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How To Get Dubai Tourist Visa From Usa

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How Can You Get A Tourist Visa To The Usa

HOW TO APPLY FOR YOUR DUBAI TOURIST VISA | Requirements and Qualifications

You can get a tourist visa to the USA by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Submit a digital photograph
  • Step 2: It must be according to the specific requirements mentioned.
  • Step 3: Fill the DS-160 application form
  • Step 4: Get the ten-digit barcode
  • Step 5: Pay the required application fees
  • Step 6: Arrange a visa interview appointment
  • Step 7: You need to schedule two appointments:
  • One interview is at the embassy or consulate.
  • The other one is at the Offsite Facilitation Centre
  • Step 8: You must give your biometrics at the Visa Application Centre
  • Step 9: Go for the personal visa interview.
  • Step 10: If you meet the required criteria, you will get the US tourist visa.
  • Dubai Visit Visa Provisions

    There are many factors that are considered when applying for a UAE visit visa. The nationality, purpose, and duration of the visit are all taken into consideration.

    For GCC nationals, they are granted a visa upon arrival to the UAE with passports or national IDs. However, for non-GCC passport holders, they need to check the visa requirements for their respective countries.

    *Citizens of these countries dont require a visa to enter the UAE and can easily obtain a Dubai visa upon arrival for 90 days.

    • Austria
    • Switzerland

    It is important to take note of the following:

    • Visa on arrival can be obtained for citizens of the above countries using their normal passports
    • The issued visa is not renewable
    • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months
    • The 90-day visa upon arrival must be consumed 180 days from first entry
    • Indian citizens with a valid visa and passport can obtain a 14-day visa on arrival

    *Similarly, citizens of the following countries do not require prior visa arrangements to enter the UAE and can obtain a visa upon arrival for 30 days with a 10-day grace period:


    Visitors can contact the AMER service call centre at 8005111 to check the validity or visa status in UAE.

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    Choose From A Range Of Visa Options To Suit Your Needs

    STEP 1 : Book your ticket with Emirates
    • Once you have a valid PNR number, log on to
    • Manage your Booking – Enter your Booking details and click the âRetrieve Bookingâ button.
    STEP 2 : Apply for your UAE visa
    STEP 3 : Proceed to Online Application
    • Read the notice carefully and proceed to the online application module by clicking the âContinue to Visa Applicationâ button.

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    How To Get Dubai Tourist Visa In 24 Hours

    The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is not only known as the premier tourist destination for the Middle East travelers, but also for the tourists across the globe. A few decades ago, Dubai used to be the part of the Arabian Desert, now the city is bustling with infamous skyscrapers and innumerable attractions which attracts people globally. The city of Dubai welcomes millions of tourists every year as the city has something for all kinds of travelers. Being an adventurous traveler or you are with your family, Dubai has attractions for all. Starting from amusement parks to lofty beaches, the traditional Arabian Desert to shopping malls, boat ride to cruise, traditional souks to skyscrapers, you will find everything in Dubai.

    Without having a Dubai tourist visa, you cannot plan your trip. Well, the article will guide you in the ways of getting an online Dubai tourist visa in 24 hours. A weekend trip or a day trip is not enough to visit all the attractions in Dubai. There are various kinds of tourist visas are there which you can apply for based on the several days you are staying in UAE.

    The Dubai Visa process has changed over the years and due to this, there are some confusions that you may face when of applying for Visa. A comprehensive Dubai Visa guide will help you out in clearing all the confusion related to it.

    A comprehensive Dubai Visa Guide:

    Following are the list of reasons that may cause your Dubai tourist visa delay or rejection.

    Different kinds of Dubai Visa:


    Whom Is A Tourist Visa For

    How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Dubai

    Tourist visa is for those who are not eligible for visa on arrival or a visa-free entry to the UAE. Tourist visa can be obtained for eligible individual tourists from around the world. Females below the age of 18 are not eligible to apply for this type of visa unless they are travelling with their parents.

    According to a Cabinet resolution passed in July 2018, children under the age of 18 years who are accompanying adults, can get a free visa for their visit from 15 July to 15 September each year.

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    Who Needs To Apply For A Usa Visa From Dubai

    All UAE passport holders and residents, except those with passports from countries on the US Visa Waiver Program, must apply for a US visa from Dubai to be allowed entry into the United States of America. As a UAE citizen or resident, you need a US visa whether you are travelling to the country for immigration or non-immigration purposes.

    How To Apply For A Tourist Visa For The Uae

    VFS said passengers wanting to travel to the UAE on a tourist visa can apply on or at one of the agencys Dubai Visa Processing Centres in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram, which are currently operating on limited days of the week.

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    Attend Us Visa Appointments In Dubai

    All visa applicants aged 14-79 making their US visa appointments in Dubai are to appear in person for an interview. The only exceptions are those below the age of 14 and those 80 years and above. You will need to prepare for an interview as part of the process for your US visa appointments in Dubai. The website contains information detailing the requirements for visa applicants, including the documents to take along.

    Get all the items ready, and go with them on your interview date. Ensure that you arrive on time for the interview. Being absent or late to the interview venue may result in cancellation of the appointment. Before the interview, you will be taken through certain processes, including biometric screenings and verification of your documents.

    Once you are done with those pre-interview procedures and checking-in processes, you will be invited for a one on one interview with a consular officer. Find out about questions and wait times. Your performance with the officer, as well as the overall documentation and application process will determine your application success or otherwise. After the interview, you will receive one of these three decisions: approval, denial, or administrative processing.

    Use For Other Countries


    UAE visas or residence permits are accepted as substitute visas for national visas or they allow for simplified entry procedures in the following countries:

    • Armenia Nationals of India with a UAE residence permit may obtain a visa on arrival valid for up to 120 days.
    • Azerbaijan UAE residents can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days if they have a residence permit valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date.
    • Georgia UAE residents and visa holders may enter and stay in Georgia without visa for 90 calendar days in any 180-day period. UAE visa and/or a residence permit must be valid on the day of entry into Georgia.
    • Kyrgyzstan Nationals of Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tunisia who are UAE residents can apply for a visa on arrival valid for 30 days.

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    How To Apply For Dubai / Uae Tourist Visa

    October 12, 2014 by immiworld

    Dubai/UAE Tourist Visa is applicable to an individual who wishes to visit Dubai/UAE for recreational purposes. It is a single-entry short stay visa that is granted for the purpose of temporary visits only. Dubai/UAE Tourist Visas are granted for a maximum period of 30 days only.

    Tourist visas in Dubai/UAE require the sponsorship of hotels and tour operators. This means, tourist visas can be prearranged on your behalf by licensed hotels, airlines, travel-agents or through other travel related or tourism companies based in the UAE. Citizens belonging to one of the visa on arrival countries do not require a tourist visa to enter the Emirates.

    Bit About United States Of America

    1)Second to none American cities

    America is one of the dream cities called to be visited at-least once in lifetime. This country is comprises with 50 States. Inside those states here are the 11 most popular American cities around the world that you can add in your tour itinerary

    • Washington Capital city of USA and White House is located in this city , Many Apple gardens found in this city
    • New York – Liberty statue, World Trade Center, United Nations head Quarters
    • Hawaii Honolulu Beautiful beaches, Traditional dances and cuisine, Hawaii Volcano national park, Hiking, Surfing spots
    • Las Vegas Great place to experience night life, Drinks, Gambling, Dining and shopping
    • San Francisco – Golden gate,
    • Los Angelis The Hollywood sign in Hills , Venice beach
    • Chicago – Museums, Will tower and parks
    • Orlandoand Anaheim World famous Disney theme parks and Universal studio
    • Miami Miami port , Art and culture
    • Boston

    2) Global food experience for Foodies In America you can taste different foods and taste of best beers at the pubs. American pies, Mexican Chicken, different taste of Chees and Countless Authentic American dishes will be a great chance for the foodies to compliment while in USA tour.

    3) TAX not included Be aware! In U.S. most of the price tags not displaying the percentage of tax that will fool you. Ha haaa so check twice before you get trapped when buying stuff from most of the American shops and sellers

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    Experience From Dubai Bloggers Who Have Successfully Applied For Us Tourist Visas

    For added reference and information, you can check out the following blog experience from bloggers in Dubai who have applied for tourist visas to the United States. Please be guided and learn from their experiences to also help you gain knowledge and awareness based on their own situations.

    The links above are based on our findings after going through other websites and personal experiences of bloggers who have gone through the application process. We hope you find their articles helpful.

    Pay The Visa Fee & Schedule A Us Visa Appointment In Dubai

    How to Get a US Visa in Dubai

    After you complete your application form, you should pay the US visa fees for Dubai residents. Go to the website of the Official US Department of State Visa Appointment Service. Create a user account there and then follow these simple steps to complete the payment procedure:

  • Enter the DS-160 confirmation number.
  • Complete the courier document return process.
  • Pay the nonimmigrant visa application fee.
  • Schedule a Consular Section appointment.
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    All About Tourist Visa For Usa From India

    The USA is a perfect dream destination to dig into its years old museums, falls, beaches and landscape beauty. If you are planning to unearth the country for its divine food and much more, you can be really close to it.

    Plan for a holiday to the USA and bet it will be one of the best decisions of your life. However, before you do so- you will need a tourist visa to enter the USA.

    The USA fascinates and proposes several reasons for travelers across the globe to visit the country. Indians at large travel to the U.S for holidays or to visit family and friends living there. Traveling USA for holiday is the idea which no other proposition could beat.

    Guide To Applying For A Usa Tourist Visa In Dubai

    The information posted aims to help you understand the process and requirements when getting a tourist visa for the United States of America as a resident living in the UAE. Please be advised that information here may change without prior notice.

    Required Documents and Information

    Before applying for a visa, make sure that you have these documents ready:

    • Your passport
    • Digital photo
    • Resume

    Likewise, be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Full name, date of birth, place of birth, and those of your spouse, children, and parents
    • Mailing address and contact number
    • Permanent address and temporary address
    • Travel history

    Visa Application Procedure

    Once you have prepared the necessary documents and details, get ready to follow these steps:

  • Accomplish the Online Non-immigrant Visa Application Form .
    • Visit this link to fill-up the application form:
    • Take note that you need a Tourism Visa .
    • Remember your Application ID.
    • Dont forget to save your work, as the page refreshes every 20 minutes.

    NOTE: If you are traveling with your spouse or family, choose the Family or Group Application option at the end of your application.

  • Schedule a visa appointment or interview.
  • Prepare additional documents.
  • During the interview, you might be asked for more information about yourself and the purpose of your travel. Hence, it would be wise to prepare additional documents, such as:

  • Get ready for the interview.
  • On the day of the interview, see to it that you:

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    Attend The Visa Interview In Dubai

    A visa interview is mandatory for all applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 years old. The interview is a very important part of a US visa application for Dubai residents.

    Make sure that you attend the interview on time. If you are late, your appointment will be canceled. On the same day, you will have your biometrics taken, before the interview. While you wait for your appointment, the consulate staff will enter and examine your application documents.

    The US visa interview in Dubai is a meeting with a consular officer. During this meeting, the interviewer will ask you some questions regarding your trip. Make sure you answer all of them correctly. Your answers must comply with the information in your documents.

    To increase your chances of having a successful U.S. Visitor Visa application in Dubai you can use the services of TravelAssist.

    The experienced TravelAssist agents will carefully handle your application and offer the help you need during your U.S. Visitor Visa Application.

    Travelling From Dubai To Abu Dhabi

    How to apply UAE visit visa – 2021 Step by Step Guide

    Effective 19 September 2021, fully vaccinated UAE citizens, residents and tourists, as documented on the Al Hosn App, will no longer be required to test for COVID-19 at the border before entering Abu Dhabi. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have received two doses of the same vaccine at least 28 days before departure.

    Please note that you will still be required to have a ‘green status’ on the Al Hosn app to enter many public places. People who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus remain green as long as they have a COVID-19 PCR test once every 30 days. People who are unvaccinated must be tested every three days to remain green.

    Find out where to get tested in Dubai before you enter Abu Dhabi.

    Search and book our current flights

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    Step : Pay The Us Visa Fees From Dubai

    The next step in the USA visa application process is to pay the fee and schedule your US visa appointment from Dubai. The US visit visa fee is currently USD 160, which approximately amounts to AED 590. Please keep in mind that this AED amount is subject to change.

    To pay your USA visa fee from Dubai, heres what you need to do:

    • Visit the US Department of State Visa Appointment Service website
    • Create your user account
    • Input your DS-160 application confirmation number
    • Enter details for your courier document return process
    • Pay your non-refundable, nonimmigrant USA visa application fee
    • Schedule your Consular Section appointment for interview

    Make sure you dont forget to schedule your US visa appointment from Dubai, because the embassy will not do it for you. If youre applying via a travel agent in Dubai, they may charge you a service fee in addition to the official USA visa fee of USD 160 .

    Tourist Application Requirements For A United Arab Emirates Visa

  • Visa Upon Arrival

    Travelers holding a passport from your country can obtain a visa on arrival, free of charge for a maximum stay of 30 days the UAE. To receive a visa on arrival you must:

  • Hold a passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page
  • Hold proof of sufficient funds
  • Hold proof of onward/return flights
  • Hold all documents required for the next destination
  • Confirm with their airline that boarding will be permitted without a visa
  • If your intended stay is longer than 30 days then you may request more time from the immigration officer at the airport or contact the local immigration office in the UAE and request an extension.

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    What Happens When Your Us Visa Is Denied

    In case your US visa application from Dubai is denied, you can always apply again. Keep in mind that you have to pay the US visa fee every time you file an application for it. The best way to ensure that your US visa is not denied is by producing all the required documentation and filling the form correctly.

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