada-issued cards and does not apply to anonymous Visa Prepaid*, Visa Purchasing, Visa Corporate, Visa Commercial, or any transactions not processed by Visa. Visa Cardholders must notify their financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please refer to your issuer cardholder documentation.

*A Visa Prepaid Card will be considered anonymous if the cardholder’s identity has not been validated by the issuing financial institution .

2 Financial institutions may exclude from the Zero Liability policy a transaction made by a person authorized to transact business on the account and/or a transaction made by a cardholder that exceeds the authority given by the account owner.

Get International Shipping From Any Us Store

A prepaid virtual credit card lets you buy from any US store, but what about shipping? If the store wouldnt take your international credit card, chances are they arent going to ship internationally, either.

But you can get international shipping from any US store by using a package forwarding address to have your order sent from the store to a US address, and then forwarded internationally.

Why This Card Is The Best Card For Flexible Online Purchases

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards also offers 2% cash back on grocery store and wholesale club purchases on up to $2,500 in purchases per quarter . A $200 online cash rewards bonus for cardholders who spend $1,000 in the first 90 days sweetens the deal.

Since you can switch your 3% cash back category every calendar month, set it to online shopping during months that are likely to include a lot of online purchases and pick a different 3% cash back category, like travel or dining, during other months. Take advantage of the flexibility in getting to choose your own top rewards category, and choose wisely.

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5Score required: Good to excellentType of card: Cash backSpending categories: Rotating

  • 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases in rotating categories that you enroll in each quarter
  • 1% cash back on general purchases
  • Matches cash back at the end of the first year of card membership
  • No annual fee

Our take: The Discover cards 5% discount on online purchases arrives once a year usually in the fourth quarter. The bonus covers all three major retailers Walmart, Target and Amazon giving you lots of flexibility.

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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

Best Overall

Our pick for the best overall credit card for online shopping is the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card because of its unlimited 1.5% cashback on every purchase. New cardholders can earn a $200 bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months from account opening. Take advantage of a 0% intro APR on new purchases for 15 months.

Best Credit Card For Grocery Shopping

Using PayPal And Credit Card For Online Shopping Editorial ...

Best for U.S. Supermarkets

Why It’s One of the Best Credit Cards for Shopping: The best credit card for grocery shopping is the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, giving cardholders 6% cash back on up to $6,000 spent at U.S. supermarkets each year . Thats in addition to 6% cash back on U.S. streaming services, 3% on transit expenses, 3% at U.S. gas stations, and 1% on everything else. The Blue Cash Preferred Card also offers $300 statement credit, which new cardholders can earn by spending $3,000 within 6 months of opening an account. It also has no annual fee the first year , making the card a good investment for frequent shoppers.

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Getting Started With Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card

Visa Prepaid cards are easy to use and reloadable, which means you can add funds onto the card at any time!

These Cards are great for every day spending such as coffees, groceries and online shopping. They are also ideal to give to younger children as an allowance card or for school field trips.

With Visa Reloadable Prepaid cards, you are protected under Visa’s Zero Liability policy 1 and the cards are secure and convenient.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Review

SC Manhattan is the only card that offers a direct 5% cashback on your grocery shopping in the supermarkets. You only need to make a minimum transaction of Rs. 1000 to get a 5% cashback. The maximum cashback is capped at Rs. 500 per month .

SC Manhattan credit card comes with an annual fee but if you have credit card annual spending of more than 1.2 lakh then you will enjoy the benefits free of cost.

Annual fee: Rs. 999

Welcome, Gift BookMyShow gift vouchers worth Rs 2000 on making the first transaction within the first 90 days.

Watch Manhattan credit card review

Key benefits:

  • 5% cashback on credit card expenditure at supermarkets & department stores
  • 3 rewards points per Rs. 150 spent on all other spends
  • Rs. 2000 BookMyShow voucher on the first transaction done within 90 days of card setup

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Shopping At Costcoca Is Easy There Are Three Simple Steps To Finding The Item You Are Looking For:

  • Browse the Home page, which displays the categories available and links to special offers. Click a category to see the selection of items available within that category. Click the item and you will see a detailed explanation of the item’s features. Or, search for specific items by entering a brand name, an item description, or keywords in the “Search” field displayed on top of every merchandise page. You will be given a list of items that best match your search criteria.
  • When you find something you want to purchase, click “Add to cart.” The number of items in your cart will be displayed in the top right corner of the page. You can view or change the contents of your cart at any time by clicking “Cart.”
  • When you’re finished shopping, click on “Cart” to view the contents.

Easy Tap N Pay Solution

Create Virtual Credit Cards for Online Shopping

Rather than asking you to load your credit card number and other details into payment apps, our virtual credit card type product takes a further leap by keeping everything online, including the card itself. Using Freestyle is easy and simple, but the possibilities are endless.

Its much more convenient to keep all the important things in one secure accessible place. The things that used to be on your desks, such as phone books and calendars, are now stored in your phone. And with MoneyMe, it becomes possible for your credit card, too. The virtual credit card is accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard online or via Tap n Pay in-store. Now, its one tap away when you need it to cover unexpected costs, or when you need to go on a holiday and book your travel. Its one tap away when you need emergency cash-outs for car repairs, big utility bills or when you simply need easy money for your everyday, on-the-go needs.

Our virtual credit card provides you with the extra cash you need to enjoy your lifestyle. You can use it to Tap n Pay for your coffee on your way to work, book your next travel online when using miles is just not an option, or simply indulge on your favourite thigs. You can also use it for emergency expenses, or when you need to transfer cash to your bank account. Freestyle helps you stay on top of things, giving you credit right in the palm of your hands.

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Do You Want To Build Or Rebuild Credit

If you’re just beginning your credit journey, or looking to repair poor credit, it can be a little more difficult to find a card that fits your needs that you’ll also qualify for. Check out secured cards or cards for building or rebuilding credit. If you have no credit history, a great choice is the Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card, which doesn’t include many common credit card fees. If you do have credit history, it will be reviewed and considered as part of the application process.

Why Its Best For Walmart Purchases

While the Capital One® Walmart Rewards Card doesnt offer a big sign-up bonus, you really do have the potential to earn a lot of rewards if you spend a lot at Walmart. Once youre a cardholder, you will earn their top rate of rewards on purchases made on or with the app, including grocery pickup and delivery services. You can also earn 2 percent back in popular categories and 5 percent back on in-store Walmart purchases for 12 months when you download and pay with Walmart Pay.

This card doesnt charge an annual fee, and you can redeem your rewards for statement credits, gift cards, travel and more.

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Enter Your Shipping Address

The shipping address allows the merchant to calculate your shipping price and update your purchase total. Make sure you enter the address to where you want the order shipped, even if its different from the billing address where you receive your credit card statements. You will also usually be given options and pricing for various shipping types.

Best $0 Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Since the main reason many of us shop online is for the sheer convenience of the process, using a credit card can often add to that convenience factor. Namely, your credit card often makes it remarkably simple to make purchases in foreign currencies. Thats because, in most cases, your credit card purchase will automatically convert your payment from US dollars to the foreign purchase currency.

Now, the downside to the automatic currency conversion is that many credit cards will charge a foreign transaction fee for the service. Typically 2% to 4% of your total purchase, these fees can add up quickly. Thankfully, a number of credit cards are available on the market, including our picks below, that dont charge any foreign transaction fees, making it easy and affordable to complete foreign currency transactions.

While the most obvious foreign transaction occurrences are those made when you travel to another country and use your credit card to make in-person purchases, you dont necessarily need to cross a border to make a foreign transaction. Most credit card issuers and networks consider any transaction made with a foreign currency to be a foreign transaction that may be subject to foreign transaction fees.

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How Do I Keep My Credit Card Information Safe While Online Shopping

Before making a purchase online, ensure that the website has an HTTPS in front of its domain name. This signifies that the transaction is using a secure connection, which reduces the chance of someone stealing your information.

Unfortunately, there are still other ways for hackers to steal your credit card number, so the best way to keep your information safe when shopping online is to use a virtual credit card number. These are temporary credit card numbers that cannot be used by someone else and are issued for use by your credit card provider. The card numbers are typically restricted to a specific merchant for a set amount or number of transactions, including for a single-use. This prevents the need to use your actual credit card number that can be stolen or compromised.

Several third-party services offer virtual card numbers to protect your online shopping, like Albine Blur, Privacy, and Divvy. Some banks offer virtual card numbers free to their customers, such as Capital One virtual card numbers from Eno and Citis own virtual account service.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card By Citi

  • Earn 4 percent back on eligible gas purchases, including gas at Costco, for the first $7,000 per year , 3 percent back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases worldwide and 2 percent back on all other purchases from Costco and
  • Earn 1 percent back on all other purchases
  • No annual fee with your paid Costco membership
  • Rewards are redeemable as an annual credit certificate for cash back or Costco merchandise once per year

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Choose Credit Card As Your Payment Method

There will sometimes be an option to choose the type of credit card youre using, e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or a store credit card. If your credit card processor isnt listed in the box, the merchant doesnt accept that type of credit card. Youll have to use another type of credit. Youll encounter this more often with American Express and Discover than Visa or Mastercard.

How To Apply For A No Annual Fee Credit Cards Online

How To Get Free Credit Cards for online Shopping

To apply for no annual fee credit cards online, you can visit the respective bank website or you can apply through BankBazaar, which is an authorised partner of top banks in India.

Steps to apply through BankBazaar website

  • Visit and select the card that you want.
  • If you are eligible, you will find an option to Apply, click on the same, enter the required details and submit
  • You would be asked to upload the required documents.
  • Once they are uploaded, click ‘Submit’.

On successfully submitting the application and the necessary documents, you would receive an ‘Application ID’. Use this ID to track your application status by clicking’ Track Application ‘.

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Citi Custom Cash Card

  • Earn $200 in cash back after you spend $750 on purchases in the first 3 months of account opening. This bonus offer will be fulfilled as 20,000 ThankYou® Points, which can be redeemed for $200 cash back.
  • 0% Intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. After that, the variable APR will be 13.99% – 23.99%, based on your creditworthiness.
  • Earn 5% cash back on purchases in your top eligible spend category each billing cycle, up to the first $500 spent, 1% cash back thereafter. Also, earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • No rotating bonus categories to sign up for â as your spending changes each billing cycle, your earn adjusts automatically when you spend in any of the eligible categories.
  • No Annual Fee
  • Citi will only issue one Citi Custom Cash Card account per person.

Do You Want To Earn Rewards

A rewards credit card is a great way to earn cash back, points or miles on every purchase you make. You can maximize rewards by considering cards that offer bonus rewards in specific categories, such as gas, groceries, restaurants, entertainment and travel. If you rather have a simple rewards program, consider a flat-rate cash-back card, such as the Citi® Double Cash Card.

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Best Bad Credit Credit Cards For Online Shopping

Having bad credit comes with a lot of hurdles to jump through in the financial world, but, fortunately, the inability to make secure online purchases doesnt need to be one of them. No matter what your credit looks like, you can likely qualify for some type of credit card, and that credit card will be subject to the liability caps provided by the Fair Credit Billing Act .

With poor credit, your credit card options will primarily consist of unsecured subprime cards, closed-loop store cards, and secured credit cards. While secured credit cards will require a deposit to open and use, unsecured credit cards for those with bad credit tend to have much higher fees. Start comparing your options with our expert-rated selections below.

While the deposit needed to open a secured credit card can be intimidating for some, the minimum deposit amounts for many secured credit cards can be surprisingly close to the total amount of fees youll be charged by some subprime unsecured credit cards.

Of course, unless you can put together a $300 to $500 deposit, you can find unsecured cards that may provide higher credit limits than secured cards, but theres one more thing to consider. Your security deposit will be returned to you when you close your account . Those costly unsecured credit card fees will be gone forever.

What To Look For In An Online Shopping Card

Using Credit Cards, Shopping, Online Shopping Entering A ...

So how did we come up with this list? Well, here are some of the things we looked for in the cards that we vetted. You might want to use these same criteria when youre looking for a credit card to use for shopping online:

  • Fraud Protections: The best credit cards these days have a $0 fraud liability clause that lets you off the hook for any fraudulent charges. Since your credit card number is more vulnerable when you use it online, this is a great protection to look for in a credit card for shopping online. Federal restrictions keep fraud protections pretty solid for consumers, but $0 is the best it gets, obviously.
  • Great Cash Back or Points: You want your card to give you the most cash back or points at the places you frequently shop, whether in store or online. These cards automatically have good all-around rewards, or they have rotating categories that at least sometimes offer big bonuses for online shopping.
  • If youre looking for a new credit card, you might as well look for one that has a good sign-on bonus. This wasnt a deal breaker when we were looking for these cards. But its a helpful additional perk if youre waffling between two options.

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