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How To Get Credit Card Offers In The Mail

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Use The Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service

How can I stop all the credit card offers in the mail? – Credit Card Insider

The Direct Marketing Association provides a Mail Preference Service, which costs only $1 and puts your name on a “do not mail” list to be provided to direct-mail marketers.

The catch is that not all direct-mail marketers subscribe to the DMA’s service however, according to, many mailing list compilers do subscribe to the DMA’s list, so you could see a significant drop not only in the number of credit card offers you receive but also in the amount of junk mail that crowds your mailbox. Your mail preference needs to be updated every three years, which can be done via mail or an online form.

How Do I Opt Out Of Prequalified Credit Card Offers

First, a word of caution.

The credit card offers you get in the mail may be better than those you can get by simply applying on the issuers website. Opting out of these offers could cause you to miss out on valuable signup bonuses or favorable terms that may not be available to the general public.

But if youre not interested in adding any more credit cards to your wallet, then these offers of credit mean little more than the junk mail that might fill your digital inbox.

Heres how you can stop direct-mail credit card offers in a matter of minutes.

If you have internet access, visit and follow the instructions to find the opt-in/opt-out form .

Youll be taken to an introductory screen that outlines the information youll need to opt in or out, and youll have three options to choose from:

  • Opt-In: Opting in enables you to receive pre-approved credit or insurance offers .
  • Electronic Opt-Out for 5 Years: If you choose only to opt out through the internet, youll receive no pre-approved offers for five years.
  • Permanent Opt-Out by Mail: If youd like to opt out indefinitely, you have to print and mail the Permanent Opt-Out Election form .

Once youve selected the option you want, youll be taken to a form where you have to provide some basic personal information. This includes your name, Social Security number, date of birth, and address.

Then, confirm and submit your request, and thats that. Heres to a cleaner mailbox.

Make Sure You Are On The Opt

Make sure you are on the “opt-in” list to be contacted by third party advertisers with all three credit reporting bureaus. These agencies are a main reason why you receive credit card applications in the mail. They will pass your information on to credit card companies who will put you on a mailing list to receive offers. Contact your other financial services companies, like your mortgage provider, bank, and insurance company to opt-in to receive third party offers as well.

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Check For Offers On Bankrates Cardmatch Tool

First, consider using Bankrates CardMatch tool to check your eligibility for the best rewards credit cards from American Express. Using this tool will not have an impact on your credit, and you can find out which offers you are eligible for without completing a full application first. Information required for the CardMatch tool includes your name, ZIP code, home address, email address, phone number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

American Express recently launched a number of preapproved offers for some of its cards. In addition to higher approval odds, these preapproved offers could also come with elevated welcome bonuses. In some cases, you could be eligible for up to 150,000 Membership Rewards points, instead of the current 100,000 point-offer, after spending $6,000 within six months on your new Platinum Card® from American Express.

How To Opt Out Of Credit Card Offers

How to Stop Getting Credit Card Offers in the Mail: 9 Steps

The Consumer Credit Reporting Industry has created a way for consumers to opt out of receiving prescreened offers. You can choose to not receive calls, emails, or letters forever or for the next five years.

There are three ways to do this:

If you choose to opt-out permanently, you will be required to mail in a Permanent Opt-Out Election form. This form must be printed, signed, and mailed to the address provided.

If youre planning on sending a written request to the major consumer credit reporting companies, you can address your letters to the following:


Pittsburgh, PA 15230

Remember, opting out of prescreened credit card offers does not stop all unsolicited junk mail. This type of credit card opt out only stops letters and calls that come due to your credit status, not from companies that dont pre-screen your credit.

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Citi Chairman American Express Card

The Citi Chairman American Express Card is only available to people who have a significant amount of money invested in a Citigroup brokerage account. Its rumored that the annual fee for this card is quite a bit less than some of the other elite cards at only $500.

Garner said that an invitation for this card requires an estimated $10 million minimum of liquid net worth.

Find Out: Why Its Still Better To Use Your Credit Card Over Your Debit Card

How To Stop Credit Card And Insurance Offers

You can decide that you don’t want to get prescreened offers of credit and insurance in the mail. If you want to opt out of those offers, you have two choices:

  • opt out of getting them for five years
  • opt out of getting them permanently

To opt out for five years: Go to or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT . The phone number and website are operated by the major credit bureaus.

To opt out permanently: Go to or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT to start the process. But to complete your request, youll need to sign and return the Permanent Opt-Out Election form youll get after youve started the process.

When you call or visit, theyll ask for your personal information, including your name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth. Sharing your Social Security number and date of birth is optional, but the website says that giving this information can help them ensure that they can successfully process your request. It says the information you give is confidential and will be used only to process your request to opt out.

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Diners Club Rewardz Credit Cardpremium

  • Earn 3 Reward Points for every Rs. 150/- retail spends
  • 10X Reward Points on Partner Brands
  • Book a concierge for your travel needs. Simply call : 1800 209 4006
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access through Priority Pass Membership
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover of up to 20 Lakhs
  • Earn Bonus 15,000 Reward Points on spends of 8 lakhs in a year
  • 3 Reward Points for every 150 spent and 50% more points on dining spends
  • Reward Points can be exchanged for Miles

How Does Prescreening Work

Are Credit Card Offers in the Mail Worth Considering?

It helps to understand how prescreening works. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act allows companies to request the identity of consumers so that it can send them unsolicited offers. In the prescreening request, the creditor or insurance company asks the credit bureaus, like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, to sell it a list of consumers who satisfy specific credit criteria so that the company can send those consumers a âfirm offer.â

One of the most common uses of prescreening involves a credit card company extending a preapproved credit card offer based on the consumer meeting a minimum credit score. Such offers may also involve other credit products such as home equity lines of credit, live check loans , student loans, and automobile loans.

A consumer may also receive unsolicited loan offers shortly after he or she applies for a loan. This happens because when you apply for a mortgage, the lender typically obtains a copy of your credit report. This results in an inquiry on your credit report from a mortgage lender, which signals to other mortgage lenders that you may be in the market for a loan. Based on this information, you may receive unsolicited letters from competing mortgage lenders indicating that you have been preapproved for a loan.

FCRA requires that all prescreened credit and insurance offers include a âclear and conspicuousâ statement that provides the following notice:

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What Kind Of Credit Card Mail Offers Can I Get

There are two most common credit card mail offers you can receive:

  • Preselected.This type of offer is based on your credit history which means it matches the card issuers approval criteria but the card issuer needs more information before they can approve your application.
  • Preapproved.Card issuers have already accessed your credit details and believe you are a good fit for their cards. This credit card offer has the highest approval rating, but its not a guarantee youll be approved.

Solitaire Credit Cardpremium Credit Card For Women

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  • Savings of up to 250 in every billing cycle with a 100% fuel surcharge waiver
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1. What is the procedure to apply for an HDFC Bank Credit Card?

If you are an HDFC Bank account holder:

Apply for a Credit Card of your choice online via NetBanking or MobileBanking

Via MobileBanking:

Open the HDFC Bank MobileBanking App > Click on the More section on the login home page > Click on Apply Now

Via NetBanking:

3. What are the best Credit Cards offered?

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How To Add A Credit Card To A Digital Wallet

Whether you have an instant use credit card or a virtual account number, its a good idea to add the card to your digital wallet of choice. That way, you can use your stored card information before the physical version arrives.

Here are the steps to add a credit card to a digital wallet:

  • Choose your digital wallet: There are dozens of digital wallets available, so the first step is to choose the one you want to use. The easiest way to choose a digital wallet is to see which app is most compatible with your device. For instance, Android users may choose , whereas most iOS users will choose Apple Pay. Other digital wallets include PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.
  • Once youve chosen your digital wallet app, download it through your devices app store. Most digital wallets are free, but make sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid any hidden costs or transaction fees.
  • Add your payment method: After youve downloaded the app, youll likely be prompted to create a new account . The final step is to add the credit card number and your billing address to your digital wallet. Youll typically receive a confirmation that the card was successfully linked.
  • Using a digital wallet to make purchases is also very simple. When you visit a store in-person, check to see if the retailer accepts digital wallets. Most point-of-sale terminals what a store uses to process credit card payments have a small sticker indicating if contactless payments are allowed.

    Be Careful On The Phone

    147: How to Stop the Credit Card Offers in the Mail ...

    The same is true of the telephone. Every day hundreds of people are duped out of their money by thieves with a good story. Dont be one of those people. While we all want to trust, you simply have to be suspicious. Again, never give your personal information to anyone who calls you. Do not buy from unsolicited telemarketers. Do not give your credit card or other personal information to anyone who calls you. Instead, if they claim to be from a company that you have a relationship with tell them that you will call back at their listed number and then do so.

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    Myth: Credit Card Companies Wouldnt Send Me Applications In The Mail If I Couldnt Afford Another Credit Card

    Just because a credit card company knows your name and address does not mean that they know anything more about you than anyone else who sends you mail. Just like many other companies, credit card companies send out bulk mailings to large lists of people in the hopes that they will end up with some new customers.

    A lot of people find it hard to pass up a credit card offer that says that they are pre-approved for a certain credit limit. These kinds of offers can be misleading to a lot of people. Just because you are offered something does not mean that is a good idea to accept. Pre-approvals are usually generated using very broad criteria based on the area that you live in or a company that you may deal with. No one actually takes the time to look into your situation to see if another credit card will make sense for you. This is your responsibility.

    Before accepting any credit card offer you should ask yourself a few questions. Do I need another card? How will this card benefit me in the long run? Does this card have the features that I want, or do I just need the money? The bottom line is that you can only afford a credit card if you have the ability to pay off your full balance every month. If you arent paying off your current credit card balance every month, then you probably cant afford another cardeven if it is pre-approved.

    For tips on how to use a credit card and not end up in debt, .

    Whats A Prescreened Or Preapproved Offer Of Credit Or Insurance

    Sometimes you might get offers for credit cards or insurance that say you’ve been prescreened or prequalified. You get these offers because of information in your credit report.

    Heres how it works: the credit card or insurance company decides what it takes for people to qualify for their products. They base their decision on information in peoples credit reports, like their borrowing history or credit score. Then the company asks a credit bureau like Equifax, Experian, Transunion, or Innovis to give them a list of people in their databases whose credit reports show that they meet those requirements. They also might give the credit bureau a list of potential customers and ask them to identity the people who meet their requirements.

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    Do You Have Questions About Credit

    Join our live video chat every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. ET on Periscope. Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education at Experian, is available to answer your questions live.Scoped on: 11/21/2017

    Beware of Calls Offering Marketing Opt Out

    The purpose of this question submission tool is to provide general education on credit reporting. The Ask Experian team cannot respond to each question individually. However, if your question is of interest to a wide audience of consumers, the Experian team may include it in a future post and may also share responses in its social media outreach. If you have a question, others likely have the same question, too. By sharing your questions and our answers, we can help others as well.

    Personal credit report disputes cannot be submitted through Ask Experian. To dispute information in your personal credit report, simply follow the instructions provided with it. Your personal credit report includes appropriate contact information including a website address, toll-free telephone number and mailing address.

    To submit a dispute online visit Experian’s Dispute Center. If you have a current copy of your personal credit report, simply enter the report number where indicated, and follow the instructions provided. If you do not have a current personal report, Experian will provide a free copy when you submit the information requested. Additionally, you may obtain a free copy of your report once a week through April 2022 at AnnualCreditReport.

    Heres The Best Way To Apply For A Credit Card:

    How to Opt Out of Unwanted Credit Card Offers
  • Get Pre-Approved First: Most major credit card companies allow you to see which of their cards youre pre-approved for before actually submitting an application. Pre-approval only involves a soft credit pull, which will not hurt your credit standing. And if you do get pre-approved, your chances of being approved for an account will be very high.
  • Check Your Latest Credit Score: Your credit standing will tell you which credit cards to focus on. Youll be able to apply for a card with high approval odds and avoid wasting time on cards you cant get. Plus, credit scores can change a great deal in a limited amount of time. You can check your latest credit score for free on WalletHub.
  • Compare Credit Card Offers: You dont know what youre missing unless you look. Comparing credit cards based on their minimum credit requirement and the features youre most interested in will allow you to quickly identify the best deal.
  • Pick the Best Card for Your Needs: If you plan to pay your bill in full, we recommend a rewards credit card. If not, look into low interest credit cards, particularly those offering 0% purchases and 0% balance transfers. Its best not to carry a credit card balance from month to month for too long. And all else being equal, no annual fee is better than the alternative. But you might be able to get better rewards and save more overall by paying a fee.If youd like a specific recommendation, try WalletHubs free CardAdvisor tool.
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