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How To Get Credit Card Without Hard Inquiry

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What To Know About Rate Shopping

Getting an Apple Card Without a Hard Inquiry on Your Credit Report

Research has indicated that FICO Scores are more predictive when they treat loans that commonly involve rate-shopping, such as mortgage, auto and student loans, in a different way. For these types of loans, FICO Scores ignore inquiries made in the 30 days prior to scoring. So, if you find a loan within 30 days, the inquiries won’t affect your scores while you’re rate shopping.

In addition, FICO Scores look on your credit report for rate-shopping inquiries older than 30 days. If your FICO Scores find some, your scores will consider inquiries that fall in a typical shopping period as just one inquiry. For FICO Scores calculated from older versions of the scoring formula, this shopping period is any 14-day span. For FICO Scores calculated from the newest versions of the scoring formula, this shopping period is any 45-day span. Each lender chooses which version of the FICO scoring formula it wants the credit reporting agency to use to calculate your FICO Scores.

Here Are The 4 Ways You Earn Amex Everyday Points:

  • 10,000-point initial bonus: When you spend $1,000in your first three months, you get 10,000 Amex EveryDay points. These points show up in your account 8-12 weeks after you hit $1,000.
  • Double points at supermarkets: You get two points per dollar on purchases made at the supermarket, up to $6,000 worth of purchases per year, and one point per dollar thereafter.
  • 1x points for all purchases: You can earn one point per dollar across all spending categories. You also get 1 point per dollar at supermarkets after you hit the $6,000 ceiling.
  • 20% points back: When you charge 20 or more purchases to your Amex EveryDay card in a billing period, you get an extra 20% in reward points. So, if you spent $100 on 20 purchases in a billing cycle, you would get 120 membership reward points.
  • You’ll get the most value from your Amex EveryDay points if you redeem for Ubers, taxis, or travel through the American Express travel site. You can also get statement credits and gift cards, or transfer your points to partner hotel and airline loyalty programs.

    The Amex EveryDay signup bonus is 10,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months. The bonus points will be credited to your account 8-12 weeks after hitting the spending threshold.

    The Amex EveryDay signup bonus is easy money if you plan to spend at least $1,000 in three months anyway. Just make sure you don’t have any past due bills when you hit the spending requirement. If you do, Amex might not give you your bonus points.

    How Long Do Hard Inquiries Stay On Your Credit Report

    Hard inquiries stay on your credit report for two years. Each time a hard inquiry is made, it is recorded by each of the three major credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. And each time a hard inquiry is logged, it can potentially impact your credit score.

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    Here Are The Specific Steps For How To Remove Hard Inquiries From Your Credit Report:

  • First, go to SageStream and place a security freeze on your credit report. SageStream is a public record company and is where the credit bureau will verify the inquiry.
  • Second, go to LexisNexis and place a security freeze there as well. Credit bureaus will verify inquiries and public records here as well. Theyre not going to lenders to verify this, theyre going to the major companies and these companies hold your data.
  • Once youve placed those two freezes, you will need to certify mail your 604 Act letter:
    • Print your 604 Act letter
    • On a separate piece of paper, list the inquiries you believe are negative, incorrect, unduly, unfair, obsolete, etc. Remember, the burden of proof is on them, not you
    • You will 2-day certify mail your 604 Act letter, as well as the inquiries you believe are not yours, and you will be sending them to each of the credit bureaus
    • Just remember, you must have the two freezes placed first because the credit bureaus are going to try to verify the information with SageStream and LexisNexis, but they will be frozen. Moreover, dont send your 604 letter with a wet signature

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    How To Dispute Hard Credit Inquiries

    We recommend checking your credit reports often. If you spot any errors, such as a hard inquiry that occurred without your permission, consider disputing it with the credit bureau. You may also contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, for further assistance.

    This could be a sign of identity theft, according to Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. At the very least, youll want to look into it and understand whats going on.

    Keep in mind, you can only dispute hard inquiries that occur without your permission. If youve authorized a hard inquiry, it generally takes two years to fall off your credit reports.

    How Hmbradley Bank Accounts Work

    Because the HMBradley credit card works in tandem with an HMBradley deposit account, its helpful to know how their accounts operate. The FDIC-insured accounts work as a combined checking and savings account, earning a higher yield while eliminating restrictions on the number of withdrawals you can make. The APY you earn on your deposits readjusts quarterly, depending on how much you save . You must direct-deposit money into your account each month and save at least 5% of your deposits to earn interest.

    • 3% APY: Save 20% or more of your deposits.

    • 2% APY: Save 15-20% of your deposits.

    • 1% APY: Save 10-15% of your deposits.

    • 0.5% APY: Save 5-10% of your deposits.

    If you save less than 5% of your deposits over a quarter, youll earn 0% APY. Essentially, HMBradley deposit accounts incentivize you to save more.

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    How To Raise Your Credit Limit Without A Hard Inquiry

    About 5 months into my first , I decided that it was time for a . No, I wasnt racking up debt and no, I didnt have any large expenses that made the credit increase necessary. I wanted an increase because when you have $1,000 each month, its easy to have over a $2,000 balance right before the bill is due. With a credit limit of $5,000, that equals a 40% utilization rate, something Id definitely prefer to stay below. Add in the fact that Bank of America mysteriously skipped a billing cycle and that rate jumps to around 60%.

    Sure, its not always that high and only if my accounts are checked on those days would it be marked that high, but Id like to avoid the worry altogether and assure myself that my credit rating is as good as can be. Its not imperative now, but its always good to keep a good credit score.

    We know that hard inquiries negatively affect your credit score, so I decided that while I wanted to increase my credit line, I wouldnt do it if it meant a hard inquiry.

    Also, I have great news. Bank of America has one redeeming quality: it makes increasing your credit line very easy.

    After logging into my account, I clicked on the Request a credit line increase button, filled out the form, and requested another $2,500 in credit.

    The next day, I received a call to verify my job, income, and reason for requesting an increase .

    Its only a small part of my credit score, but every bit helps and good habits now will help when we need it.

    How Important Is It To Remove Inquiries From Your Credit Report

    $2000 Credit Card With NO HARD INQUIRY PULL -Pre-Approval! Secret!!!

    Inquiries are the least important items to remove from your credit reports compared to other negative items like missed payments and delinquent debts.

    They have a relatively low effect on your credit scores and cause less and less damage over time. Because they only affect your credit score for 12 months and drop off entirely after two years, hard inquiries are by no means the worst thing you can have on your credit report.

    Many negative items stay on there for anywhere between seven and ten years. So if your credit history is riddled with several derogatory marks, removing hard inquiries should be your last priority as you work on increasing your overall scores.

    It often helps to talk to a professional credit repair company to help you analyze your credit reports and prioritize issues that need to be addressed. They have the legal know-how of what your rights are with your different creditors and how likely you are to get certain items removed.

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    What Are Soft Pull Credit Cards

    Soft pull credit cards are cards you can get with only a soft pull of your credit. Sometimes called no credit check credit cards, these products allow you to apply for credit or open a new account without damaging your credit score via a hard pull.

    Soft pull credit cards are tough to find, and its virtually impossible to get an unsecured credit card without a credit check. Opting for a soft pull credit card will almost certainly mean missing out on the top rewards credit cards and sticking to secured credit cards instead.

    As their name implies, secured cards require a security deposit and will be most useful if you need to build credit or want to control spending.

    Tip: If you already have an account with a card issuer, you likely wont have to undergo a hard pull to switch or upgrade to a new credit card with that same issuer. Still, to protect your credit, its best to double check what sort of inquiry your issuer performs before you request a product change.

    Here Are All The Different Types Of Amex Everyday Apr:

    • Introductory Purchase APR: 0% for 15 months.
    • Regular APR:12.99% – 23.99% , based on creditworthiness. Your purchases will accrue interest at this rate once the 15 months introductory period is over.
    • Cash Advance APR: 25.24% . Interest starts accumulating as soon as you withdraw your cash. And there’s a fee of 5% for each cash advance transaction.
    • Penalty APR: 29.24%. The penalty APR can be applied once you miss a payment or have a payment returned. You can get it withdrawn by making six consecutive payments on time.
    • Plan It Fee: The Amex Plan It feature allows you to pay off large purchases into monthly payments for a fixed monthly fee rather than the purchase APR. You won’t pay fees for the 15 months introductory APR period. After that, the monthly fee along with the number of purchases and plans you can combine and their duration will vary based on factors such as creditworthiness, purchase amount and your account history.

    The Amex EveryDay APR you get will depend on the transaction you’re making, when you’re making it, and your creditworthiness. Amex EveryDay offers 10,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months. And it earns 2 points per $1 spent on travel booked through and at supermarkets , and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases so it’s best used as an everyday spending-rewards card.

    But getting the most out of a rewards card isn’t just about how many points you rack up. There are a few more factors in play.

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    How Long Do Soft And Hard Inquiries Affect Credit Score

    Soft inquiries donât appear negatively on your credit report and donât affect your credit score at all. Hard inquiries take 24 months to disappear from your credit history, but Experian says they will usually only impact your FICO score for a few months. You donât need to do anything to make them go away at this time they simply disappear on their own.

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    Credit Checks: Soft vs. Hard Inquiries

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    Soft Inquiries Or Soft Credit Pulls

    These do not impact credit scores and dont look bad to lenders.

    In fact, lenders cant see soft inquiries at all because they will only show up on the credit reports you check yourself . A soft inquiry happens when there is no credit decision being considered. For example, its a soft inquiry when you check your own credit report or an existing lender checks your credit in a context where youre not applying for new credit .

    The next time you get a copy of your , look for the section labeled requests for credit history or something similar. This part of the report will list the names of all of the companies that have recently requested a copy of your credit report.

    Equifax, like Experian and TransUnion, used to count phone and internet service inquiries as hard inquiries. But, effective April 6, 2020, inquiries on Equifax credit reports for wired and wireless phone, internet, and pay TV accounts can be counted by service providers as soft inquiries. By June 30, 2020, Equifax will automatically classify those new accounts as soft inquiries.

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    Our Pick For: A Low Security Deposit


    Security deposit: A $100 minimum deposit is required.

    Fees: A $0 annual fee. Depending on your transactions and payments, other fees may apply.


    The GO2bank Secured Credit Card is a solid option for those with poor credit. To apply, youll need to have a GO2bank account and direct deposits totaling at least $100 in the past 30 days. There won’t be a credit check to apply, and it has a relatively low minimum security deposit requirement among secured credit cards: $100. The amount deposited determines your credit limit.

    As with a regular credit card, the lower the credit limit, the less youll want to spend. Using less than 30% of your available credit limit can help your credit score. The GO2bank Secured Credit Card also reports your payments to all three credit bureaus, which helps you build credit.


    Aside from the required security deposit, the GO2bank Secured Credit Card also requires you to have a GO2bank account to qualify, which adds an extra step in the application process. It doesnt offer a path to upgrade to an unsecured credit card once you’ve established a good payment history, so youll have to close your account if you want to get your security deposit back. The card also charges a 3% foreign transaction fee on every purchase, so its not ideal for traveling abroad.

    How To Get Pre

    2 Ways To Get A Credit Limit Increase Without A Hard Inquiry – FICO, Good Credit, Budget, No Credit

    Many credit card issuers offer pre-approval for specific cards in their collection usually ones geared towards those looking to build or rebuild credit. Looking at the issuers official website is usually a good place to start, but here are some other tips for getting pre-approved for a card:

    Know what to expect. Typically, pre-approval forms will ask for basic information like your name, date of birth and address. Theyll also ask for the last four digits of your Social Security Number for a soft credit pull that will not impact your credit score. Some credit card issuers may ask for your full social security number. This doesnt necessarily mean theyll do a hard pull on your credit, but read the form carefully to be sure.

    Use a comparison site to shop multiple offers. There are some that allow you to enter your information and see a list of cards you can get pre-approved for. The benefit of this strategy is that you may be pre-approved for multiple cards and can compare offers to find which is best for you.

    Go directly to the issuer website. The benefit of looking for pre-approvals directly from the source is that you have more control over which cards you get pre-approved for, rather than just being offered those that have a relationship with the card comparison site. This strategy is beneficial if theres a particular credit card you want.

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    How To Get A Credit Card With No Credit

    You can follow these steps to apply for credit cards with no credit check:

  • Compare credit cards with no credit check. Look at a number of cards from different providers to find the card that makes the most sense for you.
  • Apply for the card of your choice. Apply for the credit card of your choice by visiting the main site of the provider youre interested in.
  • Fill out application details. Provide personal information such as your full name, address, email and phone number to start your application.
  • Review final details. Read the fine print of your contract so that you understand the terms and conditions of your no-credit-check credit card.
  • Click submit on your application or call your credit card provider directly to apply over the phone.
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