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How To Get Flight Reservation For Visa

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Can I Book A Flight Ticket Without Paying

How to get flight reservation for schengen visa and schengen travel insurance

Yes you can, There are several online sites such as which allows you to book flight ticket without paying. Also major airlines such as united, Qatar airways, British Airlines allows you to make bookings without payment. but for visa purpose, it is not recommended and it can be the reason for your visa rejection as mentioned in our first section of our article, since it is a false statement of intent.

Instead submit a flight itinerary and you will be fineand mention the same in your cover letter. You may be asked to submit an actual flight ticket for approval in worst cases.

A Sample Generated Free Ticket

Option 4: Book a verifiable reservation

With, you can book a verifiable airline reservation that is valid upto 7 days. It only costs $14.99 to use this service.

How to book flights as proof of onward travel?

This applies when you have purchased a one-way ticket and plan on traveling to multiple countries or have a flexible travel plan. In some countries, you require proof of onward or return ticket upon arrival to prove you are leaving the country within the said period. The same process described above applies to this scenario.

Can I just book a fully refundable flight ticket?

Many airlines allow you to book refundable tickets which are expensive. Even if you book a refundable ticket and cancel it later, there are fees associated with the cancelation. Unless you have a high airline status with an airline, you will most likely have to pay the cancellation & rebooking fee. Your insurance will not cover this fee unless under certain circumstances.

How to book accomodation as proof of itinerary?

If you are traveling with a partner or friend, their name does not need to be on the hotel reservation but is good to have.

Do you have other strategies that you use when applying for visas that need a travel itinerary? Share it in the comments below

What Are The Countries That Need Proof Of Onward Travel

There might be more but some countries that are famous for making more than just a big fuss about it are:

  • United States
  • Panama.

Japan and Guatemala are also known to be fussy at times.

Buying a round-trip ticket is simply impossible for everyone. You might be in a bad situation speaking in monetary terms.

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American Airlines Allows Free 24hr Hold And Extended Hold For A Small Fee

Option 3: Book a fake ticket

With services such as and, you can book a fake flight ticket. They use real flight date and actual ticket templates to generate realistic looking flight ticket. The flight ticked you get from such services is NOT a real ticket. It does not create a reservation with the airline carrier. So proceed with caution. You are solely responsible if you choose this hack. These services charge a few of $5 for fake tickets.

What Exactly Is The Proof Of Onward Travel And Why Is It Such A Sore Spot

How To Get Flight Reservation For Visa Without Paying

Its nothing personal really. Buying a one-way flight ticket can only happen in songs and movies. In real life, every country wants to make sure you are not an illegal immigrant or begpacker.

Both these happen, and even though just having an onward ticket doesnt guarantee the fact that you are not gonna do something like that, its their way of telling themselves: sure thing.

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Flight Reservations For Visa Application : Schengen Canada And Other Visas

One of the trickiest parts of applying for a Schengen Visa, Canada Visa or other first-world visas is getting the flight reservations.

For example, for Schengen Visa, flight reservations are a requirement. Not having these will most likely result in the denial of your application. But heres the thing: Booking flight tickets before you get a visa is not advisable because in the off-chance that you are refused, it will be a big waste of money. Tickets to Europe are not cheap!

It is important to remember this: What is required is FLIGHT RESERVATIONS not an actual booking. Meaning, you dont need to pay for the flights in full yet. You just need to reserve them. Its sometimes casually called a dummy flight ticket because you can cancel it or it expires.


Why Should You Trust My Tips And Rent

I am Kach Medina Umandap – Howe, a Proud Pinay traveler. I also went through the same hassle and nightmares like you especially when I was a newbie traveler. I was always anxious about getting a visa and passing through Immigration Officers . It is absurd and I dont want anyone to feel this way anymore, so Im here to help! ūüôā You can read my personal visa application experiences on the blog or here.

I already visited over 140 countries across the 7 continents– all with my Philippines Passport. I personally have 10 years USA visa, 10 years UK visa , 4 different Schengen visa, 9 years Canada visa, 5 years Japan and previously held a 2 years Australia visa among others.

You can also read featured stories about me and my journey with my husband below:

I’ve started as a backpacker in May 2013, started blogging about my trips since October 2014 and I am one of the founders of Two Monkeys Travel Group together with my husband, Jonathan Howe. I have gone through so many tedious visa processes and passed hundreds of Immigration Officers all over the world since then. I try to help other people by writing about Tourist Visa Processes Guide for countries such as USA, Schengen, East Africa, Canada, Croatia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Australia and a whole lot more! I also write about Travel Guides for countries like Cuba and our visit to the last continent of Antarctica.

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Reserving An Airline Ticket With A Hold Option

Not all airlines offer flight reservation booking, so one should research to find the right one that offers such services. There are, however, some that will hold your tickets for a small fee from $10 to $30. The length of the time they will hold the ticket depends on the airline, but most of them can hold your ticket for around three days, although some will do so for longer. This can be ideal if you need to present your flight booking at your visa interview.

Is It Safe To Book Flight Hotel & Activities With Blinkvisacom

How to Get Flight Itinerary for visa, Hotel Bookings for visa and Travel Insurance For Visa

The main suppliers for are Amadeus, well known hotel companies such as Expedia, Agoda, Rakuten and for activities they are partnered with Klook & Viator. Whenever you make a purchase with them, you will be given 90% of the commissions that they get from the supplier. So it is as good as making a purchase on any other website.

Blinkvisa is one of the well known travel startups in India who have been converting Indian visa expenses into travel expense for the past 3 years.

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Flight Reservation For Visa

A flight reservation is further classified into two categories:

One way flight itinerary: This document entails details about the applicant√Ęs intended date of entry into the host nation. It does not list the date of exit. We recommend attaching a one-way flight reservation with the application when the applicant is applying for long-stay visa.

Round trip flight itinerary: As the name indicates, this type of document lists the applicant√Ęs intended entrance and exit date. For short-stay visas, we recommend always attaching a round-trip flight reservation with your visa application.

We always recommend you attach dummy flight reservation with your visa application. Attaching actual flight ticket with your visa application is a risky step. Be it Schengen area, UK, USA or any other part of the world, our recommendation remains the same.

Ok So Now Are You Ready To Go Ahead And Get Your Verifiable Flight Reservations And Travel Itinerary Just Look At The Process Below Its Easy

1. Go to and find the type of service you need.

2. Get ready to follow the three easy steps and have your payment details to hand.

3. Choose either the 24 hours or the 6-hour service, then select the services that you need depending on the requirements of your visa application.

4. Lets assume that you have selected the 24-hour service, with a basic flight itinerary. For only USD 55 you can have an unlimited number of flights, up to 4 corrections and even a free cover letter and NDC Letter!

5. Enter all of your details and travel details as they are requested in the forms on this page. There are even hints and advice to show you how to enter your travel plans. Make sure that you enter this information very carefully, as this is the information that will be used to make your flight reservations and travel itinerary.

6. Enter your payment information in the secure payment platform. Thats it youre finished! All you have to do now is to sit back and wait for your flight reservations and travel itinerary to arrive, then submit them with your visa application!

If you have any more questions about the process, you can always contact Visa Reservations directly at

Good luck with your visa application and we hope you have an amazing journey!

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How Does It Work How Can I Book My Rent

“I know a local travel agency who are charging less than your fees!”

Okay, then you don’t need our service, feel free to book it with them because any legitimate travel agencies can freely do this. Our Rent-A-Flight service is based online and it is for people who don’t know ANY travel agencies who are willing to do this kind of service.

You can get your flight booking reservation in 3 easy steps! Here’s the summary but you can fill up the form and pay below!

STEP 1: Fill up the form and CLICK SUBMIT below! Make sure to fill out the details correctly to avoid any corrections. You can book it for yourself or for other people, it doesn’t really matter.. remember, you are talking directly to me! =) You can book it up to 3 weeks before your expected flight schedule.

For visa applications purposes, we recommend that you book our service a couple of days before of your visa application, so that the ticket will be held for UP TO three weeks, although this is dependent on the airline. The further away your travel date, then usually the longer it will be held. If the travel date is very close, the airline may release the ticket to make space for paid flight tickets. Which is enough time for your visa to be processed!

STEP 2: There’s only ONE-TIME Reservation FEE per person – 29 EURO . There are 4 different options to pay:

Option 1: via Paypal or your Visa, Amex, or Mastercard in US Dollars

Option 2: via Paypal or your Visa, Amex, or Mastercard in Philippines Pesos.

Let’s Now Book Your Confirmed Flight Ticket For Only 29 Euro Or $34 Usd

How To Get Flight Reservation OR Flight Itinerary For Visa ...

I took steps to partner with an accredited travel agency in the Middle East catering to OFWs or Filipinos abroad. They don’t normally do services like this with random people but only with their regular clients most of the time, they’ll only do it if the person will guarantee to pay the full amount of the ticket. BUT in our case, I explained to them that by partnering with me, we can help travelers with the visa requirements and for those longing to travel long-term and become Digital Nomads.

The fee is only 29 EURO and the agency will provide a LEGITIMATE AND UNIQUE FLIGHT BOOKING RESERVATION /PNR NUMBER for you which can be verified so thats why I dont want to call it dummy ticket. You can visit the respective airline website, plugin the airline reservation code, and your name under manage my bookings.

Remember, most of the embassies are only requiring a CONFIRMED FLIGHT RESERVATION which is where they based your VISA TRAVEL DATES. They actually discourage you to pay for the full amount of tickets before getting a visa approved! A lot of people are booking everything online and it will be really hard or rare to get a flight ticket that will give you a full refund after a hold period of 3 or 4 weeks which is usually the time frame of your visa application and approval so thats why Im offering this service for cheap! Extra Note: We charge $34 per round trip ticket and an extra $34 for every additional leg.

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Reserving A Flight Ticket With A Free Hold Option By Airlines And Online Booking Websites

Some airlines will hold your reservation for up to 48 hours. Find the ticket and call the airline to confirm if they hold the reservation for more than 24 hours. On the other hand, some flight booking agencies also offer to hold your ticket for up to three days for free.

Yatra, is one of these online booking sites that let you hold a reservation for free. Yatra is an India based online travel booking website, which offers an option to hold for free. The option allows you to place your seat reservation on hold, without making immediate payment.

For terms and conditions as well as other information about holding for free a seat on an airline via Yatra, please refer to Yatra website

Reserving Online With Airline Booking Websites

Some airlines will hold reservations for up to 48 hours, but you should call to check this is the case – even if advertised as an option – to ensure it is not for specific customers or flights. Booking agencies also often offer to hold a ticket for up to three days for free. You should check which are the best companies to use for this service in your home country.

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How To Get A Flight Reservation For Schengen Visa

There are 2 ways you can get a flight reservation for your visa application. One is to find out which airlines offer this service and book your reservation with them. However, very few airlines offer this service, so there is no guarantee that you will find one that allows flight reservations to the country you want to visit without paying for tickets. Secondly, even if you do manage to find one, these flight reservations are valid for only 24 hours in most cases. Most visa applications take 7-15 days to be processed, which means your flight reservation would be cancelled before you even start.

You can also get a confirmed flight reservation through a travel agency or through an online visa agency such as Visa Reservation. It is always recommended to get a flight reservation through these agencies because they have a lot of information about airlines, giving you access to cheaper flight deals. Most importantly, you can make the flight reservation without payment!

In addition, if your flight reservation expires, we will happily create a new reservation or update an existing reservation immediately. We take care of all cancellations for FREE for you so that you can have peace of mind!

If youre planning to obtain yourflight reservation for visa without paying for the ticket, all you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

  • Visit the Visa Reservation website to choose the right package
  • Submit the travel details and make the payment online
  • What Countries Require Proof Of Onward Travel When Applying For A Visa

    Get Flight Reservation For Visa Without Paying Actual Ticket

    Some of the countries that require to submit a round-trip flight itinerary when applying to obtain a short-term visa for business or tourism purposes are Schengen visa member states, Canada, Japan, Algeria, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, etc.

    Do you still have questions or need help about getting a travel itinerary for visa application?

    If you still have questions or need a professional help on reserving your flight and applying for a visa, then contact with the guys from Visa Reservation.

    They do offer a free visa application consulting, along with options to purchase a flight itinerary and hotel reservation.

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    How To Get Flight Itinerary & Hotel Booking For Visa Application Online

    You can use the visa consultation services of a travel agent or find one online. Online there are a lot of website where you can get a support for most of your visa requirements such as flight itineraries, hotel reservations along with free consultation over email.

    What is a flight itinerary?

    Flight itinerary is a confirmed document which can be verified online about the schedule of a given flight. This contains the following information:

    • Airport IATA code with complete arrival and departure schedule of the flight including terminals.
    • Airline number and its flight durations, its complete schedule as it appears in a flight ticket in pdf format.

    Usually, you would be able to get a flight itinerary from a travel agent. This has to come from GDS platforms such as Amadeus, Sabre etc.

    What is a flight reservation?

    A flight reservation is an arrangement you make a personal reservation number, to save a place in the airplane for traveling to your destination, typically with a week validity. In case you do not purchase the ticket within a week period, your reserved seat will be canceled any longer.

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